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Very quickly, Qing Mei found Qin Weiwei after descending the mountain. She told Qin Weiwei that it had been a long while since they last saw each other, and wanted to have a private talk with her for a bit.

Qin Weiwei had initially been brought up solely by Qing Mei and Qing Ju, so they were very close and couldn’t do without one another. Thus, she didn’t put up her guard against them.

As Yang Qing expected, Lu Liu had come, but since the two mentioned that they wanted to chat in private, Lu Liu could only dismiss herself. She ended up ‘coincidentally’ running into Qing Ju. Hooking onto her arm, Qing Ju grinned and pulled Lu Liu to the side, concerned about how Qin Weiwei’s life was at Mount Calming Sea.

Lu Liu knew about how close Qin Weiwei’s relationship was with the two aunties, so it was completely normal for Qing Ju to be concerned about Qin Weiwei’s life. Thus, the conversation shared between them began to slowly broaden.

Having stayed by Yang Qing’s side for many years, both Qing Ju and Qing Mei had learned a lot of things from Yang Qing. When the two colluded together, Qin Weiwei and Lu Liu would never be their match. Qing Ju very easily squeezed information out of Lu Liu...

When the two girls met with Yang Qing again, Qing Mei explained that after probing further, she realized that Qin Weiwei seemed to think well of Miao Yi now. It was definitely different from before, so Qing Mei tried to ask about it. After all, wasn’t she always disagreeing with Miao Yi and arguing with him? What was with the sudden change of heart? In response, Qin Weiwei only gave an evasive answer—that Miao Yi had saved her life and she was indebted to him. However, she had expressed that it was quite regrettable Miao Yi seemed still at odds with her; and went on to say that, for the sake of Mount Calming Sea, she would strive her hardest to dispel the past misunderstanding between them.

On the other hand, Qing Ju found out from Lu Liu that Qin Weiwei had become friends with Miao Yi. Moreover, Qin Weiwei was the one who had lowered herself to be friends with Miao Yi out of her own will. Yet, Miao Yi still seemed to be keeping his distance towards this newly found friendship.

Putting together the news they gathered, Yang Qing was led to a shocking conclusion. His eyes widened for a moment before he breathed out, "Friends? Such good friends! I hope I’m not thinking too deeply into this. Both of you are also women. From your perspective as women observing Qin Weiwei, do you sense anything amiss?"

The two speechlessly shared a glance with each other, a little hesitant to speak. It seemed like they had a hard time telling him.

Yang Qing urged them on. "Speak without fear. I just wish to listen to your honest opinions. From a man’s point of view, I’m afraid that I may be mistaken in my judgement on the behavior of a woman in this case."

Since the conversation had escalated to this point, Qing Mei uncertainly muttered, "If I haven’t guess wrongly, I’m afraid Young Miss has fallen in love with Miao Yi."

Qing Ju nodded, obviously also agreeing with her opinion.

‘Ssss!’ Yang Qing drew in a sharp hiss. His greatest fear had came true. Slowly shaking his head, he said, "How could this be? Weren’t they always at odds with each other?"

Qing Ju laughed bitterly. "Apparently, Miao Yi also couldn’t accept the sudden change in Young Miss's attitude, so he has yet to realize her feelings for him. Currently, it appears that Miss’s love for Miao Yi is still one-sided."

Qing Mei calmly continued, "It is easy for a woman to pursue a man. Along with her beauty and status that many men can only dream about, yet cannot grasp. Young Miss had fallen in love with him out of her own will. This is his blessing. So long as Manor Head plays the matchmaker and gives them a little push, this won’t be a problem. You can assist the Young Miss at the right time."

"That’s right," said Qing Ju with a nod. "If that brat dares say ‘no’, I will be the first to never forgive him!"

"NO!" Yang Qing lifted his hand to stop them. "I will never allow them to become dual cultivation partners."

Taken aback by his outburst, the two women were thinking, ‘Weren’t you the one who kept urging Young Miss to find a partner? Now that Young Miss has someone in mind, why would he be so against it?’

Yang Qing lowered his gaze and said, "The last time I visited Suppressing Second Hall, I submitted four names to participate in the Sea of Constellations Subjugation Crusade. The Hall Master then crossed out a name and personally added another person on it. Care to guess whose name the Hall Master personally added?"

The two women exchanged glances with each other. Since the topic was currently on Miao Yi, and he had asked the question so abruptly, the additional person couldn’t be anyone but Miao Yi.

But how could this be? Why would the Hall Master personally add Miao Yi’s name to the list?

Even if it that were the case, Qing Mei still cautiously asked, "Is it Miao Yi?"

Yang Qing nodded, "It was."

"AH!" Although they were both mentally prepared, they still didn’t manage to suppress a startled cry after Yang Qing confirmed it.

Qing Ju persisted in saying, "Even if Miao Yi’s cultivation is progressing at a rapid pace, I am sure that he hasn’t broken through to the Blue Lotus realm. Why would the Hall Master appoint a White Lotus cultivator to participate in the Sea of Constellations Subjugation Crusade? Isn’t this just sending him to his death?"

Yang Qing shook his head in reply. "I was also shocked by the revelation at first, so I quickly requested an audience with the Hall Master, intending to dispel all doubt about the matter. However, the Hall Master refused to see me and only ordered me to proceed with it."

Everyone fell silent. Qing Ju and Qing Mei were all the more speechless, and kept shooting glances at each other. From the eyes of a woman, it wasn’t easy for Qin Weiwei to open her heart. If she discovered this, they feared that she would only be left with a broken heart.

Yet, Qing Mei still managed to remain rational and lightly nod. "If that really is the case, then Manor Head is right. We definitely should not fulfill the wishes of the Young Miss. Even if it were to cause her momentary grief, it would be better than having her suffer for a lifetime."

Yang Qing waved his hands and said, "Qing Mei. That’s where you are wrong. I didn’t object because that kid is going to the Sea of Constellations. Even if that kid manages to survive and return from the Sea of Constellations without fail, I will never agree to it."

Puzzled, Qing Ju asked, "Why is that so?"

Qing Ju actually quite liked Miao Yi. It wasn’t because she had seen him taking a bath. Rather, it was an issue that concerned Miao Yi’s character. Just then, she had been thinking that perhaps she could wait and see whether Miao Yi would be able to come back unharmed from the Sea of Constellations. After all, Miao Yi had already survived the Sea of Constellations once. What she hadn’t expected was Yang Qing’s strong determination to forbid Young Miss and Miao Yi from being together.

Yang Qing sighed, "I would rather Qin Weiwei end up with Gongsun Yu. I would never wish for her to be with Miao Yi."

Qing Ju was more or less trying to help Qin Weiwei as she exclaimed, "Manor Head. Please forgive me for overstepping my bounds by saying this. Although Gongsun Yu is your trusted subordinate, based on ability alone, I think he honestly has no chance against Miao Yi. For Gongsun Yu’s ability, the most he can do is be a subordinate. Only Miao Yi could genuinely be suited to oversee a region. What’s more, even when it comes to looks, Miao Yi does not lose to Gongsun Yu either."

She still had words in her heart that she didn’t say it out loud. That Miao Yi’s temperament was better than Gongsun Yu, and he was more masculine with a blazing heroic spirit. Gongsun Yu’s appearance and traits were instead more inclined towards a pretty boy.

"It’s precisely because Miao Yi’s ability is stronger than Gongsun Yu and even surpases that of Weiwei’s, that I do not wish for them to be together." Yang Qing explained in all seriousness. "Even though Miao Yi has strong capabilities, he is an expert in causing trouble. He doesn’t know what it means to know his place. He’s impulsive at times, and is always ready to take risks. He doesn’t know what it means to progress one step at a time. Should Qin Weiwei go with him, it would be too dangerous for her. I do not wish to see him putting Weiwei in harm's way from his high-wire acts over and over again. It’s not that I have anything against Miao Yi. On the contrary, as one man to another, I have the utmost admiration for him. However, when it comes to Weiwei’s marriage, I am not choosing the most capable subordinate. I am choosing the most suitable son-in-law instead. It’s alright if Gongsun Yu’s ability is mediocre. It’s enough for me that he is willing to listen to Weiwei’s words. If Weiwei ends up with Miao Yi, I fear that she will pay for Miao Yi’s recklessness. For instance, this time around, I have no idea how he managed to even provoked the Hall Master. It’s absurd! Pray tell how I could ever offer my daughter’s hand in marriage to a man like him?"

‘So that was it!’ The two women stared at each other and sighed deep down. From the perspective of a man, perhaps Manor Head’s judgement was quite cool-headed and reasonable. However, from their perspective as women, feelings would always come first.

However, when it came to this matter, the two couldn’t say much to Yang Qing since he had the authority to make decisions about his daughter’s marriage. They simply kept their silence…

Although having their meal on the mountaintop would have meant a lovely scenery, feeling at home was more important when it came to a father and daughter reunion. Thus, Yang Qing descended down the mountain.

Inside the residence of the Manor Head, a table ladened with delicacies was already prepared. Dressed in a white outfit, Qin Weiwei stood next to the curio shelves with her hand behind her back as she admired the strange trinkets offered to Yang Qing as tribute from the respective cities.

"Weiwei!" Yang Qing called out with a smile as he strode into the room.

"Father!" Qin Weiwei turned and walked off from them.

There was nobody else inside the room. Qing Mei and the others had intentionally left to give the father and daughter their own private time. Usually one to pull a long face, Qin Weiwei finally revealed the mannerism of a gentle and carefree daughter.

Not wasting time for formalities, Yang Qing simply took a seat at the table and began helping Qin Weiwei put some food in her bowl.

Halfway through their meal, Yang Qing abruptly shifted the topic to Miao Yi. Without any prelude, he abruptly slammed the chopsticks down and he scoffed, "That bastard is really getting out of line! He knew Gongsun Yu is my subordinate and dared to target him. He really doesn’t hold me with any regard. Does he really think that I won’t do anything to him? I will destroy his Immortal Record later. Let’s see how arrogant he can still be then!"

"Ah!" Qin Weiwei jumped in shock, before hurriedly explaining, "Actually, Gongsu Yu was at fault at first. Besides, I already sent Hong Mian to make peace, so there’s no need to make a big deal out of it."

Yang Qing replied in all seriousness. "Since you’re speaking up for him, I’ll let this slide for now. But I worry that keeping him as your subordinate will soon bring trouble to you. How about I transfer him to South Edict Manor and keep him by my side. That will stop him from stirring up trouble."

Currently, Qin Weiwei’s only advantage over Miao Yi was that she could still rely on her position as his superior to command him back and forth. Once he was transferred to Yang Qing’s side, he would have nothing to do with her anymore. Thus, she quickly moved to stop him at once. "Father. There really isn’t any need to. I can manage him. Ever since he was demoted to a Steed Deputy, he has learned his lesson and become more obedient to me."

Looking askance, Yang Qing asked, "Really?"

Qin Weiwei hurriedly agreed with a nod.

With a perplexed gaze, Yang Qing sighed. Shaking his head, he kept his silence and didn’t reveal to Qin Weiwei that Miao Yi was already among those who would participate in the Sea of Constellations Subjugation Crusade.

Just then, Qing Ju hurried barged into the room from outside.. "Manor Head. Hong Mian sent news from Mount Calming Sea that Xiong Xiao has mobilized his army to attack East Arrival Cave!"

Upon hearing that, Qin Weiwei stood upright with a start. She watched on as Yang Qing received the jade archive and examined it. Seeing Yang Qing’s expression became strange without saying a words, she couldn't help asking, "How’s East Arrival Cave doing?"

"If Xiong Xiao dared to choose this moment to make his move, it seems like… news has been leaked from the Suppressing Second Hall," groaned Yang Qing as he passed the jade archive to Qin Weiwei.

Apart from the name list of those participating in the crusade being leaked, Yang Qing couldn’t think of any other reason for Xiong Xiao to suddenly launch an attack on East Arrival Cave at a time like this. 

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