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He had Blaze Resins too as well as other miscellaneous items, but he didn’t want to take them out just yet. This was his first time making a transaction in the Celestial Nation Chamber of Commerce. He didn’t want to throw out all of his resources because he feared that it might be very risky.

"That’s all." Miao Yi said, shaking his head.

"Cave Master Miao. Please wait!" Luo Ping then went to the central administration of the Chamber of Commerce again.

When he re-emerged, he brought that old man with him once more. The old man was clearly surprised to see a mountain of transcendent artifacts in front of him.

Together with Luo Ping, they weighed the transcendent artifacts while Luo Ping notified the old man of the prices for each artifact he had settled with Miao Yi just a moment ago.

After the old man had inspected and confirmed that there was no discrepancies, Luo Ping then asked Miao Yi again, "Cave Master Miao. Do you want to continue withdrawing the Orbs of Will?"

Miao Yi shook his head and said, "Help me deposit them in the Chamber of Commerce."

Luo Ping gleefully replied, "Alright! No problem. You can be absolutely assured that with your deposits in our Chamber of Commerce, you can withdraw them anytime in any Chamber of Commerce within the Celestial Nation as well as in the other five nations. We have branches in each nation, so you can withdraw without any problem so long as you are able to find one."

Miao Yi nodded, and grumbled in his heart, ‘What would I go to the other five nations for?’

After Luo Ping and that old man made some preparations to complete the proof of transaction, he handed over a jade archive specifically made for the Chamber of Commerce to Miao Yi, so that he could seal it with his transcendent seal. The jade archive contained information such as the amount of Orbs of Will deposited.

Miao Yi had other reasons for coming here. The day to hand over the Orbs of Will was drawing near, which also meant that he would soon have to pay the troops of East Arrival Cave. Since he had travelled quite a fair distance, he wouldn’t be able to go back to settle their payment in time. Miao Yi intended to send the payment through the Chamber of Commerce to their branch in South Edict Manor, then inform Yan Xiu to withdraw the payment from there.

Luo Ping nodded, "No problem. Just follow the procedures here. Our branch in South Edict Manor will send the payment straight to East Arrival Cave. If you have any doubt in your mind, you can check with the branch in the South Edict Manor."

And so, Miao Yi gave him another small surprise. Miao Yi deposited about one thousand, five hundred billion White Crystals into the Chamber of Commerce, which amounted to fifteen million Gold Crystals.

He had about a total of thirty million Gold Crystals in hand. Among those, the Gold Crystals and Black Crystals were acceptable, but the White Crystals had taken up an absurd amount of space. Once he took out one thousand, five hundred billion White Crystals for the deposit, three of his storage rings were instantly cleared. Finally—he didn’t have to wear six storage rings around everyday as he moved from place to place!

It was precisely because of this that he decided to deposit all that money into the Chamber of Commerce. The other reason was because he couldn’t return to East Arrival Cave in time. It would be better to deposit them in the place either way.

Miao Yi followed through with the procedure and calculated the exact amount of Orbs of Will and money that they would withdraw. Once it was time, the Chamber of Commerce in the South Edict Manor would deliver those items to East Arrival Cave, or he could inform Yan Xiu to withdraw them—either way was fine.

Luo Ping was elated. He quickly settled everything for Miao Yi before he inquiring a little, "Is this the first time Cave Master Miao has dealt with the Chamber of Commerce?"

 "Yes," replied Miao Yi with a nod.

There was a subtle gleam in Luo Ping’s eyes. 'So it is,’ he thought.

Miao Yi just forked over two hundred storage rings, fifty first grade transcendent artifacts, and a thousand, five hundred billion White Crystals. It wasn’t a coincidence that they were whole numbers. Luo Ping surmised that Miao Yi still had more in hand but he was still worried because it was his first time dealing with the Chamber of Commerce.

Without hesitation, Luo Ping handed a jade archive over to Miao Yi and said, "If Cave Master Miao has larger transactions in the future and you’re worried about making them in other branches of the Chamber of Commerce, you can show them my business card in any of the branches. They will inform me immediately, and I can render my services to you as soon as possible."

Most cultivators with smaller transactions would never be able to obtain this type of on-call business name card.

Miao Yi was astounded when he took a closer look at the name card. Luo Ping would be available at any hour—‘There’s even such caring service like this?’—it seemed he was really gaining quite the experience coming to the Chamber of Commerce.

Miao Yi couldn’t help but ask, "If I’m at a place far from you, aren’t you afraid that you won’t be able to reach me in time?"

Luo Ping chuckled, "You worry too much, Cave Master Miao. As long as it’s a large transaction, the Chamber of Commerce will send out a Red Lotus expert to escort me at the fastest possible speed. I will definitely reach Cave Master Miao in time. You have no need to doubt this."

"Then that’s good. If I have a large transaction next time, I will find you." Miao Yi said, waving the name card in his hand.

Luo Ping nodded and gave a bow, "Remember to find me. I will definitely give Cave Master Miao the best price I can offer."

Who was he kidding—he could receive quite a tidy sum from the commission of such large transactions. Important clients must be retained, so a door-to-door service was nothing.

Miao Yi kept the name card and bid his farewell, "I still have business to attend to. I will take my leave."

"Of course!" Luo Ping quickly opened the bronze door of the secure room and personally accompanied Miao Yi to the main entrance of the Chamber of Commerce enthusiastically and with respect.

Waiting for Miao Yi all this while, Lin Pingping was well aware of the rules in this place. When she saw Luo Ping enthusiastically escorting Miao Yi to the exit, her eyes gleamed. Only big clients would be able to enjoy such treatment.

Luo Shuangfei had grown impatient from the wait. He curled his lips, he said, "Why were you gone for so long? And here I was thinking that you might have been robbed and murdered by the Celestial Nation Chamber of Commerce."

The smile on Lou Ping’s lips froze in the midst of cupping his fists to send Miao Yi off. He stood there on the steps before the entrance of the Chamber of Commerce thinking—‘What kind of person is this? He has some guts to say that the Celestial Nation Chamber of Commerce would rob and murder people. How dare he say things that can harm the reputation of the Chamber of Commerce?’

If it were an ordinary citizen saying those things, Luo Ping would definitely have gone forth and given a strict warning. However, for Miao Yi’s sake, he decided to forget that it even happened.

By the time the three of them left the Chamber of Commerce, the sky was already dark. The streets were lit up with colorfully decorated lanterns. It was apparent that Miao Yi had spent too much time inside making transactions.

"Milord. Where are your eyes looking?"

Noticing that Miao Yi would gaze at Lin Pingping’s bosoms every now and then, Luo Shuangfei scornfully sent a warning to Miao Yi. 

Miao Yi let out a dry cough because he couldn’t resist taking another look. It was quite odd. He noticed that Lin Pingping’s bosoms had abruptly become flatter. It made no sense, and really piqued his curiosity. ‘Could these parts become larger or smaller at any given time?’

On the other hand, Lin Pingping was embarrassed. There was nothing she could do after what Luo Shuangfei did to her.

In any case, Miao Yi felt that it would be a terrible question to ask her, so he told Luo Shuangfei, "It’s late. Go back and inform Tian Qingfeng and the others to descend the mountain. We will go for a stroll around the city together. Remember to let them know that they should change their School of Blue Jade uniform into something else."

"Understood!" Luo Shuangfei loved the excitement of a lively atmosphere. When he heard that they were going for a stroll, he immediately got hyped and ran towards the mountain. However, after running a few steps forward, he realized something was amiss. Then, he ran back and gave Lin Pingping a fierce look before saying, "You go inform them. I will stay here and protect Milord."

Miao Yi was speechless. ‘When did he ever feel concerned about my safety?’

Lin Pingping glanced at Miao Yi. Seeing that he didn’t respond to that, she hastened her footsteps and quickly left to ascend the mountain.

"Did you do something to her?" asked Miao Yi, turning to Luo Shuangfei.

Luo Shuangfei replied with his own question, "What could I possibly have done to her?"

Miao Yi felt that Lin Pingping’s shrunken bosoms had something to do with this guy because he had a lot to say about her large bosoms. However, Miao Yi didn’t know how to address it properly as he wasn’t accustomed to discussing a woman’s bosoms with anyone.

Luo Shuangfei took the initiative and asked on behalf of Miao Yi, "Milord must be curious why Lin Pingping’s breasts have become smaller, right?"

With a serious expression, Miao Yi replied, "I noticed that."

"Of course you must have noticed it. Your eyes were glued to her breasts for the longest time. It would be weird if you didn’t notice it." Luo Shuangfei didn’t even consider protecting Miao Yi’s face as he sighed, "I see Milord is still inexperienced!"

Maio Yi didn’t wish to talk about it, but Luo Shuangfei made him curious about Lin Pinging’s bosoms. He couldn’t help himself and asked, "What does her shrunken bosoms have to do with me being inexperienced?"

"It’s fake, didn’t you realize that? Her huge breasts were the result of being squished together. Women will squish them together like this, to look more rounded and make them look bigger than before," explained Luo Shuangfei. He used both his hands to squish his chest as a demonstration. Fearing that Miao Yi wouldn’t believe him, he pressed hard and squished his solid chest to show how it was done. His action alone was disgusting enough.

Understanding suddenly dawned on Miao Yi’s face.

Luo Shuangfei couldn’t help but turn his face away slightly and breaking out a smile, thinking—‘This guy really has no experience on the affairs of men and women. He didn’t even know of this idea, and was easily deceived.’

Luo Shuangfei leaned his head back to pat his chest, and proudly said, "I always frequent the brothel. Such tricks will not evade my eyes. I exposed her earlier, and she made her breasts return to normal, just like that. If you don’t believe me, you can ask her later." 

It would be weird to find Lin Pingping and ask her this sort of question. Miao Yi turned away from him and enjoyed the scenery, as if he hadn’t heard him at all.

He suspected that he would eventually be misguided by Luo Shuangfei the longer he stayed with this fellow.

Both of them didn’t have to wait long. Tian Qingfeng and the others had changed into their plain clothes and were descending the Jade Capital Peak. They would have attracted a lot of attention if they continued to wear the School of Blue Jade uniforms instead.

Both parties finally gathered together. Only after specifically glancing at Lin Pingping’s chest to see that they were flattened down, did he begin to speak, "Lin Pingping. You are familiar with the city. Take us for a stroll."

"Sure," replied Lin Pingping. "Milord. I know of a small restaurant that serves good food, and they are quite special. It’s located not far from here. Would you like to eat something first?"

"Lead the way." Miao Yi responded with a nod.

Lin Pingping quickly forged ahead enthusiastically.

Everyone followed behind without their dragons steeds. It would be inconvenient and troublesome to ride one through this busy street with all the passing crowds, bumping into people here and there. Besides, the city forbade cultivators from riding dragon steeds along this bustling street anyway.

They crossed over a large bridge, witnessing a ‘flower boat’ passing by underneath as they did so. Then, Lin Pingping led the group into a small, and quiet street. Compared to the bustling of the main street, this street was rather dull.

The street was paved with limestones, and lanterns hung along the entrance of every shop. A few children of unknown families were shouting and running about the street.

While everyone else was still gazing about, Lin Pingping suddenly hastened her steps towards a small restaurant. It seemed like she wanted to inform the restaurant first.

As Lin Pingping approached the restaurant, she bumped into a woman at the entrance. Both of them were surprised to see each other. Lin Pingping quickly held onto that woman’s hand and smiled, "Hong Hong. Quickly go inside…"

Before she could finish, the woman flung Lin Pingping’s hand away and shoved her. With a detestful expression, she said, "Why are you here again? Go away. I don’t have any extra money to give you."

In the next moment, a man with a towel around his shoulder appeared. He cupped his fists and said, "You are a capable person. I beg of you, please leave us alone, alright? Our business hasn’t been that good either."

Miao Yi and the others approaching grew curious of the situation. They only saw Lin Pingping explaining to the woman, "Hong Hong. I don’t mean to shame you. I have brought guests to eat at your restaurant." She pointed at Miao Yi and the others, but as she turned around to look at them, Miao Yi and the entire groups were already looking at her curiously. Her face looked red, as if she had gotten into an argument, and looking quite embarrassed at that.

"What happened?" Miao Yi asked as he led his men to the scene.

Lin Pingping was flustered. She waved her hands and said, "Nothing. It’s nothing, Milord." She turned back to the woman and said, "Hong Hong. Quickly greet the guests."

The couple standing at the entrance saw that Lin Pingping had brought about twenty guests to the restaurant. At a glance, these guests didn’t seem ordinary either. They quickly changed their attitudes and bowed simultaneously, stepping aside before giving a warm welcome to invite the guests inside.

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