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Qin Wushuang thought about it and immediately understood.

Those martial arts students that could rank number one in the country would undoubtedly be extraordinary. From Tong Yao's information, this martial arts exam was related to the major issue of whether Bai Yue Country would rise to become an upper-level Subordinate Country. Of course, the royal families would spare no effort and money.

You must know that when a country rose to become an upper-level Subordinate Country, it meant a change of status nationally. It meant that the country would be in an entirely different situation when it interacted with surrounding countries.

For example, the Great Wu Country, that was next to the Bai Yue Country had the same ranking and had always fought in broad daylight and in secret. These two countries had been at war with each other many times. However, once one side rose to become an upper-level Subordinate Country, it meant that the balance between would immediately be broken.

And once the number one ranked martial arts students had connected with the Spiritual Roots, it would be a significant achievement.

Thus, by presenting such rich rewards was understandable.

All the martial arts students had secretly calculated. Their expectation for this martial arts student exam also rose tremendously. With such rich rewards in front of them, they would be lying if they said they were not tempted.

One of the martial arts students suddenly asked: "If the number one contributor to a team is the same person as the number one individually, how would they count it?"

His words had suddenly reminded a lot of martial arts students. That's right if that was the case, how would it count?

"Of course the Royal family had considered this problem. If it were the same person than he will get two rewards, the interest will be accumulated on top of it!"

"Eh, then this will be an interesting problem. Bestowing the title of a King, and as a Marquis, isn't that all out of order?"

"You are not thinking, how is it going out of order? The Royal family are giving two rewards. If the person received the first one, wouldn't the second one benefit the family? Don't worry about it, if you can get two number ones, you will become a King, and your father will become the Marquis, isn't it also good?"

That martial arts laughed happily: "Oh, I didn't know it can work like this. But that is not okay either. If I was bestowed as a King and my father only as a Minister, then wouldn't he need to pay respects to me since his level will be lower than mine? That's not okay at all. If I really got two number ones, my father will still be the King, and I will just be the Minister. Too bad, I just like to keep a low-profile, and don't like to show off…"

"Are you out of your mind? You want to become the victor of both competitions? I think bestowing the title of a monkey to you is more suitable. Stop dreaming over the Marquis title!"

"You are just jealous. I am not going to argue with you; we will see who will have a better result."

Just as the group of people continued to discuss, a little girl came running. Her small face was extremely elegant and beautiful. She walked up to Qin Wushuang and asked with a childish voice: "Are you big Brother Qin Wushuang?"

Qin Wushuang was stunned and climned down from the horse: "That's me, do you know me, littler sister?"

"Someone asked me to give you this." The little girl extended her chubby little hand and handed over a skinny bamboo straw.

Qin Wushuang took it and knew in an instant a paper was hiding in it. He was about to say something.

But the little girl had already jumped away.

"Qin Wushuang, so famous. Even people at Redwood Territory would send you something," Yun Qingyan came up on her horse and joked.

"What's in there?"

Qin Wushuang took out the letter and scanned the letters that had been written on it—The Earth Room of the Pine Wind Restaurant, I will await you so we can lunch together.

The calligraphic style appeared graceful, and the inscribed name was "Tong Yao" two words.

Qin Wushuang squeezed the letter into pieces in his hand. Inwardly, he thought that when Tong Yao had said her family made a living on selling intelligence, it was truly top class. I just got into the city, and she knew about it?

Then, he thought again and felt at ease. They were a group of eighty-nine martial arts students from Southcloud State. Surely they had caused quite a commotion along the way. Most likely she had already investigated thoroughly when they were half-way through the journey.

"Someone invited me for lunch," Qin Wushuang said with a somewhat apologetic tone, "Since we are here at Redwood Royal City, I believe everyone all has some family or friends from Redwood Martial Arts Academy. Since I don't know anyone, let's split up for now. And we shall regroup when the time comes."

His idea garnered approval from everyone. Most of these upper-level martial arts students all had some family who studied at the Redwood Martial Arts Academy. And in the future, they would also study at the academy. Thus, they must go there.

Since the Pine Wind Restaurant was a big name in the Redwood Royal City, Qin Wushuang easily found its location. He stored the horse and headed up to the sixth floor.

The location of the Earth Room was very elegant and was right next to the street.

"You are here!" Tong Yao had been waiting in the room for a while. She let Qin Wushuang in and closed the door behind him. Then, she explained, "I should have gone to pick you up myself, but that Missy Yun who is with you knows me…"

Qin Wushuang waved his hand: "No need to explain, I understand. How come you are alone? Where is your brother?"

"He didn't come…" Tong Yao seemed to want to say something but hesitated. In the end, she felt it would be better to be honest and stalled: "Young Master Qin, my brother has a somewhat strong personality…"

Qin Wushuang observed and guessed the cause when he saw Tong Yao's hesitation. Inwardly, he thought that she was such a responsible sister. She was helping her little brother in secret and still considered his pride.

"I take it your brother has no idea of this matter?"

Tong Yao's face became slightly red and shook her head: "He doesn't know."

"Then how should I proceed?" If the main character does not know about the plan, then it would be hard him to complete the task.

"Yes, this is a tough business. I am afraid Young Master Qin would need to spend some effort to help him in secret without a trace. From beginning to end, he must not know a thing."

Inwardly, Qin Wushuang felt that it was funny. He thought that this cheating was indeed, extraordinary. He needed to help someone to cheat, and the one receiving the help could not know about it.

"Regarding the rules of the exam, till now I still had no idea. Thus, I have no idea of where to start on how to help your little brother. If Missy Tong knows the details about the rules, why not tell me a bit."

Tong Yao nodded: "I invited Young Master Qin here for two things. Firstly, I am here to pick you up and refresh your memory. Secondly, to discuss the rules. Young Master Qin, before the exam, these rules are all confidential. I have collected these through a variety of channels, and they are one-hundred percent reliable. I just hope Young Master will not tell anyone about it."

"Please tell me."

"Ok. According to the rules, each of the two thousand martial arts students of Bai Yue Country will get a number. Each martial arts students' numbers are distinct and there will be no duplicates. Then, the Zhen Wu Holy Place will arrange the martial arts students who came from different places into the same team. All two thousand upper-level martial arts students in the country will be put into fifty teams. Each team will have forty to fifty people. With this, it will guarantee the martial arts students of all counties are separated. And it will prevent people from the same place from cheating by forming alliances!"

"Fifty teams?" Qin Wushuang frowned, "How will it guarantee your brother and I will be on the same team? If we are not on the same team, we should not be in the same place, right?"

"Don't worry about the team arrangements. When you all get your numbers, I will make sure you guys are on the same team!" Tong Yao's tone sounded very confident.

Suddenly, Tong Yao paused a bit and asked again: "The rewards are very rich in this exam. I just don't know what are Young Master Qin's goals?"

"Regardless of the awards, since I am in, I will, of course, aim for a good result."

When she heard his words, Tong Yao's face became slightly dangerous. She lowered her head and dwelled in her thoughts as she bit her lips lightly. As if she was considering for something, in the end, she nodded: "With Young Master Qin's strength, it's right to fight for number one. I cannot stop Young Master Qin from pursuing your future. This way, when the numbers come out, and team arrangement ended, I will contact Young Master Qin again on what to do exactly."

"When the team competitions are over, weren't we all going to the exam place?"

"I have a way to deliver the message to you. Trust me." Tong Yao looked determined.

Then, she smiled: "Ok, I am feeling rather hungry after all this talking. Please, Young Master Qin, eat whatever you want and taste the cooking skills of Redwood Royal City's chefs!"

Qin Wushuang knew that this matter was most likely somewhat more complicated than it seemed since he noticed Tong Yao's hesitation. At the moment, he did not ask more and did not restrain himself as he freely ate and drank.

Martial arts student exam…

Inwardly, Qin Wushuang thought that the organization of this exam seemed very confidential. They appeared to have created an airtight system to prevent all possibilities of cheating. However, this Tong Yao had still managed to find gaps within it where it showcased Tong Yao's undoubtedly extraordinary family.

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