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If Qin Wushuang had said these words before that fight, Xi Men Yu would have doubtlessly treated it as a joke. It would have gone in one ear and out the other.

Actions speak louder than words and the fight had been worth more than a thousand words. Additionally, it was much more persuasive too.

In a martial art dominated world, everything relied on one's strength. Only strength was the final decider.

After this fight, Xi Men Yu also experienced Qin Wushuang's outrageousness. He seemed calm and mature, yet his inner mind was very sophisticated.

Once he exploded, he would be like the eruption of a volcano. When he was fighting him using words, he had fully experienced Qin Wushuang's sharp tone that excelled in catching the holes within each of his words and making a quick comeback.

Unexpectedly, when they fought, Qin Wushuang was not just bluffing. Even so, he acted crazier than moving his mouths.

Especially while they fought a moment ago, Xi Men Yu had clearly felt Qin Wushuang's brutal fighting style. That sort of dynamism to go forward, such courage and determination to put life behind were indeed a rare quality that would only appear on a truly mighty warrior.

Such enemy that demonstrated both calmness and madness was the most terrifying.

It was like a volcano. While it was asleep, it appeared peaceful and calm. As soon it erupted, it would show off its' wild side that would carry a powerful force to destroy everything.

Such temperament where one would destroy indiscriminately forced Xi Men Yu to treat it seriously. He dwelled on Qin Wushuang's words.

He had not doubted the resolution and boldness from the teenager before him.

Although the Xi Men Feudal Lords was the number one family in Southcloud State, they were not invincible. The older Xi Men Yu had become, the more experienced he was. He had learned to consider things from a well-round angle and with more maturity.

In these years, while he was doing business, he lacked that frankness and straightforwardness he had had when he was a young man. He had more sides of smooth and slick.

Things were unpredictable in the world and disasters and happiness could just happen in the next day. In most situations, disasters were caused in moments of careless.

In the current situation, he had no choice but to weigh this matter.

The core of the problem was—Whether or not it would be worth becoming enemies with such a teenager who was full of potential and who had demonstrated an unstoppable and rapid growth. And if the Xi Men Feudal Lords decided to become enemies with such a person, imagine the form of consequence they would bear in the end!

Regardless of how he changed his methods of thinking, how he predicted, he could not find a satisfying answer. Sorrowfully, he discovered that—Before the threats of this young teenager, the mighty and superior Feudal Lords had no options!


The Cold-Blooded Thirteen Hawks were elite warriors. However, even the headmaster of the Cold-Blood Thirteen Hawks had weaker strength than himself. Since he, as the Patriarch, could not even take the upperhand, the Thirteen Hawks would only be digging their graves if they went after him.

The extremely terrifying thing was, once this young teenager was determined to become the opponent with the Xi Men Feudal Lords, he would deliver all forms of sneaky tricks. For instance, such as sniping, assassination, or using poison…

A variety of methods would indeed make one careless.

Since the Xi Men Feudal Lords had a significant foundation, and with such a big brand name, they were also a big target.

While facing such terrifying opponent, hiding would be out of the option. As long as the enemy did not use common methods, they would face a severe consequence.

For sure, he did say he would kill all people of the Xi Men Feudal Lords. Although Xi Men Yu felt incredibly awkward when he heard these words, it was some possibility he must face.

"Patriarch Xi Men, friends or foe, it all depends on your word."

In fact, Qin Wushuang had already clearly saw through Xi Men Yu's inner struggle. He reminded him only to break Xi Men Yu's last feelings of fluke and to make him understand the situation completely.

Xi Men Yu gave a long sigh and asked with a decrepit tone: "Right now, I only have one question."

"Please ask, Patriarch."

"I am afraid to ask, whom did you study under? Have you already connected your Spiritual Roots?" Xi Men Yu could only think toward this direction.

Or else, as an offspring from the Humble Class, it was impossible to rise at such a speed in a few short years. His speed was equivalent to the lightning.

With the Qin's foundation, even if they were the Wealthy Class from a hundred years ago, it was impossible to produce such a demonic being. The only explanation would be that Qin Wushuang had encountered a fortuitous opportunity.

And regarding this fortuitous opportunity, most likely, it would be the dream-like opportunity people of the Bai Yue Country were seeking—To connect with the Spiritual Roots!

When he thought here, inwardly, Xi Men Yu could not help but feel a little jealousy.

Since these were opportunities that could only get encountered, too many people had yearned for their entire lifetime. In the end, there was not a single trace of Spiritual Roots. And this son of the Qin had neither identity, social status and he had also never heard if he had any demonic talents. How could he deserve to get such fortunate luck?

However, no matter how much resentment he felt, he had no choice but to accept this reality.

This Spiritual Root was an extraordinary thing. In the human martial arts world, even if you had achieved the peak of Stage Nine of the Genuine Force, most likely you would connect with a Spiritual Root. And for those Stage Three of Stage Four people at the Genuine Force, because they had a long-cherished arrangement, they were able to receive the Spiritual Roots.

Overall, although strength could affect the chance to get the Spiritual Roots, it was never the deciding factor.

To put it superstitiously, it was fate that would decide your destiny.

When he saw Qin Wushuang smile and did not answer, Xi Men Yu became inevitable with his guesses.

The Spiritual Realm existed within the Tian Xuan Land. However, it was an existence beyond the grasp of each country in the Tian Xuan Land. Mighty warriors at the Spiritual Martial Force rarely got involved with the matters in the human world.

At least, in a Subordinate Country like the Bai Yue Country, even one mighty warrior at the Spiritual Force rarely appeared.

Even if they had such children with potential, they would get taken away by their mothers country quickly. From that point, for their entire lifetime, it would be tough for them to set foot on their home country. Even if they had become a mighty warrior at the Spiritual Force stage, at most, they could only bring honor to their ancestors and increase some social status to their home families. They could never come back to contribute to the family directly.

Thus, mighty warriors of the Spiritual Force had always remained as a mystery.

The fact that Qin Wushuang was unwilling to speak the truth, it had fallen through with the unique characteristics as a mighty warrior of Spiritual Force. It had made Xi Men Yu believe that for sure, Qin Wushuang had studied from someone at the Spiritual Force.

When he thought here, all Xi Men Yu's hesitation disappeared without a trace.

With the background of a mighty warrior at the Spiritual Force, not to mention the Xi Men Feudal Lords, if the Spiritual Force Warrior was willing, even the Zhen Wu Holy Place from the Bai Yue Country could disappear into dust when he moved one of his fingers.

With a long sigh, Xi Men Yu said with a cool tone: "I will dissolve it, the marriage between my Xi Men family with the Venerable Da Xi family will be callled off!"

Then, he also added on: "But, everything must be done the way you said it would. My Xi Men Feudal Lords will announce the cancellation of the marriage; then the Venerable Da Xi family will apologize in public and give some reasonable compensation."

"How much compensation?"

"Just a reasonable one, how could my family ask for too much?" Xi Men Yu smiled bitterly, "Little brother Qin, the face of the Xi Men Feudal Lords have genuinely been lost thanks to you."

Qin Wushuang shook his head and said: "Why is Patriarch Xi Men saying such a thing? If this thing gets solved like this, both sides will benefit. It would be an ideal way to end it. At least, my Qin will not have to become lifelong enemies with the Xi Men Feudal Lords. Shouldn't this matter be a major benefit regarding the survival of a family?"

Xi Men Yu could only comfort himself with these words.

At the same time, he made a decision—For generations to come, the Xi Men Feudal Lords would never become enemies with the Qin family!

"Little Brother Qin, such is the saying of how a hero always came from a young man. Tonight, I am hosting a banquet to invite all martial arts student that is attending the martial arts exam. Please come."

Since he decided to build up a good relationship with the Qin, he took a step back. Being a shrewd man, of course, Xi Men Yu would never let go the principle to maximize his profits.

If he could form an alliance with the Qin family, he could turn this setback into something positive for the future of the Xi Men Feudal Lords.

Compared to a Spiritual Realm background, how hard could it be for the Xi Men Feudal Lords to lose a little and step back a little?

Why would he be concerned if his daughter would not be able to find a groom even if she was to not marry Da Xi Ming? As long as the family spoke some words, how could those offsprings of the Venerable families not fight for this opportunity desperately?

"I must use this opportunity to restore our relationship with the Qin. The two families shall become closer!" Inwardly, Xi Men Yu had made his decision.

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