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When Qin Wushuang managed his subordinates, he always employed both kindness and severity. Only acting harshly, showing the arrogance of a master, and to always insult and denigrate the subordinates would make it impossible for the subordinates follow you from the bottom of their heart.

These guards of the Qin were willing to follow them because of the legacy and kindness his father Qin Lianshan had passed down.

The combination of Qin Lianshan's kindness and the severity from Qin Lianchuan's had created a team possessing utmost loyalty.

Now that they had the foundation, it would be up to Qin Wushuang to mold them.

The necessary homework was singular since it would only be running laps and power training.

Running laps would be done via the Great Cang Mountains at the back of Eastwood Town. After all, this mountain enjoyed exceptional advantages and dominated the region. When Qin Wushuang had returned from the Martial Arts Academy, he had used the Great Cang Mountains to train.

Now, of course, training these guards would need the Great Cang Mountains.

For starters, Qin Wushuang wanted to build a powerful iron army. An iron army would not just have an iron discipline, but they must also possess an iron-like combat ability.

How to acquire combat abilities—Training!

Harsh training!

It was almost 5 AM, and Qin Wushuang stood on the martial arts training ground with a cold expression.

The team had already assembled, including Qin Lianchuan. As the captain of the guards, he insisted on attending although his injuries had yet to fully heal. He needed to set an example.

"Good, ninety-nine people. Hopefully, after today's training had ended, there will be the same ninety-nine people still standing here at the same time. Our slogan is, no dropouts! What do we call those who drop out?"

"A coward!"

An orderly roaring could be heard in an even rhythm.

"Ok, now, follow me. The first topic is to climb the Great Cang Mountains!"

As soon as he had said those words, Qin Wushuang led the team and started to go towards the direction of the Great Cang Mountains.

Training these guards were much different than when he had helped to train Hu Ziyan and Fang Xiaozhong.

The training plans he had given Hu Ziyan and Fang Xiaozhong was only to help them deal with the Martial Arts Student Exam. And he needed to train these guards into a group of iron soldiers. Since they had a different starting point, the level regarding the topic and difficulty were immensely different.

The first task was to climb the famous Cang Mountains. They would climb the same eighty kilometers. However, they would only get one-third of the time compared to what Hu Ziyan had been given.

Thus, this rule ensured that they had to run constantly. Those slower ones would risk running over the time.

What did it mean to run over the time? It means you would be dropped out.

What did it mean for one to drop out?

A coward!

To these hot-blooded men, they could lose their heads and spill the blood. However, no one was willing to wear the label of a coward!

To each of them, they were heavily breathing, and a heavy burden seemed to have pressed down on the chest.

Such high-intensity running would waste your stamina the most. After fifty kilometers, with each breath, their chests felt as if a knife was continuously piercing through their hearts and created an extreme discomfort.

Eighty kilometers…

Not only was their chests feeling heavy, lead seemed to have filled both their legs, waist, and chest.

However, from their face, there was not a trace of intention to give up.

Only painful, twisted, struggle expressions, and a desire to not give up!

While Qin Wushuang ran, he also observed everything.

Finally, they had finished the eighty kilometers. And almost all of them made it just in time. In other words, there were just in time, with not a single spare second. However, they were not late either.

"Nice, at least, we have made a good start!" Qin Wushuang gave some reasonable encouragement, "But only good. Because today is only the first day, so I went lightly regarding the time limit. Tomorrow, the time will be shortened by ten percent. Do you guys have the confidence?"

"Yes!" A thunderous came back.

"Good! Now, you will have fifteen minutes to relax your muscles, restore some strength and adjust your breathing. In fifteen minutes, we will run back!"

After the order, no one dared to doubt and fought against time to relax.

Since the trip back was mainly descending, it was easier. However, the strength they had used would not be recovered in only fifteen minutes of rest. Thus, the time limit was the same as before to go back.

After they had returned to the Qin manor, they ate some breakfast and rested for a bit. Next, it would be the power training.

Power and physical fitness were the two mandatory quotas for training their bodies.

Physical training involved endurance, the ability to bear limits to the extreme boundary and other aspects.

And power training had a wider range and variety of focus. It included the arm, chest, shoulder and leg power.

Qin Wushuang not only borrowed the scientific training regimes from his former world, but he also used the nutrition model and knowledge to include in his training plan. He did not miss a single detail.

"Weight-lifting, bench-presses not only trains your arm power but more on your lower back. Regarding the details, it would be training your bones and myofibril. Heavy lifting would help increase your muscle fiber since not only it would increase your power, but also your endurance, speed and much more. Thus, each group of training are separate and covered many aspects."

Qin Wushuang patiently guided them regarding how the muscle fibers work. He did not require these people to understand; he only needed them to know how it worked.

"Many sets, strong intensity are the primary principles in training muscles. Don't look down on this repetition of practice; this is the most natural method to increase your body's strength."

"The contracting motion of your muscles is controlled by the brain. Thus, the most important thing among your muscle training process, you must stay highly concentrated. You must combine your thoughts with the contracting motion of the muscles. Then, you should unite your ideas with your muscles unanimously. Only this way, you can connect your mind with your body even to the tiniest details and your brain will have complete control over the body. To put it bluntly, this way, you will react faster than the enemies on the battlefield. As soon as your mind sends out the thought, your body will naturally follow the order. Sometimes, life and death are between this second of reaction!"

The effect of the devilish training was astonishing. After one week, it had shown immediate results. When Qin Wushuang asked them to pull the original bow, all of them shouted: "It's light, much lighter."

"So strange. Only one week, how come this bow is not as powerful anymore in just one week?"

"Right, before I thought that pulling back a bow with a sixty kilos draw weight would make me a strong warrior in Eastwood Town. Now, when I look at it, it's nothing."

This group of hot-blooded men was delighted and each of them bustled with activity. When they looked at Qin Wushuang, they were even more impressed.

"Everyone, this is only a beginning. If you are satisfied now, then your one week of suffering was wasted." Qin Wushuang poured cold water on their excitement at the right time.

"Not satisfied, not satisfied." Each of the guards stated their position with happiness.

At this time, from a far distance, Qin Xiu waved at Qin Wushuang from outside the training ground.

"You guys continue to train. Between lunch, you must finish twelve sets of power training."

Qin Wushuang walked over to Qin Xiu after he had left the assignment. He came to her and whispered: "Sister, what is going on?"

Qin Xiu sized Qin Wushuang from up to down with a smile; her expression appeared ambiguous.

'Sister, what is going on?" Qin Wushuang felt confused. Then, immediately he remembered something, "Could it be, some matchmaker came up again?"

During the days when they stayed at the Qin manor, just like Qian Buba had predicted, matchmakers had poured in through the door. At least three or four times a day, the most was a dozen of them.

Initially, Qin Lianshan welcomed them with a smile. In the end, even a gentleman like Qin Lianshan became extremely annoyed by those matchmakers. He asked Qin Xiu to take care of it in his stead.

Of course, Qin Xiu had her way of dealing with the matchmaking grandmothers. All of them were chased away through a variety of methods.

"Wushuang, it's not a matchmaker that had come today. But a girl has come herself. She ask for you by name and asked to see you."

No wonder Qin Xiu's expression was ambiguous.

"A girl, who?"

"We met that girl before. But, she is not from River County. She said she came from Redwood Martial Arts Academy."

Suddenly, Qin Wushuang remembered a person and nodded: "Ok, I will see her."

An even bigger smile appeared on Qin Xiu's face when she heard his words. Inwardly, she thought that this girl was definitely extraordinary. Usually, Wushuang never paid any attention to those matchmakers and seemed uninterested with any of the princesses. Could this girl be the special one?

"Sister, don't take this the wrong way. You said, it is that girl who accompanied the Yun sisters at the door of the Forever Flourishing Jewelry Shop?"

"How do you know?"

"This girl is extraordinary." Qin Wushuang left this sentence and walked faster towards the living room.

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