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A few black eagles continued circling in the sky as the gold-banded eagle scanned the land below with its sharp eyes. It’s gaze quickly locked onto the person sitting on top of the rock, as if it’s trying to recognize this individual.

As he basked in the sunset, Luo Shuangfei cocked his head to gaze at Mount Calming Sea sitting among the beautiful backdrop of mountains and rivers. Then, he turned his head back and headed straight into the depths of the mountain in one swift motion.

‘SCREEEE!’ The distinct cry of an eagle rang out from high above. A number of the large black eagles spread their wings to embrace the wind and began a controlled unidirectional glide through the sky, slowly following the individual deeper into the mountain forest.

Astride one of the black eagles was a muscular black panther, with bright blue quills on his back and two tusks that protruded past its lower jaw. There was a cold look in his eyes as he snuffled at the wind with his red nose under the rays of the sunset.

Seeing the black eagle already locked onto its target, the black panther held its head high and roared. One of the black eagles gliding alongside the others immediately turned back and vanished into the distance with haste.

Below in the mountain forest, a head emerged from a cave and looked toward the sky. This fellow was none other than Yao Ruoxian.

"Demonic birds? How are there so many demonic birds here?" Yao Ruoxian clicked his tongue in surprise, then quickly pulled his head back into the cave; clearly, afraid to stir up trouble.

Having gone quite a distance from the dwellings of Mount Calming Sea, Luo Shuangfei finally stopped at the edge of the cliff after weaving his way through the mountain. He lifted his head to gaze up at the sky, as if intentionally trying to draw the attention of the scouts flying in the air.

The line of black eagles dropped down and dived past the cliff. The muscular form of the blue-backed black panther flew at the edge of the cliff and safely landed on the edge of the cliff.

The figure emitted a fearsome aura as it slowly moved its limbs and paced about on the ground beside Luo Shuangfei, before crouching down at his feet and basking in the golden rays of the sunset together with him.

The scene seemed reminiscent of a sunset painting filled with the splendours of the wilderness.

Not long after, the black eagle that had vanished into the distance came back with another person.

‘Swish!’ A tall, slender man in black robes fell from the sky and soon landed beside Luo Shuangfei. His face was white as jade, with three strands of his beard swayed along to the mountain breeze. Standing there with his hands behind his back, he scrutinized Luo Shuangfei indifferently for a few moments, then abruptly broke out with a bitter smile and said, "Little Junior Sister. You have really made it difficult for us to find you!"

Luo Shuangfei rolled his eyes and waved his hand, saying, "Who told you to look for me? I’m happy having fun by myself. You all should just quickly go back and not disturb me."

His voice now sounded like a melodious silver bell that was pleasant to the ears. It was the voice of a carefree woman. If Miao Yi were here, he would definitely be shocked and have a hard time believing that this voice was actually coming from Luo Shuangfei’s mouth.

"Little Junior Sister. Stop being stubborn. It’s dangerous for you to be outside like this. Let’s go back. If you don’t, all of us who have been looking for you will be put in a difficult situation. The honorable sage is already furious." The man in black robes clasped his fists together at a direction in the distance, as a gesture of respect. 

Luo Shuangfei raised his head and said, "Not leaving!"

A cold expression flickered past the eyes of the man in black. He didn’t continue arguing with Luo Shuangfei. Instead, he turned toward the blue-quilled black panther lying on the ground and asked, "Little Black. How did the little princess manage to hide herself here?"

The blue-backed black panther stood upright with its body raised up. As it raised its forelegs, its body began glowing with a green light. In an instant, the panther had transformed into a muscular man with blue hair. Clasping his fists together, he responded, "Sir Zuo. There is a mansion situated on the mountain peak. Zi’Er’s scent came from there. That might have been where the little princess had been hiding herself."

"How dare they hide our little princess!" said the man black-robed man in contempt, before ruthlessly saying, "Go assemble our men and kill them all. Leave no survivors!"

"Zuo Nanchun. You dare!" Luo Shuangfei quickly spun about, fuming in anger.

The black-robed man named Zuo Nanchun, coldly said in response, "In this big world, the honorable sage is the greatest power among them all. There is nothing I won’t dare do. If the honorable sage is enraged, the blood on his hands will flow like a river. Their life and death will depend entirely on little Junior Sister’s attitude."

"Zuo Nanchun! You dare threaten me!" Luo Shuangfei grit her teeth and growled, "Go ahead and kill them if you can!"

Zuo Nanchun stared at the blue-haired man and calmly said, "What are you waiting for? Hurry up and go. If there are any survivor left, I will take your head instead!"

"Yes!" The blue-haired man lifted up his head up to gaze at the sky, attempting to summon the black eagles circling in the air.

Luo Shuangfei was suddenly in a panic. She knew that these merciless people weren’t the type to joke around and would certainly mean what they said. After accomplishing their task, they would definitely take her away by force. She quickly halted them with an urgent cry, "STOP! I… I will return!"

With that, the blue-haired man turned to look at the black-robed man for his next order. Zuo Nanchun waved his hand at the man behind him, telling the other man to back off. Then he gave a nod to Luo Shuangfei and said, "Little Junior Sister is kind for saving their lives."

Luo Shuangfei barked angrily, "Are you mocking me for nearly causing their deaths?"

"I wouldn’t dare." Contrary to his words, Zuo Nanchun’s chilly face was painted with a subtle smile. Clearly, he was agreeing with what Luo Shuangfei had said just now.

Luo Shuangfei stomped her feet in anger; yet she was helpless against this man. She grit her teeth and said, "I can go back with you, but you must help me first."

Zuo Nanchun nodded and said, "Little Junior Sister. Just say the word."

"I was in danger before this, and someone saved me from that. I cannot leave before saying farewell …" Luo Shuangfei continued explaining to Zuo Nanchun.

The favor she asked of Zuo Nanchun was simple. He was to accompany Luo Shuangfei back to Mount Calming Sea to notify the others before they left.

It wasn’t a difficult request. Besides, Zuo Nanchun had already found the person he was looking for. He wasn’t afraid that Luo Shuangfei would play any tricks on him. He gave a nod and agreed to her terms. After that, he accompanied Luo Shuangfei and they flew back to Mount Calming Sea together.

The patrols did not stop Zuo Nanchun when they saw him. Luo Shuangfei was the one who brought him over, so they let them pass.

Tian Qingfeng and the others were still sitting cross-legged under the veranda inside the residence, trying to recover their vital energy. Zuo Nanchun scanned about as he dashed inside while accompanying Luo Shuangfei.

Miao Yi was just assembling the troops of Mount Calming Sea to familiarize himself with each personnel. He was now inside the loft where Qin Weiwei used to manage her duties, listening to Yan Xiu’s report on the arrangements in Mount Calming Sea.

When Xue’Er alerted him that Luo Shuangfei had brought his Senior Brother with him, Miao Yi was shocked. ‘That person really did come as he said they would. This fast? Did that Luo Shuangfei deliberately find someone just to fool me?’

He allowed Yan Xiu to cease giving his report for the time being.

A moment later, Xue’Er brought Luo Shuangfei and Zuo Nanchun to meet him.

When both parties met, Zuo Nanchun was observing Miao Yi whilst Miao Yi did the same in return.

Zuo Nanchun stood with his arms folded; his expression was aloof and cold. He had no intention of paying any respect to Miao Yi.

"Milord. I come to formally give my farewell to you. My Senior Brother has come to bring me back." Luo Shuangfei cupped his fists and continued, "Luo Shuangfei hereby thanks you for all the trouble you have taken on my behalf in this time. Now, I will take my leave. Please take care, Milord."

‘Leave?’ Yan Xiu, Qian’Er, and Xue’Er were stunned.

Hearing those words, Miao Yi’s heart was burning with anger from his seat behind the long table. ‘He’s really leaving on a whim. What did he think this place is? How dare he just come and go as he please? I gave you so much preferential treatments, yet I can’t make you stay?’ 

Miao Yi glanced at Zuo Nanchun and asked, " May I know your name?"

Zuo Nanchun casually replied, "Zuo!"

"So it’s Sir Zuo." Miao Yi coldly continued, "Your Junior Brother already has an Immortal Record at the present. I assume you must already known about it. Those with Immortal Records cannot leave as they please." 

Zuo Nanchun’s gaze became indifferent. If he hadn’t heard that this Mountain Chieftain saved his Junior Sister’s life, he would have immediately lost his temper.

"I have been to the Realm Beyond Heaven. A mere Immortal Record cannot frighten me. My Junior Sister came to say her farewell to you just to show you respect. Asking you to remove her Immortal Record is because she doesn’t want to cause you trouble. Can it be that you still wish to stop her from leaving?" Zuo Nanchun scoffed. A Red Lotus Ninth Grade lotus abruptly appeared on his forehead as he continued, "I am going to take her back. The rest is up to you!"

Miao Yi, Yan Xiu, Qian’Er, and Xue’Er were immediately terrified. ‘A Red Lotus Ninth Grade cultivator? A cultivator that will soon step into the Purple Lotus Realm?’

Miao Yi was dumbfounded. ‘What kind of background does Luo Shuangfei have? How can a Senior Brother possess a cultivation at Red Lotus Ninth Grade? What manner of of cultivation does his Master have then?’

Before this, Miao Yi actually thought that Luo Shuangfei was making someone up to deceive him. However, how could he randomly find a Red Lotus Ninth Grade cultivator, whom Yao Ruoxian would avoid at all cost should he see one? This person even said that he had been to the Realm Beyond Heaven before.

Luo Shuangfei showed a hint of guilt in her eyes. It was her who intentionally called Zuo Nanchun to frighten Miao Yi so that she could force Miao Yi to remove his Immortal Record. She actually didn’t care whether he had an Immortal Record or not. She just didn’t wish to cause any trouble to his patron Miao Yi in future.

"If he isn’t afraid of trouble then let him be, Junior Sister. Let’s go." Zuo Nanchun turned to go and beckon to her.

"Farewell, Milord!" Luo Shuangfei briefly shot a dark look at Qian’Er and Xue’Er. She then cupped her fists together at Miao Yi and proceeded to nod at Zuo Nanchun.

With a flick of Zuo Nanchun’s sleeves, a strong wind surged inside the loft as he took Luo Shuangfei with him through the window and vanished off into the distance...

Just then, the loft had gone silent within as Yan Xiu and the others stared blankly at Miao Yi.

His expression cloaked in gloom, Miao Yi gave a sudden forced laugh. This was the first time he had recommended someone. He hadn’t expected that the person would make him feel helpless, and conflicted about his judgment of others. Then he left just like that, and Miao Yi couldn’t even be angry about it.

He could take advantage of his background as an official to issue an arrest warrant against Luo Shuangfei, but he considered such an action against his own interest—wouldn’t it would be like digging his own grave? Letting out a heavy sigh, he gestured with his hand, "Yan Xiu. Continue your report."

"Yes!" Yan Xiu steadied his composure and continued reporting on the situation...

There were benefits to Luo Shuangfei leaving. At long last, Miao Yi could now remove the knot in his heart—that knot of always being fearful of someone peeping on him. Luo Shuangfei had indeed cast a shadow over Miao Yi’s heart, making him constantly worried that someone would peep or eavesdrop whenever he wanted to do ‘that’. After all, cultivators have extraordinary hearing.

As night fell, and after being constantly on the run for the past few days, Miao Yi finally took a bath with Qian’Er and Xue’Er serving him.

Inside the clear jade pool, the two ladies were becoming embarrassed after being stared at by Miao Yi’s eager eyes. On the other hand, this was Miao Yi’s first time reaching out to pull their sleeveless tops.

Their breasts were like perky lumps of jade, with their nipples protruding from under their tops as their delicate faces flushed red. The two ladies used their jade-like arms to cover their chests.

Miao Yi stepped out of the pool, lifting the two delicate figures on each of his arms, splashing water out as he went. Then walked to his room and threw the two ladies onto his bed.

Seeing two figures bashfully covering their exquisite jade-like bodies, Miao Yi couldn’t resist any longer. He pounced at them fiercely like a pack of hungry tigers and wolves. It would be his first time with his two handmaidens.

The experience of his first night went about gently and naturally. The two ladies did not resist his approach and welcomed him without holding back. The curves of their delicate bodies were fondled endlessly, and their snow-like voluptuous breasts were enjoyed to their fullest. Their arms lost strength as their pale flesh began to quiver, their hair becoming undone and falling down from the convulsions. The two ladies kept blushing and gasping for air as they continued being ravaged by Miao Yi; their bodies intertwined with one another as if intoxicated, with sensations that were at times gentle, and at times intense.

On this night, there were drops of blood; for the two ladies had been deflowered. The first-timer was still going strong with no idea how to restrain himself. Miao Yi continued to satisfy the ladies several more times until he was done.

After being ravaged so, the two ladies, realized that the rumor they heard before was fake. They happily drowned themselves in pleasure despite the pain on their body.

As for the person who started the rumor, she was standing on a black eagle under the star-filled sky as it flew through the air. She had a lonely expression on her face, as if she knew what would happen after she left. The scene playing in her head appeared the same instant it did in reality, yet there was no way she could stop it...

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