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Among the six major treasures assembled in the room, each piece made Qin Wushuang feel a rush of excitement.

Qin Wushuang looked over each piece one after another. The first one was named Spiritual Power MetPearl. This object was placed in a box and was tied by a bracelet. From one glance, it appeared to be an ordinary piece of jewelry. Yet, after some careful observation, as soon as one communicated with this pearl, they would instantly sense a surge of powerful newborn-like presence. This form of presence even possessed an implication of the inheritance from the desolate ancient times.

This Spiritual Power MetPearl was a treasure passed down from ancient times. Although it was not a Divine Object, for anyone beneath the Divine Dao that acquired this object, they would acquire new energy and new life by holding on to it, regardless of the amount of spiritual Qi consumed during the battle, or consumption of the Primordial Spirit.

Of course, the condition was for one to not be suffering from fatal injuries. If it were fatal injuries that could not be healed, this Spiritual Power MetPearl did not have the power to bring life back from death.

To put it bluntly, this was an endless source of spiritual energy. Of course, the pearl itself could not an produce an unlimited amount of spiritual Qi.

Instead, this Spiritual Power Meat-Pearl had the incredibly powerful skill to summon Spiritual Qi. It would absorb the spiritual Qi from its surrounding passively.

In the end, by absorbing the spiritual Qi from the surrounding to provide it to the host acted a rapid bridging effect.

If such thing had wandered into the Xuan Yuan Mound, even if those Divine Dao warriors did not find it valuable to their eyes, ordinary martial artists would for sure go crazy about it. Most likely they would even pay their lives for it. After all, by possessing such a piece of treasure, it meant one would not be afraid of expending their spiritual energy and it would be a great advantage during a battle of endurance.

Of course, this Spiritual Power MetPearl could only supply spiritual Qi. After all, it would not allow weak martial artist to battle against martial artists that were a few levels higher than them.

Therefore, possessing this Spiritual Power MetPearl did not imply that one could sweep across the martial artist world.

The second piece of treasure that made Qin Wushuang's heart race was an object in the form of a pill that could instantly increase their cultivation level.

In the martial artist world, it was impossible to acquire any levels or stages easily. From each stage, reaching the next required a gradual process of accumulation.

For those with high potentials, it would take them a shorter period to climb to each stage. They would have it easier during the comprehension and breakthrough process.

For those martial artists with mediocre potential, not only would it take them a long time, the process would be extremely difficult and dangerous. They would forever remain stuck when they had reached a limit.

For one to reap without sowing and increase their level instantly, unless it were a fortuitous opportunity bestowed by the heavens, one could only achieve improvement through defying the natural order.

In general, to be in defiance of the natural order required assistance of outside goods. For example, by having a Supreme Dao Pill, or having acquired spiritual fruits and herbs of the most precious quality. It would be possible to increase your cultivation level instantly with the assistance of these items.

Of course, the possibility for such encounters was extremely low. Most likely, not one would acquire such fortuitous opportunity among one hundred thousand martial artists.

This pill was a type that could help one to defy the natural order. Of course, the name of this pill was called "Sky Pilfering Pill." Per the name, this pill would not help to defy the natural order, but to steal it. With the changeable luck in the world, the people of the martial art world should follow the natural order and destiny. Although they could not be in defiance of natural order, they could occasionally pilfer the sky.

Qin Wushuang looked at this pill curiously and said with a smile: "Could it be that Mr. Lu was a master at crafting pills?" Qin Wushuang laughed and remembered how he had once learned about concocting pills at the Stargaze Palace. Only, the level of concocting pills was insignificant compared to Lu Xianlou's work.

The surface of the pill did not seem to be astonishing. However, similar to the Spiritual Power MetPearl, one could sense the spiritual essence after some careful probing.

 "Boss, since this pill could increase one's level without any condition, why did Senior Lu Xianlou not use it?"

Qin Wushuang was also curious about this aspect. Yet, outside the jade pot that contained this pill, a row of words had been carved and gave the answer to Qin Wushuang and his friends. Originally, Lu Xianlou's strength had reached the Exquisite Mysteries Boundary and reached the limit. Without the guide of the Divine Dao, he would not be able to enter the Supreme Dao in his lifetime.

It means that he had extracted the potential of his body to the extreme. To him, this pill would not be effective.

In other words, this Sky Pilfered Pill would only bring out innate qualities to those martial artists who had not extracted their potential to the limit.

Additionally, besides reaching the limit of his level, Lu Xianlou's own Primordial Spirit had been inflicted with severe injuries. Since he was depending on pills to maintain his remaining life, it meant that he could not consume this pill.

As Qin Wushuang sensed the strong presence of this Sky Pilfered Pill, he felt a rush of excitement inwardly. He remembered how Senior Lu Xianlou was indeed worthy of great admiration. Despite having concocted such a miraculous pill, he had not been induced to consume it and left it in wait for someone fated to have it. Regarding such breadth of mind and foresight, ordinary people would not be on par with him.

The first two treasures already made Qin Wushuang click his tongue in wonder. The third treasure was an object like a seal.

This object was not big in size as one could hold it with one hand. Looking at the description, Qin Wushuang saw it to be—Falling Ground Tracking Seal.

This object was crafted by using the bones of the ten-thousand-year-old earth elemental monster. Not only did it possess a powerful earth attribute function, it would have incredibly powerful tracking power. When one was marked by this Falling Ground Tracking Seal, even if they ran to the ends of the earth, the user would never lose their tracks, like maggots attached to their bones.

In addition to this heaven-defying skill, this object also possessed a powerful gravitational effect. When using it, it would increase the gravity of the surrounding ten miles suddenly.

As for how many times it could enhance the gravity, it would depend entirely on the user's own strength. Even for a martial artist that had just entered the Void Martial Stage, they would be able to increase the gravity five times more.

If one at the Perfect Void Martial Stage used this object, they could increase the gravity to as high as twenty times greater instantly!

To those elite warriors that used the advantage to fight in the sky, what kind of shock would it be when the gravity increased by a factor of twenty abruptly?

Qin Wushuang had a rather deep reflection from this point. When he fought with the Saber Tooth Cover Yellow Dragon, he only performed some gravity methods and had almost pulled him down.

It could be said that if this object was used well, it would unleash absolutely unimaginable effects during actual combat. Qin Wushuang was brimming with joy. Even Bao Bao clicked his tongue in wonder: "Boss, this Falling Ground Tracking Seal is such a heaven-defying object, it seems Mr. Lu has hidden a lot of great things. Even for me, a powerful spiritual beast of the earth attribute, it would incredibly tough for me if the gravity increased ten times in an instant! And this Divine Skill consumes a lot of spiritual Qi. When using the gravity skill, it could be said to kill one thousand of others, and self-defeat eight hundred. With this thing, it would make everything much easier!"

Qin Wushuang had always admired skills that could increase gravity. Now, of course, when he saw this Falling Ground Tracking Seal, he caressed it admiringly.

However, after seeing these three pieces of treasures, he still did not take any of it at this moment. He returned them to their original place and did not take it.

The fourth treasure was not some kind of pill, nor was it a weapon. It was a strange uniquely shaped mask. The name of this mask was "Heartfelt Illusion Mask." According to the user's liking, this mask could transform into any appearance.

Compared to the masks used by Qin Wushuang until now, this mask was more than just superior. This one mask could transform into endless different forms. Besides Lu Xianlou, only grandmaster level craftsmen could make it. No more than ten skilled craftsmen could have made this across the entire Xuan Yuan Mound.

Although this mask did not appear as resplendent, nor eye-catching as the previous three pieces, it was extremely important to Qin Wushuang's current situation.

Qin Wushuang put down this mask and approached the fifth treasure. The five pieces of this fifth treasure were Spiritual talismans that had been put inside a box.

These five spiritual talismans were completely different than all the spiritual talismans Qin Wushuang had seen before. These five spiritual talismans were battle talismans. It could be used directly on weapons and increase their attack power. In the martial artist world, such spiritual talismans were not rare. However, although the quality of these five spiritual talisman were not the best quality, it was unlikely to be some mediocre treasure since it was crafted by Lu Xianlou and placed here.

From the name, one would know one or two things. These five spiritual talismans were named with references to the "Divine Dao"—Divine Dao Five Elemental Talisman!

It means that these five spiritual talisman incorporated the five elements. Although these did not contain true divine power, it certainly should be close to it.

Or else, Lu Xianlou would never have praised it with such big words and gave it such a flashy name.

Qin Wushuang felt a rush of excitement. In many actual battles, even when he had used the Graceful Spiritual Bow to face those super outrageous enemies, sometimes he still felt lacking. It was because his own strength had limited him from unleashing the full potential of the Graceful Spiritual Bow.

If he were to have the supporting effects these five spiritual talisman to increase the power of the Graceful Spiritual Bow, he would have a greater winning chance when facing true elite warriors.

When he thought here, Qin Wushuang's eyes had become much more eager when he looked at the five spiritual talisman. These five spiritual talisman had ignited a fire in his heart.

Yet, Qin Wushuang did not become enthralled by the spiritual talismans. Instead, he walked to the sixth piece, and the last treasure. To put it precisely, this was not a piece of treasure, but a rare book.

The name of this book was—"Great Devil Puppet Portrait".

This Great Devil Puppet Portrait was not like the "Divine Secret Bewitching Skill" he had looted from the black-clothed martial artist at the Tortoise King Mountain.

The core of this skill were not to manipulate puppets, but to craft one's own devil puppet portrait clones. In actual battles, one could use the devil puppet to avert calamity, and to break out and escape.

If the Devil Puppet Portraits were well made, it would certainly disguise itself as the true body and leave others unable to see through the falsehood. When sacrificing one devil puppet, one could easily escape with their own body.

Such method was never heard of or seen before. Qin Wushuang's heartbeat raced when he looked at it.

It meant that each of these sixth pieces made Qin Wushuang's heart stir. However, he knew that to take away these six pieces meant he must help Lu Xianlou accomplish his great wish of destroying the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect!

Of course, this was not an exchange. It was because Lu Xianlou's great ambition happened to be the same as Qin Wushuang's own great aspiration!

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