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The Celestial Nation Chamber of Commerce wasn’t afraid that there would be nobody for them to make use of, as there was a vast number of young Loose Cultivators struggling to find work in the capital city. They could fire the aging and easily replaced them with rookies. There were countless people out there waiting in line for the opportunity.

In reality, apart from getting lucky and receiving gratuity from noble guests, the Loose Cultivators could only work for the Celestial Nation Chamber of Commerce. Jobs that other followers could perform in the capital were forbidden from being done by Loose Cultivators. Even if they didn’t use any of their transcendence energy and honestly set up a stall just to sell some buns, they weren’t allowed to. Once they were found out, the officials would never be courteous to a Loose Cultivator without any background.

Miao Yi had a hunch that it would have been worth every penny using Lin Pingping as a guide. She really explained every area they went into without fail, and with great detail. She could even properly explain the conditions of the Loose Cultivators working there. This was at least something Tian Qinfeng wasn’t too knowledgeable about. Only a Loose Cultivator in the capital city, as Lin Pingping herself was, could accurately describe their conditions as she knew the circumstances all too well.

However, Miao Yi was a little bewildered with how blunt Lin Pingping was with her words. She didn’t even try to sugarcoat her own low and degrading status.

Even Tian Qingfeng and the others were sighing profusely on hearing her words. As members of a sect, although they couldn’t compare to officials, they were in a much better position than the Loose Cultivators.

The only exception was Luo Shuangfei, who still found Lin Pingping a sight for sore eyes.

Inside the residence, all the necessities were present including pavilions and the like. The servants were also available at any time. Although it was expensive to live here, it was definitely a place that was worth staying.

They didn’t need the resident’s servants to lead the way as Lin Pingping had worked here before. She stayed by Miao Yi’s side and explained everything in detail whilst they were touring the place. She could even knew how many people could accomodate the respective rooms in detail. On hearing that, Miao Yi requested Tian Qingfeng and the others to go off by themselves and find a room of their own to rest.

Although Lin Pingping had worked here before, it was still her first time staying at such a classy place as a guest, so she was feeling a little perplexed.

Some of the servants working there recognized Lin Pingping. When they saw that she managed to secure the job of being a guide for the esteemed guests and even stay at place like this, they were green with envy. Yet, they didn’t dare to step forth and greet her. There were rules instilled here. Guests were guests, and servants were just servants. Should they upset the customers, they would be fired without hesitation. They were many others waiting in line for the job.

Whilst still touring around the residence, Miao Yi once again bumped into Tian Qingfeng and the group. He ordered them to rest while he and Lin Pingping headed out for a bit.

Luo Shuangfei instantly voiced out at his side, "I’ll go too."

"Why? Rest here." Miao Yi motioned with his hands. He had personal matters to attend to and wasn’t willing to bring extra baggage around.

"No. As your subordinate, I have an obligation to protect you and prevent others from plotting anything against you." Luo Shuangfei stared at Lin Pingping from the corner of his eyes.

Spending a large sum of money to stay here, was because it was pretty safe. Perhaps more so than East Arrival Cave. Nobody dared to cause a disturbance under the watchful eyes of the Overlord. So what was there for him to protect there?

Miao Yi was caught between laughter and tears. He was worried before that this guy might run away and, feeling like he had no choice, even accompanied him to a brothel. Now he had really done it. The man was like a burr that he couldn’t get rid of him no matter what.

"No need." Waving his hand, Miao Yi grabbed Lin Pingping and headed out.

Even after he said there was no need—it was futile. Luo Shuangfei had his own pair of legs and quickly tagged along, glaring daggers at Lin Pingping all the while.

Tian Qingfeng and the others remaining were speechless. Luo Shuangfei wasn’t obedient at all. ‘What need was there for a subordinate like him?’

As they descended the mountain on foot, they feasted their eyes on the amazing scenery of the capital city. It left newcomers feeling carefree and relaxed. As Lin Pingping indicated and introduced each region in the capital city, Miao Yi kept kept nodding his head. The only issue was that stones kept raining down on him from behind, which spoiled his mood to no end. If he were a commoner, his life would have been in danger.

Luo Shuangfei was lagging behind him, whistling and kicking down some rocks from the roadside like it was nothing. It wasn’t until he kicked a larger rock and sent it tumbling forward, did he startle a man from the Chamber of Commerce into coming over to warn him about being careful on the road. Instead, Luo Shuangfei started taking out his temper on the poor man. However, after Miao Yi shot a cold glare back at him, Luo Shuangfei looked away and finally controlled his anger.

The trading stores in the Celestial Nation Chamber of Commerce were Miao Yi’s main objective coming here. Lin Pingping’s experience made the progress easy as she brought him straight to the place. Warning him to pay attention to the rules when they entered the trading store, she helped him to take a number on her own accord.

Inside the trading store, a person immediately brought Miao Yi alone into a small chamber. With the thick copper door shut tight, it was difficult for the average cultivator to use his transcendence energy to investigate.

They relaxed while waiting in the hall of the trading store. Luo Shuangfei has his arms crossed in front of his chest. After scanning about for a while, he walked over to stand before Lin Pingping and pursed his lips at the doorway. "Lin Pingping. Let’s have a little chat outside."

Lin Pingping was instantly overcome with fear. Of course she knew that this man wasn’t friendly with her. Those large stones raining from behind her were directly aimed at her head. The reason was pretty obvious. She shouldn’t have deliberately exposed her large bosoms.

She really didn’t have any intention of selling her body. However, she knew that she didn’t have any strengths and only had a cultivation at second grade. On top of that, her youth was fading—her youthfulness and good looks had long since parted from her. The only thing about her that could attract people’s attention was her still attractive figure and her pair of breasts.

If she didn’t reveal something that could attract their attention—who would notice her? If she had other ways, she wouldn’t so willingly be shameless and endure disdainful looks from others.

In her past experiences and encounters with numerous people, even if some outright ignored her, she never met with such a hideous and outlandish man like Luo Shuangfei, who would keep making life difficult for her.

"Sir Luo. If you have something to say to me, say it here." Lin Pingping was afraid to leave. She felt it was safer to stay inside the trading store.

She was frightened by the nine-petaled White Lotus Luo Shuangfei revealed between his brows before. Her own cultivation was no match for his. It was too easy for him to kill her without anyone knowing.

Luo Shuangfei didn’t give a crap that this was a trading store. He glared, lifting his slanted and large, heavy thick-set brows. ‘She didn’t want face even when he was trying to give her face?’ He swiftly reached out and hooked his arm around Lin Pingping’s neck, immediately dragging her out.

Lin Pingping never expected that this bastard would be this aggressive. The trading store in the capital city of the Fifth Earthly Branch was one of twelve branches under the Celestial Nation Chamber of Commerce with an expert overseeing it. Yet, Luo Shuangfei dared take action against her in this place. It scared her witless. She was too frightened to let out a cry for help, and was dragged out just like that.

Once she was hauled outside, Luo Shuangfei immediately pushed her against the wall and scowled, "Let me warn you. Don’t think you’re all that just because you have large breasts. I have seen my share of women with large breasts, but I have never seen one as arrogant as you. Just because they don’t show it, doesn’t mean that theirs aren’t bigger than yours. It’s because they know shame. Do you understand?"

Lin Pingping nodded again and again. "Sir Luo. I don’t have an ulterior motive."

"You dare say you don’t have any motive by doing that? Milord can’t tell, but do you think I lack the experience to see through your scheme? Your collar was obviously intentionally pulled open. You are trying to seduce Milord!" Luo Shuangfei fiercely yelled whilst pointing at her chest. "If you dare to be a slut in front of Milord in the future, watch out for I cut you to pieces until you have nothing else to sell. Do I make myself clear?"

Lin Pingping nodded, "Loud and clear..."

Luo Shuangfei leaned half of his torso away to take a peek inside the trading store. Seeing that Miao Yi wasn’t out yet, he withdrew his body and once again warned her, "For the sake of Milord, I will let you go. But I’m warning you now, Lin Pingping. Milord has a wife. Before we departed, the mistress already told me that Milord is forbidden from touching another with his hands, so that her body will not be tainted by others. Whoever dares to plot something, I will kill them. "

Lin Pingping didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. ‘Why was there a wife like his? No wonder this man kept harassing her. It turned out there was a female tiger keeping watch at home.’ Yet, she nodded and said, "Sir Luo. I won’t dare to continue doing so any more."

Luo Shuangfei clasped his hands behind his back. "Words alone are not proof. You have to act on it."

Lin Pingping was caught off guard. She thought that he wanted to drive her away so she pleaded, "Sir Luo. Please don’t drive me away. It’s not easy for me to stay in the capital city. Please give me a chance!"

"Who says I’m driving you away?" Luo Shuangfei quickly leaned out to peek into the trading store again.

If he ran Lin Pingping off now, Miao Yi would know that he was the culprit. Thus, he withdrew his body and uttered in a low voice, "Although you’re older and look average, you know well that all men are pigs. If you keep flaunting your large bosom in front of him, I can’t guarantee that he won’t be tempted."

Lin Pingping was stunned. "Then what do you suppose I should do?"

Luo Shuangfei pursed his lips at her chest. "You need to think of some way to deal with your full bosom."

Lin Pingping cried out in alarm. "What are you planning?!" She subconsciously shielded her chest with her arms, believing that he really wanted to slice them off.

She didn’t expect that Luo Shuangfei would rummage around with his hands behind his back, and dangle a long cloth before her eyes. "Go. Find someplace to bind your chest smaller."

Lin Pingping was speechless. She had never seen someone this bizzare before.

"Stop dawdling and quickly go." Luo Shuangfei forcefully shoved the long cloth into her hand...

In the private, secure customer chamber, the clerk of the Chamber of Commerce responsible for serving Miao Yi was surnamed Luo. His name was Luo Ping. After he was done introducing himself across the table from Miao Yi, and explained in detail the scope of operations of the Chamber of Commerce, he asked, "May I know what Cave Master Miao wishes for the Chamber of Commerce to assist you with?"  

Miao Yi dug out a storage ring and pushed it towards him. "I want to exchange some storage rings."

He said some, not one. Luo Ping understood his meaning and again asked, "Does Cave Master Miao wish to change them for Crystal Coins or another item?"

Miao Yi resolutely replied. "Exchange them for Orb of Wills!"

Luo Ping took the storage ring to examine it for a while, then smiled and said, "With this low-grade storage ring, one of it can be exchanged with twenty low-grade Orbs of Will. How many does Cave Master Miao wish to exchange them for?"

"Only twenty?" Miao Yi exclaimed in surprise. "Isn’t it thirty?"

It should be borne in mind that one storage ring would require the essence powder extracted from one million Black Crystals to successfully refine one. The money to extract essence powder would cost another one million Black Crystals. The artifact artisan’s labor fee would cost an additional one million Black Crystals. So one storage ring was worth three million Black Crystals. It could be converted into thirty thousand Gold Crystals. A low-grade Orb of Will had a market value of one thousand Gold Crystals. Which meant that one storage ring could be exchanged for thirty low-grade Orbs of Will based on the market value.

Miao Yi knew that coming here to carry out a trade would result in some amount being deducted, but he never expected thirty percent to be taken off at once. The Chamber of Commerce was rather ruthless in this regard.

Luo Ping explained, "Cave Master Miao should well know that Orbs of Will are the true hard currency, and can be used to trade for anything. While this low-grade storage ring will usually have buyers who are able to use it, none of them will be willing to buy it with Orbs of Will. Although the market value dictates that one thousand Gold Crystals can be exchanged into one low-grade Orb of Will, in actual fact, there is a high chance that nobody will want to exchange Orbs of Will with you even if you take out two thousand Gold Crystals. I’m sure Cave Master Miao knows that only trading network of our Chamber of Commerce covers the entire nation, even reaching the outer realms. This gives us more opportunity to encounter those who urgently need them and to clear the goods. If you hold onto it, it will be very difficult to sell to someone at a suitable price. So the price our Chamber of Commerce offers is already considered a good deal. If you don’t trust us, you can try with others. You definitely won’t be able to get a price as good as this."

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