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The Qin's martial arts training ground was one of the best in the entire River County. Because of the house of the Qin had a large enough area, plus, since the Qin's foundation was built on martial arts, they willing to spend a lot of money on the building.

"Each of you, show some energy." Although the injuries on Qin Lianchuan's arm had not yet healed, he did show a good spirit. In the entire Qin residence, he had felt a wave of dynamism and a sign of advancement.

"After lunch, Young Master will come to check on us. If you don't want to leave a wrong impression, then stay energetic."

While Qin Lianchuan was leading the team, he shouted: "Ok, numbers!"

"One, two, three…"


"Ninety-nine…" When the last one called out, it was ninety-nine.

A trace of pain flashed across Qin Lianchuan's face. Due to the Xu's invasion, twenty-one of his guards had been injured and died. Besides the six that were recovering from wounds, fifteen of his fellow guards, who were like his brothers, had lost their lives in that battle!

After the team had finished assembling, Qin Wushuang's clear and bright laughter came from outside: "Uncle Lianchuan, you are efficient."

The current Qin Wushuang, his social status in the entire family looked to surpass his father's, Qin Lianshan.

When each and every one of the guards saw the Young Master had arrived, all of them straightened their backs. They thrust out their chest and restrained their abdomen like giving them the appearance of tree trunks.

Qin Wushuang paced like a dragon and tiger and walked to the front of the team. His sharp gaze swept across each person's face. As if a steel knife had scraped past their souls, these guards all felt a wave of coldness shivering down their backs: "Such sharp looks from the Young Master."

Stepping forward, Qin Wushuang said in a loud and clear voice: "Everyone, you are all good men of the Qin. I have something to ask you, as a guard, what are your duties?"

What question was this? Qin Lianchuan had brainwashed them each day. These things had already been deeply implanted into their souls. All of them answered: "To protect the family until death puts an end to our duty!"

Qin Lianchuan nodded with satisfaction. Finally, these guys did not make him lose his face. There was power was in their roars, and their spiritual outlook made the captain happy.

Unexpectedly, Qin Wushuang shook his head decisively: "Wrong."

He looked at all the puzzled expressions, even Qin Lianchuan was also stunned.

"You guys are only right on one thing. Protecting the family house is right. However, as a guard, firstly, you must have the skill to defend yourselves. If you cannot even protect yourself, how could you protect your home?"

Everyone fell into silence when Qin Wushuang said these words. It was just like the Young Master had said, they remembered how they could not even protect themselves when they were facing many elite Genuine Force Warriors when the Xu had invaded. Protecting the home sounded more like an empty catchphrase. When facing vigorous and powerful opponents, they appeared pale and powerless.

"Everyone here are brothers of the Qin residence, I've never doubted your loyalty or your resolve to die for the family. But…"

When Qin Wushuang said these words, he stopped for a moment and looked around. He felt satisfied when he discovered that all eyes were focused on him and all ears were perked up to catch his speech.

Thus, he continued: "But, to beat the enemy, bravery, loyalty, and fighting spirit are not enough. On the battlefield, your strength and tactics are the most efficient. A combination of force and tactics is the way to victory! Today, I want to see your power."

To see our strength?

Each and every one of these brave men became hot-blooded, rubbed their fists when they heard that the Young Master was going to test their strength. Their eyes were filled with expectation.

"Qin Yong, step out." Qin Wushuang shouted lightly.

For a moment, a swift and fierce young man did not react when he was called out. He looked confusingly at the Young Master and realized that he was indeed staring at him.

Thus, he finally reacted to the Young Master calling him and hurriedly ran out from the team.

"Young Master, Qin Yong is here."

Qin Wushuang shook his hand: "On the martial arts training ground, there is no need for those courtesies. You guys better give me your best performance, and that would be the greatest respect to me."

"Yes." Qin Yong also went with the flow. At first, he was a little nervous. However, he became spirited when the Young Master had said it.

"Give me the bow and arrow from your back."

Without hesitation, Qin Yong handed them over.

Qin Wushuang held the bow in his hand and pulled it easily into a full moon shape. He estimated this bow weighed about sixty kilograms.

To ordinary guards that protected the home, this bow was their limit.

However, it was still too far away from Qin Wushuang's requirement.

He slightly used the Genuine Qi, and with a "Ka-la" sound, the bow on his hand instantly became distorted and could no longer be used.

"This bow did not require too much effort. From now on, our warriors of the Qin must stop using this useless bow. Listen well, from today, all the bows on your back are useless! Replace them!"

"Replace them?"

He watched everyone's suspicious eyes, and Qin Wushuang yelled: "Replace them!"

From his estimation, when thirty people shot together with such bow, at most they could only hurt mighty warriors at Stage One or Two of the Genuine Force.

As soon as they were above Stage Three of the Genuine Force, they could almost ignore such low level attacks.

If you wanted to deal a mighty warrior at Stage Five or Six of the Genuine Force, the power of the bow needed to be multiple times more stronger.

And to fight against even high levels warriors, you would need at least a powerful bow that would weigh at one-hundred and eighty kilograms!

And among the guards of the Qin family, no one at the moment could pull back a great bow weighed at one-hundred-and-eighty kilograms. That would include Qin Lianchuan, who was at the peak of the Power Force.

The guards of the Qin family possessed a strict self-discipline. Although they were in doubt, they did not talk among themselves and all looked at Qin Wushuang sternly to wait for his next words.

"Starting tomorrow, I will begin a three-month special training for you guys. This afternoon and tomorrow between 3 - 5 AM, will be your preparation time. When it's 5 AM, everyone will assemble here."

Qin Wushuang looked across each face and saw only determined looks.

He nodded and emphasized: "This specialized training will be very tough, and will not be less than Hell. All of you, you can leave if you want out."

"No!" Organized roaring came from these people.

"Are there any cowards here?"


"Good! From your eyes, I don't see any thoughts of shrinking back. I hope, in these three months, none of you will drop out!"

"No cowering, for sure, we will not drop out!"

For now, Qin Wushuang was satisfied. Individually, these guards did not have high strength. However, it was not their fault because it was due to the level that Qin family were at before that had limited them.

However, at least, under Qin Lianchuan's training, these people were warriors. Regarding qualities such as being hot-blooded, courageous, confident, loyal and disciplined, all of them performed well.

While having these basic self-cultivations, plus, with the training plans Qin Wushuang had designed for them, this team of guards will doubtlessly be much more different after three months.

Of course, three months were only for basic training and initial observation. If one truly wanted to train this hundred people team into an iron army, to train them into a well-fortified castle, it would take more than just three months.

These three months will mainly be used to observe them. He would observe each guard's' body functions, characteristics, and specialties. Then, coupled with their unique features, he would teach them the techniques they would need to draw out the strongest potential out of their bodies.

In other words, the topics of these three months would be basic training. It would be a modification to their physical fitness, power and body functions.

Qin Wushuang also considered it well-roundly through the martial arts student exam. In these guards, the oldest was almost thirty-years-old, and the youngest was only seventeen or eighteen years old.

Regarding malleability, they had potential.

"Remember, performing well or bad will directly influence your future. Those at the bottom will drop out and be sent to the farmlands. And those who stand out will be promoted to team leaders with an increase in treatment and ranking."

In any society, competition was essential to progress. And the most exciting method for the game would be generous rewards and penalties system. An effective penalty system would always allow a team to be fired up with competitiveness. Only with competition would it ensure a team to maintain a flourishing vitality and fighting strength!

Qin Lianchuan silently watched each of Qin Wushuang's movements. He seemed to be looking at a general that had led many winning battles as he appeared skillfully and smoothly.

He had that form of temperament where he had easily controlled the situation.

Such a Young Master was immensely different from that previous Young Master who was always bullied at the Martial Arts Academy. You could not help but to be impressed by him!

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