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"Stop crying poor here!" Yao Ruoxian struck out as he said he would, immediately snatching the string of storage rings into his hand from Miao Yi's waist.

"Give them back!" Miao Yi wanted to snatch them back as these had been obtained with his sweat and blood.

"I'm warning you. If you're being troublesome again, you better be careful, or else I will seize everything from you until you have nothing left!" warned Yao Ruoxian, pointing at him.

The warning were effective. Both parties' strengths were vastly different, so Miao Yi could only be furious and depressed about it from the sidelines, looking on helplessly as the old man was over there counting the items inside the string of storage rings.

"Tsk! Tsk! Brat, you've earn a lot and yet you keep crying poor."

Scrutinizing the items inside the storage rings, Yao Ruoxian kept clicking his tongue continuously.

The last of the weapons shot out in succession from the string of storage rings, with a 'Cling-clang!….', and was unceremoniously chucked into the growing pile on the ground.

These weren't ordinary weapons; they were the weapons of the seventy-two Fort Masters and all of them were first grade transcendent artifacts - all one hundred and three in total. Every one of them had been shaken out by Yao Ruoxian.

This wasn't the end yet. Except for the two First Grade Yao Core he hadn't pillaged from the storage rings on Miao Yi's fingers, the sixty-nine First Grade Yao Cores from the seventy-two Fort Masters were also shaken out onto the ground.

"You dare say you're not rich? How many Third Grade White Lotus cultivators could have this many treasures? When I had a cultivation at White Lotus Third Grade, I was still fretting about low-grade Orbs of Will."

Laughing jovially, Yao Ruoxian pointed at the case of Blaze Resins, then pointed at the first grade transcendent artifacts on the ground; before again pointing at the First Grade Yao Cores. "How could you say there's no materials? Having these are more than enough."

Miao Yi felt his heart ache, and was absolutely infuriated, asking, "You want to waste all of my fortune?"

"What do you mean by waste?" Yao Ruoxian jeered. "Don't worry so much. Not everything will be wasted. I am merely helping you look, to prevent you from crying poor. Don't worry. With these materials for me to choose from, I will definitely help you refine a transcendent artifact that you'll be satisfied with. When the time comes, if you can say that the transcendent artifact I refined for you is not in the least bit good enough, then I will not charge you any fees and I will return everything to you."

He didn't know who this person was exactly, to say such words that were brimming with confidence. His haughtiness was going off the charts.

Yet Miao Yi still kept on a crestfallen front as he said, "Can I not refine anymore?"

"No! Brat, don't you dare refuse the honor I have bestowed upon you now. If it were anybody else, they would've robbed you blind already. There wouldn't be anyone who was willing to negotiate with you. Don't you take this for granted!" Yao Ruoxian glared. With a swing of his large sleeves and a spread of his hand, half of the large case of Blaze Resins immediately flew out into his storage rings.

Upon receiving the profit of half a case, the sloven old man threw back the string of storage rings. Feeling extremely satisfied with himself, he stroked his beard and smirked as he said, "Put those things away. I won't covet your items. Once you have helped me get the eggs later, I will immediately help you refine and I won't go back on my words. There's no need to doubt my professional reputation in the industry!"

It would be strange to say that he held no doubts about it! This was obviously a case of putting on a pretense of doing work in order to extort wages, and yet Miao Yi was powerless against it.

Now that his valuable items were exposed, there was nothing else to be hide. Miao Yi bluntly seized the opportunity to organize the items from the storage rings numbering over two hundred.

Who would have expected that Yao Ruoxian who had been laughing heartily at the side, would abruptly stare at the storage rings around Miao Yi's fingers. His eyes gleamed for a moment, before he suddenly moved over in a flash, once again seizing Miao Yi's wrists.

Miao Yi turned around, his face taut with rage as he asked, "What do you want again?"

"There's quite a number of treasures on you. I haven't seen these storage rings yet. Let me take a gander at what kind of things are inside."

Ignoring whether Miao Yi had agreed or not, and relying on the fact that his strength was superior, Yao Ruoxian imbued his transcendence energy inside the storage rings and examined them.

"Sure enough, you're an unbelieveable brat!…," letting out a bewildered cry, Yao Ruxian grabbed onto Miao Yi's arm.

A one-chi long Glorious Star immortal herb was dragged out from Miao Yi's storage ring, and come to rest on the palm of his hand.

Even the sunlight was unable to mask the glowing specks of starlight on the immortal herb; its entire body was crystalline and translucent, the genuine red stone branches and gem-like leaves.

What made him more astonished was not the size of the immortal herb, but the pure nine sparkling and translucent ruby-like crystal fruits hanging from it.

"Heavens! This is my first time seeing such a massive Glorious Star immortal herb. Fuck, even the fruits are born. A Glorious Star immortal herb can actually bear fruits?! How many years has it grown to mature to this extent?" It could be said that Yao Ruoxian was crying out in alarm involuntarily.

"THIS IS MINE!" Miao Yi shouted out. He was just about to reach out to seize it back.

He was really panicking this time around as this wasn't something he had plundered. This was his own belonging - a contingency in case he ever suffered life-threatening injuries. It was also something that he could depend upon to even dare come out and venture towards the Sea of Constellations. This item was worth half of his life.

A soft glow faintly flashed across the dark green bead on Miao Yi's neck.

The peerless figure revealed himself unexpectedly with his back to them. It was Lao Bai.

Yet the two fighting over the Glorious Star immortal herb couldn't see that another man had appeared before them.

Yao Ruoxian had already made his judgement. This immortal herb could be said to be more valuable than all the treasures that Miao Yi had plundered combined. He reckoned that no matter how heavy the injuries a person sustained, as long as he still had breath, he could be saved. It wouldn't be going too far to say that he could be reborn.

Yao Ruoxian was manically consumed with the thought of seizing it by force.

At that exact moment when the thought shoving the immortal herb into his storage ring brewed, the frosty haired Lao Bai, draped in his fluttering green cloak him, slowly turned around.

Radiating an aura of intense Yao energy and righteousness as he turned, Lao Bai abruptly revealed the magnificence of one that discerned the world - his cold gaze sweeping towards Yao Ruoxian.

Only Miao Yi would have believed that the immortal herb was accidentally brought out by the Hell Mantis from the Boundless Secular World. But in reality, if not for Lao Bai, this Glorious Star immortal herb that had grown in the Boundless Secular World for ninety thousand years would never have come out.

Lao Bai would never help Miao Yi, or intervene directly with his affairs. He could even watch on as Miao Yi died and would not care.

Letting nature take its course was the way, and it was just so, that the way was merciless!

However, Lao Bai also wouldn't let a kid with a weak cultivation work bare-handed. This Glorious Star immortal herb was in fact one of the items for Miao Yi to build his foundation.

The reason why he had gifted the Glorious Star immortal herb and the eggs of the Hell Mantis earlier, was that he had seen Miao Yi being injured at Mystic Arts Temple without having anyone to depend on. He felt that letting Miao Yi go bare-handed into the world was too much. Who would have the luck to escape death every single time?

Thus, he had appeared 'coincidentally', and then 'coincidentally' bump into Miao Yi, luring him to the Boundless Secular World. Thus, leading to the birth of the Hell Mantis eggs and this Glorious Star immortal herb. Otherwise, where in the world would there be so many coincidences?

Although times had changed for Lao Bai, a mere Red Lotus realm cultivator dared to steal what was his?

Snatching was fine, but it depended on whether you have the courage to do it!

Under his sweeping gaze, Yao Ruoxian, who had been about to shove the immortal herb into his storage ring, suddenly shivered uncontrollably. In a flash, he felt goosebumps all over him.

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