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Silver Hawk Guard Number One listened to all of Landlord Zuo's orders. Upon hearing his instruction, he immediately increased his speed and rushed forward. This place was was a mountain forest and far away from populated areas. The moment Silver Hawk Guard Number One had sent his message to Landlord Zuo, those two's figures had already disappeared from sight.

However, he did not feel depressed as he followed after them quickly. Tracking the presence of those two, he chased after them. In fact, Qin Wushuang did not go too far as he was circling around with the other party in this mountain forest.

After Silver Hawk Guard Number One discovered Qin Wushuang's tracks, he raised his voice: "Friend He, my Landlord does not possess vile intentions. Why would you guys hide from us? If you are worried of us taking unfriendly actions towards you, it's alright for you to wait for our Landlord here."

Qin Wushuang had deliberately walked in circles with the Silver Hawk Guard to draw his attentions and make him feel that they were intimidated by his Profound Void Martial Stage strength.

 "Friend He, if my Landlord holds vile intentions, he would not have let you guys leave from the mansion. Besides, my Landlord is on the way. Soon he will be here."

Initially, Qin Wushuang had taken roundabouts paths to stall the others and give the other party an illusion of strength.

Now, it seems this method had helped him to reach the goal.

Qin Wushuang said in a low and muffled voice: "Everyone says Landlord Zuo is a man that does great business, yet he was being coy. It's not that I don't trust you guys. In fact, it's just you guys are not keen on this matter. Since Landlord Zuo is willing to talk again, I can wait two hours. In two hours, if he does not get here, this is the end of this matter!"

 "Two hours? Ok, then two hours it is." Silver Hawk Guard calculated and Landlord Zuo was on the way. It should be relatively easy for him to make it in two hours. At the moment, he agreed.

 "Another point!" Qin Wushuang said deliberately, "Do not bring too many people! My brothers will not feel secure with too many people!"

Silver Hawk Guard laughed coldly and he thought, would he need to bring that many people to deal with you guys? It's enough for me and Number two to kill you guys!

Yet, he could only hold this thought inside his head. Thus, he reassured him: "Fear not, my Landlord only brings two subordinates when he goes out. Besides me, there would be one more. I already said my Landlord holds no vile intentions. He's only interested in the business!"

Qin Wushuang did not seem to feel reassured: "If there are a lot of people, we will turn around and leave instantly! If he's not here in two hours, we will still leave. Hopefully by that time you will not stop us!"

When the Silver Hawk Guard heard the tone of the other party sounding restrained, he already felt somewhat confident as he laughed: "In that case, I will not stop you. I already sent your condition to my Landlord through the communication jade. He will also respect your conditions."

In his hiding place, Qin Wushuang had already locked onto the position of the Silver Hawk Guard.

At the same time, he took out the sealed scroll. Five spiritual beasts, full of energy after having their qi replenished, were let out secretly.

Qin Wushuang instructed them via spiritual sense: "Sky Pilfered Mole and Moon Palace Jade Hare, still the old rules. You will be in charge of protecting the battle zone and prevent even a fly from coming in. Bao Bao, cooperate with them and use your strong perception to search for any suspicious people around here."

Bao Bao laughed: "This remote and desolate area is not a place rich in spiritual Qi. There will not be any martial artists wandering around here. However, since Boss says so, I will carry it out."

 "Mystical Horse, Precious Pig, and Hissing Sky Phoenix. You will work with me to kill this person before us. Remember, to kill him, we must kill him in one strike and must not let him have the chance to react, or the chance to report to Landlord Zuo! We must grasp this timing well. We must not let Landlord Zuo realize that something is wrong before he arrives and he must not witness this matter. Overall, we have to take them out one after another!"


By taking out one after another would ensure the success of the plan.

 "Get ready, listen to my signal. This way…" Qin Wushuang had analyzed the terrain and the enemy's location thoroughly. Then, he told them how to carry out the plan.

It had included of contingency plans in case of Landlord Zuo's sudden arrival and all possibilities of taking the other party down instantly.

Qin Wushuang's arrangements had left each of these spiritual beasts impressed. They felt that the calmness showcased by Qin Wushuang in the face of major events were incomparable to those ordinary human warriors.

Nearby, Silver Guard Number One was idling next to a stream in a clearing near the forest. Yet, his spiritual perception was highly tuned. Although he was looking down on the enemies' party of two from his bones, with the experience of a long career as a professional bodyguard, he was maintaining high vigilance.

Suddenly, his ears twitched. In a cold flash, he slid out a battle blade from his sleeve into his hand. He watched the surface water of that stream with a somewhat surprised look.

He only saw bubbles continually emerging from the surface of that stream. For a time, it seemed that there was a giant oven burning furiously beneath the stream and suddenly boiling the water.

The bubbles became even more frantic and violent.

Suddenly, with a burst, the water bubbles condensed into a dozen of water arrows and shot at Silver Guard Number One directly. Number One had been staying alert as he waved the battle blade and a transparent wall of air was created by the battle blade.

Like the flying bird, his entire body jumped forward and reached the other side of the forest. For a time, this Silver Hawk Guard Number One was confused and did not know whether the two person party had tried to launch a sneak attack against him, or was it someone else playing tricks. While he was lost in thoughts, suddenly, a flash of light appeared from the corner of his eyes. A surge of energy drilled at him. carrying an indestructible temperament wrapped in a wave of cold lights.

Inwardly, the heart of Silver Hawk Guard Number One sank as he knew that something had gone wrong. Just when he was about to stand up and turn around, his entire body suddenly shivered. In the next moment, a despairing green light had already swallowed his body.

This green lights had come from the jade green arrow shot by Qin Wushuang from the forest. Even without the assistance of the five Divine Dao spiritual talismans, it was still within Qin Wushaung's capabilities to use the Graceful Spiritual Bow to kill elite warriors of the Profound Void Martial Stage. Additionally, as his level kept rising, the power of the bow also rose like the tide. Presently, the Graceful Spiritual Bow could unleash incredible power through Qin Wushuang's hands.

That surge of devilish presence asleep inside the Graceful Spiritual Bow also gradually awakened from its deep sleep. The valiant presence dispersed occasionally by the bow even made Qin Wushuang, the host, feel his heart throb. The more he used this bow, the more he felt its profundity and bottomless potential.

With the dispersal of the green light, the entire body of Silver Hawk Guard Number exploded into gorey pieces. The entire sky also seemed to have exploded into cracks as a wind vortexes kept appearing one after another. The uneven surface of the sky seemed incredibly twisted.

After a moment, the violent movements slowly calmed down.

Qin Wushuang made a hand gesture and those three spiritual beasts of the Profound Void Martial Stage reappeared in the open. Currently, they were feeling a deep sense of worship toward Qin Wushuang.

An elite warrior of the Profound Void Martial Stage had collapsed under Qin Wushuang's first blow . Naturally, it illustrated that their owner truly had endless potential. Perhaps one day, they could depend on him to break the Primordial Spirit Seal on them and return their freedom to them!

Not much effort was needed to kill Silver Hawk Guard Number One. And there weren't much traces of battle. This was something pre-planned by Qin Wushuang as he aimed to not leave many traces at the scene. As for the distortion of the space, it would return to normal in a moment.

As long as the ground and environment did not shown damage, people would not get suspicious.

 "Master, Landlord Zuo has appeared, he is three hundred miles away!" From the communication jade, information was delivered from Sky Pilfered Mole.

Qin Wushuang was overjoyed: "Everyone get ready, Landlord Zuo is here! Remember, anyone next to him will not be kept alive. Landlord Zuo will be taken care of by Jade Hare, understood? I want him alive."


 "Go!" Qin Wushuang made a hand gesture towards the direction Sky Pilfered Mole pointed. Then, he rushed over there at full speed. They were aiming to stop Landlord Zuo within a hundred miles.

Currently, Landlord Zuo was rushing forward with Silver Hawk Guard Number Two. After receiving information from Silver Hawk Guard Number One, he had become much calmer inwardly.

 "Second, contact Number One, ask him if there are any new movements from those two!"


After a moment, Silver Hawk Guard Number Two said: "For now there is no response from Number One."

Although Landlord Zuo was moving forward rapidly, he suddenly stopped when he heard his words. He stopped his footsteps and revealed a thoughtful look.

 "No response? Try him again."

Landlord Zuo was an extremely cautious figure. The slightest anomaly would cause him to become highly alarmed, not to mention at this crucial moment.

After waiting for a moment, Silver Hawk Guard Number Two also revealed a somewhat embarrassed expression: "Still no response, could there be a change in situation?"

Landlord Zuo frowned: "Even if those two escaped quickly and Number One is chasing after them, he should still be able to respond."

Saying that, the master and the subordinate's expression changed drastically. Silver Hawk Guard Number Two said urgently: "Landlord, let's return this instant, we need to retreat."

In fact, Landlord Zuo realized that something was wrong as he said without hesitation: "Ok, tell Number One that regardless of situation, retreat to the mansion!"

Although they had said it this way, if Number One could not give any response, most likely the situation had gone badly wrong. Retreating to the mansion would seem impossible.

Thinking here, both Landlord Zuo and Number Two nodded at the same time. They turned around to leave without hesitation. At this moment, hiding the sky and covering the earth, a ball of red light from the sky came pressing down.

Instantly, fire clouds and fire rain filled the sky kept pressing down in large areas like the leaking flames of the pill cauldrons of those celestial alchemists.

The heart of Silver Guard Number Two sank as he shouted: "Landlord, go first!"

Landlord Zuo had nurtured two elite warriors of the Profound Void Martial Stage to protect him at crucial moments. Hearing the words of Silver Hawk Guard Number Two, he escaped without hesitation, under the cover of Number Two. This fire rain was not at a level Landlord Zuo, who was at the Transformation Void Martial Stage, could defend. If he were not wearing the armour, most likely this fire rain would have already roasted him.

As he dashed away, Number Two became surrounded. The One Horn Mystical Horse and Hissing Sky Phoenix had blocked the front and rear paths of Silver Hawk Number Two.

Landlord Zuo did not even have the courage to look back as he kept flying forward. Currently, he only had one thought in his mind, escape!

The quicker he escaped, the closer he would get to the River Gate State City!

However, how could he know that once he fell into the enemy's trap, escape would not be such an easy thing?

Before he managed to fly too far away, he felt a surge of yellow lights explode from the ground. Invisibly, it seemed a rope was wrapping tighter and tighter around his body, making him feel that the more he flew, the more powerless he felt. It seemed as if his body had become filled with lead all of a sudden as he felt heavier as seconds passed by. A surge of powerful gravitational force and attraction made his body fall to the ground despondently, like a steelyard weight dropping into the water.

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