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With attendants crowding around him, the State Magistrate rode his tall horse to the center of the square. He felt satisfied when he saw faces of the martial arts students gathered.

"Everyone, I came here today for two things. Firstly, I would like to welcome everyone to the city. Secondly, I also wanted to cheer for everyone and give you some encouragement through your journey. This time, while you are traveling to the Redwood Royal Territory, you are not only representing yourself and your family but also your counties and your city. You are the future representatives of our Southcloud State. To show my sincerity, for the next few days, martial arts students from outer counties can stay at any inn, free of charge, regardless of food or other expenses. The state will cover the costs!"

Those who could have come here to register for the exam all came from an aristocratic background. Everyone could afford these little expenses.

However, the State Magistrate's words was not only referring to the expenses of board and lodging.

It represented a form of investment and a type of treatment only enjoyed by upper-level martial arts students.

Of course, he would speak some words to admonish and to encourage his subordinates. All martial arts students nodded when they heard his words. Each and every one of them felt that there was no reason not to make an all-out effort since the State Magistrate had valued them with great importance.

Finally, the State Magistrate had finished speaking, and it was time for lunch. Thus, everyone went on their way.

As soon as the announcement to disperse had gone out, martial arts students started to gather in groups and invited friends to join.

Qin Wushuang did not want to get involved in any unnecessary trouble. On this point, Da Xi Yang shared the same view as him.

Although Yun Qingyan loved to get involved in activities, since it was hard to clap with one hand, she could only obey the majority.

After lunch, these three went back to their rooms, and it seemed nothing else was happening.

Suddenly, the sound of footsteps could be heard followed by knocking: "Excuse me, is Young Master Qin from River County here?"

When he opened the door, a servant looking guy was standing outside. He wore a respectful expression as he asked with a smile: "Are you Young Master Qin?"

"I am, you are?"

"I am a manager from the Xi Men Feudal Lords. Here is an invitation my Patriarch had personally written. He asked me to deliver it to you and to invite you to our residence for a drink and enjoy to some plays. We can spend the time together to get through this hot summer."

After he had finished, he handed over an invitation wrapped in beautiful wrappings.

With a neutral expression, Qin Wushuang did not even look at it and said lightly: "Take it back."

"Take it back?" That servant was stunned.

"Yes, take it back."

"Young Master Qin, whether you are going or not, you should at least take a look?"

Qin Wushuang turned back and asked: "Is it your Patriarch that wants to see me?"

"Yes, it's what my Patriarch intended."

"It's not me who is going to see Patriarch Xi Men, right?"

"No." That guy was stunned and replied honestly.

"Since it's not me who wants to see him, but he is the one that is trying to see me, then he must come to visit me. At least, he must invite me personally. Just relay my words to your Patriarch."

Qin Wushuang did not bother to waste time with this servant. This Patriarch Xi Man was playing a game of politics. He had obviously sent a servant to bring him to deliberately reduce Qin Wushuang's status . It would be strange if Qin Wushuang wanted to go.

After a moment of silence, that servant could only withdraw respectfully: "As you wish, I will tell my Patriarch and see what he wants to do."

Inside the Xi Men residence, that servant quickly brought back Qin Wushuang's intentions.

With a pair of violet whiskers, the Xi Men Patriarch appeared out of the ordinary. Eight people stood next to him. On the left, those four were his offspring. And on his right side, two of them were the supreme elders of the family, and the other two were the golden hired thugs. They were the number one and number two in the Thirteen Xi Men Hawks.

On the side of his direct line of descents, Xi Men Qian was the oldest. With a somewhat twisted face, he said with hatred: "This kid is still showing so much arrogance."

Then, he talked to Xi Men Xing behind him: "Third, today at the central square, this guy deliberately showed off again, right?"

Xi Men Xing smiled bitterly: "I don't know about showing off intentionally. But that guy had more than enough attitude."

To the side, Xi Men Yan complained: "Big Brother, third little brother, I am not interested in this Qin Wushuang. I only want to know, is that daughter of the Wealthy Class indeed getting close to Da Xi Ming?"

Xi Men Xing could not answer this question. On the other hand, Xi Men Qian added fuel to the fire: "Weren't they just being close? They are walking in and out together. And they are totally ignoring our family."

Xi Men Qian said with exaggeration because he intended to instigate Xi Men Yan. If he succeeded, his father's emotion would also get stirred since his father had always pampered his little sister.

Indeed, Xi Men Yan shook his father's arm: "Daddy, you have arranged this marriage yourself with Da Xi Heng. The Venerable Da Xi family apparently wants to break the promise. This matter, what do you say?"

The Patriarch of the Xi Men Feudal Lords was called Xi Men Yu. He had attained fame while he was still a teenager, he had joined the army later and had won fame for an outstanding military service. During the family selection, he had beat those other talented heroes and won the right of inheritance as the Patriarch.

Since he had taken over the Xi Men Feudal Lords twenty-four years ago, he had especially brought the entire Xi Men family to greater prosperity. The fact that the family had risen to become one of the "Twelve Great Feudal Lords" in the country, he deserved the most credit.

Such a formidable figure, of course, he would get disturbed by little emotions from his children.

After a moment of silence, he asked: "Elders, and two protectors, although this guy is young, he understands well when to advance and when to retreat. He knew my intention was to manipulate him when I sent a servant to invite him. Now, he asked me to ask him personally so that he could maneuver me. Everyone, do you think I should see him? Or not?"

"Patriarch, please think carefully. After all, he is only an offspring of a new Wealthy Class. Although he had encountered some fortuitous opportunity, it was not enough to put up an attitude before the Patriarch. If Patriarch wants to see him, then it would suffice to ask one of the next generation to meet him. That would be showing him enough respect."

"I agree with Senior Elder. It has never happened before for a Patriarch to go visit an offspring of the Wealthy Class. If this news spreads out, our family will lose face."

He was Elder from the main branch of the family. He always appeared conservative, complacent and valued marital status with great importance.

The number one of the Cold-Blooded Thirteen Hawks was a great protector and an elder with white hair and a complexion like a child. He smiled: "Although I have never met that son of the Qin family, from my second brother's report, it will be worth it for the Patriarch to meet him. If you are going to see him anyways, why get so tangled up over family status?"

In the Xi Men family, the top three figures of the Cold-Blooded Thirteen Hawks had supreme status. They had power equivalent to the family elders. Thus, when this great protector spoke, he did not need to agree with the family elders and had the qualification to voice his own opinion.

The other protector next to him had encountered Qin Wushuang in River County and he had witnessed firsthand his skills. With his strength at Stage Eight of the Genuine Force, he did not dare to say that he would win for sure. Thus, his feedback was extremely prudent.

He nodded in agreement with what the great protector had said.

Xi Men Yu stroke his long beard and smiled: "The two elders suggest not to see him, and the two protectors advised to not to be so uptight over formalities. Each of you have your reasoning. It's difficult."

Those four people immediately said: "It will all be the Patriarch's decision."

"Shall I make the decision?" Xi Men Yu repeated these words with a smile.

"Since the Patriarch is the spokesperson of the Xi Men family, of course, we will not object." These four people immediately stated their loyalty.

"Good, then I will meet this son of the Qin and see how this demonic guy of the River County is."

Both Xi Men Qian and Xi Men Yan became overjoyed when they heard their father was going to go himself.

Especially Xi Men Yan who shouted: "Father, teach a hard lesson to that kid. You must let him know who is the authority in the Southcloud State."

Xi Men Yu left as if he were flying without answering back.

He had quietly arrived at the inn where Qin Wushuang was staying. Just when he turned around the corridor, he suddenly saw a young man standing in the center of the yard. He was looking at the rock garden fountain in the yard with high concentration.

"Patriarch Xi Men?" That young man casually spoke. Indeed, he was Qin Wushuang.

"Qin Wushuang?" Inwardly, Xi Men Yu was surprised. Before he had turned around the corridor, he had not felt the presence of a person standing in this yard at all.

If he had not seen it with his eyes, he would definitely find it hard to believe. This son of the Qin had practiced to such extent. Indeed, it was a realm where he had combined his spiritual and Genuine Qi into a natural state.

To put it bluntly, he had completely blended into the environment. Without him, nature would not exist. Thus, nature and human had become part of the scenery.

You must know that Xi Men Yu was one of the elite warriors, a mighty one at Stage Nine of the Genuine Force in Redwood Royal Territory. In here, it not be more than a handful number of people that could beat him.

However, such mighty warrior had been unable to detect the presence of the youth before him.

"I have waited a while for you," Qin Wushuang spoke again.

"You knew I was coming?" Xi Men Yu felt that he was at a disadvantage on the first step. And for the second and third moves, the other party had all gotten the best chance.

"I knew you would come for sure." Qin Wushuang suddenly revealed a mysterious smile. Then, he shouted as his body flipped in the air like a swallow, "Come with me."

Before he had finished talking, he had already arrived outside the yard, like an eastern bean goose who had flown into the dark world.

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