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The stronger he is, the formidable I become. With the grandeur of the Sun Force, I will suppress his strength and arrogance like carrying the moon into the river.

The Sun Force Qi that had been continuously channeled by Qin Wushuang swelled up as if it wanted to scorch the earth around and would only give up after it had accomplished its task.

And for Qin Wushuang himself, his whole body was engulfed by a layer of faint red light. The brilliance of the bright light made him look like a Phoenix rising from its ashes.

Noble, mysterious and refined!

Qin Wushuang held up a finger and said curtly: "One move, I told you before, only one move. If you can take it, I will let you live. If you cannot take it, then blame yourself for not having any skills!"

Elder Kai sneered. He wondered where this kid had learned this talent for deceiving people. What would really happen if he took one of his moves?

Even if this kid had started practicing martial arts while he was still in his mother's womb, how could he surpass him, a Stage Four Genuine Force Warrior?

What kind of people has Elder Kai not seen in his entire life? A sixteen or seventeen-year-old teenage martial artist? He refused to believe that this child's strength could surpass his own at Stage Four of the Genuine Force.

This was far beyond his imagination and would be utterly unreasonable.

However, anything could happen in the world. Sometimes, the things you don't understand did not mean it would not occur. For instance, the moment right now—

Qin Wushuang's figure suddenly moved rapidly, like a starving tiger raging down the mountain and rushed over like a specter of terror.

This time, there were no ambiguous movements or flashy actions.

Qin Wushuang only sent out one palm attack that appeared ordinary, unsophisticated and dull.


In the beginning, the retracting palm did not appear to be exhibiting any energy, much like the quiet flowing water in the thousand miles of a lengthy river. Yet, in the next moment, the energy suddenly burst forth and revealed all of its power.

The force of the flowing palm power was overwhelming and engulfed his entire body while emitting an astonishing heat wave.

Amidst of the heatwave, Uncle Kai only felt that his long whiskers, beard, and hair instantly burned up. His throat became dry and rough, his intact skin felt as if they were on a roaster and was extremely discomforting.

He only heard the slight exploding sounds of Qin Wushuang's powerful attacks in the shattering bones of his hand. The emitted sounds were like beans being stir-fried, the power of palm force rushed out and in an instant, he was right in front of Elder Kai.

It was not looking good!

By the time Elder Kai realized, it was too late.

He tried to withstand the attack, yet the palm attack was like mist, it was impossible to block the attack because he did not know which of his body parts it was directed at. He wanted to evade, but the heatwave from the previous palm attack had shrouded the sky and had completely surrounded him, trapping him.

Besides, Qin Wushuang already had an advantage when he first attacked. When Uncle Kai had tried to evade, he was already a beat too slow. If he tried to dodge now, it would be suicide!

He could feel the cold touch of death nearing him.

Elder Kai no longer cared about his pride and face as he crossed both of his hands and sent out a palm attack with all his strength. He overlaid both of his hands together to form a single palm as he tried to meet Qin Wushuang's palm attack with his all his might!

However, the difference in strength was too much.

When Qin Wushuang's palm force enveloped him, it was too late for Elder Kai. He fell into despair as he realized he was as helpless as a lone sheep trying to defend against an attack from a pack of wolves.


The two palms of massively different levels of power clashed and stuttered in the empty void.

Elder Kai's body immediately flew backward like a kite with a broken string. With a loud rumble, his body fell from the dozens of meters high stage and the bones in his body had shattered bit by bit.

Compared to Qin Wushuang who calmly stood there like a tranquil lake, an indifferent expression on his face. He did not show a trace of proudness on his face as if beating such an opponent wasn't even something notable.

Qin Wushuang's attack had aimed to kill the enemy, it had also aimed to establish his mighty power. It encompassed almost everything he had learned. A set of was a masculine technique to train internal strength and was the elite masculine attack technique.

The combination of the two techniques was flawless.

As soon as Qin Wushuang started to attack, he used . Although he did not use all his power, it was enough to kill a Stage Four Genuine Force Warrior. It was more of a test.

Beneath the stage, there was an impassive death-like quietness.

Almost everyone held the same posture and wore the same expression. Mouths opened wide with a face full of surprise, suspicion, and incomprehension.

This scene, not only was it unfathomable to the people in the tiny aristocratic circles, but even the worldly officials of the Zhen Wu Holy Place were dumbstruck.

A little martial arts student, that one palm attack had directly overwhelmed an elder at Stage Four of the Genuine Force?

Not even the wildest stories could compare to the scene before them.

Unless everything had turned upside down, it would be only reasonable if a mighty warrior at Stage Four of the Genuine Force had beat a little martial arts student to death!

But what they thought to be reasonable had not happened at all!

But the things that people thought to be unreasonable had genuinely happened.

Elder Kai's, of the Xu family, life was hanging by a thread. Although all the bones in his body had been broken, he still clung to his last breath. His face was like a gold sheet. He extended a trembling palm with a skin that looked like dead bark as he tried to grab Xu Sanli's hand.

"Uncle Kai." Xu Sanli's mind was blank. Presently, besides the anguish over the dying Uncle Kai, he was filled with terror and cursed the Qin family repeatedly.

"Pat…Patriarch…" On his breath, Uncle Kai struggled. He wanted to speak, but only a few words emerged as he gasped for breath.

"Give…Give up… Save…Save the family…"

"Elder Kai." Filled with immense sorrow, Elder Yue felt an empathic understanding of the dying elder's words, "Give up on the Family Class Evaluation to save the family, is that what you mean?"

There was no response as Elder Kai had already died.

Xu Sanli clenched his fists tightly. To give up the Family Class Evaluation? To give away the Wealthy Class Seat with both of his hands? He refused to give up, he growled: "Only death will make me surrender."

Being the head of the household, he was used to people surrounding him like horses during feeding and he was used to the superiority and might of being the Patriarch of a Wealthy Class family.

He simply could not do it, he could not give everything up so suddenly.

When he thought that the Qin family was about to replace their Wealthy Class Seat, his heart throbbed like a venomous wound inflicted by a viper.

If he lost the position of the Wealthy Class, he would be left with nothing. He would instantly lose everything and the clan would be downgraded into becoming civilians. From that point, everything about aristocracy would have nothing to do with the Xu family.

All the brilliance, all the glory, and all the preferential treatment would disappear into thin air.

How could he, Xu Sanli, accept that?

Not only that, the Xu family had made many enemies as a Wealthy Class. There were many hidden enemies, and as soon as they lost their power, these foes would definitely take advantage of their loss of power and status to drop the stones on them.

Although they did not have the courage to fight against a Wealthy Class, against a civilian family, their enemies had many ways to deal with them.

"In the third round, Elder Yue will go with me, how about this?" Xu Sanli finally regained his senses.

Fortunately, it was almost noon and time for lunch.

The third fight was arranged to take place in the afternoon. The Xu family had been a chance for a brief respite.

This half-time intercession had come just in time. Xu Sanli brought his family people and rushed over as if he had caught a lifeline.

In between this short break, he must abandon his pride and ask the Xi Men Feudal Lords for help. Right now, only the Xi Men Feudal Lords could save the Xu family and turn the tide.

Indeed, the battle for the Wealthy Class Seat was not a disappointment. Even more so, it had exceeded everyone's expectation.

The ingredients of suspense, marvelous, dramatic plot and exciting content were all present. It was even filled with legendary moments that had never happened before.

A little teenage martial arts student had killed an elder of the Xu family at Stage Four of the Genuine Force!

Although the morning battles were over, the audience did not want to leave for they were still mulling in the aftertaste of the excitement. Most people stayed in their seats and conversed with the people nearby and excitedly discussed all the dramatic things that happened in the morning.

"It seems the Xu family is finished!"

"In this Family Class Evaluation, the first three matches had been won by the challenger and the defender had lost. It seemed that this Wealthy Class battle will not be an exception to the trend!"

"Maybe this is not the case since both the father and son of the Qin family had already fought once. In the third round, no matter which one of them go up, they will have to fight one against two. On the Xu side, many of their elite warriors have yet to go up."

"Haha, you probably didn't see it. In the first two battles, couldn't you see that the Xu family had was already stricken by terror, and lost all of their fighting spirits? From my perspective, they most likely would not have the courage to fight in the afternoon round and would give up the last round."

"Nonsense, the Family Class Evaluation is related to the future of a family. How could they speak of giving up so quickly?"

"Seven, go get some food, I am going to guard the seats."

"Ok! Big Brother, you better defend the place well. Our seats had such a good view, if someone else took it, we won't be able to have such a good view of the afternoon battle."

"Don't worry and just go. No one would dare to take away our seats!"

Among the discussions, there was shock, admiration, jealousy, regret and a variety of other emotions. The audience was far more into the fights than the involved parties.

On the other hand, the Qin family returned to the inn in low-profile.

Although Qin Lianshan was feeling emotional, he was, after all, the Patriarch of the family and he had to suppress his emotions. On the contrary, Qin Xiu was euphoric like a blooming flower. On the way back, she complimented her father and her little brother.

However, Qin Wushuang was remarkably calm. The competition was not yet over, even if it was and the Qin family had won the Wealthy Class seat, it would all seem natural in his eyes. After all, it was only the first step in the tens of thousands of miles in a long journey.

Qing Wushuang's calmness was, from his perspective, another sign of his son's maturity and stability. Qin Lianshan inwardly praised him.

When he thought about how his family had very nearly become destitute and homeless, compared to their current situation, he felt that the happiness at this moment had not come without great effort.

Thankfully, his son had finally grown up.

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