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If someone was watching the battle, their jaw would surely drop. Everything happened way too suddenly and strangely.

With the use of the air, Xi Men Yu's body figure moved at a speed that made him look like he was almost invisible. However, the strength of the air that gushed out from his hand signs did not go away because of the body.

On the contrary, Qin Wushuang only felt many butterflies dancing across the sky. These remains of the shadows were clearly all from Xi Men Yu's hand seals.

Suck speed in attack, and such strong hand seal gestures.

Since Qin Wushuang let Xi Men Yu attack first, he had his reasons. To counter the changes with the unchanging, one of his palms lay across his chest to stand tall and rock-solid.

Lights flashed through his eyes as if he was catching something.

In fact, since the enemy's speed had reached this level, eyesight alone was no longer enough.

Qin Wushuang was indeed doing one thing under cover of another. The root of his ear slightly moved because he was relying more on hearing.

In such a level of combat, the hearing was always much more reliable than vision.

Regardless of how strong you were, you could not achieve to the stage where you could suppress your attack to become soundless.

As long as there was sound, one would not be wrong by listening to the wind for direction.

Xi Men Yu's speed kept getting faster, like a whirlwind and as if he was a spinning top. He circled Qin Wushuang and drew circles quickly.

Each time when he drew a circle, he waved out at least dozens of seal signs. And each of these signs had a stroke at the enemy's weakest and avoided his strength since it did not emit its real power.

In other words, he only shot out palm sealing signs and the real attack power was not sent out.

However, these hundreds and thousands of sealing gestures had a mixture of truth and falsehood. If it was another weaker opponent, how could they have judged which one of his palms was the true one?

"You want to use speed to drag me down?" Inwardly, Qin Wushuang sneered. To clarify, speed was Qin Wushuang's specialty. The same attack, if it were Qin Wushuang, he would not waste so much effort and would just shoot out one palm attack. In the end, it would be so much better than these empty theatrics.

"Since you wanted to play like this, I will match speed with you." After the thought had flashed across his mind, Qin Wushuang raised his legs and also started to go in circles.

This way, the situation became even creepier.

It was alright if one of them did circles, but both decided to go in circles. It appeared as if it were not a battle between the two elite warriors, but where these two was playing a game of tag.

Only, both parties in this fight for speed knew a lot of knowledge were within these circles. As soon as one of them was a half beat slower, most likely, the other party would use this flaw to attack.

Like spinning tops, these two figures turned into circles quickly. The dust from the ground was lifted up by their speed and formed a veil of yellow sand. It was. Indeed, smoke and dust curled up.

In the midst of yellow sand, two black figures chased each other, and it was impossible to tell who was chasing who.

Without any idea of how many turns they had gone, the more he went around, the more Xi Men Yu became fearful. Initially, he had gone into fast circles next to Qin Wushuang to test his endurance and mentality and had not unleashed out his power.

Now, he could not find any opportunities to send out his power.

The same with going around in circles, these two had always kept the same distance—The distance where one could attack but could not succeed.

Xi Men Yu wanted to shorten this distance. However, sorrowfully, he had discovered that he did not have the upper hand.

The speed of the son of the Qin was not below him. Even he had to admit that most likely, just regarding speed, this son of the Qin's speed was above his.

After all, if one could keep the same distance while revolving, it at least proved that the other party was not moving at full speed!

In other words, for sure, the other party could slow down and speed up.

And for him, if he slowed down, most likely, the enemy would attack him from behind since his temperament had reduced.

He wanted to speed up, yet he had reached his limit.

"It seems that this son of the Qin is not weaker than me regarding speed!" Xi Men Yu's thoughts raced, "To use my strong points and attack enemy's weak points! Although the son of the Qin moves quickly, he is too young. His inner strength practice must lack full mastery. I only need one palm attack, and for sure, I can break all his bones and destroy his strength!"

Xi Men Yu was a veteran that had went through hundreds of battles. Thus, he was very confident about his skills and never doubted his strength. A Stage Nine of the Genuine Force had achieved through many baths of blood and fire and build from countless killing.

When he thought here, Xi Men Yu suddenly gave a long whistle, and his body disengaged towards the outside of the circle.

This stepping back was not intended to retreat entirely. He did it because it would be better to stop enemy's advancement. To capture, he must let loose the space to deliver his fatal attack.

"Haha, Patriarch Xi Men, are you feeling scared?"

Qin Wushuang would argue a point to death and would not allow Xi Men Yu to disengage. He knew very well that Xi Men Yu retreated not because he was scared, but because he was going to unleash an even more powerful attack.

However, when it came to fighting against his enemies, Qin Wushuang had two lifetimes of experience. Compared to Xi Men Yu, he was not too bad. One look, he had understood the situation. He knew that Xi Men Yu could not maintain his stance in this speed battle.

Since the ancient times, during a battle, regardless of two armies or individuals fighting each other, it was known to accomplish something with one effort.

Since he had his breath, it would not be a problem to soar to the Galaxia. If he had let this momentum pass, his power would for sure get reduced and decline from prosperity. It would use great effort to accumulate the next impetus.

Qin Wushuang took significant steps, and his Sun Force Genuine Qi went into a full cycle inside his body. Like a gushing sun, it had become restless before the marble white color of the dawn sky for it could rush out into the clouds at any moment.

Suddenly, as if covering the earth and hiding the sky, his energy output surged up.

Regardless the strength of the enemy, I will soar to the sun!

All the dust, all the yellow sand, and all the dancing bamboo leaves had become a giant whirlpool and tore behind Qin Wushuang's back.

Instantly, Qin Wushuang appeared if he had reincarnated as a King Kong as all of his skin swelled layers of red light.

Masculine and positive, only the sun could unleash such power!

In a moment, Qin Wushuang's battle instincts had reached a maximum.

With a furious yell, he rushed up, both palms in a cross and shot out a palm attack. Without any flair and other movements.

Impressive, majestic, yet abbreviated to the smallest details!


A palm attack that pushed forward, give the other no chance to avoid, it swallowed the entire space directly.

Xi Men Yu was already at a disadvantage in the battle for speed. If he continued to retreat, it would be equivalent to selling his body to the other party as a target.

Under such circumstances he had no other choice.

He could only take this palm attack!

And only in that instant, Xi Men Yu's head was not calm as many thoughts flashed through. Thoughts of the hesitation when he achieved a great result during his teenage life, thoughts about his splendid military lifetime and of the mighty lifestyle he had when he became the Patriarch of a Feudal Lord family…

Throughout his life, he had rarely met an enemy that was his equal.

And finally, one had appeared now. An enemy that forced him to use one-hundred and twenty percent of concentration!

This palm seemed like one decided predestination and it appeared as if it was a meet by chance for fate.

Both parties had no way out for this palm.

It was sent out with one's full strength, without any holding back.


With a stuffed grunt, two figures separated and rushed to the side.

A giant hole appeared in the ground where the two had originally been . A giant hole big enough to bury twenty people!

And the surrounding of the giant hole was covered in many deep gulleys like a cultivated land.

On the two sides of the giant hole, Xi Men Yu and Qin Wushuang stood across each other. Both wore an cold expression and did not relax for a bit. They were cautious of the enemy's second attack.

However, their mood was entirely different.

Especially Xi Men Yu where inwardly, astonishment emerged like the violent waves. He honestly found it hard to believe that he did not acquire any upper hand by that one boom attack.

One must know that in the midst of electrical light and flint, both sides had no time to think of that past assault. When they moved, they had to use full strength.

Both had used their strongest power to attack the other one, the result was-

Being the Patriarch of a Feudal Lord family, and as a Stage Nine Warrior of the Genuine Force, he had not acquired the upper hand.

Don't be fooled by his majestic standing and unusual manner. In fact, that boom a moment ago had almost displaced his five viscera and six bowels. The shock in his mind was beyond imagination.

Qin Wushunang also wasn't much better off. Inwardly, he sighed over the fact that he had underestimated the strength of Stage Nine Warrior of the Genuine Force. He had used all his strength and only managed to fight on par with the enemy.

However, Qin Wushuang had always been tough. In his former world, people had nicknamed him as "Crazy Martial Artist" for he had always done outrageous things on the path of training.

He collected his thoughts. Then, he twitched his mouth and said provokingly: "Patriarch Xi Men, the taste of this palm was not good, right?"

"You are not any better off!" Xi Men Yu said harshly.

Only now, had he finally let go the so-called pride of a Patriarch. He had indeed judged Qin Wushuang an opponent that could match him in power!

"During a fight between elite warriors, it would be disrespectful to withdraw fully. Only, I want to ask something of Patriarch Xi Men, with my strength, if I used everything to fight the Xi Men Feudal Lords, am I capable of killing everyone else in the family beside you?"

These words had spoken neither too fast or too slow. However, it had brought a sense of craziness.

Regardless of how calm Xi Men Yu was, he finally could no longer maintain his calmness. Turning pale with fright, he now looked at Qin Wushuang without any of the scorn or superiority from before.

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