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Qin Wushuang still maintained a tranquil and calm expression. Regardless of Black Panther believing it or not, he was speaking the truth this time.

 "Qin Wushuang, I underestimated you! I truly underestimated you!" Black Panther was bitter and resentful. Again, he looked at the three enemies that had completely surrounded him. He also struggled inwardly, "In the worst case, I will go all out and risk my life. As long as I break through this circle, I will escape even if I suffer heavy injuries. Or else, this Qin Wushuang will certainly not let me die easily. He will torture me to the extreme!"

 "Black Panther, if you are planning to escape, my advice is to give up. Although you can fly and dive beneath the ground, you will not be able to escape today. Unless your strength can surpass my subordinates."

Black Panther looked at the Pure Altar Precious Pig that had shown off his martial strength. Then, he looked at the One Horn Mystical Horse and Hissing Sky Phoenix who was flying in circles above him. Any of them was enough to make his head ache.

 "Qin Wushuang, I know that today I am finished. However, if you want to kill me, you will pay some price!" Black Panther's tone was also extremely valiant. He appeared like a completely cornered beast with the will to fight.

 "Price?" Qin Wushuang laughed, "I can kill you in a moment's thought, why would there be any price? What kind of trump cards do you have that will make us pay? Black Panther, I am talking so much right now not because of how well you can speak, and not because I like to speak unnecessary words. The reason for me to not make a move at the moment is because I feel that to you, death needn't be your only option!"

Black Panther's entire body shook as he looked at Qin Wushuang with suspicion. He asked stutteringly: "What do you mean?"

"What is my meaning? You are so smart, why not take a guess."

 "You want me to sell my master and save my own life?" Black Panther gave a cold sneer.

 "Do you have any other choice? If you do, speak it to me." Qin Wushuang asked with a mocking tone.

Black Panther thought for a moment and said: "Even if I agreed, how can you trust me?"

 "It doesn't matter if I trust you or not. Naturally, I have ways to make you obey me." Qin Wushuang said leisurely.

Black Panther looked at those three spiritual beasts: "You want to manipulate me with the way you manipulate spiritual beasts? Let me remind you, between humans, it's impossible to make this contract."

"No…" Qin Wushuang laughed leisurely, "Who said I am planning to sign some form of contract? I'm only asking you, do you have any other options."

With a face as pale as the ash, Black Panther was stunned for a while. Then, he asked with unwillingness: "You must tell me, how did you see through my strategy?"

 "Didn't I tell you? You told me yourself." Of course, Qin Wushuang would not reveal the whole truth to Black Panther. He only said this mysterious sentence and left Black Panther in the dark.

 "I told you? Ha ha, you will not say that I told you in a dream?" Black Panther's laughter was full of bitterness. He said with extreme disappointment, "To tell the truth, Qin Wushuang, from start to end, I did not hope to be your enemy. I did not wish Young Master Luo Ting to be your enemy! Of course, it's not because we fear you, but because the price to do it was too great. Unfortunately, that proud young man does not listen to my dissuasion."

"Black Panther, I am not here to let you speak these meaningless words. You are only a dog to Luo Ting. Regardless of what you have done for him, I do not care. I will only ask one question, are you willing to die, or to follow me and launch a counterattack to the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect!"

Instantly, Black Panther's expression froze. Then, he looked at Qin Wushuang and gave a ridiculing laugh: "Are you crazy? To launch a counterattack at Heavenly Luo Daoist sect?"

 "Although you do have considerable strength now, and the power of these contract spiritual beasts are exceptional, but do you feel that with your little strength, you are capable of shaking up the giant mountain of the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect? Ha ha ha, it's funny how you are not taking proper measures of yourselves!"

Qin Wushuang judged Black Panther as if he was looking at a dead person. He said with an indifferent tone: "This way, you are willing to die for the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect? Doesn't matter, even in that case, I will fulfill your wish. I also promise that I will not let you be alone in the underworld. Not for long, Luo Ting will follow you!"

Immediately, the eyes of Black Panther narrowed into a line as he looked at Qin Wushuang with full vigilance: "Qin, even if you kill me today, I will still speak the same words, you guys are incapable of becoming enemies with the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect! Even if I follow you guys, it's the same result!"

 "Who told you that this all the trump cards I have in my hands?"

Pure Altar Precious Pig and Hissing Sky Phoenix laughed willfully: "If our master brings all the trump cards at hand, it's enough to raze the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect to the ground! Is the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect one of the Eight Gates of the Heavenly Emperor Mountain?"

Stunned, Black Panther looked at Qin Wushuang with confusion.

Qin Wushuang said seriously: "Black Panther, this is the last chance. Are you willing to die, or follow me. If you still refuse to answer my question, then you will not have any chance to answer anymore questions in your lifetime!"

After he had finished speaking these words, Pure Altar Precious Pig and the two other Profound Void Martial Stage spiritual beasts became restless. They were ready to attack Black Panther.

Complicated looks flashed inside the eyes of Black Panther. He had to admit that at this crucial point between life and death, all of his moral integrity appeared extremely weak.

It was not because he did not have any unflinching righteousness nor because he was clinging desperately to life.

He was thinking ever since he had joined Heavenly Luo Daoist sect, what kind of treatment he had received. Before Luo Ting, he was summoned and dismissed at will. That Luo Ting did not treat him as a trusted aide. Instead, he had truly treated him like a dog.

Was it worth working for such a master? Black Panther couldn't argue that when working for the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect, it had genuinely provided a lot of insurance for someone born from a freelance martial artist background.

At the same time, everything he had encountered at the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect did not instill in him any feeling of respect. It also did not make him feel it was necessary for him to die for them.

To die for the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect? At this crucial moment, Black Panther could not reconcile himself to this reality!

When he thought here, the last trace of defense in his heart also completely fell apart as he gave a long sigh: "What do you want me to do?"

These words declared his complete surrender.

Qin Wushuang gave a light smile and made a hand gesture. Then, Pure Altar Precious Pig slightly lowered their suppressing aura and would allow Black Panther to answer with ease.

 "It's simple, I ask you to continue approach Luo Ting and return to him. Pretend everything here did not happen. You must not reveal the slightest flaws."

 "Just be an inside-man?" Black Panther gave a long sigh.

 "No, it's only the first step to being an inside-man. I must admit that your treacherous strategy caused me to fall into an extremely passive situation. I need you to reveal Luo Ting's scheme under necessary circumstances. You will let everyone know that this was Luo Ting's despicable means of dealing with me, to unleash his personal grudge! Only this way, it will make those freelance martial artists unafraid of death give up on heading to the human countries. Or else, when this continues, it will remain an eternally lingering trouble!"

Qin Wushuang had made a thorough consideration of this matter. He knew that killing Luo Ting and Black Panther would not be effective temporarily. Only when the truth was exposed to the world, would it become truly effective.

Black Panther nodded slowly: "I must admit that it was an extremely foolish decision for Luo Ting to become your enemy. It might even be considered an incredibly stupid decision!"

 "Alright, what do I have to do exactly?" Black Panther raised his head and asked.

 "Return to Luo Ting, and leak your traces wherever you go. Let me know your whereabouts easily. This should not be a problem, right?"

 "Not a problem." Since Black Panther was determined, of course there would not be any problems.

 "Yes, when the time is right, you will step forward to expose Luo Ting. In that case, I can only kill Luo Ting righteously!" Qin Wushuang said coldly.

 "Kill Luo Ting?" Inwardly, Black Panther's mind trembled as he said in a low voice, "You must know that it's not an easy task to kill Luo Ting. That Luo Ting also has some trump cards! Killing him is not as easy as you imagine. This way, even with your current cards, and if Luo Ting was the one that had charged here, most likely all of you will not be able to make him stay!"

 "Is that right? I will only know after I try it. Do not concern yourself about killing him, your efforts will not be needed. You only need to carry out the things I've instructed you on and you will have finished your task. Just do what you are told to, do not ask about anything else."

Black Panther nodded: "Alright, you are also a smart person. I like to deal with smart people. In fact, I also like to work for smart people! Although I do not know whether you are bluffing with your words, to tell you the truth, if you truly do have the power to sweep away the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect, I would absolutely be willing to watch it happen. You know, it's ten times better to risk my life for a smart master, rather than working for a master that thinks they are intelligent, but is in fact impossibly stupid!"

 "If you want to defame Luo Ting to express your loyalty, it's unnecessary. Whether Luo Ting is impossibly stupid, I have my own judgment."

Black Panther gave a long sigh and said: "Don't mind me for speaking too much, one final reminder. Before you make a thorough plan of dealing the entire Heavenly Luo Daoist sect, even if you possess the power, it's best to not kill Luo Ting. Even if you are to kill any of the elders of the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect, do not make a move on Luo Ting!"

 "The Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect is my goal. However, Luo Ting is my number one target! I know that Luo Ting is the most exceptional talent of the sect, the heir. Killing him means to bear the wrath of the entire Heavenly Luo Daoist sect, and to face their swift retribution. What about it?"

Qin Wushuang said coldly: "When he secretly scheme to deal with my family and my sect, it's destined that either he succeeds! Or, he dies!"

 "There is absolutely no third possibility!"

Having declared that with a determined tone, Qin Wushuang clapped his hands and Moon Palace Jade Hare crawled out from the ground. He chuckled: "Master! What are the orders?"

Qin Wushuang said to Black Panther: "To show your loyalty, next, I will make some marks on your body to test whether you are truly loyal to me. If you are determined to follow me, do not resist. It's because if you resist, you will make me feel that you have changed your mind. In that case, they will kill you with all their effort."

Black Panther gave a long sigh. He knew that surrendering would not be that easy. He would not be able to return to Luo Ting easily and without suffering.

However, he was left without a choice!

Moon Palace Jade Hare shot a surge of serene blue light into the forehead of Black Panther. All his moves appeared the same as when he had taken control of Ying Long.

Black Panther only felt that the moment this blue light burrowed into his forehead, a surge of cold air entered into his Dantian and merged with his primordial spirit.

He didn't know that the seed of this venomous insect had been planted secretly. It now secured his fate tightly inside Qin Wushuang's hands!

He would be forced to live, or to die without his own will!

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