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The majority had already recognized them as Xiong Xiao's subordinates, and shifted their gaze to Xiong Xiao, waiting to hear his explanation.

Qin Weiwei knitted her brows tightly. Although she loathed Miao Yi, he was after all, still her subordinate. By doing this, Xiong Xiao really hadn't held her with any regard at all. She should be the one to take action when it came to handling Miao Yi, it was not meant to be interfered with by others.

But then she still couldn't understand why would Xiong Xiao want to target Miao Yi...

Qing Ju shot a glance at Xiong Xiao as she threw the two heads under his mount in passing.

'As expected!' Miao Yi was boiling with rage. Because he had already seen these two following behind Xiong Xiao's back before, at the mountain gates of South Edict Manor. He knew that they were the two Cave Masters serving under Xiong Xiao. At once, he pointed at the two heads and exclaimed angrily, "Xiong Xiao you scum! You're caught red-handed and the truth is out! What else do you have to say?"

Who knew Xiong Xiao would instead reveal a gobsmacked look, turning pale with fright as he called out, "Fan Renfang, Fang Ziyu... How could this be?"

Without a moment's delay, he cupped his fists at Yang Qing and said, "Manor Head, I am wholly in the dark regarding this matter! I have nothing against this brat so I really have no reason to harm him. Manor Head, please look into this!"

Yang Qing still appeared as indifferent as before. He did not utter a single word even though the truth was placed before him, he also did not make a final judgement.

"Scum! I'll see for how long you can still pretend!" Miao Yi abruptly hoisted his spear and pointed it at Xiong Xiao's handmaiden, Chun Xue, who was standing behind the crowd, pursing her lips. "Huang Yue, we haven't met for dozens of years since Changfeng City. The Miao Yi who killed your dandy young brother, Huang Cheng, is here! Can you still recognize Miao Yi?"

He wasn't that much of an idiot yet. He could confess to killing Huang Cheng, but he would never confess to the incident of killing Head Guard Huang; if by some chance he was unable to overrule Xiong Xiao, he would instead be plunged directly into that matter as well!

As the words left his mouth, besides the rest of them, even Yang Qing also turned his head to look. How did a Huang Yue turned up out of the blue?

Xiong Xiao was alarmed. It looked like this brat had already seen through his handmaiden's identity early on, and must have already made preparations on the sly; no wonder he hadn't managed to succeed in killing him twice.

But instead, he quickly glanced back, angrily glaring at Chun Xue as he said in a deep voice, "Chun Xue, could it be that you have done something behind my back using my authority?"

Miao Yi twitched. This old dog really did have skills; just one word and he had picked himself clean.

Biting her lips tightly, Chun Xue dismounted from her dragon steed and walked to them as she treaded the snow; she came before Xiong Xiao and fell to her knees. Lowering her head, her fragrant shoulders quivering as she sobbed, "Mountain Chieftain, this is all my fault. At the time, I was blinded and possessed by a vengeance, so I did this behind your back."

Xiong Xiao widened his eyes greatly as he bellowed in fury, "This brat said that Mo Shengtu and Zhang Shucheng wanted to kill him, is that true?"

Chun Xue nodded with teary eyes, "I was the one who looked for Zhang Shucheng and Mo Shengtu in secret, and told them it was Mountain Chieftain's commands."

"Heavens!" Xiong Xiao looked towards the sky as he heaved a long sigh, his chest seemed to be filled with an indescribable amount of grief and indignation. Turning back, he again pointed at her, asking solemnly, "Are Fan Renfang and Fang Ziyu the same as well?"

Chun Xue weeped to the point that her face was drenched in tears, and nodded her head forcefully.

"You vile servant girl!" With an angry roar, he leapt down from his dragon steed, giving Chun Xue a hard slap until she collapsed onto the ground. Lifting his leg, he kicked and stomped on her repeatedly.

"Fuck, you really knows how to act! This vile servant girl's death will not be mourned. Scum, since you can't find the heart to end her, I, Miao Yi, still have some strength left to help you. Move aside! The spear in my hand does not have eyes! Careful not to get mistakenly hurt!" Miao Yi dismounted from his dragon steed, and lifted his spear, getting ready to stab Chun Xue to death.

Without saying another word, Xiong Xiao clasped his hands behind his back and moved aside, turning to face her with his back, unwilling to look on at the scene.

He would not be able to protect Chun Xue in this kind of circumstance; he could only allow Miao Yi to kill her. However, grooming a trusted handmaiden that suited his thinking was not easy, so he felt incredibly regretful.

He had already transmitted a message to Chun Xue in secret, telling her that he would avenge her!

Chun Xue could only lie on her side on top of the snowy ground, crying as she awaited her death!

Frankly speaking, she felt incredibly wronged. She was entirely ignorant about the fact that Xiong Xiao had sent Fan Renfang and Fang Ziyu to kill Miao Yi.

But she understood that in such a situation, once Xiong Xiao had been deposed, her life would not be spared as well. Rather than that, it would be better to save Xiong Xiao, at least there was still a chance to seek revenge.

"ENOUGH!" thundered Yang Qing as he glared at Miao Yi, finally opening his mouth to speak.

Miao Yi awkwardly retracted his spear. He shot a glance at Yang Qing, ultimately afraid to disobey Yang Qing's words, but he was still wearing a look of agitation on his battered and exhausted face.

"Manor Head, there's no need to stop him! This vile servant girl's death will not be missed!" said Xiong Xiao as he turned around and cupped his hands. "Your subordinate has shown his ineptitude in command. I am unable to escape the blame for this incident, thus, I request that Manor Head punish me!"

"Deal with your own house matters at home! Stop disgracing yourself here." Yang Qing berated.


On the surface, Xiong Xiao looked revered but deep down, he was secretly pleased with himself. He had followed Manor Head for so many years, and had been credited for hard work, if not for his merits; it looked like Manor Head's heart was still with him.

He clearly understood what Yang Qing had meant. This response meant that he would not be investigating Xiong Xiao anymore, even his own handmaiden as well. Otherwise, he would not have allowed him to settle it back home, and would have killed her here instead.

That was precisely what Yang Qing meant. It was because he understood that a cultivator grooming a handmaiden that suited his wishes was an incredibly difficult feat. It was easy for him to order this handmaiden killed, but that might leave a bad taste in Xiong Xiao's mouth. Just like his own handmaidens, Qing Mei and Qing Ju; if anyone dared to kill them, he would definitely show hostility to them. It was enough to put himself in another's shoes.

To him, a handmaiden, regardless of being dead or alive, had nothing to do with the overall situation. However, his confrontation with the School of Blue Jade henceforth was a surety that could not be changed. There was simply no need to cause his capable and trusted aide to be bitterly disappointed in him for the sake of an insignificant handmaiden. There were too many subordinates watching this!

Yang Qing proceeded to cast a glance at Miao Yi who was gnashing his teeth. "You are the one who killed her brother in the first place. Then from beginning to end, you killed off four of Xiong Xiao's subordinates in succession. You are only a little wounded and have not suffered any permanent damage. Xiong Xiao's losses are greater than yours. In my opinion, we can shut the lid on this matter right here. What do you think?"

"What?" Miao Yi cried out involuntarily. "Let them go just like this?! If I had died by their hands, then wouldn't I have died in vain?"

'Why is this kid so tactless?' Yang Qing scolded him in his heart. Sinking his brows, his aura suddenly erupted. Towering above Miao Yi from his dragon steed, Yang Qing uttered solemnly, "Do you have any opinions?"

"I…. have none!" Miao Yi stabbed his longspear into the ground, twisting his head to look the other way.

It would be strange if he had no opinions, there were countless written all over his face; he was only afraid to say them out loud.

Yang Qing liked this sort of forthright person who did as he pleased, so he did not keep it to heart. He then turned his head to look towards Xiong Xiao, saying in a low voice, "You only have yourself to blame for the losses. Leave this matter be from now on and don't look for trouble with him in the future! Put a stop to it now. Or else, I will not spare you!"

Xiong Xiao cupped his fists and said reverently, "I obey!"

Yang Qing glanced blandly at Miao Yi, with his face still full of complaints. Flipping his palm around, a Glorious Star immortal herb descended onto his hand. He pursed his lips and blew; three wisps of starry clouds floated out, one wisp diving into Miao Yi's nostrils while the other two wisps spread out onto the wounded webs on Miao Yi's hands, gradually seeping in.

Miao Yi did not turn his head to watch, looking ungrateful as he let Yang Qing carry out the healing.

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