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Miao Yi had long since become accustomed to Luo Shuangfei’s nonsense. However, even he couldn't help being stunned. He never expected Luo Shuangfei would go so far as to insult his own handmaidens.

When he finally reacted, he was once again astounded with how lecherous this bastard was. His face darkened as he said, "I’m warning you. You better keep your rogue habits in check now that you are in East Arrival Cave, and you better be more respectful to them both. If you dare be disrespectful again in any way—don’t blame me for being discourteous!"

"Hehe! Don’t worry. I was just having a little friendly banter." Luo Shuangfei winked at the two young ladies and whistled. "I was just joking around."

That lewd and mischievous gaze of his caused the two to feel slightly apprehensive.

"Have Yan Xiu and the others come see me in the Grand Hall."

Setting the matter aside for the moment, Miao Yi gave a signal and issued a command. He had been gone for too long, so he had to first handle the work he missed out on.

Xue’Er immediately received the order and left, whilst Qian’Er followed behind Miao Yi as they walked over to the grand hall. Following behind them, Luo Shuangfei occasionally whistled as he gazed about.

Not long after, other than those who were assigned work, Yan Xiu and the others were all gathered within the grand hall.

Watching everything from the sidelines, Luo Shuangfei was feeling gleeful when he saw the situation in East Arrival Cave Grand Hall. He pinched the hair on his mole, feeling amused. ‘A Cave actually has so many men. The Cave Master stands below and makes his report, whereas the Steed Deputy sits on the Cave Master’s seat and requests for updates. This is not normal at all. How interesting.’

"You don’t have to mention the daily affairs. I trust that you have handled them well." Miao Yi raising his hand to stop Yan Xiu. Then asked, "Nothing out of the ordinary happened, right?"

"Everything was normal." Yan Xiu replied.

Lai Yuhan suddenly stepped out of line, before cupped his fists and said, "Your subordinate has something to mention."

Miao Yi nodded his assent. Lai Yuhan immediately recounted how Gongsun Yu had harassed them when last they ascended Mount Calming Sea for the handover of the annual tribute. Yan Xiu looked terribly uncomfortable as he listened.

Seated on his high throne, Miao Yi slowly leaned his body forward and raised his eyebrow. "Did Gongsun Yu know that I was not in East Arrival Cave?"

"He should have been unaware." Lai Yuhan thought for a while, then continued, "I can’t be sure."

Then, Miao Yi asked, "Could Long Viridescent Cave have a Blue Lotus realm cultivator among their ranks?"

"I don’t think so." For a mere Cave, how many could afford to hire a Blue Lotus cultivator?

As soon as Lai Yuhan answered, Miao Yi slapped his armrest and roared, "Then what are you all afraid of?"

Everyone was silent. ‘Not everyone can be like you, having ties that extend all the way to the Manor Head himself. In the entire Mount Calming Sea, how many dared to actually cause trouble right on the Mountain Chieftain’s doorstep?’

Miao Yi coldly swept his gaze over them. He didn’t single out Yan Xiu as he still needed to protect Yan Xiu’s authority for him. Then he decided to scoff, "Who among the two Manors don’t know that I have the highest authority in East Arrival Cave? That piece of shit. Does he think that just because he has something going on with the Mountain Chieftain, that I won’t dare touch him? A mere Cave Master dares flaunt his authority over me? How dare he challenge me! Since when did that Gongsun Yu have the right to give a slap to my face? Does he think that I hired so many subordinates just for the fun of it!? One day, I will bring East Arrival Cave’s forces for a lap around Long Viridescent Cave. Then I’ll see if that Gongsun Yu still has the balls to do so much as fart. What impudence! He’s really pushing his luck!"

He suddenly grabbed a jade archive and quickly scribbled something down. Then, he tossed it over to Yan Xiu and pointed at him as he commanded, "Have someone send this over to Long Viridescent Cave immediately and deliver it up to Gongsun Yu himself. Just say that this Steed Deputy recently returned after journeying abroad and finishing his task. You can even tell Gongsun Yu that I have missed him terribly, so I have prepared a feast for him, and am hereby inviting him over to East Arrival Cave for a meal."

"Understood!" All Yan Xiu could do was acknowledge the order. ‘It’s over. Trouble is brewing again. Every single person in the two Manors knows that Gongsun Yu has an intimate relationship with the Mountain Chieftain. If you do this, there’ll probably be huge blowout in store for us.’

Yuan Fang and Lai Yuhan exchanged glances. It was impossible for them to expect Yan Xiu to help them vent their frustrations on Gongsun Yu, but the person who could has finally returned....

Once the assembly was finished, Yan Xiu followed behind Miao Yi as they walked into the courtyard at the back of the hall, and reported, "When I was handing over the annual tribute, the Mountain Chieftain completely blew her top because of your absence. She commanded me to have you go to Mount Calming Sea and see her immediately once you return…"

He described his encounter with Qin Weiwei. Some things could not be easily said in public, and thus, he could only tell Miao Yi in private.

Regardless, Miao Yi intended to look for Qin Weiwei anyway to resolve the issue of Luo Shuangfei’s status and add another member to East Arrival Cave. The number of men in East Arrival Cave was already severely over the limit. He figured that it was probably impossible for Yan Xiu to handle it, so he had to do it himself.

"No rush. First, I’ll deal with Gongsun Yu. Then, I’ll look for Qin Weiwei to resolve his status as a Loose Cultivator," said Miao Yi, turning to introduce Luo Shuangfei to Yan Xiu. "I’ll first capture that Gongsun Yu for Qin Weiwei to see. I don’t care if she blames me for threatening her, but if she doesn’t resolve this issue for me—just wait and see how I deal with Gongsun Yu."

Yan Xiu laughed bitterly. "That wouldn’t be good, right? In the two Manors, everyone knows of her relationship with Gongsun Yu."

"Relax. I’m already demoted to a Steed Deputy. What else can she do to me? Even if she wants to erase my Immortal Record, she still needs the approval of the Manor Head, and the Manor Head is a man who cares much for the opinion of his subordinates. After all, I saved his daughter before. He won’t go too far," said Miao Yi, signalling with his hand that he didn’t wish to speak of this issue any longer. He had a clear image in his mind and knew how far he should go. Pointing to Luo Shuangfei, he said, "I remember when we rebuilt East Arrival Cave, we built a few extra residential quarters as well. Assign one to him."

"Understood!" Yan Xiu replied.

Unexpectedly, Luo Shuangfei waved his hand and refused, "It’s no trouble. There are plenty of rooms here. Just give me any one of these. I’m not a very picky person. What’s more, I can better protect Milord as well."

"Absolutely not!" Miao Yi sternly disagreed. "There is no place for you to stay here. You must stay outside. Yan Xiu. Go and make the arrangements for him."

He did not dare let Luo Shuangfei stay here. If he allowed such a huge pervert to stay here, he would be worried for Qian’Er and Xue’Er’s safety.

Yan Xiu left to make the arrangements, but Luo Shuangfei was adamant about staying. He didn’t want to stay anywhere else but there. As though understanding what Miao Yi was worried about, he made hundreds of assurances that he wouldn’t touch a single hair on Qian’Er and Xue’Er’s head; that if he did, Miao Yi could chase him away and not resolve his Loose Cultivator status; and could even kill him.

Miao Yi didn’t even have the time to warn Qian’Er and Xue’Er himself about this bastard, before Luo Shuangfei blurted them all out himself. Qian’Er and Xue’Er were instantly anxious and decided to stay away from Luo Shuangfei from then on.

After Luo Shuangfei’s endless pestering and countless assurances, Miao Yi finally relented, and instructed the two young ladies to clean out one of the rooms in the spare courtyard for him.

The two young ladies received their order and left. After chattering beside Miao Yi for a while, Luo Shuangfei stepped away as well, saying that he wanted to go outside and look around East Arrival Cave.

Miao Yi didn’t suspect him at all, and never expected that this bastard would actually sneak into the spare courtyard. When he saw the two girls cleaning inside one of the rooms, he walked up to the door and waved, "My two beautiful young ladies. I hope you will forgive me for my transgressions earlier."

The two girls looked at him and shook their heads without saying anything. They still had their guard up against him.

Luo Shuangfei leaned against the doorframe and chuckled, "Shall I tell you both a secret? It has to do with Milord. It’s about one of our experiences while we were abroad. It was truly shocking!"

‘Something to do with Master?’ The two young ladies exchanged glances. They were very curious. Xue’Er cautiously asked, "What is the secret?"

Immediately, Luo Shuangfei made a cone with his hands and whispered to the two, "Milord and I went to a brothel for some fun."

The expressions of both ladies froze. They were wondering what kind of secret it was, but it turned out to be one of those vulgar affairs between men—‘How dare he mention something like this!’—Qian’Er’s face darkened as she warned, "Luo Shuangfei. You better not be spouting nonsense. Master is not that kind of person. If you speak of this nonsense again, I will tell Master."

"So you two know about this secret as well." Luo Shuangfei shrugged before continuing, "Of course I know Milord is not that kind of person."

The two girls were stunned, and couldn’t wrap their heads around what he was saying.

Luo Shuangfei scanned behind himself carefully, then snapped his head back around and whispered, "I only found out after visiting the brothel with Milord. It turns out, Milord doesn’t have the ability when it comes to that aspect."

"What ability?" Xue’Er curiously asked.

Luo Shuangfei pointed to his own pants and explained, "The tool down here that men possess. Milord’s tool doesn’t work, so he can’t do those things with women. Don’t you two know?"

Qian’Er and Xue’Er were instantly astonished. They both cupped their hands over their mouths and slowly turned their heads to exchange a glance, as though finally understanding why their Master had never touched them all this time. They finally knew the reason why.

Luo Shuangfei paid close attention to the expression on their faces—his eyeballs rapidly moving back and forth. Earlier on, when Miao Yi told him that he had never done these kinds of vulgar things before, he was rather suspicious. ‘It’s not possible that he hasn’t even done it with his own personal handmaidens before, right?’

Now, he finally obtained the proof he needed. From the two girls’ reaction, he could tell that Miao Yi really had never done it before. Otherwise, the two girls wouldn’t react in such a way.

‘It seems that fellow truly hasn’t even touched his own handmaidens. What a weirdo!’ Luo Shuangfei snickered silently. Now that his objective was complete, he coughed and waved his hand, saying, "I’ll let you two get back to work. I’m going out for a walk."

This bastard leisurely placed his hand behind his back and whistled as he left, leaving the two unable to recover for a long time as they stood dazed in the room.

If Miao Yi found out what this bastard did, he would surely strangle him to death. It would have been fine if he just set him up, but he even tarnished Miao Yi’s reputation.

Once night fell, Miao Yi returned from Yuan Fang and Lai Yuhan’s quarters. After casting Hong Changhai aside, he needed to reassure these two fellows as well. He couldn’t act as if nothing had happened. At the same time, he could also observe how the two reacted.

As soon he returned to his manor, Miao Yi finally said he wished to take a bath after such a long and arduous journey. The two girls responded and accompanied him to his silent quarters.

Qian’Er and Xue’Er’s skin already regained their snow-white complexion. As the two seductive figures accompanied him into the bath, Miao Yi couldn’t help stealing glances at them. However, he completely didn’t notice that their gaze looked a little odd as they glanced at his lower body from time to time.

When the two girls touched his body, Miao Yi already felt a little amorous and pulled their supple bodies into his embrace.

The two looked at him in surprise. Miao Yi laughed and said, "Before I left, I promised you two that I would have you both once I return."

After hearing about the secret from Luo Shuangfei, the two girls didn’t know how to respond. They wanted to speak, but the words weren’t coming out of their mouths. Still, they gently leaned into his embrace. Those matters couldn’t be asked lightly after all.

Right when Miao Yi’s hand had slipped down over the two girls’ bosoms, a ‘meow’ was heard coming from outside the silent quarters.

‘A cat’s meow? A cat came inside? There’s a spirit eagle just outside. How could a cat dare to come inside?’ Startled, Miao Yi quickly pulled the two girls behind him and shouted in a deep voice, "Who is it!?"

All he could see was a head peering in. Who else could it be but Luo Shuangfei? He chuckled and said, "I see you’re taking a bath. Haha. Carry on, you three. I won’t disturb you. I’ll keep watch outside and make sure everything is safe."

Miao Yi was speechless. No wonder he couldn’t sense someone approaching. It was because this bastard had a higher cultivation than him.

‘If it wasn’t for him sneaking around, how could I not have sensed him?’ Miao Yi was instantly furious from embarrassment. It wasn’t easy for him to get into the mood. Now his mood was completely killed off, and he furiously roared, "SCRAM THE FUCK OFF!"

The sound of hurried footsteps could be heard outside.

Miao Yi obviously lost all interest after that. There was someone who could be watching at anytime out there. It would have been good enough if he could actually bathe in peace, let alone have any such interest...

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