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The Xi Men Feudal Lords' banquet had indeed expanded the horizon of these martial arts students.

They had experienced first hand the dignified manner in a Feudal Lord family and learned what it meant to be upper-level aristocrats.

Although many of these martial arts students came from Venerable families from other counties, the difference was clear when they compared their own to a Feudal Lord's family.

While these martial arts students were feeling envious, inwardly, they set their goals. They must perform well in this martial arts exam. And hopefully, one day, they could help their family to become like the Xi Men Feudal Lords!

On the way back, Da Xi Yang remained silent. With a lot of things on his mind, this journey to the Xi Men Feudal Lords had made him understand the absolute disparity between a Venerable family and a Feudal Lord.

Besides Patriarch Xi Men, that family actually had four Stage Eight Genuine Force Elders and protectors. Even more, they had nearly ten Stage Seven Warriors of the Genuine Force.

You must know that his Venerable Da Xi family only had one Stage Seven.

Among the younger generation, besides the direct descendants of the family, they had many talented people. Anyone of them could be a dragon among the ordinary citizens in River County.

Indeed, such difference could make one feel helpless.

"I must perform excellently in the martial arts student exam!" Da Xi Yang firmed his resolve, and he thought, "If I could become connected with the Spiritual Souls, the future of my Da Xi family will be for sure ride the tidal waves! In the future, it will have unlimited potential!"

On the contrary, Yun Qingyan was feeling muddleheaded. From her perspective, being the number one family in Southcloud State, the Xi Men Feudal Lords deserved all the prosperity, luxury, and talents it boasted.

She never felt her family, the Wealthy Yun could even compare with the Feudal Lords. Thus, she was the most relaxed and talked nonstop without a care.

"Qin Wushuang, I see that Xi Men Xing looked as if he wanted to be friends with you!" Although Yun Qingyan was a thick-head, she had the demonic instincts as a girl.

"Is that so?" Of course, Qin Wushuang had noticed Xi Men Xing's intention to make friends with him. He also knew it was Xi Men Yu who had gave his son the orders.

Qin Wushuang was not a noble and virtuous type of person. On the contrary, he knew how to judge situations. At least, becoming friends with the Xi Men Feudal Lords would be much better than becoming enemies with them.

Thus, he neither showed too much enthusiasm nor did he decline Xi Men Xing's offer. He followed the situation and socialized with him to give off a non-committal feel.

Of course, both parties knew such things very well. When an outsider like Yun Qingyan asked about it, he would not bother to explain.

Yun Qingyan was high-spirited, and she insisted: "I am absolutely right, I observed it many times."

"Haha, since Missy Yun had observed Xi Men Xing carefully, could it be, you have the ambitions to marry into a Feudal Lord family?"

"Humph, don't think me so low," Yun Qingyan scoffed, then she added with a serious tone, "Who cares if they are offspring of a Feudal Lord family? If I don't like them, I will not marry."

Amidst their conversation, they already returned to the inn.

This night, everyone went to rest early because they had to be on their way the next day to the Redwood Royal City. A much bigger stage awaited them. And most martial arts students had never been there before; expectation filled in their heart.

Although Qin Wushuang had never been there either, he remained open-minded.

Reincarnated as a human being twice, his mindset was entirely different than the other teenagers. From his viewpoint, Redwood Royal Territory was only a scenery that had yet to appear.

Just like his former world, it would be like traveling from a county town to a city, from a city to a provincial city, then from the provincial city to the capital…

It all followed the same principle.

In the next morning, before Qin Wushuang had even opened his eyes, he could already hear Yun Qingyan calling out from the corridor: "You two lazy boys are still up yet? It's time to go!"

He woke up and finished the necessary cleaning. Then, they arrived to assemble at the center square. After a head count, a total of eighty-six martial arts students had signed up to participate. Next, they formed groups to go.

The team left Southcloud City majestically. Along the way, Xi Men Xing became the leader voluntarily. However, while he was acting as a leader, he would also ask Qin Wushuang's suggestion from time to time.

Of course, martial arts students from Southcloud State city followed Xi Men Xing's orders. And those from the outer county also did not feel too averse to Xi Men Xing being the leader since they had been fully enthralled by Patriarch Xi Men's charm at the banquet.

Those city martial arts students had received serious warnings from Xi Men Xing that troublemakings and acts of infighting were forbidden. This trip represented Southcloud's image. Whoever did not show the appropriate behavior would be humiliating the state.

Since this warning had been put there, no one dared to cause trouble. And the Patriarch had also given a serious briefing to the other two age appropriate martial arts students from the Xi Men family to assist Xi Men Xing in controlling the situation. Along the trip, they also worked hard to stimulate the atmosphere to prevent conflicts between the city and the outer county martial arts students. Indeed, they served as a bridge and buffer.

Since the offspring of the Xi Men Feudal Lords had set an example, those city martial arts students also followed his lead. The atmosphere along the trip was exceptionally friendly. Forget conflicts, even the estrangement between the two parties had dissolved and they were even chatting with each other.

After all, they were all teenagers. As time passed, they became familiar with other. Once they got to know each other, misunderstandings and conflicts was naturally reduced.

In less than a day, they arrived at the outer boundary of the Redwood Royal City without any problems.

On the outside of the Redwood Royal City, they had built many villages. The distribution of each village formed a sophisticated pattern. From the overall outlook, they appeared to serve as a cushion of defense. These villagers had complicated defense lineups. They were closely linked to each other and surrounded the Redwood Royal City.

After all the martial arts students had passed verification, they were then able to enter. On the street to the Redwood Royal City, although they were dozens of miles away, they could clearly see the city in the distance.

Imposing manner, majestic, awe-inspiring atmosphere.

Since this was the first time Qin Wushuang had laid his eyes on the Redwood, these comments had immediately surfaced his mind.

Southcloud State was situated on the south side of the Redwood Royal City. Thus, these martial arts students prepared to enter from the south gate. As they gradually proceeded, in a moment they arrived at the south entrance.

The guards of the city gate laid out layers of the checkpoint. Firstly, they verified the letter. Secondly, they checked the identities of each one. After finishing all these procedures, the captain of the guards finally said: "After you've entered the gate, you must control your horses. Running around carelessly is not allowed. Or else, if the city soldiers catch you, no matter who you are, you will get into big trouble!"

Xi Men Xing smiled: "Yes we understand. These are the basic aristocrat's etiquette."

"Alright, go in. The bulletin boards are everywhere inside; you should pay extra attention to those. All information about the martial arts student exam will be posted on the bulletin boards."

The martial arts students had apparently become much more moderate when they stepped into the city. Even those out-going, those who loved to laugh had apparently spoken less.

Indeed, this was the Redwood Royal City. In the entire Bai Yue Country, besides the imperial capital, there would be the four Grand Royal Cities. Such level of the major cities made these martial arts students who had not seen much before become somewhat restrained.

Xi Men Xing had come to the Redwood Royal City several times. He was in a much better state than the others as he smiled: "Everyone, don't feel so confined. Just act moderately, and it's fine to chat and laugh around. Everyone, pay more attention to those bulletin boards. Information about the martial arts student exam…"

Before he finished his sentence, he saw a large group of people gathered in the street not far from them. They were all gathered before a bulletin board and bustling with activity.

"It must be information about the martial student's exam. Let's go take a look!"

Xi Men Xing gave an eye signal to those two martial arts students from the family. These three understood each other and headed towards the crowd.

Since they forced their way in, the people in the front were unhappy as they all turned around to scowl. However, when they saw three lavish Feudal Lord clothed martial arts students were the ones forcing their way in, they swallowed those curses that were about to escape their mouths.

Left without a choice, they suffered in silence and moved to the side. They could not afford to go against an offspring of a Feudal Lord family.

However, Qin Wushuang was unwilling to cram in. When Xi Men Xing had finished looking, he will doubtlessly share the information. Having someone from the Feudal Lord family to open the road seemed very convenient anywhere.

After a moment, in the midst of the complaints, Xi Men Xing forced his way out with excitement. From his expression, one could tell the shock he had felt after reading the bulletin board.

"It's way too anomalous. Now, everyone will become even more motivated," Xi Men Xing said with a somewhat exhilarated tone.


"Young Master Xing, stop keeping us in the dark."

"Haha, Brother Wushuang, why are you not taking a look?" Xi Men Xing asked with a smile.

"I am waiting for Young Master Xing to share the news. Able people should do more work. If I crammed my way in, those people would swear at me for sure." Qin Wushuang smiled bitterly.

Xi Men Xing laughed and did not mind. He felt satisfied when he saw everyone looking at him with expectation and waited for him to speak. Then, he stopped keeping everyone in suspense and said: "Our Emperor had written an imperial order. Whichever four of the Royal Territories is able to achieve first in the battle between the four territories, all families of the participating martial arts students will receive one thousand acres of fertilized land. Those who ranked in the top ten will receive three thousand acres of good land. And those who ranked in top three will receive five thousand acres of land plus tens of thousands of gold! Haha…"

This sound of "Haha," meant he had more to say.

"What about the number one contributor?" A smart martial arts student immediately asked.

"Right, the number one would not be bereft of any special awards, right?" Others answered together.

Xi Men Xing revealed a mysterious smile: "The number one contributor will receive tens of thousands of acres of land, thirty thousand gold. Also, his family status will rise one level unconditionally, and the person will bestowed the title of a Marquis!"

As soon as he said these words, all the martial arts students exclaimed in admiration and were shocked. This reward was indeed gorgeous.

Not to mention the lands and gold, the one level rise of the family status unconditionally moved those offspring of the Venerable families much more. Including Da Xi Yang who was also inwardly calculating: "Since the family's status will rise one level, if I can be the number one contributor, that means I could make my family become a Feudal Lord?"

Besides being bestowed the title of Marquis was a rare chance that had not occurred even once in the past hundred years in Bai Yue Country!

Xi Men Xing was seemingly enjoying these extreme reactions from everyone as he said leisurely: "Pay attention, this is only the rewards for a team that had overcome the competition between the four Royal Territories. In this martial arts student exam, there is also reward for individuals!"

"Rewards even for individuals?" The martial arts students felt their interests stirred up even further.

"The individual reward is even richer than the team rewards!" Xi Men Yu's emotion had also been stirred up as he waved his arm, "Regardless of your background or status, no matter who you are, if you can become the number one in the individual category in the martial arts student exam, your family will rise to become one of the Royals. And for that person, you will receive the same treatment as a Royal King even with the different surname! All rewards will be double that of the team competition!"

The martial arts student's blood flared up!

Although it was only a Royal King with the different surname, and even if your feudal fiefdom would only be one-third of the four Royal Territories, a King was still a King!

In the hundreds of years of history of Bai Yue Country, a Royal King would rarely appear!

And the reward to bestow the title of a King had appeared in this martial arts student exam!

This reward was enough to make all participating martial arts students go mad. Even Qin Wushuang was astonished at the generosity of the Royal families this time!

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