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Messages traveled quickly in River County, regardless of its vast geographical size.

The news about how Qin Wushuang was alive spread quickly from their home in Eastwood Town to River County, reaching the ears of those old ill-intentioned aristocratic masters.

Inside the Qin family's martial arts training grounds, Wu Xinghe was sweating after he had practiced a set of fist techniques. He stood in the center of the square, breathing in the air and felt the subtle changes in his body system.

In his previous life, Wu Xinghe had been called a "Martial art nerd" and "Crazy person" However, he had earned those nicknames. After he'd reincarnated, he would, of course, not change his hard-working habit.

As soon as he had could get off the bed, Wu Xinghe had immediately started his first training practice in this new world.

Currently, the foundations of this body were not bad. One of the advantages his body's predecessor had had was that he'd trained very hard. However, the only regret was that Qin Wushuang had lacked strong martial arts technique books and creativity. Thus, he was only average among other martial arts students. If Qin Wushuang had not trained as hard as he could, his ranking would be much lower than his peers.

Compared to him, Wu Xinghe felt very lucky in his previous life. After all, he'd only used the best martial arts books where each of the books were irreplaceable.

In his previous life, Wu Xinghe was a grandmaster of martial arts that excelled in both interior and exterior techniques. Within one week, he had already calibrated most of his blood vessels since he had an elite training environment in this world combined with his experience from the previous life. Also, he had planned a set of training method tailored to himself.

Qin Wushuang's body had an excellent foundation, which could be an advantage. Even though the Qin family did not have famous martial arts technique books, Qin Wushuang had practiced the basic techniques very well. After all, elementary techniques were essential. There was an old proverb that stated if one does not practice the basics of martial arts, they will pay for it when they came to old age.

The old man that had adopted Wu Xinghe had repeatedly spoken these words to him on the first day when he had started to train in martial arts. These words meant that the practice of martial arts was like building a house. You must build a solid foundation because without it, you would not make it once you reached old age.

Therefore, he was pleased when Qin Wushuang had left him a body with a good foundation. He would be able to save a lot of time.

However, basic techniques alone would not be enough. If you looked further, all its weaknesses would be exposed.

Due to the lack of martial arts technique books and his inflexibility, Qin Wushuang did not have strong offensive and defensive techniques. These factors had contributed to his complete failure in the duel.

There was one training rule in this world that was entirely different from his previous life.

In his previous life, there was no restriction on the practice of interior and exterior techniques. Masters could practice both techniques. In fact, old grandmasters of martial arts excelled in both interior and exterior strength.

However, the rules of practice were very different in this world. Here, you could only enter the stage to train internal force when you had trained your exterior techniques, such as your body function, to the limit.

Exterior techniques were to help you to prepare your body, bones, and fitness. You could train your body exteriorly through hard work and a variety of medications.

Your internal force would only manifest after you had trained your muscle, bones, and blood vessels to a certain extent.

In this world, the exterior stage was called the stage of Power Force.

After you had produced inner strength, you would enter a stage called Genuine Force.

There were nine steps in each Genuine and Power Force stage. Each stage had an upgrade requirement. Many of the martial art trainers that only had average talent wandered around the stage of Power Force for their whole life.

The reason for that was the lack of talent and the lack of excellent martial arts technique books.

In this world, all martial arts technique books were private assets. These books had high values, and as such, you should never share them with others.

Qin Wushuang was a typical example; he had lacked martial arts technique books. Without these books, you would not have superior offensive and defensive techniques regardless how well you trained your basic techniques. There was an old saying about how a big camel could never beat vicious tigers or wolves? (In Chinese, this old saying meant that camels could never beat tigers and wolves because although they are thick-skinned, they were not smart as the tigers or wolves)

Therefore, in the present stage, Wu Xinghe focused on training his exterior techniques. He wanted to break through the stage of Power Force quickly through training his muscles, bones, and blood vessels.

The stage of Power Force was equivalent to the highest level of the fist technique in his former world. However, he would still be at a disadvantage if he had encountered a master of inner strength. In his previous life, Wu Xinghe was a grandmaster that excelled both interior and exterior techniques. He had had superior inner strength and was invincible. Regarding levels, he could be a master of the Genuine Force of Stage Nine or more if he were to use his experience from his previous world into this one.

However, Wu Xinghe was confined by the training rules of this world. He could not produce inner strength since he did not reach the top level of the Power Force. Therefore, it would not be possible to arrive at the Genuine Force within a short time.

He believed that it would take about three to six months to train these exterior techniques. After all, his experience from the previous life would be a catalyst to accelerate the process.

In Wu Xinghe's situation, he was confident that he would regain about seventy or eighty percent of the power he had in his previous life which was equivalent to the peak of the Genuine Force.

He must force himself to accelerate his training process for his family. He must do it for the "Family Class Evaluation" and protect his sister from that demon who had claimed he would take her away in four years.

Wu Xinghe practiced a set of after he'd briefly adjusted his physical strength and breathing. followed the masculine route which was the same as the one he'd practiced in his previous life.

Wu Xinghe sighed after he'd finished a set of . His predecessor, Qin Wushuang had left him a rather weak foundation. Masters of the same level from his previous world would laugh their head off if they had seen this set of fist technique because there wasn't a slightest power of King Kong.

However, Wu Xinghe was not discouraged because this was only the beginning.

Outside of the martial training center, Qin Xiu called to him just as he was about to adjust his breathing again: "Wushuang, Daddy has asked you to come to the hall. We have guests from River County."

Wu Xinghe would never allow himself to get distracted because he was a martial arts nerd. But, the current situation was tricky. If enemies from the River County had come, he would be a coward if he did not go.

Therefore, he tidied his clothes and took the towel from his sister to wipe off his sweat. He cut across the martial art training center and arrived at the hall. There were three guests, one of them was clearly Jin Buyi, dean of the Martial Arts Academy of River County. He loved to call himself as a kind-hearted man.

As for the other two, Qin Wushuang had not left any residual memories about them.

Wu Xinghe stood next to Qin Lianshan and lightly glanced at Jin Buyi. He wanted to see what kind of act Jin Buyi would put on today?

Previously when Qin Wushuang had dueled with Zhang Xian, Jin Buyi had completely ignored the matter despite being present in the academy. He had allowed Zhang Xian to do whatever he wanted. To put it bluntly, Jin Buyi was a lackey of the aristocratic families. He had no moral character, so it was a complete joke when he called himself a kind-hearted man.

However, Jin Buyi asked with a bitter tone: "Wushuang, how are your injuries?"

Wu Xinghe smiled and said: "Mr. Dean, did you come here to ask how I am doing? It's a bit late for that, isn't it? My injuries are fine. Would a lot of people be disappointed?"

Jin Buyi laughed embarrassingly, but he secretly asked himself, how come the son of the Qin family felt like an entirely different person? Before, Qin Wushuang had avoided him as if a mouse had seen a cat. He did not dare to look him in the eye. What was going on today? Not only did he made faces at him, but he also spoke to him in a mocking tone. Could it be that this kid thinks he could do whatever he wanted because he was at home?

The other two men, who had come with the dean, did not bother to disguise the cold sneers on their faces when they watched Wu Xinghe walk in… They looked at the son of the Qin family, who had risen from the dead, as if they saw a joke.

Qin Lianshan was not happy, but he asked with a straight face: "The three of you would not have come without business. So, why have you come here?"

One of the scholars who looked repulsively ugly and wicked stood up; he gestured at Qin Lianshan and said: "Patriarch Qin, I came here today with some advice for you."

"Please," Qin Lianshan lightly spoke.

This academic scholar was named Gou Sheng. He had read a lot of books and knew his way around politics. However, he had always had a bad reputation and worked as a lobbyist for other people. He relied on his negotiation techniques and worked with several aristocratic families in River county.

"Yes, Patriarch Qin is also an honest man. Us smart people will not talk rubbish then. You know about the "Family Class Evaluation" in four years and the current situation your family is in, right?" Gou Sheng asked with a harsh tone.

"What about it?"

"What about it?" Gou Sheng said in an exaggerated tone, "Patriarch Qin must know what will happen to your family if you lose the Humble Class seat, right? If Patriarch Qin is a smart man, then you should prepare a backup plan right now."

Qin Lianshan frowned and said: "So, Mr. Gou Sheng came to point a way for me?"

Gou Sheng sighed: "Haven't I always tried to be helpful? Indeed, there is a way out for you. However, I am not sure if Patriarch Qin wants to hear it?"

Qin Lianshan wanted to flick his sleeves and send these guests away, but Wu Xinghe interrupted: "Why don't you tell us about it. If your method is proven to be helpful to our family, we will reward you."

"This is Master Xu Sihai, younger brother of the Wealthy Class Xu family. He represents the Xu family and will make a promise to the Humble Qin family. If you are willing to give away the aristocratic seat in four years, the Xu family will guarantee your family's safety. Additionally, they will give you two hundred acres of land and one oil mill."

Wu Xinghe finally understood. It seemed that these guests had come with ill-intentions. Together, they were plotting to take away his family assets!

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