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That guy feverishly glared at that number twenty-six jade plate in Qin Wushuang's hand. His heart jumped violently and inwardly, he was already scheming: "Since I've already got my number thirty-six, plus this twenty-six, I would get thirty-five points. Thirty-five points on the first day. Next, it will not be a dream to collect all eighty points! I must get this jade plate!"

Thoughts flew quickly in his brain, yet inwardly, he started to calm down. Since the other party dared to show him the plate, of course, he was also confident.

However, who doesn't have such confidence, of all martial arts students who came to this exam?

At crucial moments, one's real strength needed to show in the end.

Observing, although Qin Wushuang was wearing a mask, the things that flow out of his eyes were unstoppable by the mask. He asked with a smile: "What about it, do you have the gut to bet?"

"A bet? How?" That guy had already clenched his fist secretly in preparation to mount a sneak attack if he saw an opening.

"If you plan to mount a sneak attack on me while I am talking, then you have the wrong idea." Qin Wushuang warned while smiling, "If you want to bet, then show me your jade plate. Or else, without it, what kind of qualification would you have to negotiate with me?"

That guy said with a sneer: "You want to see my plate, then beat me first. If you have that sort of skill, not to mention looking at it, I will not speak a word even if you take it away from me."

"So, you plan to take it by force?"

"What are you scheming? Could it be, you want to trap me?" That guy revealed a mad laughter.

"Don't you think, if we fought here, just like a sandpiper and clam warring together, those fishermen would get the profits."

"If they have the skill, they can just join us. The more, the merrier."

That guy was just unwilling to listen to Qin Wushuang's advice. From his intuition, since the other party had made the suggestion, surely it would only benefit them and not to him.

"I see, then I will not keep you company."

After he had finished speaking, he twisted his body and jumped forward.

When that person saw Qin Wushuang was acting as he had planned, he shouted lightly: "Stop right there. Leave the jade plate; then you can go. Don't even think about leaving with the plate."

"Haha, if you have the skill, just come after me. You talk too much."

While he was speaking, Qin Wushuang had already leaped dozens of meters forward. Of course, he would not use his full strength to run. Or else, the opponent would not even catch his shadow.

He did not want to fight here because way too many eyes were peeking at this area.

Neither going too fast or too slow, he tried to allow that martial arts student to follow him without him noticing that he was deliberately leading him.

After about fifteen minutes, they had come to a remote region. Since they had moved away from that lively location, all the peeping eyes had disappeared.

Qin Wushuang leaped forward instantly and disappeared into a bunch of bushes.

That guy had tagged him tightly while staying alert along the way. It was clear he had not used his full strength and also remained mindfulness. Of course, he was afraid of him ambushing him in the dark.

Only when he came closer, he found out that he had lost Qin Wushuang. Only a bunch of lush underbrush lay ahead of him. Indeed, it was as the saying goes—be cautious while entering the forest.

Although this underbrush was not a forest, it appeared to be half a person's height. That also made it a dangerous place.

He stopped just outside of the grassland and sneered coldly: "Planning to scheme against me? How could such cheap thing happen? It doesn't matter, I will not go in. Let's see who has the better endurance."

After he had finished talking, this guy actually took a few steps backward rapidly. Then, he leaped onto a high branch and started to survey his surroundings.

After some examining, he suddenly twitched his mouth and jumped down from the tree. He picked up some pieces of stones and whipped his arm!

Pu, Pu, Pu!

One after another, unstoppable, he threw it towards the grassland. This barrage of stone had a powerful force. Those rocks continuously sent fragments of the bushes flying and sent alarmed birds flying.

Only, one would have no idea of how much effect throwing stones at random in the pitch darkness would have. Your opponent was not a wooden stick that would allow you to hit them freely.

However, under the current situation, it was the only method he came up with. Or else, he would have no choice but to wait.

After the barrage of stone missiles, quietness returned to the grassland. That person swore quietly and muttered while feeling aggrieved: "This bastard must have been born in the year of a rabbit. Running so fast."

Just when he wanted to retreat, suddenly, a hand extended somewhere behind him and lightly patted him on his shoulder.

"Ahhh!" It was a huge surprise. He retreated continuously and turned around. Only, he saw Qin Wushuang looking at him with a smile.

That joyful expression was like when a hunter had seen his prey fallen into his trap.

A wave of coldness traveled down his spine, and he lost his voice: "How are you behind me?"

"Give me the jade plate; then I will let you live." Qin Wushuang was emotionless.

"If I give it to you, don't think you will live too!" With an evil grin, that martial arts student shouted and formed his hand into a chopping position that went to slash at Qin Wushuang's neck.

"Since you attacked first, then don't blame me for being merciless." Qin Wushuang's voice turned icy and he shot out a fist. Indeed, it was only a modest display of a master when he was going against a little martial arts student.

This fist was the supreme power. The control of speed and power were perfect as his fist bumped onto that martial arts student's palm chop.

With a stuffy groan, the entire arm of that martial arts student emitted a clear and crispy shattering sound. Like a kite with cut string, his body flew away a few meters away and dropped into the grassland.

Qin Wushuang took off and leaped down right before that martial arts student. Of course, he had not used his full strength in this fist attack. He had controlled it precisely to kill the opponent.

Naturally, Qin Wushuang knew the principle of going too far was as bad as not enough. He did not want to demonstrate his demonic strengths. After all, as the wind sighed and crane called, the rest of the martial arts students in the entire team would fall into a panic. Once the situation turned out like that, his goal to acquire the next jade plates would become tougher.

After some searching, he quickly took out number thirty-six from the body---

Another five points earned!

Qin Wushuang did not leave the instant after he had taken the jade plate. He pulled off the test robe of this martial arts student and destroyed it. Then, he hid his corpse at a secret place.

This way, others would not know his serial number even if they had discovered his corpse a few days later. It would not cause an exaggerated panic among the other martial arts students who would have the same ending digit.

Qin Wushuang had a mind delicate as a hair as he had considered each part very carefully. He must take care of each detail that would not reveal any flaws to influence his efficiency in acquiring the plates.

After he had finished his tasks, Qin Wushuang quietly left.

With another jade plate, he already had eighteen points.

Since a day and night had not yet passed, Qin Wushuang was already very satisfied with this result. He believed his first-day result was not too bad.

Except for one small flaw, he still had not found the jade plate with his number.

If it had already fallen into the hands of someone else, then it would be troublesome. He had hoped that plate with his number would appear soon. Or else, he would need to spend a lot of effort to accumulate eighty points.

Since he had acquired number thirty-six, Qin Wushuang had exceeded his quota. Of course, he would not plan anything tonight. Thus, before the dawn, he decided to rest a bit more and move again with full spirit.

After a night of action, those martial arts students surely would have little energy after the day broke. If he moved at that time, he would have a much better hope of acquiring jade plates.

He found a rather quiet place, slightly closed eyes and meditated. Soon, night had passed.

When the first rays of the morning sun arrived, Qin Wushuang scooted out from his hiding place and rushed towards the crowd.

"Attention, attention! My number is twenty-five. I am looking to gather the plate with my number, the corresponding plate twenty-six and the plates with the same ending digit. I already gathered a few plates, but all of it only worth two points. Not much use to me. But the little points plates may be the great pointer to you guys. Thus, before noon, I decided to set up an exchange booth here. If you have those two points jade plates at your hand, then you can bring it to me and try for luck. Maybe I have the higher points plates you needed? Let's benefit each other…"

On an open grassland, a martial arts student had started a booth out of the blue.

However, this martial arts student was very sly. He did not mention the number of those jade plates he had and did not say specifically of how many plates he had.

Yet, a lot of people did get attracted after he had caused a commotion. A dozen martial arts student surrounded him. Apparently, they wanted to go up and try out their luck.

Only, because of this disturbing scene, no one was willing to be the first one to eat the crab. Apparently, they all had their doubts.

"Everyone, no need to worry. I vouch for my integrity, if you have the plates I need, I will trade it one with one fairly. Each of us will take what we need!"

Then, he stopped for a moment and added on: "Of course, no need to come up if you are scheming something. I will not reveal the numbers of my jade plates beforehand. Besides, I don't have them with me. If you are planning something, even all of you came up to kill me; you will not get anything, Haha."

Slowly, Qin Wushuang walked towards him. At the moment, he did have the number twenty-six that person needed. And to Qin Wushuang, twenty-six was only worth five points. However, to that guy, it was worth twenty points.

After some thought, Qin Wushuang had an idea.

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