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At the border of the Dispersed Praying Mountain, a figure was flying at a rapid speed from the direction of the Xuan Yuan Mound. From afar, Hissing Sky Phoenix noticed the figure of this person.

"Master, Ying Long has returned!" The eyes of Hissing Sky Phoenix lit up as he spoke.

Indeed, Ying Long arrived from the sky and stopped at the hill where Qin Wushuang and the others stood. Ying Long's mind and body was now completely controlled by the venomous insects. He had become a puppet.

 "It's my honor to meet with Master!"

Qin Wushuang said lightly: "Get up, you were gone for three days, how is the situation?"

Ying Long said: "Miss Mu Rong has already arrived at the Iron Wood State City. I've already taken care of the things you instructed me. Apparently, those freelance martial artists are believing my words to some extent. Presently, across the entire Iron Wood State City, everyone is talking about this matter. Even if they cannot get ahold of any evidence, they have started to become suspicious."

 "Nicely done." Qin Wushuang nodded.

Before he had finished speaking, suddenly, Mole scrambled out from underground: "Master, someone is following us!"

As soon as Ying Long heard his words, beads of sweat immediately covered him. He never expected that someone would follow him here.

 "It's all my fault!" Ying Long was extremely ashamed.

Qin Wushuang was rather calm. He waved his hand and asked Mole: "How many? What's there strength?"

 "Master, there is only one person, not sure about his strength. He should be at the Profound Void Martial Stage!"

Qin Wushuang said to Ying Long: "Get up, this is not related to you. If an elite warrior at the Profound Void Martial Stage can follow you without having to ride through the sky, his strength has far surpassed yours. This is not your fault."

Ying Long stood up gratefully and retreated to the side with a nod.

Qin Wushuang said: "Ok, keep watching. When he enters our borders, we will make other arrangements."

Mole took the order. In a moment, Mole extended his head again: "Master, that guy is here, he has already entered our domain."

 "Ok, Precious Pig, go meet that guy." Qin Wushuang knew that for such circumstance, it was most appropriate to send Pure Altar Precious Pig.

Indeed, the Pure Altar Precious Pig moved out and arrived at an open space while all the fatty meat of his entire body kept trembling. Suddenly, he gave a loud cry and stomped his feet.

With this stomp, the entire ground broke apart downwards like a spider web. Through the stomp from Pure Altar Precious Pig, the entire ley line was completely ruptured.

Suddenly, that person travelling at a rapid speed beneath the ground felt a violent shake. Powerful movements within the earth shook violently between the ley lines. Like those surging sea waves, it contained a ferocious momentum and stopped his advancement instantly.

He did not dare to tarry and burst out from underground while protecting all the fatal parts of his entire body. He immediately saw a spiritual beast with a figure as massive as a mountain standing ahead of him with an imposing manner.

Then, he raised his head and saw that on the far away hill, a confident looking young man calmly standing with his hands across his chest. He was looking over at him with a relaxed expression. The person he was tracking was standing behind this young man.

As soon as Qin Wushuang saw this person, he instantly felt a surge of strange familiarity. Only, at the moment he could not recognize this person.

This person dressed in a body of black clothing looked over with vigilance. He said with an indifferent tone: "Who are you guys? You guys are the one that had set up ambushes for the travelling martial artists, right?"

Qin Wushuang had recognized him immediately when this person spoke,. At the same time, the anger inside Qin Wushuang's heart ignited. This person was indeed Luo Ting's subordinate. He remembered that Luo Ting called him "Black Panther."

Naturally, Qin Wushuang would not have mistaken his voice. As he examined his mannerisms, he also felt somewhat familiar. Previously, although Qin Wushuang did not actually lay eyes on this Black Panther at the Wild Flame Cliff, he would not forget his voice and temperament.

 "Do you know this person?" Qin Wushuang turned around to ask Ying Long.

After recognizing him for a moment, Ying Long shook his head: "I do not."

Qin Wushuang gave a light nod and said with a clear voice: "You swaggering guy, what intention do you have to track my subordinate here?"

That Black Panther laughed coldly: "Your subordinate? This person was spreading rumors at the Iron Wood State City. Us freelance martial artists are suspicious of his ill-intentions. That's why I came to take a look by tracking him. This way, it seems all the schemes, including everything that happened at the Dispersed Praying Mountain had been caused by you."

Qin Wushuang maintained his cold sneer. He sized Black Panther up with a mocking look: "Freelance Martial artist? Mister, how come you are not blushing while speaking these words? You dare to proclaim yourself a freelance martial artist?"

Inwardly, Black Panther quivered. This young man did not seem to possess strong power, yet why did he revealed such sharp gazes? Especially his words, it seemed to have more implied meanings?

Could it be?

Black Panther immediately told himself to absolutely not lose his head. At the moment, he said lightly: "Young man, what are intentions behind those meaningless killings? Did you know that what you had done will make you an enemy with all freelance martial artists of the Xuan Yuan Mound?"

Qin Wushuang knew Black Panther was using words to make him admit that he was the one behind the things at the Dispersed Praying Mountain. However, Qin Wushuang never planned to deny this fact.

Once again, a trace of mocking emerged from the corner of his mouth: "Mister, I have seen a lot of people that pretended to be stupid. However, it's my first time seeing someone who kept pretending to be stupid when caught. Wouldn't you know clearer than anyone that the person who is becoming enemies with all the freelance martial artists is not me, but you!"

His words had almost caused Black Panther to convulse on the spot. His continuous words had targeted someone. And his words did seemed to clearly understand the scheme between him and Luo Ting.

When he thought how this person's subordinate spread the information around the Iron Wood State City, suddenly, the entire body of Black Panther seemed as if had dropped into an icy lake. Instantly, he remembered: "Could it be that this person has already learned the strategy of me and my young master? Or else, how would his subordinate been able to describe the situation with vivid and realistic words at the Iron Wood state city, as if he was part of it?"

When he thought here, the entire body of Black Panther trembled in coldness. He said coldly: "Stop making something unnecessarily complicated. You killed so many freelance martial artists, the elite warriors of the freelance martial artist world of the Xuan Yuan Mound will not let the matters go!"

Qin Wushuang laughed: "Great, Mister, then you tell me, where are most of the Xuan Yuan Mound freelance martial artists gathered, I am planning to meet them."

Pure Altar Precious Pig shook all of his fatty flesh and cried out: "Master, you are wasting too much of your words on this guy, let me swallow him and finish the matter."

Qin Wushuang waved his hand to motion the Precious Pig to take a step back. Naturally, Pure Altar Precious Pig did not dare to defy his orders. He mumbled and stepped back some distance. He glared at Black Panther with his fiendish copper bell sized eyes.

Black Panther drew a breath of cold air. How could he not see that this fat pig was a spiritual beast with powerful aura. His powerful aura even made Black Panther, a knowledgeable and experienced elite warrior at the Profound Void Martial Stage, feel waves of pressure.

And what he had seen was only the tip of the iceberg of the enemies' power. Black Panther had clearly felt that surrounding this young man, there was a few other hidden existences that had suppressed their aura.

Finally, Black Panther understood how the other party was able to conduct his killing freely. With such powerful combination, even in the Xuan Yuan Mound, they would be recognized as an exceptional force!

 "Who is this person? Who is he?" Black Panther's head was full of questions. He went through the names of all those young exceptional talents of the first-rate sects in the Xuan Yuan Mound, and he rejected these options. Only when he directed his thoughts to the Heavenly Emperor Qin Clan, suddenly, a name jumped out from the head of Black Panther.

At this moment, suddenly, the expression of Black Panther changed abruptly. As if his head was suddenly cleared, he remembered the identity of this person.

"You! You…" Black Panther stared at Qin Wushuang with extreme alarm Fire seemed to spurt out of his eyes.

 "You are smart, it seems you've already guessed who I am." Qin Wushuang suddenly changed his tone coldly, "However, long before you knew who I was, I already knew who you were. Thus, for this contest, all of you will lose miserably!"

With his complexion appearing like dead ash, Black Panther looked at Qin Wushuang with his eyes full of disbelief. He could not understand at all how Qin Wushuang clearly knew everything. Could it be that he had clairvoyance and extremely good ears? Could it be that he could read the thoughts of a person from a hundred thousand miles away?

How could it be possible? Even an elite warrior at the Divine Dao would not have such powerful divine skills.

 "Black Panther…" There was not a trace of emotion in Qin Wushuang's tone. He spoke Black Panther's name at once. As soon as he spoke the name of Black Panther, the last line of defense inside Black Panther's mind had completely fallen apart.

Qin Wushuang made a hand gesture and immediately, Hissing Sky Phoenix and One Horn Mystical Horse appeared from the darkness. They formed a formation with Pure Altar Precious Pig and surrounded Black Panther in the middle.

Qin Wushuang spoke with an unhurried tone: "This is called choosing not to walk the way to heaven, but charging the way to the underworld! Speak, how would you like to die?"

As soon as Black Panther looked around, he knew that none of these three enemies would lose to him. If he fought one on one, it would not be a problem for him to escape.

When it was one against two, it would depend on his performance at the scene if he wanted to escape. For the situation of one against three, the chance to escape would be next to nothing. Not to mention, Black Panther had vividly sensed that beneath the ground, more elite warriors were becoming restless. Even if he wanted to escape through the ground, the path would certainly be blocked. Perhaps he would be seeking his own death once he arrived underground!

Black Panther's expression was distressed as he knew that he had stumbled into the enemy's trap. With a distressed face, he asked with a mumbling: "Are you truly that Qin Wushuang?"

Qin Wushuang gave a light smile: "What? You and Luo Ting bent your minds to find me. Now that I'm standing before you, you cannot recognize me?"

Black Panther gave a long sigh with a pale face: "I cannot think how you have done it! This is impossible! For this strategy, there was not a single flaw when I carried it out. How did you see it clearly? How is it possible?"

Qin Wushuang said with a cold sneer: "Yes, your strategy is heinous enough, and truly treacherous! However, you seem to not believe that I can see through your strategy. It's all bound to happen in the unseen world of spirits. It's not because of your mistakes or any flaws. Everything I learned had been told through your own mouth!"

 "I told you myself?" Black Panther's face was had ridiculing smile as he thought Qin Wushuang was making fun of him deliberately. As he shook his head, his smile became much more bitter.

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