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The triangle-eyed martial arts student scrambled up from the ground in a sorry state and walked up to Qin Wushuang with a furious face.

"Are you the one that mounted a sneak attack to me?"

Not only had he not figure out this problem, but even those onlooking martial arts student did not see clearly of how Qin Wushuang had attacked. They even doubt if Qin Wushuang had really sent out that attack.

After all, Qin Wushuang's movement was almost imperceptible. And regarding the speed, it was too fast for these martial arts students to see clearly. Besides, he had flicked his hand under the cover of his sleeve. Since the sleeve had covered the slightest trembling movement of his wrist, naturally these martial arts students would not be able to understand with their current power.

"To mount a sneak attack on you? Weren't you the one that used this trick to deal with my friend? Now, shouldn't I also warn you to watch your mouth and to speak less?"

That triangle-eye martial arts student felt a coldness running down his spine. He looked at Qin Wushuang with caution since he did not expect that this person had deliberately moved against him!

The rest of the people also looked at Qin Wushuang dumbfounded. The more they looked at Qin Wushuang, the more strange they felt. This individual appeared to be at a similar age of everyone else, and he did not dress in upper-level aristocrats clothing.

And only two people had accompanied him, and they seemed to have come from a poorer county in Southcloud state.

However, such an unassuming guy of a similar age to them and appeared innocent had actually made a martial arts student from Southcloud city fall on his head!

Just a moment ago, everyone had seen with their eyes regarding the extreme arrogance that triangle-eye martial arts student and his group of people had exhibited. Inwardly, everyone had one thought such as "the fewer complications, the better" and was not willing to cause unnecessary trouble.

After all, they were away from their hometowns and in a foreign place. A mighty dragon could not fight against a local snake bullier!

However, since they did not go out to act the mighty dragon, someone else had stepped out to be this dragon!

Thus, Qin Wushuang's action of sticking his head out had immediately attracted the attention of martial arts students from different counties. Since someone had stepped out, the hot-blood within these martial arts students were also triggered.

Triangle-eyed martial arts students nodded and said with hatred: "You will regret this. You will definitely regret this."

Qin Wushuang had never bothered with such useless threats.

However, this time, he had Missy Yun, that Yun Qingyan who would argue a point to death. When she saw the embarrassing state of that triangle-eyed martial arts student, she felt an immense joy. Then, she crossed her hands on her waist and said proudly: "Regret? Are you not afraid of biting your tongue by saying such boastful words? Didn't you just say a moment ago how you must have the power to act a tyrant within your home? Where is your initial investment? Could it be that falling on the ground into a dog eating shit position would be your initial plan?"

A roar of laughter came from the crowd. Next came a wave of thunderous applause. The claps had all came from those outer county martial arts students.


They did not dare to step out, but someone did!

The one who stood out represented their thoughts and did things they had not dared to do. Of course, he had won their respect and their applauses!

Yun Qingyan always got hyped in front of an audience. When she saw that the hearts of people and their opinions had all gradually leaned toward her side, of course, she would not let go of this chance to hit a drowning dog.

"So you talked about how people would bully you both in your home and outside when you are powerless. And you also said how we would lose face when we leave Southcloud State. Now, you understand, right? Who is losing more face? You are a scumbag that would only act arrogant within your home. And even in your place, you are not able to achieve anything. When you leave the Southcloud territory, you will only get whipped! And even whipping you would dirty people's hands!"

On the face of that triangle eye martial arts student, one part had turned greenish blue, and the other part had turned blue. His expression was indiscernible, and a heavy murderous intent flashed across his face.

However, he did have some loyal friends among those group of martial arts students behind him. All of them came up and surrounded them. It was clear they were thinking of using their numbers as an advantage to bully them.

Yun Qingyan saw what was happening and shouted: "What are you guys doing? It is broad daylight, could it be that you intend to use your greater numbers to bully us?"

The triangle-eyed martial arts student smiled evilly: "I am going to use numbers to bully you, what about it!"

He made a gesture, and that group of martial arts students from the city surrounded Qin Wushuang and the other two in the middle. Each and every one of them wore a hostile expression.

Qin Wushuang acted as if nothing was happening because just these martial arts students were not worthy of his attention. He only felt touched how the current situation was the same as the things in his former world. The matter where locals despised outside villagers, the sense of superiority of big city people towards people who came from small places all felt familiar. After all, things were the same regardless of his former and current life.


This was a world that was obsessed with martial arts. After all, it was very different from his former world!

Just when they were trapped, someone from that outer county martial arts students yelled: "Do not bully them with your numbers!"

Hundreds of voices answered to this single call!

Since the first one had stepped out, then it was not very difficult for the second and the third to step out.

Instantly, the anger of the group had been completely ignited during this tense moment. All of them were furious because it was these people from the city that had stepped out of line. Now, they still wanted to use their position to kick people around when they knew they did not have the right!

These martial arts students had all pursued martial arts and did not lack a sense of passion. All of them stepped forward to berate these people.

"It's such a shame to the martial arts world to bully with greater numbers!"

"That's right. If there is a conflict, we can solve it with a one-on-one duel. What kind of skill is it to bully others with more people just because you are too weak to use your own strength?"

"Right, could it be martial arts students of the Southcloud City have so little ability?"

"Seriously, it's better to see with your eyes rather than hearing the rumors. Although we came from little towns, we could not have been shameless to such extent, right?"

"If you want to bully people, all of us from the outer counties will not allow it! Isn't just a group fight? Who is scared? Today, us martial arts student from the eight outer counties will test our strength against you guys from the big city!"

All of them rolled up the sleeves in preparation for a battle since they all felt indignation at the injustice. Their emotions had been stirred up.

Yun Qingyan felt a lot of encouragement as she said with excitement: "What did I say, everyone is young and unyielding!"

Nearly forty martial arts students from the outer eight counties. And on the city side, they also had thirty or forty students.

From the numbers, it was about equal on both sides. Regarding the strength, it was all elite martial arts students that had come from the outer counties. And in the city's circle, they were obviously also upper-level martial arts students.

If they did start a fight, most likely they would be on par, and no one would take advantage of the other.

Just when both sides were about to come to blows, a rushing sound of horse hooves came from the main street outside of the square. Immediately, someone shouted: "What is going on? What are you guys doing?"

A joyful expression appeared on those martial arts students from the city when they heard this sound. They all went to look back.

Six riders had come riding on white horses. The first three people appeared especially elegant.

"Young Master Xing has come!"

"Haha, and also Young Master Yi and Young Master Feng!"

Those six riders were very tyrannical because they did not even slow down when they rushed to the front. From their gesture, they seemed to want to charge directly at people.

Initially, those martial arts students who were gathered in a bunch all spread out after those riders charged through them.

This way, those six riders rode into the central area quickly and regrouped with those martial arts students from the city-state.

"Young Master Xing, you are finally here. If you hadn't come any sooner, these outer martial arts students from the outer county would have rebelled."

"That's right, this group of villagers dared to spit on the pride of our Southcloud City. They are truly abominable. Young Master, you are the most elite one among us. You make the decision of how to take care of this matter."

That lead martial arts student wore a purple and gold crest, dressed in a magnificent robe with a jade belt bundled on the waist. Indeed, he was the "Young Master Xing" that everyone had talked. However, he was no more than eighteen or nineteen years old.

That triangle eye not only went up to complain, he also embellished the details while he relayed what had happened.

Young Master Xing lightly frowned after he had listened. He sized triangle-eyed martial arts student from head to toe and said softly: "You did not exaggerate, right?"

"No! Everyone here witnessed these villagers provoking us first!"

That Young Master Xing lightly sneered as if he did not trust the moral quality of this triangle-eyed guy. He turned around, guided the horse with the reins and advanced. Then, he cupped his hand into a fist and shouted: "Everyone, please restrain your temper. Everyone here is one of the upper-level martial arts students in Southcloud State. This time, we have gathered here for the same dream and the same goal. If we fight against each other,, the other people outside of the state will doubtlessly laugh their teeth off when they hear about this."

Although no one knew the background of this Young Master Xing, he spoke some beautiful words according to the situation. The anger of those martial arts students from the outer county was also somewhat soothed.

However, Qin Wushuang watched him coldly. If he did not guess wrong, this martial arts student right in front of him should be the heir of the Xi Men Feudal Lords.

Since he also came from the city, he would be just as bad as they were. Qin Wushuang did not believe this matter would be resolved like this.

Indeed, that Young Master changed his tone: "Since everyone all came from different places, it's a good thing to be full of hot-blood since you are away from home. However, it's not good to use this temperament to cause trouble. Thus, for the unification of the martial arts student world in the Southcloud State, those people who had stirred up the trouble should also receive some punishment. Everyone, don't you think so?"

Initially, martial arts students from outer counties had let go some of their caution when they heard his sweet words. However, they felt somewhat strange when they heard what he had said next. Those smart ones already felt something was wrong.

It turned out that he had loosened the reins only to grasp them better.

The gaze of that Young Master Xing stopped on Yun Qingyan. He said lightly: "You three, which county are you from?"

A good show was coming with his ominous tone.

Initially, Yun Qingyan thought this guy understood the picture and was baffled by his words. As she listened more, she realized that he was a snake that belonged to the same nest as those rats!

She could not help but feel frustrated and was about to speak. Suddenly, Qin Wushuang waved his hand and stared at Young Master Xing coldly and said neither light nor serious: "If I did not guess wrong, you are an offspring of the Xi Men Feudal Lords, right?"

Inwardly, Young Master Xing's heart moved as he whispered: "What about it?"

Qin Wushuang gave a cold sneer and said casually: "Nothing much. Just to let you know that we are from River County."

As soon as he had said these three words, Young Master Xing's expression instantly froze. Immediately, the light shone from his eyes had become utterly different!

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