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The two assisting elders of the School of Blue Jade present on this journey threw a glance at each other, and transmitted messages in secret.

"Those who had eyes could easily tell that Xiong Xiao was just acting, but with Yang Qing protecting him so, it was no wonder Wang Zifa and the others said the kid bore a deep grudge against Yang Qing; it wasn't for no reason."

"It is indeed so. Even after almost losing his life, Yang Qing didn't give him the most basic of justice, even we wouldn't be satisfied if it was you or me, this kid could definitely be used by our School of Blue Jade!"

While previously there were some who secretly disdained Miao Yi for not daring to get on stage and fight for the rewards, now it could be said that everyone was looking at him in great shock.

If it was in a competition, this kid might not be a match for other Cave Masters, but in a battle of life and death, he tended to surprise others time and time again; a valiant general belonging to the field of true battles. After this fight, no one in the entire South Edict Manor would dare look down on him again.

Qin Weiwei studied Miao Yi with a complicated expression on her face. Before she had mocked Miao Yi for cowering from the competition, but now the other party just used the indisputable facts to tell her - what was fear, and what true courage was!

The webbing between his thumbs and index fingers that were being healed, the blood stains on his spear, and that horrendously wretched appearance; these were all proof that Miao Yi did not fear death, and would ruthlessly kill any enemy he meets. The corpses of the two White Lotus Fifth Grade cultivators were a testament to that.

Previously, there had been the battle of Transient Light Cave; then the murder of Mo Shengtu and Zhang Shucheng; the beheading of Song Fu from the School of Blue Jade; and now the deaths of Fan Renfang and Fang Ziyu! When was he not either overcoming the gap in cultivation or killing? Who would he, Miao Yi, fear!? How would a meager competition for good omen be able to assess this?

It was only Qin Weiwei that felt Miao Yi had used the facts to give her a ruthless slap in the face. Speaking of which, having such a valiant general for a subordinate was clearly something to take pride in, but she couldn't feel an ounce of happiness at all.

When Miao Yi's wounds had completely healed, Yang Qing tucked the immortal herb away, and tilting his head, told Qing Ju, "This kid seems to have an opinion against me. Qing Ju, you shall personally see to it that he is returned to East Arrival Cave. If you see that he dares speak ill of me, then help me take care of him; to death if you have to, no need to be courteous!"

"Yes!" Qing Ju obeyed her order.

Everyone sighed to themselves in secret, it seemed as though the Manor Head still held this kid in high regard. Nothing had changed even after the incident with Xiong Xiao, as he was letting the Little Auntie personally escort him.

Speaking of which, this kid really did deserve the Manor Head's preferential treatment of him; to single-handedly kill two White Lotus Fifth Grade cultivators, who would dare question his authority as the Cave Master of East Arrival Cave?

"You look like a beggar asking for food, it would be a disgrace to my South Edict Manor if you were seen!" Yang Qing mocked as he inspected Miao Yi. He then flipped his palm, and took out a set of his own clothes from his storage ring, tossing it to Miao Yi's face with a wave of his hand. He then turned his dragon steed around and ordered, "Let's go!"

No one would feel as though the Manor Head were actually mocking Miao Yi; the other Cave Masters felt envious of such an act of familiarity.

The School of Blue Jade's two assisting elders looked at each other with a trace of mockery in their eyes, was this giving sweet candy after whipping with the cane? The guy had almost lost his life, and it was settled just like this? Did that old dog Yang Qing honestly believe him to be a fool?

Those who stood on different sides naturally looked at the problem from different angles, and very easily believed themselves to be right.

Galloping out with his back to everyone, Yang Qing had the trace of a smile on his face; that kid had never disappointed him. Once in awhile, he would do such stunning feats; who would dare say that his decision to let that kid take charge over East Arrival Cave then was unjustified? They would only praise his great insight!

Yang Qing felt incomparably ecstatic deep down within!

As he was leaving, Xiong Xiao searched the two corpses and took out the two storage rings that were previously hidden away to conceal their identities. He glared daggers at Miao Yi over his shoulder. He had lost count how many times this brat had called him an old dog today, shaming him completely; he would remember this debt for now!

'Old dog! Just you wait!…..' Meeting his gaze, Miao Yi had the same line of thought.

Just as he was about to look away, his gaze met with Qin Weiwei's who had turned to look at him. He inadvertently gave a cold 'hmph', as though saying - 'Didn't you say that I cowered away from battle and didn't dare fight for the prize? Why don't you open your eyes and take a look now!?'

Qin Weiwei immediately ground her teeth with hatred. In the end, he was still her subordinate. She had originally wanted to play her role as the superior and comfort him, maybe even give him a few words of guidance; yet when she saw this kind of attitude, she cursed to herself, 'He truly was a vile person, and a vile person will always be true to their nature, always so despicable!'

It was good enough that she didn't give him a harsh scolding. Why would she even give him comfort? Qin Weiwei rode her dragon steed and galloped off hurriedly.

The scene of the battle turned silent after the fight, tarnishing the snowy field.

Miao Yi dislodged the silver spear on the ground with a swing of his hand. He invoked his arts and according to his will, a wall of snow thrust up from the ground, enveloping him within.

Miao Yi hid himself inside and used the snow to wash his hands and face clean. He tied his hair back, took off the ragged clothes he had on, and changed into Yang Qing's clothes. The size was a tad off, but he had to put up with it for the time being.

After he finished cleaning up, he kicked over the snow wall, and jumped onto Charcoal. He led his steed over to Qing Ju and cupped his fists, "Little Auntie, at the behest of the Manor Head, I doubt that old dog will lay a hand on me for the time being. There's no need for Little Auntie to make the long journey; I can return to East Arrival Cave on my own."

Qing Ju rode her dragon steed and slowly made a lap around Miao Yi, then stopped in front of him and smiled, "It seems your anger had not dissipated, you still have complaints in your heart."

"I wouldn't dare!" Miao Yi said with a total lack of honesty.

"Like I would believe that!" Qing Ju rebutted angrily, "Do you need me to ask you to make a move?"

Miao Yi turned around to look at Zheng Jinlong and Wang Zifa, his two legs sitting right on top of the bone protruding from the sides of the dragon steed, where one would normally place their feet, and suddenly shouted, "Let's go!"

Charcoal carried him away at a gallop, Qing Ju smiled, then hurriedly gave chase….

Relying on Charcoal's superior leg strength, Miao Yi took the lead and pulled a great distance away from the other three behind him over the course of the journey, galloping across the snowy plain on his own, not wanting to talk to Qing Ju.

This time he had truly thrown aside all caution to the wind with Xiong Xiao. Initially when he had been holding evidence against Xiong Xiao, he had thought that Yang Qing would deal with him, but he never would have expected Yang Qing to protect him in such a manner. Even though Yang Qing had given him a lot of face by sending Qing Ju to personally escort him, he was still dissatisfied deep down. Who could understand the feeling of barely escaping with your life, not to mention the endless perils he would have to face from now on….

As he returned to East Arrival Cave, he ignored Wang Xiuqin's greetings at the mountain gates and immediately entered. He brought Charcoal to a gallop across the plaza, then suddenly leapt to the skies, over the East Arrival Grand Hall, landing straight in the courtyard behind before he dismounted.

Seeing their Cave Master suddenly appear out of nowhere, Qian'Er and Xue'Er, who upon hearing the commotion were about to head to the front hall, hastily went forward to pay their respects, "Cave Master!"

Miao Yi ignored them, and took strode heavily into his quarters. With a dark expression on his face, he took off his clothes and submerged into the hot springs….

After a while, Qian'Er came over in a hurry, and reported in a gentle voice, "Cave Master! Auntie Qing Ju is asking for your presence."

"Can't you see that I'm in the middle of my bath?" Miao Yi swept her a cold glance as he leaned against the wall of the pool.

".....Yes!" Qian'Er saw that her Cave Master was not in a good mood, and hurriedly stepped down.

Inside the living room, Qian'Er relayed to the esteemed guest her Cave Master's answer with trepidation.

Standing helpless to the side, Yan Xiu and the rest couldn't help but shudder when they heard this, they didn't expect that the Cave Master wouldn't even give face to the Little Auntie of South Edict Manor.

On the other hand, Qing Ju didn't really mind, because to those who were somewhat familiar with the person known as Miao Yi, they would know that the more it seemed like he was throwing a tantrum, the less of an issue it actually was. If Miao Yi had instead kept everything in his heart, treating her with a false pretense of respect and trying his best to put her at ease, then that meant that there was an actual problem, that Miao Yi had truly started to bear a grudge.

She was actually curiously sizing up Qian'Er and Xue'Er for a while. As someone who had been in their shoes, she could tell from a glance that the two were still virgins. She felt somewhat peculiar in her heart; had Miao Yi actually not tainted the two of them yet?

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