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In the Xi Men Feudal Lord's residence, all the servants started to get busy. The Patriarch had given the orders himself that they must arrange tonight's banquet well and demonstrate the standard and dignity a Feudal Lord's family should have.

Xi Men Yu was aware and knew very well. Although on the surface he was inviting every martial arts students who were attending the exam, in fact, there was only one main character. And that was—Qin Wushuang.

It was a name that caused complicated feelings in him. However, it was a name that he must dwell and ponder on.

Xi Men Yu's action had left all the people in the family confused. Especially Xi Men Qian and Xi Men Yan who had almost thought they had hearing problems.

And the two supreme elders and the two head protectors kept their questions to themselves since they were wise enough to know not to question the Patriarch.

"Father, have you made a mistake? Being the great Xi Men Feudal Lords, and the number one family in Southcloud State, only upper-level aristocrats have ever passed through our doors. How come today… Could it be we are actually letting those countryside martial arts aristocratic students do whatever they want?" Xi Men Yu had a lot of strong points, however, he also had many flaws.

His biggest weakness was his narrow-mindedness. He clung to the family's status tightly.

Xi Men Yan also pouted: "Father, didn't you go to look for that son of the Qin? Did you teach a lesson to him for me?"

Xi Men Yu's face fell. He waved his hand and let his three children gather around him. With a serious expression, he said with a stern tone: "All of you, listen very carefully. What I am about to say next is not a joke. You must all remember it in your heart and never forget it in your life."

"Please advise us, father." When these three siblings saw their father acting with such seriousness, they immediately bowed and answered.

"Yan'Er, your marriage with Da Xi Ming will be called off immediately. Tomorrow, let the second protector accompany you to River County. You will announce the cancellation of the marriage. No hesitation."

"Renounce the marriage?" Xi Men Yan's chest seemed to have been hit by a hammer.

"Renounce!" Xi Men Yu's tone had filled with unquestionable determination.

Xi Men Yan shouted resentfully: "But why? Father, why renounce it? Among all people in the Venerable families, I only put Da Xi Ming in my eyes. The rest, I don't really like them. Is it because the daughter of the Qin is getting close to him? Just send a protector in secret and kill her. Father…"

"How dare you!" Xi Men Yu growled, and the color on his face darkened, "It's my idea to renounce the marriage. No more talking or else, you will be punished!"

"Qian'Er, Xing'Er! Especially Qian'Er, listen carefully. I don't care what kind of grudge or conflicts you guys had with Qin Wushuang before, from today, all these matters will become memories of the past. Even in your mind, you are not allowed to hold any grudges against that family. I don't care if you can accept this or not. Even if you cannot, you must force yourself to swallow it! Whoever cannot do it, you will be punished by the family!"

Xi Men Qian was dumbfounded and looked at Xi Men Yu with astonishment. Was he still his father? How come today, the usual father who had always valued families had completely changed?

It was alright for Xi Men Xing since he only met Qin Wushuang once. Besides, he was slicker than his big brother Xi Men Qian. He could only answer in agreement when he heard his father's orders.

"Dad, could you tell me why?" Xi Men Qian sat on the chair heavily, and his face appeared somewhat distorted. It was very hard for him to remain calm.

Since his father had given such orders, did it not mean they had made a compromise with the Qin family? A great Feudal Lord family had actually sought a compromise with a little newly-risen Wealthy Class. What kind of logic was this?

At this moment, that supreme protector of the Cold-Blooded Thirteen Hawks spoke.

"Patriarch, did you fight with that son of the Qin?"

If it was possible, of course, Xi Men Yu did not want to let anyone know about the fight with Qin Wushuang. Fortunately, there were no outsiders here. Even the core members of the family elders were not participating in this conversation. Only the two Supreme Elders and two head protectors were present.

Since these people were his most trusted aides, he did not need to conceal it from them.

Thus, Xi Men Yu nodded and sighed: "Yes, we fought. This son of the Qin is more trouble than we'd imagined."

When he said these words, Xi Men Yu also felt defeated and profoundly helpless.

Suddenly, that great protector's young-looking face became nervous as he lost his voice: "Could it be, that son of the Qin was able to withdraw entirely from Patriarch?"

As soon as he said these words, even Xi Men Qian who was feeling frustrated could not help but tremble from head to toe. He sat up on the chair abruptly and looked at Xi Men Yu with suspicion.

The two Supreme Elders of the family also revealed a terrified expression. They waited for Xi Men Yu's answers.

Xi Men Yu gave a long sigh: "It was not simple as retreating. While I faced him head on, I did not have the confidence to win against him!"

Xi Men Qian sat down heavily. Since he used too much strength, he had directly broken the chair. If he did not have the power and used his calf to balance his center, one could imagine the embarrassing state he would have fallen in.

Unhappily, Xi Men Yu sneered: "You are agitated and cannot understand things well. So I want to know until when can you become mature. Don't think you can wander around doing whatever you want since you are carrying a so-called number one title among the young people in Southcloud State. What is this number one? You are only given it because people wanted to flatter the family. You think, with just your strength alone that you can win over the honor of number one?"

Extremely humiliated, Xi Men Qian could not find the words to speak.

"I will sentence you to meditate before the Ten Thousand Mountains for half a year. If you still can not come to terms with this, then another six months!"

When Xi Men Yu became angry for real, he exuded an awe-inspiring force. Not to mention Xi Men Qian, even the Supreme Elders and the Head Protectors did not dare to speak up to help.

Xi Men Qian could only bow his head: "Yes, I will go now."

"Now!" Xi Men Yu glared at him.

Xi Men Yu did not even turn around and left while covering his ashamed face.

"Xing'Er, you must keep a low-profile in this martial arts exam. Be mindful of the way you are doing things. Do not fight with that son of the Qin and most importantly, you cannot offend him. If necessary, you can become friends with him unintentionally. Tonight's banquet will be a starting point. Understand?"

Xi Men Xing's strength was flexibility, and he knew how to act according to the situation. He thought about his father's feedback on Qin Wushuang and remembered his demonic power that was unnatural. And told himself, he did not have the core strength to compete with him after all.

"Yes, Dad."

Xi Men Yu nodded and glanced around. Then, he seemed to be talking to those four great warriors: "Supreme Elders, and two protectors, do you think I am making a big fuss out of a small problem?"

"No, not at all!" The oldest protector smiled while stroking his beard, "I don't know your thoughts. However, I recognize Patriarch's decision is the most beneficial for the Xi Men Feudal Lords!"


"Tian Xuan Land is immense. Not to mention we are only a Feudal Lord family in a middle ranking Subordinate Country, even these large Empires have gone through many ups and downs throughout history. Many times, the rise and the fall in the world all originated from a small thing. Situations in the world are unpredictable and the oceans are ever changing, we can only maintain our long existence if we can keep a clear head. And never should we become caught up in imaginary things. To react to the volatile situations is the golden rule for the survival of a family."

The oldest protector held supreme status in the family. He clearly seemed to hold a higher position than the two Supreme Elders. Thus, he had spoken these words based not on his age, but his knowledge and experience.

However, one of the Supreme Elder could not help but argue: "Then you mean that son of the Qin is the powerful force undeterred by the general flow?"

The chief protector nodded: "Patriarch, you should know more than me."

Xi Men Yu waved his hand: "No need for argument, you two. That son of the Qin… Not to mention that our family cannot afford to make him an enemy, but it would be best never to offend him. Since we will not become enemies, then we should use all our means to become allies!"

"Allies? Just with his little background as a Wealthy Class?" That Supreme Elder could not understand.

"Haha, family status should be the imaginary thing mentioned by the Chief Protector! Supreme Elder, maybe you don't know, that son of the Qin should have already made a connection with the Spiritual Souls!"

Everyone at the scene fell into an utter silence when he said those words. That Supreme Elder's complaints and confusion instantly disappeared into smoke.

Connected with the Spiritual Souls!

To these old guys, they knew too well the meaning of these words.

Xi Men Yu stood up: "Us, Xi Men Feudal Lords, will never become enemies with the Eastwood Qin for generations. This point must be written into the ancestral teachings and will be pass down the generations!"

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