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Yao Ruoxian suddenly felt as though he was being stared at by something so terrifying that it made his soul tremble. As if so long as he dared to take the immortal herb for himself, something horrifying would happen to make him too late to regret it.

This was a terrifying suppression that made even spirits quiver in fear.

Like a frightening force that came from the heavens, it was as though it had instantly descended from the vast expanse of the universe with contempt upon all life.

It was a feeling that Yao Ruoxian had never felt before. It was too frightening; a fear that made even his soul shiver!

Swallowing his saliva, Yao Ruoxian hastily looked around. He couldn't find anything, but he didn't dare to continue shoving the immortal herb in his hands into his storage ring anymore.

'However, one or two pieces…' With a swift strike, Yao Ruoxian steeled himself and grabbed a couple of crystal clear fruits from the immortal herb.

Alas, some things you could do once or twice but not thrice. As Yao Ruoxian was just about to pluck his third fruit, his hand froze in mid-air, and didn't dare to move another inch forward. His face went pale; cold sweat appeared on his forehead, and his legs had become weak.

"I must be seeing ghosts….." Yao Ruoxian mumbled as he looked around, but he really didn't dare to continue to pluck the third fruit.

Because he could clearly feel that the strange, frightening presence was already on the verge of bursting into a rage. As though if he dared to pluck the third fruit, he would immediately have to face a thunderous bout of anger.

This feeling was unduly evident. So much that it was hard not to believe the invisible and formless threat.

'Harrumph!' Charcoal snorted as he played in the sand. As though he could feel something, he turned his head and looked towards their direction.

Charcoal's movements made Yao Ruoxian all the more afraid.

He knew that sometimes animals had more acute senses compared to people, to the point where they could be aware of phenomena that many people couldn't.


Miao Yi was still unable to move under the suppression of Yao Ruoxian's arts, continued to shout.

"Why are you being so petty? All I did was pluck out two of your fruits. Here here here, take it, you petty child."

Feeling a little insufferable, Yao Ruoxian quickly tossed the immortal herb back.

As soon as he stopped, that terrifying pressure instantly disappeared. Yao Ruoxian heaved a breath of relief, lifting his dirty sleeve up to wipe the cold sweat on his forehead.

Taking another look around, he still couldn't see anything. Charcoal also continued to play around in the sand as if nothing had happened.

Lao Bai's hazy silhouette had disappeared. He had come suddenly, and also left just as suddenly….

"Kid, did you feel anything just now?"

Still surveying his surroundings, Yao Ruoxian had a lingering fear in his heart. It was precisely because that feeling just now was too real. It was a terrifying fear, as if he was mere inches away from a dark storm.

Looking at the Glorious Star immortal herb that had two fruits less now, Miao Yi raised his head and glared at him before resentfully nodding his head.

Yao Ruoxian was stunned, "You really felt it too?"

Miao Yi said aggrievedly, "I feel my heart ache!"

"Heartache? That's not right, I…"

Yao Ruoxian gathered his words together and came to a conclusion. It seemed as though the two of them had felt different things - the other person was feeling heartache because his things had been stolen, whereas he had felt afraid.

He took another glance at his surroundings, feeling a little superstitious now. Could it really be because he had broken professional ethics that his line of refining ancestors couldn't look on any longer from the heavens and were intentionally scaring him as a warning? It couldn't be such bad karma, could it?

No matter how much Yao Ruoxian believed he was merely overthinking things, he couldn't deny that the overwhelmingly terrifying pressure he was vividly feeling before, didn't seem like it was an illusion….

"You said that you would do it for free, but in the end you viciously took a large portion of my fortune. And you didn't stop at taking payment - you stole my immortal herb as well. Is this the so-called professional reputation that Senior was telling Junior not to be suspicious about?"

Miao Yi really felt that his heart was aching. Such a marvelous immortal herb had two of its fruits plucked away by someone else. Just like that! He was not a coward who didn't dare to even voice his complaints when he suffered a loss.

Yao Ruoxian felt a little embarrassed he listened. It turned out, he seemed to be always breaking his promises, and slapping himself in the face as though his professional ethics were indeed a little untrustworthy. If word got out, there probably wouldn't be anyone who would dare do business with him any longer. No wonder even the ancestors couldn't bear to look on.

"You brat, all I did was take two of your fruits. I didn't even steal the whole thing. Don't you see that my plucking of your fruits also had its reasons?"

"Of course I see it. The reason is simple. You wanted to steal because you were envious."

"Hmph! The words of a child lack consideration!" Yao Ruoxian rolled his eyes, "Isn't it exactly because of your good deeds in the Sea of Constellations? I've forgiven you for making me take the rap for you, but I was injured in the battle with Yuan Kaishan because of you. My wounds have yet to heal. If I don't get some immortal fruits to treat my injuries, where would I find the concentration to refine an artifact for you?"

"What was that about you taking the rap for me? It's precisely because your heart had evil intentions that you got your just desserts, and yet you still pin the blame on junior. Is there any justice left? Do you dare tell me what you were planning to do by sneaking into Brass Gong Fort?"

'Cough cough!' Yao Ruoxian held his chest as he coughed, furrowing his brows. He quickly changed the subject, "My injuries are acting up again, let me recover a little first."

'Shameless old thief!' Miao Yi rolled his eyes, cursing to himself.

He looked on as Yao Ruoxian raised his hand and placed an immortal fruit in front of his nose, taking a deep breath. The starry mist that surrounded the immortal fruit formed a thread as it entered his lungs with the rhythm of his breath.

Soon after, a new layer of starry mist formed around the crystal clear immortal fruit.

After taking in two breaths, Yao Ruoxian touched his chest and sighed, "The fruits are truly a wondrous thing. My internal injuries feel a lot better after just two breaths."

As he said this, he flipped his hand and immediately stored the two fruits away into his storage ring. He was being quite shameless about it.

As he clapped his hands, a bar mace flashed out. With a whip of his large dirty sleeve, he pointed his finger towards the ground in front of him.

The bar mace instantly burst into a misty form, and drilled downwards like a typhoon.

The strong gusts created from the transcendent artifact kicked up the surrounding sand and rocks. Miao Yi didn't know what he was doing, and quickly invoked his arts to resist the gale.

Not too long after, the typhoon that was drilling downwards came to a stop, and the bar mace flashed out from the deep crevice. Yao Ruoxian raised his arm to catch it, then tucked it away into his storage ring.

Afterwards, with two sweeps of his wide sleeves, the blurry dust in front was blown away, and at the same time a black storage bangle on his wrist flashed.

Miao Yi's eyes shone. There weren't many cultivators who could use storage bangles. The space inside storage bangles was much larger than that of storage rings.

As Yao Ruoxian's arm gestured, a beautiful flawlessly clear, three-legged crystal furnace shot out into the skies. It's height and width had reached two zhangs; there were numerous patterns etched around the opening rim at the top. It descended into the deep fissure that was just dug up, and a deep boom echoed forth as it landed on the ground.

Yao Ruoxian himself nimbly descended into the deep fissure with a wave of his large sleeves.

Forgetting about his grievances for the moment, Miao Yi quickly kept his things away, and couldn't help but follow. Jumping down, he reached out his arm to touch the large beautiful crystal furnace that one couldn't help but admire. Then, he asked curiously, "Senior, what is this for?"

Yao Ruoxian coldly replied, "Of course it's for refining the artifacts for you. I'll refine the artifacts for you first, then you'll help me obtain the eggs. I'll have you know that I'm a man of my word, lest you constantly nag on and on, and speak utter nonsense!"

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