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Although Da Xi Yang had always kept a low-profile, it did not mean he was afraid. In Southcloud State, the Venerable Da Xi family had to be mindful of how they act around the Xi Men Feudal Lords. However, it did not mean they would submit to humiliation when they met other Venerable households in Southcloud city.

Of course, in today's scenery, harmony was prized. Although this triangle-eyed guy was impolite, if he became angry towards such guy, then he would be at a disadvantage.

Thus, he only spoke after he had stared at that triangle-eyed for a moment: "It doesn't matter who I am. What is important is that I think everyone should prioritize harmony. You and I are both from Southcloud State, if outsiders hear about how we are fighting against at each other, we will most likely become a laughingstock. If you think I am not qualified to be a peacemaker, then why don't you ask others what they think!"

The triangle-eyed martial arts student laughed to the sky and looked at Da Xi Yang with disdain: "I assumed you had eaten the heart of a lion, a man with great ambition. But you appeared to be an inferior product. When you see the things are not going your way, you bring out public opinions to talk about business to share your pressure, right? Kid, I need to advise you. If you don't have the guts, then don't act like someone else to fight for injustice."

After he had finished, he glanced at the big square around and said coldly: "Everyone, that guy asked me to ask your opinions, who wants to say something? Why not just step out."

Gesticulating while talking, he considered himself unsurpassed in the world. His gestures scared people. Although those martial arts students from other counties did not like his arrogant attitude, in the end, no one stepped out.

Some of them showed no expression and pretended to have heard nothing. Some appeared depressed, yet they did not utter a sound. And some had a disdainful face, it seemed they would rather offend a righteous man and support a vile character to protect themselves.

Anybody could see that this triangle-eyed kid was the menace of Southcloud city. He was most likely the number one bully in the city. If they were to argue with such a guy, then they would suffer.

After a moment, no one had stepped out. That triangle-eyed martial arts student could not help but feel proud and waved the horsewhip in the air for a few times. He glanced at Da Xi Ming somewhat mockingly: "It seems there are no opinions from anyone. This way, only you did not recognize the situation. You spoke too much."

Da Xi Yang lightly smiled: "I see you also talk a lot too."

He gazed with his triangle eyes and growled: "I talk too much? That's right; I talk a lot! In Southcould city, it's okay for me to talk a lot. However, you, villagers from outside will be in great trouble if you guys talk a lot."

"How much trouble?" A rage was gradually accumulating in Da Xi Yang's stomach.

Since Yun Qingyan had caused the trouble, at this time, she would not pull away. She glanced at Qin Wushuang, and inwardly, she hoped he would step out.

She had also experienced Qin Wushuang's way of doing things. Under normal circumstance, he would keep a low-profile. However, being low-profile did not mean he did not have a temper.

He had his way of doing things. And as soon as he decided to act, the other party would suffer.

Qin Wushuang also felt somewhat helpless. Although in the past, Yun Qingyan did not leave him with a good impression. However, today, from the beginning to end, she was completely innocent.

And the current circumstance, it seemed that Yun Qingyan was not the only one that fell into this matter because Da Xi Yang had also fallen into it. Since everyone got here together, the public would not have good opinions if Qin Wushuang deliberately distanced himself from this business.

"How big?" That triangle-eyed martial arts student rolled his eyes and smiled evilly, "If you don't want to leave Southcloud state minus an arm or leg, then your best choice would be to give ten slaps to yourself. And admit that you have spoken lowly words."

As soon as he had said these words, another loud jeering came from those martial arts students from Southcloud city as if they were egging on that triangle-eyed. These martial arts students were used to doing whatever they wanted in the city. They were used to bullying others, and each one of them were characters that did not care about if the world went into chaos. In Southcloud city, there was nothing they would not dare to do.

From their viewpoint, bullying a few martial arts student from other places was a way for them to spend time.

Da Xi Yang always had a good temperament and did not move. Also, he did not answer and only smiled coldly.

When that triangle-eyed martial arts student saw Da Xi Yang was being stubborn, he shouted with anger since he was looking for an excuse to let go of his temper: "What? It seems that you are not happy to do it?"

Yun Qingyan shouted while she held her head high: "You better not even think about having us do something lowly to ourselves. If you have the skill, then perform well in this exam and earn a good reputation for Southcloud. What kind of man are you to just show off and go into a huff?"

Now, triangle-eyed had his eyes on Da Xi Yang and did not pay attention to Yun Qingyan's reprimand. He said impatiently: "You little girl, I don't have the time to care about you now. That one who is fighting for injustice, could it be you only have the skill to have a woman to stick her head out for you?"

Da Xi Yang took a step forward and said slowly: "What do you want? Could it be you want to eat me since you are relying on your greater numbers?"

Triangle-eyed grinned evilly: "I am relying on the numbers, what can you do? Kid, just accept your fate!"

With a whistle, just when he was about to ride his horse over, Qin Wushuang suddenly walked to the front. He glanced at the triangle-eyed guy with contempt and looked down on him. He shouted: "Are martial arts students of the Xi Men family here?"

Although no one knew Qin Wushuang, how could people of Xi Men Feudal Lords not know about him?

If a martial arts student of the Xi Men Feudal Lords were here, for sure, he must be the leader of this group. It would be best if he understood the situation and stepped back.

If negotiation would not go well, then he would only deal with this triangle-eyed as an example.

When he saw a martial arts student had stepped out to stop him, that triangle-eyed accumulated more anger and shouted: "Kid, what are you yelling here?"

"No one of the Xi Men family is here, right?" Qin Wushuang asked again with a louder voice.

That triangle-eyed martial arts student became furious since Qin Wushuang had directly ignored him when he was talking. He swore: "What? You want to pull out the Feudal Lord family and suck up to them? Look at what you are dressing, a little offspring of Wealthy Class dared to suck up?"

Qin Wushuang lightly frowned and asked with a slightly discontent tone: "It was you, who used a stone as a concealed weapon to hit my friend's horse hoof, right?"

Triangle-eyed martial arts student laughed arrogantly and waved the horsewhip in the air to emit a cracking and popping sound.

"It is your Young Master Hong, what about it? Do you also want to fight against this injustice?"

"To fight against injustice?" Qin Wushuang sized the other party up and down and could not help but laugh: "You think, you are worthy of me? Fighting against injustice means that something must be uneven in front of me. Only you, you are only a flea, and I could squeeze a couple of you at once. Where did the injustice come from, and why would I need to fight against it? If you are saying it this way, then you are holding yourself too high, right?"

Qin Wushuang's personality was always like this. He would answer a fool to his folly.

If you are being sarcastic and have a big mouth to speak evil words, then I will just chop you up. I will use the method which you liked the most to hit you in the face.

Only by completely stomping the other party's face in the ground would such a scumbag remember this lesson.

Indeed, after he had said those words, that group of martial arts students from Southcloud city immediately bustled with activity. They started to jeer loudly, one after another became noisy, stirring up, trying to create a disturbance and encourage the triangle-eyed kid…

Overall, they were all stirring up the emotion of that triangle-eyed and adding fuel to the fire.

"Kid, you will pay for what you have said." Triangle-eyed guy narrowed his eyes into a line, and a wave of murderous intent swam from within that small line.

"Pay?" Qin Wushuang smiled every more happily, "If I were you, I would go reflect on myself. If I have skills, I will use it to perform in the martial arts student exam. Do you feel proud acting like a tyrant at home? If you don't feel ashamed, we feel ashamed for you."

"Humph, being a tyrant at home also need the strength! If you don't have the power, people will always bully you whether you are at home or outside. As a weak person, you must have such resolve! I will teach you guys to remember this and to sharpen yourself on the grindstone. Or else, when people outside of Southcloud city have bullied you when you go out, you will be losing face for our state!"

These words from the triangle-eyed sounded very reasonable as if these words were annotating his "hot-blood" and his "responsibility."

Inwardly, Qin Wushuang gave a long sigh when he heard him. In these years, people lacked everything except such idiot that would bully others with his power.

Would a thing like superiority genuinely be contagious?

That triangle-eyed martial arts student saw Qin Wushuang had a casual face where he did not even put him in his eyes. Instantly, his rage reached its peak since he had totally ignored him.

He raised the horsewhip once again and squeezed the horse with his legs to rush over. He waved the horsewhip and obviously, he wanted to use the momentum from the running horse to whip Qin Wushuang.

At this time, Qin Wushuang his shook his arm into a position where no one could have seen it clearly and used the power from his wrist to shoot out tiny stone crumbs.

With speed beyond a human's naked eyes, it had hit the horse eye with a ripping sound.

The horse suddenly went upright since something had attacked it and caused it to miss a step. How could that triangle-eyed martial arts student have expected his horse would also lose its step?

Instantly, his body turned crooked and he was falling backward.

Then, Qin Wushuang moved his wrist again and sent out another attack.

This attack had directly hit the acupoint on that triangle eyes waist and blocked it. Initially, that triangle-eye wanted to use the strength from his waist to roll in the sky and land on the ground.

Although he tried to move, his body was not responding. With a loud pop, the strength left his waist, and he fell on the ground sturdily.

Karmic retribution within one's lifetime comes quickly!

The instant when that triangle-eyed martial arts student fell on the ground, regardless of martial arts students from outer counties, or his friends from Southcloud city, each and every one of them drew in a breath of cold air. Inwardly, they all arrived at the same thought together…

Yun Qingyan was the first one to realize what had happened. She was too familiar with such methods and Qin Wushuang's style. It was indeed Qin Wushuang's doing. It appeared not to have confined itself, but in fact, it had secretly hit the major points of the other party. It had hit the other party in such a way that not even they knew where the problem had occurred!

She remembered the time she had first interacted with Qin Wushuang and how she had been on the opposing side. And now, Yun Qingyan was on the same side as Qin Wushuang as she watched that triangle-eye martial arts student's sorry state. Since she was on the same side, of course, her feelings were entirely different.

For the first time, Yun Qingyan felt waves of joy at Qin Wushuang's actions. And he seemed much more pleasing to the eye when she looked at him again…

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