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Putting the two girls aside, even Hong Mian herself was ashamed to be discussing such an intimate topic.

Yet, she had no choice. This time around, apart from completing the mission that the Mountain Chieftain entrusted her with, there was another slightly personal mission slipped in because she didn’t desire to see the Mountain Chieftain enter the pits of a living hell.

Before coming here, Lu Liu had secretly pulled her over and said, "Could it be that Mountain Chieftain really feels that way towards Cave Master Miao?"

Hong Mian replied, "So what if she does?"

Lu Liu had said, "We don’t often cross paths with him. What if there’s something wrong with Cave Master Miao… Sister, if Mountain Chieftain really gets together with him….We have to serve him in the future! You don’t want to be disgusted too, right? Sister, please try and put more effort into it!"

At this reminder, Hong Mian believed that she was right. Such matters were normal in the cultivation world. After finding their dual cultivation halves, some men would take their consort’s personal handmaidens as their partners too. Some of them would brazenly do so while others would be sneaky about it.

The pair knew Qin Weiwei all too well. She had always despised men who messed around in that area. If what Lu Liu said were to happen, Qin Weiwei would never be willing to take things lying down. When the time came, she was unsure as to how the chaos between master and servants would develop.

Thus, the scene before her unfolded. Hong Mian wanted to get to know the great Cave Master Miao from every aspect. The questions regarding bedding were just a small part of it.

Qian’Er and Xue’Er were not kids anymore. Naturally, they understood what Hong Mian’s topic of intimacy meant, causing them to blush from sheer embarrassment.

On seeing how bashful they were, Hong Mian once again reused an old trick of hers: verbally abusing and slandering Miao Yi beyond the bounds of propriety.

Ultimately, even Qian’Er couldn’t contain herself anymore and explained, "Elder Auntie, Cave Master is not the sort of person you think he is. Not once has he done such things, he hasn’t even laid a hand on us. He’s never behaved as indecently as that!"

Hong Mian had never counted on Miao Yi to be a real gentleman. In the cultivation world, the stories of masters bedding their handmaidens were too common. Her sole intention was to find out more about Miao Yi’s character. What’s more, if the Mountain Chieftain really felt that way towards him, then that obviously meant that the Mountain Chieftain could be moved on that aspect as well. What could she say then? But she never expected to receive such an answer.

Stunned for a long while, Hong Mian exclaimed in amazement, "You’ve been together for so long. Cave Master Miao has never touched you in that way?"

Which young woman would not yearn for love? Each time they helped the Cave Master to his bath, Qian’Er and Xue’Er’s hearts thudded wildly with anticipation for what the Cave Master might do to them. Prior to being sent to East Arrival Cave, there had been a "mama" who’d taught them in that area in order to please the Immortals.

So the pair had already been mentally prepared, since they knew that sooner or later they would become partners of the Cave Master. Neither had expected the skills they’d attained to be for naught, since right from the start they’d never been given the chance to serve their master.

Qian’Er and Xue’Er’s expressions still held traces of embarrassment. One after another, they shook their heads to indicate that Miao Yi had never laid hands on them.

"For real?" Hong Mian once again interrogated.

Xue’Er said with a lowered voice, "The Cave Master is not that kind of man."

"You’re still virgins now?" Beyond stunned and amazed by their answer, Hong Mian couldn’t hold back from prying further, although she herself was still a virgin too.

The two girls admitted it naturally. Yet Hong Mian still found it difficult to believe. There was still a man in this world who hadn’t had a liaison?

For this reason, Hong Mian disregarded her Elder Auntie status and hauled the two girls into the closest room. She shut the door and forcefully examined them thoroughly...

And the resulting outcome was two girls tidying up their clothes with mad blushes on their faces, while Hong Mian stared at them in utter disbelief.

The truth surpassed a thousand words. The great Cave Master Miao had really never touched his own handmaidens...

Having completed her mission after lingering for half a day, she had absolutely no interest in staying any longer, so she happily bid Miao Yi goodbye.

After Miao Yi personally escorted her through the collapsed mountain gates, he rubbed his chin, his eyes trailing after the figure vanishing at the distant foot of the mountain. He mulled over the weird gaze Hong Mian had looked at him with just now. He wasn’t a monster, so he was uncertain as to what thoughts were running through her mind.

He shook his head—he wasn’t afraid of her. He was about to turn around and leave when he caught sight of Qian’Er and Xue’Er rushing towards him at a mad pace. "Cave Master! Cave Master! We know the enemy’s location…!"

"What happened?" Miao Yi told them to calm down and collect themselves before explaining anything. He questioned them, his eyes glaring daggers once he understood the situation. "F*cking shit! Where will you bastards run now?! Men, gather all forces!"

He roared with anger. After containing it within himself for so long, he’d finally found a way to vent out his fury!

In short order, Yuan Fang and Lai Yuhan rushed over with their men following closely from behind.

Xue’Er and Qian’Er stood discreetly behind Miao Yi’s back on both sides. They loved how majestic and awe-inspiring their Cave Master looked when he passed down his commands.

As the grand caretaker of East Arrival Cave, Yan Xiu also took his place next to Xue’Er behind the great Cave Master Miao’s side.

On seeing that every member was present, Miao Yi grew calmer.

If he were to bring along this many men to attack, the numbers alone would quickly expose them all. To top it off, Xiong Xiao and himself had a grievance with the other, so it’d be difficult to pull this off without discovery. This plan would make others suspicious of him, but they’d have no proof of his guilt. Such were the rules of the game.

If you were part of the game, then you had to play by the rules, unless you had the ability to create them yourself. Otherwise, it was better to obediently abide by the rules. If not, you’d be crushed under the weight of the consequences.

Ultimately, he ordered Yuan Fang to step down with half of the troops, leaving Lai Yuhan and the others to move out.

After passing down orders to Lai Yuhan, Miao Yi took out ten face masks and handed them over to him. He reminded them all again, "You must capture those three alive. I want to skin them alive before the dozens of corpses hanging from the ruined beams. If by any chance that’s not possible, then bring back their heads to pay respect!"

"Understood!" Lai Yuhan heeded the order, turning around to distribute the masks by hand.

This time Miao Yi had ordered him to lead his troops to set upon Changfeng Cave. He acted without delay, as his master Hong Changhai was eager to deepen the resentment between Miao Yi, Yang Qing and company. So naturally, they had to fulfill it.

With regards to Changfeng Cave, it was located at Miao Yi’s old home, Changfeng City. Initially, Miao Yi had wanted to personally head there to seek revenge, but in the end he had to face reality, and give up that dream.

It would be inconvenient for him to act on this matter with his strength alone, unless he were to put on that set of armor. But if he wore them, he was afraid that even an idiot could tell this had obviously been done by him. In the end, he could only let his subordinates handle the matter.

As for the ten masks, they were remnants from when he’d killed Madame Wu Hua at the Sea of Constellations. That woman’s storage rings held a pile of junk inside, which saved him the need to prepare something similar.

Soon, they rode their dragon steeds galloping across the snow, Lai Yuhan in the lead with his ten subordinates trailing thunderously behind him.

Hong Mian had only just divulged the news, and already the men were marching out to seek revenge. The great Cave Master Miao really couldn’t wait another moment longer.

There were a total of ten subordinates; a Blue Lotus First Grade cultivator, a White Lotus Ninth Grade cultivator as well as three more at the eighth grade, seventh grade and sixth grade, respectively. The remaining five were White Lotus Fifth Grade cultivators.

With such a formation headed out to deal with Changfeng Cave, the great Cave Master Miao was brimming with confidence as he stood at the mountain gates watching them leave. If they could still fail with this many, then the School of Blue Jade had truly sent him nothing but a group of trash. If so, then the next time he deducted their pay, they’d have no right to be angry about it...

Night had fallen, and snowflakes drifted lazily down from the sky.

Hong Mian hurriedly brought her attendant back to Mount Calming Sea. After penning in the dragon steed, she hastily entered.

Upon hearing a commotion in the dead of the night, Qin Weiwei and Lu Liu had guessed she had returned. Otherwise, the night patrollers would sound the alarm.

Seeing her sister and the Mountain Chieftain waiting for her at the main hall’s entrance, Hong Mian swiftly went forward with a bow and said, "Mountain Chieftain, by luck I was able to complete the mission and have come to give my report!"

Having confirmed that no one else was around, Qin Weiwei seized her hand and pulled her into the room. While they were walking, she once again verified the details of the situation.

On the other hand, Lu Liu was fairly bouncing as she followed from behind, brazenly perking up her ears as she listened in on them. They acted exactly like three sisters.

And as for Qin Weiwei, the woman was actually quite pitiful. As a child, she’d never had many playmates by her side, unlike the younger generations of mortals. Ever since she was young, she had been brought up by Qing Mei and Qing Ju at Yang Qing’s side.

Unfortunately, Yang Qing had yet to reveal to her their blood relationship with each other.

For this reason, Yang Qing was overridden with guilt and aimed to fulfill his responsibility as a father. Not only did he wish that his daughter’s cultivation could become more profound, he also hoped that his daughter could enjoy the happiness of an ordinary person. In fact, he was really worried about matters regarding his daughter’s partner.

And when those two handmaidens came along, Hong Mian and Lu Liu, they more or less became Qin Weiwei’s best friends. In front of others, they scrupulously abided by the ‘master and servants’ relationship. But behind everyone’s back, they behaved as they did now, unable to interact seriously as a superior and her underlings.

She dragged Hong Mian over and sat down together with her on the couch. When Qin Weiwei heard Hong Mian speak about the situation at East Arrival Cave, she was also slightly surprised. "East Arrival Cave has yet to carry out any renovations? Those ten corpses are still hanging there?"

Hong Mian nodded her head and said, "I heard this straight from Cave Master Miao’s personal handmaidens themselves. Cave Master Miao made a vow before the corpses that for every day he couldn’t avenge them and let them rest in peace, then East Arrival Cave would stay broken another day, letting them watch him from dawn to dusk."

Lu Liu drew back a breath of cold air. She exclaimed in shock, "This Cave Master Miao is truly a man of honor!"

Qin Weiwei’s eyes flickered as she scrupulously bit her lips.

Earlier on, she hadn’t known whether it was right or wrong of her to do this, even going as far as thinking that she had been rash. Now that she’d heard of the situation at East Arrival Cave, her heart felt indescribably at ease.

"Mountain Chieftain. There’s still one more thing I found quite interesting. It’s about Cave Master Miao and his two handmaidens." Hong Mian suddenly giggled with laughter.

Lu Liu’s mouth frowned at that. With that kind of relationship, what other matters could there be?

Qin Weiwei also frowned and sneered. "No man can be considered as ‘honorable’."

"Mountain Chieftain, it’s not what you think!" Hong Mian stifled her laughter as she said, "Those two girls are still virgins."

Qin Weiwei’s expression, which had gradually turned cold, immediately stiffened. Dumbstruck, she stared at Hong Mian, a bit at a loss for words. There were some questions she wanted to ask but she couldn’t say it out loud.

Women were stubborn—perhaps it was due to their strong pride.

Lu Liu was also amazed at the news. But then, she asked curiously, "Really?"

"It’s true! I didn’t believe it at first, so I checked the two girls…" Hong Mian sniggered as she explained the matter in which she’d thoroughly examined the pair. Even she was thinking how absurd it was for her to go that far.

The suspicion she’d carried in her heart had dissolved and Qin Weiwei fell silent, a peculiar look flashing past her eyes. Nobody knew what was on her mind, and she would never disclose her thoughts to outsiders.

The two handmaidens’ gazes seemed to fixate on her simultaneously, and they quietly scrutinized her.

Unable to read her reaction, Lu Liu tried to tease her, "Mountain Chieftain, a man who doesn’t fool around has really appeared. What to do now?"

"What do you mean by ‘what to do now’?" Qin Weiwei replied without thinking, but then recovered quickly. She was immediately awash with shame and anger, and she flipped Lu Liu onto the couch and began to spank her. "You dare to tease the Mountain Chieftain. You’re really out of control!"

Hong Mian also pounced up to assist in spanking her, tormenting Lu Liu until she cried for mercy again and again.

Once they were done fooling around, Qin Weiwei tidied up her clothes and stood up with a cold scoff. "Do you two think that I’d take a fancy to just any man? Even if he had ten thousand good things about him, he still doesn’t deserve to even carry my shoes!"

Upon saying that, she flung her sleeves and departed from the room. Standing underneath the eaves, she looked up at the fluttering snowflakes. Dressed in a skirt as white as snow, her gaze appeared a little lost, and that moment came to mind—when she had been in great danger and then pulled up to safety onto someone’s dragon steed.

"Hold onto me tightly…" That stern shout would ring through her ears from time to time, occasionally entrancing her.

When she’d hugged the tough and stocky build, pressing tightly against him, that scene was all the more unforgettable, forever etched into her memories…

Walking slowly to the entrance, Hong Mian and Lu Liu looked at each other as they stuck out their tongues...

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