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With regards to spear arts, it was a first for him to come across one so vicious and cunning, yet at the same time so precise. When Miao Yi saw that the opponent could actually to guard against his attacks, he immediately began attacking with greater ferocity.

"Let’s see how long you’ll be able to keep up!" shouted Miao Yi, upping the intensity of his strikes another notch.  

Immediately, the tyrannical edge in his hands became even more overbearing. His onslaught struck at every possible opening with a precision that could thread needles, and with a force capable of overturning the mountains and oceans.

Luo Shuangfei was completely bewildered. He suddenly couldn’t keep up with Miao Yi’s attacks. 

‘Du du du du …’ In an instant, he was stabbed seven to eight times. His body twitched atop the dragon steed, as he winced in pain each time.

Luo Shuangfei was speechless. He realized that even when he was barely able to defend himself, his opponent hadn’t even used his full strength yet. 

Miao Yi was equally speechless. Even though the opponent couldn’t block his attacks, he could withstand them. Even after piercing him several times, he wasn’t at all injured. Every time his spear struck his adversary’s body, there would be a dark-red flash of light protecting him from a potentially fatal blow. 

‘No matter how precise your spear art is, no matter how many times you stab me, I will still be fine. All I need to do is protect just a small part of my body. What can you do to me?’

Miao Yi focused his attention on the hole-riddled clothes of adversary, and began switching his angle of attack. He flicked his spear as he stabbed, intending to uncover what manner of treasure was hiding under his opponent’s garbs.  

‘Rippp. Rip.’ Piece by piece, fabric continued to flow off Luo Shuangei’s body as he grew increasingly frantic.  

When he noticed that more and more of his alabaster skin was showing, Luo Shuangfei began to look quite anxious, and afraid. Yet, he still couldn’t defend against his opponent’s attacks —‘BANG!’— he deflected an attack with his spear and without a moment’s hesitation, quickly urged his steed to dash off.  

The renegade cultivators, furtively eyeing the battle from the surrounding mountain forest, saw that their leader had lost the battle and was running away. They didn’t dare stay a moment longer, and immediately turned to flee the area.  

With so many of the men he brought laid low, Miao Yi wouldn’t let his adversary retreat so easily. Charcoal immediately gave chase.  

With Charcoal’s speed, it didn’t take long for him to catch up to the opponent. Miao Yi chased after Luo Shuangfei and started swinging his spear at him, ripping large pieces of fabric off of his back.

Constantly having to twist around and counter his attacks, Luo Shuangfei was growing more panicked by the second. He couldn’t outrun the steed behind him even if he dearly desired to. The clothes on his upper body had already been completely stripped away by the other party, and he only had a piece of black leather armor left! 

Luo Shuangfei’s snow-white neck was slender like a swan’s; his collarbones were fair and delicate; his shoulders, supple and smooth. He had slender arms that resembled a snow lotus, and the tender skin below his armpit was just barely visible. 

Miao Yi was a quite speechless. It was a first for him to see a man with such good skin. If it weren’t for the other person’s voice, his flat chest, and if he hadn’t seen that Adam’s apple along with those two long whiskers… His gaze shifted to the opponent’s face, then to that feminine complexion of his—Miao Yi felt a disgustingly cold chill and continued the assault with his spear, showing no mercy to his adversary.  

He launched several strikes at the black leather armor. Every time he struck, he could see that leather armor emitting a red glow as it shielded his jabs.

‘So this was the thing protecting him. I wonder what sort of treasure it is.

Realizing that his attacks to the upper body weren’t effective, Miao Yi quickly stabbed viciously at the opponent’s lower body. Luo Shuangfei strained to defend himself, but Miao Yi twisted his spear, and the triple-edged blade immediately ripped off a large piece of fabric from his trousers.

His fair and delicate thigh was immediately revealed under the moonlight. This guy had ridiculously good skin through and through.

When he saw the opponent trying to strip his trousers now, Luo Shuangfei became manic, and frantically tried to defend himself. He kept cursing as he did so, "This Lord is a man! What are you trying to do, you damn pervert!?"  

He continued to curse as Miao Yi continued striking. Luo Shuangfei ground his teeth, then he pursed his lips and whistled. A ruffling sound came from the bag at his hip that used to be hidden under his clothes earlier—a purple light abruptly shot out from it towards Miao Yi. 

Miao Yi was startled and quickly swept his spear across. However, that purple light was unbelievably fast. It landed on the shaft of Miao Yi’s spear—actually breaking through Miao Yi’s transcendence energy defenses. Then it went straight for Miao Yi’s face, spreading its jaws wide, ready to bite-down with its sharp fangs.  

The instant that light charged at his face, Miao Yi could finally clearly make out what it was—a green-eeyd, sharp-fanged marten shrouded in purple light. It was extremely agile despite its small stature.  

He struck at it again, but the purple marten used the force of his strike to leapt away from his arm. It was gone before he could land a strike.

Miao Yi’s movements were immediately muddled up from dealing with something that fast. Since he himself was in a precarious situation, he didn’t concern himself with chasing after Luo Shuangfei, and concentrated on dealing with the purple marten that was running amok about his body.

Luo Shuangfei stopped running away as well. He twisted his mount to around, and waved the spear as he shouted, "How dare you try to molest this Lord? Bite him, bite him, bite this damn pervert to death."  

Within the moonlit valley, the purple marten ran circles around Miao Yi and Charcoal, jumping about in a haphazard manner. Its speed created trailing rays of purple-light that wrapped around Miao Yi and Charcoal. It would chomp down whenever it landed, releasing loud metal clanking noises with every bite.  

Before Miao Yi’s strikes could land, the purple marten would immediately dash off. With Miao Yi’s speed, he couldn’t land a single strike, nor was he able to catch it.

It was fortunate that even Charcoal was fully wrapped in armor. However, the purple marten’s jaw strength was completely astounding. With but a single bite, there would be an imprint of its fangs on the lustrous armor.

It was only able to bite down on a small area, and couldn’t keep attacking the same spot, so it didn’t manage to damage the armor. As soon as a bite mark was imprinted on the armor, with a single flash of light, the damage would be instantly recovered to its original state.

"Idiot. Bite the place with flesh showing," shouted Luo Shuangfei, waving his naked arm.

All of a sudden, Miao Yi closed his eyes. Without being distracted by the flashing purple trails, cold rays of light fluttered around his body as he skillfully struck out with his spear.

Luo Shuangfei widened his eyes in stupefaction, on seeing the other person closed his eyes. Yet it was as though he ironically became capable of predicting the purple marten’s movements. Even though his speed was no match for the purple marten, his strikes were unbelievably able to predict its attacks every time. They would always just barely connect, and shave off the purple marten’s tiny life away. Just narrowly avoiding danger by a hair’s breadth. 

Watching this, Luo Shuangfei was drenched in cold sweat, and muttered to himself, "Where did this bastard come from? Even though his cultivation isn’t high, he’s really formidable!"

Alas, with him using a long spear against such a tiny fellow sticking close to the body and attacking, Miao Yi was still at a disadvantage. Furthermore, its speed was truly amazing. In a moment of carelessness, the purple marten finally managed to bite down on his arm.

There was nothing between the armor covering his upper arms and his wristguards. With such a gap, he was ultimately struck.

After being bitten, he didn’t even have time to strike back, before realizing the peculiarity of this purple marten. His whole body shook as a strange feeling instantly came sweeping forth from the purple marten’s jaws. In an instant, it swept across his limbs, paralyzing his entire body. His exposed face and neck, which weren’t protected by the armor, had turned purple in the blink of an eye. It was quite a frightening sight.

Miao Yi cursed to himself, once more understanding that had he not decided to venture out, he would never have realized how there were truly countless mysterious and peculiar attacks in this world.  

He struggled his hardest to invoke his arts to resist it. Starlight flashed once more in the art source inside his body, and quickly burst into flames, wrapping around Miao Yi’s internal organs like a tornado.  

When he saw Miao Yi was finally struck, Luo Shuangfei already seemed assured of his victory already, and immediately broke out in laughter, "WAHAHA! How dare you try to molest this Lord. Just watch how this Lord is going to skin you!"

With a sweep of his spear, his mount immediately charged towards Miao Yi as though he wanted to kill him where he stood.

However, a sudden change happened just then. The purple-faced Miao Yi suddenly opened his eyes, the purple complexion on his face instantly receding like the tide as he regained clarity in the blink of an eye.

The purple marten still had its fangs embedded in his arm. It squeaked, and loosened its grip—desiring to escape, but its speed had dropped drastically as though it received some sort of backlash. The The green light in its eyes grew dull, while the purple glowing fur on its body reverted to a normal purple shade, its speed clearly no longer the same as it was before.

Miao Yi swept a cold eye over, then made a sudden grab for it. He caught the purple marten in mid-air with his hands and squeezed its neck, as if intending to murder it on the spot.  

Charging forward with wide-eyes, Luo Shuangfei hurriedly came to a halt. He never expected the other person to be fine after receiving a bite from the purple marten. Seeing that matters had gone completely beyond his expectations, he immediately shouted, "Stop! Don’t hurt Zi Er! I yield, I yield!"

"You yield?" Miao Yi hardened his grip on the purple marten struggling painfully in his hand. He raised his spear and pointed at it, "After all you’ve done to my guards, don’t you think it’s a little late for you to surrender? Even if you don’t surrender, you won’t be able to run away either!"

He was about to launch a fatal strike against the purple marten struggling in his hands, when Luo Shuangfei once again shouted, "They’re not dead. They can still be saved. They’ve just been poisoned and won’t die for the time being. Let go of Zi’Er, and I’ll cure the poison in their bodies."

Miao Yi gave it some thought. He turned to look at the valley behind him, then turned back and said, "First go and cure the poison within them. If they’re fine, I’ll let it go!"

Luo Shuangfei immediately glared at him, "I can only cure the poison after you release it."

Miao Yi wouldn’t possibly believe him. Raising the purple marten, he tightened his grip. The purple marten immediately thrashed about heavily, squeaking one second, and muffled the next. Clearly, it was in great deal of pain.

Luo Shuangfei ground his teeth as he cursed, "Bastard. Let it go! You’ll need it if you want to cure the poison inside your guards. If it dies, all your guards can forget about surviving through this as well."

When he heard this, even if Miao Yi didn’t believe it, his hand still loosened up a little as he coldly asked, "Why should I believe you?"

"Let it go, and I’ll have it cure the poison on your guards immediately."

"It wasn’t easy catching it. If it keeps me at bay and you manage to escape after that, what can I do then?"

Luo Shuangfei grit his teeth, realizing that this bastard wasn’t so easy to fool. That was indeed his plan, but it seemed like it wasn’t going to work anymore. He growled, "Then what do you want to do?"

Miao Yi swept a cold gaze across his body as he examined it.

On being examined like this, Luo Shuangfei finally realized how exposed his body was. He subconsciously hugged his chest and glared at Miao Yi, "What are you looking at? Never seen a man before?"

Miao Yi was speechless. ‘Why are you acting like a girl?’ He pointed to the armor artifact on his body, "Take off your armor artifact."

Luo Shuangfei eyes instantly widened as his expression twitched, "You damn pervert. What are you planning to do? I am a man!" He hugged his chest even tighter.

"I think your artifact armor is quite fine. I’ll hold onto it as insurance. So if you pull any tricks, I won’t be completely at a loss. Now, take off your armor artifact and hand it to me!"

‘So that’s it!’ Luo Shuangfei finally understood, but his face flushed as he said, "I won’t take it off! Think of something else!"

Seeing him treasuring his prized armor so, Miao Yi even more unwilling to compromise. Once again, he gave the purple marten a squeeze, "My patience is limited. Take it off this instant!"

"Don’t hurt Zi’Er. I’ll give you my own life and you can hold me hostage as insurance, okay!?" Luo Shuangfei was practically begging.

Miao Yi instantly felt this was strange—‘Was his life more important or his prized armor?’ However, this method of using the person himself as hostage was clearly much better.

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