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The loud curses were tyrannical, fierce and tough. Before Qin Wushuang turned to look back, he already knew that that these riders had no intentions of slowing down.

He also did not want to cause trouble. Thus, he cracked the horsewhip in his hand and urged his horse to the side.

The city street was very wide, vendor's booth filled both side of the street as people crowded the little shops. They all evaded when they heard the rushed sounds of the unstopping hooves.

However, as people shoved and pushed each other, many vendor's booth became scattered in the scramble. And some of the hot-tempered teenage men all started to curse in a small voice.

"What the hell? Who do you think you are, riding a horse down the street!" A person muttered to himself with discontent.

It was all some teenage riders on the horses. They waved their horsewhips and laughed casually as if they were enjoying such chaotic scene.

When they heard someone cursing them, a person waved his whip and in the midst of the whip shadows, it flew directly towards the head of that person who had cursed them.


A strong whip hit the face of the man. It was as if a dagger had slashed his face, it left a long bloody wound that almost cut to the bone. It was so painful that guy immediately covered his face with his hands and squat down crying.

This whip was very efficient. All those people who had cursed before fell silent out of fear. They had even carefully withdrew their angry looks.

From their clothing, one knew such a vicious Young Master would not be a good man to deal with.

That young man who threw a whip had a pair of triangle eyes. His showed a cold expression after he had whipped that man. And he only gave a sneer from the nose: "A person without eyes. In Southcloud City, even if others could not ride a horse on the street, it does not mean we cannot!"

"Ok, ok, Young Master Hong, don't put yourself on the same level as these lowly people."

"Right, we have a good harvest this time. Haha, we will have a lot of things to brag about when we meet Young Master Xing. Let's go, let's not make Young Master wait impatiently.'

Only when that young teenage martial arts student with a pair of triangle eyes, a few trace of respect revealed on his face. He turned around with the horse and left without a second of hesitation.

Qin Wushuang had saw everything during the brief exchange. However, his mind was no longer calm.

It seemed that young thugs bullied people the same way both in this and his former world. Although that triangle eyed young thug showed no morality, and appeared fierce, in Qin Wushuang's eyes, that would be all he had.

Compared to those second generation wealthy people, and second generation government officials, he was a piece of cake.

In his former world, a young thug would not even stop his car when he had hit a person to death. With a sentence of "My father was XX," his sense of superiority was much more impressive than this one.

Since Qin Wushuang and Da Xi Yang did not make a sound, Yun Qingyan could not tolerate it as she muttered: "It's not right to ride a running horse on the street. He dared to hit a person violently. How abominable."

After she had finished muttering to herself, Yun Qingyan could not help but complain when she saw both Qin Wushuang and Da Xi Yang were smiling as if they did not care about the thing that had just happened: "You two, don't you feel anything at all?"

Da Xi Yang sighed: "Such things are happening in the world for who knows how many times. If I have to feel touched with such incidents, then I don't need to do anything since I won't even have the time to feel in awe."

"So you can just ignore it?" Yun Qingyan started to get serious.

"Then, Missy Yun, what do you think we should do?" Da Xi Yang asked back.

"I…" Initially, Yun Qingyan had the courage of her own convictions. However, after she had thought for a moment, she could not find words to respond.

To help since she felt it was unfair? It was clear from the clothing of those vicious thugs, any one of them would most likely have a higher or equivalent social status as her Wealthy Class. Regarding strength, that one whip attack also seemed to be much stronger than her strength.

If she could not beat the other party, could she just curse and let out of her anger? Honestly, with their vicious appearance a moment ago, if she did swear at them, maybe they would aim the next whip at her head.

Since she could not beat them, and did not have the guts to swear, then she could only stare.

However, the more she thought about it, the more indignant she felt. Usually, she did have a princess temper. However, she would only be angry if someone had pissed her off. It would not be her style to bully others and to look down on others like the other young thugs had done.

In the end, from her bones, she felt it was way too much for a martial artist to use their skills to bully the weak even if they did not go to maintain justice!

"Stop feeling frustrated, let's go!" Qin Wushuang did not speak up during this time. When he saw they had finished voicing their opinions, he spoke up to compromise.

To the rules, all the martial arts students from the eight counties of Southcloud State must fill out an application form at the government place. Then, all of them would gather at Redwood Royal City together.

Obviously, it was not Da Xi Ming's first time coming to Southcloud State. He knew his way very well and after a moment, they had arrived at the government residence.

The matter of registration was simple. After they had filed a registration form, they were done.

It was also an official of the Zhen Wu Holy Place in charge of the registration. When he glanced at Qin Wushuang's registration form, he raised his head with surprise after he had saw the information on there: "You are that Qin Wushuang from River County?"

"It's me."

"Oh, nice, nice. Young man, you are looking good." That official of the Zhen Wu Holy Place placed all the registration forms together, "Your River County had the least number of level seven martial arts student. However, since they have you, your county's result will not be too bad."

Qin Wushuang replied with courtesy: "You are most kind, Mr. Official. I feel embarrassed."

"Haha, it's a good thing for young people to not feel proud and act arrogant." Then, that official seemed to had remembered something, "When you guys leave from the government mansion, turn southwest after three streets to arrive at the central square of Southcloud City. All martial arts students from Southcloud will gather there. This martial arts student exam was also related to the reputation of each place. Thus, all states and all counties paid high attention to it. Among the eight States in Redwood Royal Territory, Southcloud State was one of the best cities. This time, every side of the Southcloud City value this exam with great importance. It would be good for you guys to catch some news."

After they left the government residence, Da Xi Ming wanted to see at the square and meet all elite people. Yun Qingyan also became somewhat interested in it.

Since they both wanted to go, Qin Wushuang agreed to come along.

These three arrived at the square. Martial arts students from all eight counties of Southcloud State had gathered there in groups of three or five.

These martial arts students from different counties were in their own little groups. It was easy to discern where each of them had come from.

Indeed, just by looking at the individuals, River County had the least number of level seven martial arts students. All the other counties had at least four or five, and at most seven or eight.

And the largest group had thirty or forty people

That triangle-eyed young thug they had previously encountered was also among that large group.

Da Xi Yang whispered: "These people should naturally be the people from this city. No wonder they dared to ride a horse in the city. All of them have higher-ups covering for them."

The size of the Southcloud City was equivalent to seven or eight counties. Thus, it was not strange to have dozen of level seven martial arts students.

Most of these martial arts students were dressed in Venerable family clothing. A few were dressed in the Wealthy Class clothing played the role of accompaniments and other small roles such as running errands.

Qin Wushuang and his people moved closer on their horses. Obviously, that triangle-eyed martial arts student also saw them. A cold smile emerged from the corner of his mouth as if he despised these three people.

When Yun Qingyan saw the smile, the corner of her mouth twitched and muttered: "Show off."

Qin Wushuang did not have any time to bother himself with such boring confrontations. Instead, he used his eyes to observe each movements of all martial arts students.

After all, today's stage was no longer River County, but Southcloud State. Since it was known as one of the top States in Redwood Royal Territory, there would surely be a lot of talented people.

After some time of observation, he realized although each county had sent some talents, it was limited. The major point would lie among those people from Southcloud city.

He had estimated that not all martial arts students of the Southcloud city had arrived.

Suddenly, just as he was observing, a light sound came from the sky. And immediately, with a shocking sound, Yun Qingyan 's horse lost its balance. It's feet had collapsed and she started to fall down from the horseback.

Fortunately, Yun Qingyan had swift body movements. Before she had fallen, she used one of her hands to press on the ground and jumped to the side. However, she still cut a sorry figure.

Mocking laughter came from that group of martial arts students from Southcloud city. That triangle eyed martial arts student appeared especially proud as he even whistled in joy at her embarrassment.

In her entire life, Yun Qingyan had never suffered such things. She kicked the horse's rump: "Darn it, you animal. Why are you being crazy all of a sudden?"

Qin Wushuang said lightly when he saw it: "Missy Yun, why are you losing your temper over a livestock?"

"It almost made me fall, who else should I take out my anger on besides it?"

Qin Wushuang said casually with a smile: "It's not this livestock that made you fall, but another one. See your saddlehorse's front hoof joint."

Yun Qingyan was stunned and went to get a closer look. The color on her face suddenly changed because something had clearly hit the joint on the front leg. As a result, a big wound had opened up and it could only remain half-kneeling on the ground as blood came out.

Extremely angered, Yun Qingyan remembered the mocking laughter from those people. She let go of her princess temper and shouted: "Which animal that is worse than a lowly being would plot against an animal, what kind of skill is this?"

When that group of martial arts students saw a beautiful girl being angry, they laughed even harder. Their action had pushed the incident to a higher climax as they all jeered loudly and all looked at that triangle-eyed martial arts student.

That triangle-eyed martial art student gave a cold sneer and rode his horse forward: "Little girl, your mouth should stay clean. I hurt your horse to warn you to not say too much in the future."

"So it was you, a despicable man. I just said you are a show off , and you did come to show off. What about it!"

Before that triangle-eyed could say a word , Da Xi Yang stepped up to help smooth things over: "Everyone, we are all people from Southcloud State. Our actions are connected with our state's reputation. We should go through the same tribulations together and help each other out. How could we break our good relationship due to a little incident?"

It would have been alright if Da Xi Yang had not stepped forward. Since Yun Qingyan was a girl, the other party would still restrain himself. However, since Da Xi Yang had stepped out, the atmosphere changed.

Between males, it was always hard to persuade the other one. And it would be extremely easy to start up a quarrel.

When Qin Wushuang saw Da Xi Yang had spoke, he knew things were going to become worse. He knew that the triangle-eyed kid had wanted to cause a disturbance. And when Da Xi Yang had stepped up, what good would come out of this?

Indeed, that triangle-eyed gave a cold sneer and sized Da Xi Yang from head to toe without any courtesy: "What are you, who are you to act as a peacemaker?"

Da Xi Yang lightly frowned and inwardly, he wondered whether this guy had too much energy and nowhere to spend it. Why did he appear to want to cause trouble when they had just met?

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