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His reaction was not beyond Qin Wushuang's expectation.

Even Yun Qingyan and Da Xi Yang was also observing the response of this Young Master Xing. Especially Yun Qingyan who was paying more attention because she had heard some rumors about the interactions and grudges between the Qin and the Xi Men Feudal Lords.

Inwardly, Yun Qingyan was feeling very proud when she saw the astonished reaction of this offspring of the Xi Men family. She was basking in the glory.

"This… Is your last name Qin? Or Da Xi?" That Young Master Xing's tone had apparently become more irresolute as he probed.

From his tone, it had unknowingly revealed a little sign. He was restraining himself due to his fear of the Qin. Or else, with the political outlook in the River County, he would have said the Venerable Da Xi family first, followed by the Qin.

However, he asked if his last name was Qin first, then said Da Xi next. The meaning behind the sequence of this order was subtle, yet telling.

"My last name is Qin," Qin Wushuang lightly replied.

The expression on Young Master Xing's face froze again as if a venomous snake had bitten him. The muscles on his face visibly trembled.

His last name was Qin, and indeed, it was Qin Wushuang.

This name had made Big Brother Xi Men Qian mad and violent. It had caused a headache to the second head of the "Cold-blooded Thirteen Hawks."

And he had bumped into him.

To him, what was even more frightening was that the current situation was stacked against him and it was impossible to stop halfway!

That triangle-eyed guy hugged his waist and pointed at Qin Wushuang with a grumpy face: "Young Master Xing, it was this bastard that mounted a sneak attack…"

At the moment, Xi Men Xing, Young Master Xing, had a stomach full of anger. He slapped the triangle-eyed guy with his hand and berated him: "I think you are the bastard!"

His action was very sudden. Not to mention that triangle-eyed guy had not expected it, even other martial arts students from Southcloud city were astonished. And those martial arts students from the outer county was even more stunned.

Young Master Xing's actions had been completely unexpected. His attitude had undergone a complete reversal and was extremely unpredictable. Could it be all offspring of the Feudal Lords did business like this, without any logic?

At first, his sweet words had made everyone feel that he was going to make peace and admired him for that. Then, he changed his tone and was obviously looking to find trouble for those three people. This action had immediately made everyone's good feeling…

But unexpectedly, before he had said much, he had slapped his friend.

This way, it was as if a deity was writing with a brush, all the bystanders could not follow the logic. Inwardly, they could only sigh: The actions of elite people could not be measured with conventional logic.

However, those who knew the inside story such as Qin Wushuang and Da Xi Yang only smiled and did not speak a word. And those people who came with Xi Men Xing also shook their heads bitterly.

You could have bullied others, yet you chose to cause trouble for the people from River County.

It would be fine to provoke people from River County, but why provoke Qin Wushuang?

If you had provoked Qin Wushuang, you should not act with impudence at this time and call him "bastard" with every breath. How could Xi Men Qing endure this?

Since this triangle-eyed kid was being so senseless, he had deserved this slap.

However, after this slap, the triangle-eyed martial arts student still did not understand. He covered his stinging face, with a face full of resentment, he stuttered: "Young Master Xing, why did you hit me?"

Xi Men Xing said with righteousness: "I already heard earlier that you rode the horse and ran in the city. You had stepped on bystanders and whipped innocent people. As a martial arts student from the city, don't you think your action is already losing face for the Southcloud State? Today, it's a gathering of the upper-level martial arts students from Southcloud State, yet you are causing trouble and did not have the sense of acting like a host. This slap is to make you remember! In the future, when you leave Southcloud State and if you lose face for us again, it would not be too much to kill you!"

With a confused face, that triangle-eyed martial arts student opened his mouth widely. Since when had Young Master Xing became the representative of justice? To display shockingly bad behavior through riding horses, and to cause trouble, weren't all these Young Master Xing's specialty from before? How come, today, when he had done it, it was being treated like such a heavy crime?

Although Yun Qingyan had thick-skin, she could see that this Xi Men Xing was utterly pretendings since he was only searching for a way for him to back down.

Why was he looking for a way to back down, without a doubt, Xi Men Xing was scared of Qin Wushuang.

An offspring of the Feudal Lords was scared of an offspring of the Wealthy Class from River County. It had made Yun Qingyan, who was also a family of the Wealthy Class feeling very comfortable.

It was the living example of one switched from arrogance to deference and how one had a total change of attitude.

Fortunately, a few of the smart martial arts student behind triangle-eyed had secretly pulled him away. Since this guy only knew one way of thinking, if he caused any more trouble, Young Master Xing would most likely decide to kill him.

Xi Men Xing cupped his hands into a fist and said calmly: "Everyone, I am Xi Men Xing from the Xi Men Feudal Lords. Today, I don't have any other intention toward the gathering. I am only here for two words—To unite!"

"Why should we unite? It's so everyone works together to achieve more honor for the Southcloud State in this National Martial Arts Student Exam. The better our result, the more glory to our State. And the higher the ranking in the Redwood Royal Territory!"

Qin Wushuang did not know whether these words were from his bottom of the heart. However, at least, it was reasonable and not rubbish.

After all, as martial arts students, their fates were tightly tied to the glory with Southcloud State. If they achieved a bad result and low ranking for the Southcloud State, they would not receive any benefits. On the contrary, they would get a lot of trouble.

Everyone in this world-recognized brands. What were brands? For example, it was like going to a university in his former world. Famous universities had their style, and major universities had their intellectual brand. Different brands would receive different treatments. Wherever you went, you would receive different opinions and reputation from people whether they talked to your face or behind your back.

"Everyone, do you think my words make sense?"

"Yes!" Of course, it was those martial arts student from the city that had replied. They had all waited to flatter Xi Men Xing.

As for those martial arts students from the outer counties, they did not state their positions since they were still hesitating about Xi Men Xing's style. They only felt that this person had a quick change of attitudes within a short time. Thus, they were not in a hurry to answer him.

Xi Men Xing did not care and asked Qin Wushuang with a smile: "What does Brother Qin think, do you think what I have said makes sense?"

"Your words makes sense, and it all depends on your mouth whether you say good or bad things. I am only going to ask one thing. In this Southcloud city, if someone had deliberately tried to destroy the unity, what would happen?"

Xi Men Xing said righteously: "Without a question, everyone will suppress that person with all of our strength! When dealing with a rotten apple, I have always advocated for severe punishment!"

Yun Qingyan could not help but laugh and said leisurely: "With Young Master Xi Men's words, we can talk freely now. Your friend was acting quite tyrannically. He never allowed people to talk. If one dared to speak, he would break the horse's leg. So tyrannical."

"Since it was his first time, that slap would help him to remember. If he did it again, I would flay his skin myself." Xi Men Xing glared, "Listen up, from now on, we are all representatives of Southcloud State! We are all comrades on the same team. Whoever dares to break the unity, I, Xi Men Xing, will not let you off lightly!"

Regardless of the sincerity of these words, it had won him some favorable impressions. And among all these martial arts students, only Xi Men Xing appeared to have the seniority when he said these words.

After all, he belonged to the only Feudal Lord family, the number one family of Southcloud State. He had the right and the responsibility to wave his arm and to act as a leader.

Qin Wushuang certainly hoped that he had spoken truth. After all, he was here for the Martial Arts Student Exam, why not be happy and seek less trouble?

Although Xi Men Xing had made an explicit statement, the previous clash could not be resolved with just a few words. It had clearly divided the martial arts students from the city and those from the outer counties into two parties.

After the quarrel from before, martial arts students from different counties had loosened up and gathered to interact with each other.

And on the side Southcloud city martial artists, they gathered into their own groups.

Although Xi Men Xing had tried very hard to bridge the gap, regardless of his efforts, the martial arts students from the outer counties appeared out of place with those from the city. It was just like the saying of how anything done forcibly was not going to be agreeable.

And martial arts students from the city could not let go of their superiority as a city person for the time being. It would be like asking a steel tree to bloom flowers to get them take the initiative to interact with other martial arts students from another county.

After all, this world did not have the advanced communication system like the ones from the former world. Here, it was unimaginable to have a telephone to reach another around the entire globe.

Even the flying pigeon mail was not a sophisticated system.

Thus, most martial arts students from other counties were unfamiliar with Qin Wushuang's name. A few of the closer counties to River County had vividly heard about this name. However, they had heard more about the good show regarding the Humble Class challenging the Wealthy Xu and how Qin Wushuang had performed very well during the matches.

Regarding the matter of how good and what kind of performance Qin Wushuang had, they knew nothing. And since the Xi Men Feudal Lords had deliberately concealed the news regarding their conflicts with the Qin, the outside world had no way to know about it.

Thus, these martial arts students from outer counties could not understand Xi Men Xing's attitude that had switched from arrogance to deference. They all guessed how demonic this Qin Wushuang must have been. Each and everyone came to greet them and tried to acquire some information from the sidelines. However, Qin Wushuang only responded in brief sentences.

Although Yun Qingyan had some vanity, she did understand the depth within this matter. She knew it would be best to mention less about the secret information related to Feudal Lords. Thus, when others asked her about Qin Wushuang, she only chose to talk about things such as the Wealthy Class seat battle and did not mention the Xi Men Feudal Lords at all…

Just when they were booming with activity, someone with sharp eyes shouted: "The State Magistrate had arrived!"

Among the state, the State Magistrate was the highest official. They were the number one in charge of administration, politics, economics and culture.

The Zhen Wu Holy Place had selected such a State Magistrate. Since they held a high social status, the usual local aristocrats needed to pay some respect.

Since they heard that the State Magistrate had arrived, everyone stopped their discussion and looked over.

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