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Qin Wushuang still wore a face full of smiles as he turned around to speak to Bao Bao: "Did you get a clear look at those two? Their physicality? Their voice?"

Bao Bao laughed: "Rest assured, Boss, those two guys are this one's most loyal and invisible guard dogs. They always wear black capes wherever they go, no one could see their appearance."

"That's good, this is perfect." Qin Wushuang laughed as he looked at Landlord Zuo whose entire body trembled all over, "He thinks that he is absolutely needed for us to enter the Heavenly Sun Mountain? What do you guys think?"

Bao Bao gave a mocking laugh: "Too naïve, boss, let's play a trick for him to see."

Landlord Zuo opened his mouth widely and swallowed his saliva with an audible gulp. Apparently, he did not know what they were chatting about. However, he saw Qin Wushuang block his face with his sleeve swiftly.

His body turned around at a rapid speed on the spot. As he kept revolving, the appearance of his face also seemed to be changing along with his body.

As Qin Wushuang slowed down his movements, the expression of Landlord Zuo also became much more fearful. His pupils grew as large as saucers as he watched the scene before him in disbelief.

Qin Wushuang stopped his body and wore a strange smile as he look at Landlord Zuo. Landlord Zuo completely opened his mouth into an "O" shape, wide enough for two giant steamed buns to fit inside.

 "Does it look like you?" Qin Wushuang imitated Landlord Zuo's tone and manner of speaking, his pronunciation sounded exactly the same. Landlord Zuo was immensely shocked.

His face turned ashen as he mumbled: "Kill me."

Since the other party could imitate his appearance and tone of voice, then they could completely get rid him. This way, all of his capital for negotiation had been completely destroyed by the other party with ease.

 "Kill you? I'm rather not in a rush!"

Qin Wushuang instructed: "Strip his clothes. Jade Hare, it's up to you now."

Moon Palace Jade Hare smiled leisurely: "This is easy."

Moon Palace Jade Hare transformed into a human shape and pointed the air with the tip of his finger. Next, a surge of serene fiery light appeared on the tip of his finger. This serene blue fiery lights appeared incredibly eerie.

 "Master, through the research of the past few months, my control of the venomous insects currently is much profound than the past." The tone of Moon Palace Jade Hare sounded gloomy and caused to Landlord Zuo feel an eerie sensation.

Venomous insect!

This horrifying name made his entire body shake all over uncontrollably.

"Rest assured, it'll just take a little while. After a little while, the entire world will be clean, your world will be simple. Relax, relax…do not resist. If you resist, besides suffering some little bitterness, you will not gain anything good."

Moon Palace Jade Hare guided patiently and systematically, like a devil. The entire body of Landlord Zuo shivered. Despite falling into despair, he was powerless to resist.

Moon Palace Jade Hare guided with the tip of his finger and that fire light shot into the space between Landlord Zuo's forehead.

 "Such cooperative prey." Moon Palace Jade Hare licked his tongue and his eyes shone. This was his second experimental subject.

Ying Long was his first. Without a doubt, that time was not as successful as this time. Watching Landlord Zuo's glazed eyes, Moon Palace Jade Hare knew that venomous insect had gained control of his spiritual perception and entered his Dantian.

"Master, now, I will pass control over to you." As Moon Palace Jade Hare said, he delivered that original venomous insect to Qin Wushuang.

For the venomous insect, the most crucial part was the original insect. Whoever possessed the original venomous insect, the venomous puppet would become their slave. They would listen to all instructions without a second's hesitation.

In fact, this original venomous insect was only a hand seal.

Qin Wushuang opened the hand seal and watched that original venomous insect jump up and down. Now, he would be able to invade Landlord Zuo's spiritual perception when he moved his consciousness slightly to extract any information he needed.

Therefore, Landlord Zuo must not die. Only while alive would this trove of knowledge be valuable. Once he died, he would be worthless.

As if Landlord Zuo's Dantian had been frozen, he only awakened after a while. When he opened his eyes again, Landlord Zuo had completely become Qin Wushuang's puppet.

Although he appeared normal from the outside, at this moment, his spiritual senses had been completely controlled by Qin Wushuang.

"Ha ha, Boss, so cool. No matter how good that Heart-felt Illusion Mask may be, it would not be as genuine as a real person. Ha ha, wonderful."

Bao Bao kept praising endlessly. Everything was simply too perfect. As they controlled Landlord Zuo, no one would stop them if they swaggered into the Heavenly Sun Mountain. By that time, they were free to do anything they wanted.

However, Qin Wushuang was not overly optimistic as he said with a smile: "Don't be hasty now, only the first step has been completed. Next, we still have the second step."

 "Second step?"

"Yes, the second step." Qin Wushuang said to Landlord Zuo, "What's the name of your two subordinates?"

Landlord Zuo answered respectfully: "Master, they do not have names and only have numbers. They are Silver Hawk Guard Number One and Number Two."

Qin Wushuang nodded and asked again: "How many people do you usually bring to the Heavenly Sun Mountain?"

 "Usually just five or six people, they are all trusted aides." Now, of course Landlord Zuo would not speak any lies.

 "Good, this time, we will take six people. Us three brothers will dress as three subordinates. The other three will return to the mansion. Let Jade Hare do a bit more work and make three more divine puppets."

"Ha ha, Boss, your plan is perfect!"

At this moment, Landlord Zuo had completely become a puppet. Qin Wushuang and Bao Bao dressed in black gown and cloak from head to toe as Silver Hawk Guard Number One and Two and followed Landlord Zuo back to the mansion.

Of everyone in the mansion, besides Silver Hawk Guard Number One and Two, the others were not qualified to approach Landlord Zuo. The only exception were his children.

After they had gone back to the mansion, everything went according to Qin Wushuang's plan. He asked Landlord Zuo to call in four trusted aides. Then, he took them down and turned them into puppets.

This way, the team needed by Qin Wushuang was assembled.

Naturally, the rare treasures collected by Landlord Zuo and those two gifts given by Qin Wushuang were returned to their rightful owner. As for Landlord Zuo's other treasures, of course Qin Wushuang had taken them in as his own.

On the next day, Landlord Zuo had sent out the news of him visiting Zuo Shao at the Heavenly Sun Mountain.

The distance were not far for them to travel from River Gate State City to the Heavenly Sun Mountain. To martial artists at their levels, it was not a long-distance trek.

 "Usually when you head to the Heavenly Sun Mountain, whom do you need to maintain the relationship with?"

 "To enter the Heavenly Sun Mountain, there are countless big and small passes. I must prepare a set of gifts for those disciples guarding the pass. These gifts needed not to be too precious, and just need to show my appreciation. When we reach the Heavenly Sun Mountain, to see my son, I must look for the Shakyamuni in charge of training the core disciples and prepare a big gift. The place where core disciples train is special. I must give the disciples guarding these special places some gifts. I should prepare fifty to sixty set of gifts?"

 "Yes, you will take care of it." Qin Wushuang said lightly.

Landlord Zuo was highly efficient at taking care of the task. Soon, a list of presents were prepared. After choosing a propitious day, they left the mansion and departed towards the Heavenly Sun Mountain.

The five great sealed spiritual beasts remained inside the scrolls. Qin Wushuang had not planned to let them reveal themselves. For himself, Bao Bao, and Lone, they were dressed as three subordinates.

Since they only needed three of the four man-made puppets, the extra one was taken care of after they had left the mansion.

It was because Qin Wushuang needed to ensure that only six subordinates were needed to follow Landlord Zuo. Besides Silver Hawk Guard Number One and Two, naturally they would only have needed four other people.

After they had regrouped with Lone, there was one extra one and needed to be removed.

Through such subtraction and addition, the numbers of people would not reveal any flaws.

On the next day, a group of seven people arrived at the Giant Wood Town outside the Heavenly Sun Mountain. This Giant Wood Town was extremely unique. The entire town had been built inside large trees of broad scale. It not only appeared imposing, but also revealed a sense of local mood and tone. The prosperity of this Giant Wood Town was no less than those state cities.

Per the rules, any powerhouse family of the Divine Brilliance Prefecture must present their identity card and their reason for visiting the Heavenly Sun Mountain. This was necessary. After the identity card was verified, they would be qualified to enter.

If it were rejected, they would be refused entrance after going in.

Upon arriving at the Giant Wood Town, they were left with nothing to do except waiting patiently after presenting their identity card. On this night, Qin Wushuang and his group had only returned to the inn with satisfaction after they had wandered a few times around the Giant Wood Town. Since this Giant Wood Town was the path they had to enter and exit the Heavenly Sun Mountain, it would be best to become familiar with the terrain.

Qin Wushuang would not fight an un-prepared battle. This time, since he had come to cause mayhem in the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect, Qin Wushuang had precisely calculated that their base must be empty. In addition to Lu Xianlou's tips, he had crafted this plan with precision.

Landlord Zuo was only a chess piece for him to carry out this plan. They would use Landlord Zuo's connections in the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect.

The expense they spent making connections had paid them back in dividends. Many people who had handed in their identity card might not receive any response for two or three days.

When Landlord Zuo had sent in his identity card in the morning, they had received news that night that directed them to head towards the door of the Heavenly Sun Mountain early next morning.

The saying of money could make the devil turn the clock were absolutely correct. Through that night, Qin Wushuang worked hard to calm his surging mood as he prepared to face an unprecedented expedition.

The time they were asked to arrive would be between 7 to 9 AM in his former world. Two hours would be enough for them to arrive at the designated pass.

Of course, Landlord Zuo would not change his unique trait of spending money freely like ab open water tap. Upon entering the pass and at the main pass, they would present a gift.

Apparently, those people who accepted the gift had become extremely familiar with Landlord Zuo. With a tacit mutual understanding, they took the gifts and let them pass.

After passing a dozen checkpoints along the way, both Qin Wushuang and Bao Bao smacked their tongues inwardly. Indeed, this Heavenly Sun Mountain had a solid defense. They had such tight security even before reaching the core area of the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect. It did become a unique scenery of the sect. Across the entire Xuan Yuan Mound, most likely the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect would be the only sect that would have such wide and dense security lines.

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