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It would be somewhat difficult to ask Qin Wushuang to reveal his identity. He had kept his identity a secret and he did not wish to expose himself at this place.

Seeing Qin Wushuang only smile and did not speak a word, Lu Xianlou did not mind. Lu Xianlou looked at that sculpture and said suddenly: "When I look at people, I only look at their eyes. These eyes should not be those of some extremely vicious person."

Qin Wushuang let out a sigh of relief. Bao Bao said with a laugh: "Mr. Lu, although our boss do kill people, the ones he kill deserves to die. Besides…"

Lu Xianlou waved his hand and stopped Bao Bao's explanation.

 "I only trust my own judgement." Lu Xianlou's tone made people feel that he was being unreasonable. However, his personality would not make Qin Wushuang and his friends despise him.

It was because Qin Wushuang knew that for someone like Lu Xianlou, he did not have any evil intentions through the display of his personality. Perhaps, he just liked to irritate people.

 "Speak, what kind of spiritual talisman do you want to make." Lu Xianlou asked.

 "Mr. Lu, I want to make several spiritual perception communication talismans." Qin Wushuang did not beat around the bush. He also knew that Mr. Lu liked to be straightforward.

Lu Xianlou frowned slightly: "Just making spiritual perception communication talismans?"

Although the communication spiritual talisman were of superior quality, it was not difficult to craft them with the necessary raw materials. Most who had come to ask to make spiritual talisman requested those super outrageous battle talismans. The procedure to make them were extremely complicated. Each crafting step would have to be carefully chosen, which consumed his energy severely.

 "Master Lu, is this difficult?" Bao Bao asked as if he were concerned about personal gains and losses.

Lu Xianlou laughed involuntarily: "I only find it strange, your request is very minor. Are you sure you only need these small things?"

Qin Wushuang said seriously: "If Mr. Lu can help me to craft several communications spiritual jades, I would be extremely grateful."

Lu Xianlou said indifferently: "This is easy, have you prepared the raw materials?"

Earlier, Qin Wushuang had inspected Luo Ting's communication spiritual jade and knew that plate was refined by special jade stones. The material of that jade stone was extremely special. However, from Qin Wushuang's observation, he also had the jade stone material.

Initially, inside that embroidered storage sack given to him by senior Qin Shixun, in addition to crystal stones, there were some other goods. For example, it had several of those black metal materials along with a few jadeite colored stone.

Those materials were unique. Several of those jade stone were almost the same as Luo Ting's communication jade. Only, the spiritual energy Qin Wushuang sensed from his stones were more vigourous than Luo Ting's communication jade plate.

Thus, Qin Wushuang felt that the value and quality of these jade stones should be far superior to Luo Ting's communication spiritual jade plate.

Qin Wushuang did not try to cover up what he had as he took out those jade stones.

Initially, Lu Xianlou appeared totally unconcerned. However, when he stopped to look at those few jade stones, a surge of amazement shot from his eyes.

Even the wise and experienced Lu Xianlou felt amazed at these few jade stones.

 "You are a disciple to the Heavenly Emperor Mountain Eight Gates?" Lu Xianlou asked with an indifferent tone.

Qin Wushuang said with a smile: "Mr. Lu, for these few jade stone, are they suitable for making the communication jades?"

Lu Xianlou laughed: "Young man, you already know this, and still you ask me? The material of this jade stone is very nice, wouldn't it be a waste to use it to make the communication jades?"

Bao Bao asked curiously: "Mr. Lu, could it be that this jade stone have other functions?

 "Of course it does, but since you guys don't know, then it doesn't matter. There are a total of six pieces here, it's good enough for the communication jades. How many do you need?"

 "Then make ten." Qin Wushuang gave a number after a moment of thinking.

Lu Xianlou weighed that jade stone in his hand and threw five back to Qin Wushuang: "Keep it, this is Supreme Green Jade Core, they have many uses. To make ten communication jade plates, this one is enough."

Although Lu Xianlou appeared cold, he was a great master of exceptional skill. In his view, wasting materials was in fact, a shame.

Qin Wushuang put back the remaining Supreme Green Jade Cores and vividly, he developed a better impression of Lu Xianlou.

Qin Wushuang realized that it was extremely important for him to have the communication jades. Especially for communication between his family and teachers, it would only become more convenient by having this tool.

 "Mr. Lu, for this communication jade, what kind of power is required to activate it?"

Since Qin Wushuang was not familiar in this aspect, naturally he had cared about this aspect significantly.

Lu Xianlou said arrogantly: "If it were ordinary spiritual talisman craftsman, the user would need to be at the Perfect Stage of Spiritual Martial Force to activate it. However, the communication spiritual jade stones made by me, especially since it is going to be made using a Supreme Green Jade Core, you can use it even if you had just entered the Upper Sky Realm."

Upper Sky Spiritual Martial Force users were able to use it? Inwardly, Qin Wushuang was moved and felt much more relaxed.

 "Thank you for the trouble Mr. Lu."

Mr. Lu shot a glance at Qin Wushuang and said lightly: "Tomorrow at this time, come and take the jade plates."

After he had finished speaking, he took the Supreme Green Jade Core and walked inside. He no longer paid attention to Qin Wushuang and Bao Bao.

 "Boss, then let's wait at the capital city of the Danxia Prefecture, we'll come back tomorrow."

After they had returned to the capital city of the Danxia Prefecture, Qin Wushuang and his friends were not in a rush to find a inn. Instead, they walked towards the Freelance Martial Artist Union.

When they had entered the Xuan Yuan Mound once again, the elite warriors send by Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect had also dispersed to all other places. Thus, Qin Wushuang intended to seek some information at the Freelance Martial Artist Union.

When they had arrived at the Freelance Martial Artist Union, it was full of bustling activity as usual. A clerk came out to receive Qin Wushuang and his friends by welcoming them into the main hall.

After they had ordered the drinks and meals, Qin Wushuang asked: "Mr. Cutler, are there any recent popular missions?"

That clerk laughed: "Naturally, there are popular missions. The million stone bounty from the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect are being fought over among the freelance martial artists."

"Tsk, that kind of task is just tricking people. It's clear that it's impossible to finish them. We will not waste our time on this."

That clerk smiled apologetically: "Although it's extremely challenging, when fortune comes, it is unstoppable. Perhaps, that million stone reward might be yours?"

However, Lone asked: "Are there any leads?"

That clerk smiled bitterly: "If there are any leads, it will not be your turn to have it. To tell the truth, that guy seemed to have evaporated from the world."

 "Evaporated from the human world? Even if he can disappear, could his family and sect disappear as well?" Qin Wushuang asked with deliberation.

 "In fact it's truly devilish when speaking about it. I heard that in the human countries, his family and sect have all disappeared without a trace." That clerk shook his head and turned around to leave.

 "Did everyone hear? It seems that Miss Mu Rong has appeared in the Xuan Yuan Mound!"

 "Ha ha, that Luo Ting is dead, Miss Mu Rong no longer needs to hide. Of course she can return to the Xuan Yuan Mound. Ha, I never imagined that the great heir of the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect would be killed by Qin Wushuang, someone from the human countries. Could it be that Qin Wushuang is truly an offspring of the Heavenly Emperor Qin Clan? Otherwise, how would he be so outstanding?"

 "They all had the surname of Qin, of course he is connected with the Heavenly Emperor Mountain. Now the problem is that whether this Qin Wushuang is a piece set by the Heavenly Emperor Mountain deliberately, and had been trained from a young age."

 "I don't think it's possible. If the Heavenly Emperor Mountain had truly cultivated Qin Wushuang in secret, they would absolutely not have let him become enemies with the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect. There were no resentment between the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect and the Heavenly Emperor Qin Clan. There is no need to make enemies without a cause. After all, the Heavenly Emperor Qin Clan have enough enemies."

These freelance martial artists chatted one after another.

Qin Wushuang only listened and did not participate in their discussion.

 "Ha ha, as you say, that Qin Wushuang is truly incredible. He had killed someone like Luo Ting by staying calm and collected. Comparing to Luo Ting, are we even his match?"

"Yes, although that million bounty is a lot, it's not money we should chase. Million crystal reward, ha ha, I think it's the money that would only quicken your death. Whoever is greedy, most likely they would lose their lives."

'Ha, this is not an unjustified cause. Those who died with the most grievance were those freelance martial artists of the Dispersed Praying Mountain. They had no idea and got tricked by Luo Ting's vicious schemes and died at the mountain."

"Ha ha, that's why there is a bunch of people making a commotion about filing a complaint at the Heavenly Emperor Mountain. Now with Luo Ting dead, this is going to be a meaningless case."

 "Ha ha, the person who ambushed the freelance martial artists at the Disperse Praying Mountain, thinking now, it should be Qin Wushuang? Speaking of it, that Qin Wushuang is truly exceptional, such outrageous figure had come out of the human countries! If this person does not get killed by Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect this time, I am afraid in the future, the entire Tian Xuan Land will tremble at his existence!"

Just as these people were speaking frankly with assurance, a clerk quickly exited from a room deeper in the building. He revealed a bitter smile and said: "I say my friends, you should watch it when you talk. Although this is the Freelance Martial Artist Union, it's not guaranteed that none of those people of the major sects and powerhouses mingle among us. You wouldn't hope to bring a load of trouble onto yourself, just because you wanted to talk frankly?"

"Previously, at that Freelance Martial Artist Union of the Orderly Mountain prefecture, everyone had heard about how Iron Holler had died, right?"

When Iron Holler was mentioned, everyone's complexion had turned grave. Especially those freelance martial artists that had just been taking a moment ago, they revealed a face full of fear. They looked around as if they were afraid an elite warrior of the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect would come out from the corner to kill them on the spot.

Just when the main hall was in absolute silence, several freelance martial artists entered the union in a hurry. They panted and cried: "The fight has started, they've started to fight!"


 "Where is the fight, who is fighting?"

These freelance martial artists were extremely bored people. Usually when they were not busy, they wished for the whole world to be in chaos. Hearing about a good show, all of their blood surged as they intended to watch lively activity.

 "It seems to be people of the Heavenly Emperor Qin Clan and people of the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect. At the Dragon Profound Plain six hundred miles west of the Danxia capital city, they were engaged in fierce battles. I heard that the Heavenly Emperor Mountain already learned of the actions of the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect. They were extremely infuriated and sent elite warriors to investigate. With one unhappy word, they started to fight!"

Heavenly Emperor Qin Clan?

Qin Wushuang's heart gave a thump. In the end, the Heavenly Emperor Qin Clan was getting involved?

If the Heavenly Emperor Qin Clan got involved, the level of the situation had escalated. It's highly possible that the matter would develop into an irrevocable situation and cause a huge ruckus. From that point, it would set off an earthquake like chaotic consequence in the Xuan Yuan Mound!

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