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Qin Wushuang had already suspected the purpose of Xi Men Feudal Lords visit. Now, he was certain.

It seemed that Xi Men Qian had indeed come with ill-intentions. He'd came to criticize.

Before his son had a chance to reply, Da Xi Heng smiled apologetically and rushed to answer: "This is most certainly just a rumor, Young Master. You should not believe it so easily."

Xi Men Qian smiled lightly: "Are you sure it's only a rumor? Then is it also a rumor that people of the Humble Class are attending this banquet?"

The atmosphere at the scene instantly turned tense. Xi Men Qian's words had created a haze among the crowd as if a black cloud had covered the sky.

Although Xi Men Qian had locked his gaze on to Da Xi Ming, he did not panic. Instead, he said lightly: "So, Young Master Xi Men had come not to celebrate, but to denounce us, right?"

Xi Men Qian said coldly: "Since our princess was willing to lower herself to marrying into your family, we will not tolerate any underhanded actions. It's not because we are jealous, but because we cannot afford to lose our face. Don't you know that the rumors alone have been a great source of disrespect to the Xi Men Feudal Lords, not to mention we have acquired evidence?"

After he had finished talking, Xi Men Qian immediately stood up and stared at Qin Xiu, who was standing behind Qin Wushuang, with eyes filled with ill-intentions. He commented: "Although you are only a girl from the Humble Class, you are quite lovely. No wonder Young Master Da Xi had lost control of himself for you. Patriarch Da Xi, you don't need to deny this matter. I only want to hear your answer, how will you handle this?"

Da Xi Heng did not expect that Xi Men Qian would dive straight into the heart of the matter and not show him any respect. He had acted like lightning, not even giving him any time to explain. He glanced at the three brothers of the Xu family casually and knew that they must have been the ones that had driven a stake into the heart of the matter.

However, being the head of the household, Da Xi Heng did not lose his cool as he responded: "Young Master Xi Men, since we have already settled on the marriage between our families, my family will act according to the rules. When the date of the wedding arrives, we will ensure that it goes smoothly. We will not break the engagement."

Xi Men Qian laughed. However, he still said with a harsh tone: "The problem now is not about the continuation of the marriage, but how this rumor will be put to rest."

Da Xi Heng retreated and asked: "What do you suggest, Young Master Xi Men?"

Xi Men Qian said harshly: "If you to listen to my suggestions, then our two families will continue to live in peace. If not, the Venerable Da Xi will suffer the consequences."

Such a naked threat. Although Da Xi Heng was inwardly furious, there wasn't a hint of change in his facial expressions. Instead, he said lightly: "Please."

"Good!" Xi Men Qian waved his hand, "There is only one way for the rumor to disappear. Either the Venerable Da Xi family or the Humble Qin family, one of you must disappear from River County!"

"Disappear?" Da Xi Heng frowned his eyebrow, "The Royal family created the aristocratic seats and the Zhen Wu Holy Place were the authorities that bestowed us the seats. Disappear? I am sorry, I do not understand."

"You don't understand?" Xi Men Qian's face turned solemn as a trace of cold sneer emerged and turned his appearance even nastier, "If a Venerable family wanted a little Humble Class to disappear, there are more than eight hundred ways to go about it. Could it be that you genuinely need me to teach you every step?"

He spoke like an adult reprimanding a child. Da Xi Heng was the Patriarch of a Venerable family and a Stage Six Genuine Force Warrior. His strength was higher than this Xi Men Qian. However, because his social status was one level lower than the Feudal Lords, it had created an entirely different scene for today. Unexpectedly, a birthday celebration had instantly turned into a public trial.

Those guests who had wanted to cause trouble for Qin Wushuang all felt inwardly happy when they saw the dramatic turn of events. On the surface, they did not dare to rejoice in other people's misfortune, but internally, they were happily waiting for the climax of the drama.

Hadn't the Venerable Da Xi family always acted superior? Could they act superior now, in front of Feudal Lords?

The Humble Qin family thought they had found themselves a great patron. Now, before the Xi Men Feudal Lords, their supporter appeared fragile and weak. You were making a fool of yourself, right?

Deep inside, Qin Xiu's heart became colder with each word that Xi Men Qian spoke. By the end, her hand that was grasping Qin Wushuang's arms could not help trembling.

Qin Wushuang had been coldly observing the scene unfolding before him ever since Xi Men Qian had arrived. After Xu Zhou had whispered into Xi Men Qian's ear, Qin Wushuang realized that the Xu family had found themselves a great backer in Xi Men Qian.

It seemed that the Qin family had accidentally found themselves in the middle of a dispute between a Venerable and Feudal Lord family.

Usually, when a Humble family had fallen into such a hidden whirlpool, they would most likely become the sacrifice.

As Da Xi Heng fell silent, that vigorous guy behind Xi Men Qian said with a weird tone: "Since Patriarch Da Xi is the head of the family, you should be able to make this decision at this critical moment. The outcome of either of your decisions will be a heavy one. After all, Patriarch Da Xi would not treat the survival of a family as a childish game, right?"

Being the family head, Da Xi Heng was extremely furious when he'd found himself cornered by this master and servant of the Xi Men. He slightly raised two of his arms, held his head high as the veins on his forehead popped out since he was extremely angry. He looked like a vicious monster that was about to attack at any time with a vicious momentum and speed.

Xi Men Qian immediately became alerted by Da Xi Heng's actions as he quickly crossed his arms over his body, shielding his important body parts. He unconsciously took a step back and stared at Da Xi Heng.

Although he thought that Da Xi Heng would not have the courage to attack him, he did not dare to be careless in front of a Venerable family head.


"What are you doing?"

A few people shouted from the back, and some elders quickly rushed out. From their clothing, they were obviously the hidden protectors of the Da Xi family.

Although Da Xi Heng's powerful energy faded away when he had heard the shouts, he did not lose his resolve. He gave a disappointed sigh and shook his head with determination: "There is a limit to the way my family does business. I will never harm the innocent."

Xi Men Qian was shocked by Da Xi Heng's resolve and he started to fear him a little. Still, he laughed viciously: "It would not matter if Patriarch Da Xi is not willing to do it. Someone else will do it anyways. Only, on this issue, the Venerable Da Xi family must remain neutral and to not interfere."

Before Da Xi Heng had a chance to speak, those few elders all responded: "The Humble Qin family have nothing to do with us. Why would we interfere?"

"That's right. If Young Master Xi Men had come for this business, you have worried too much."

Xi Men Qian felt proud of himself when he saw that the elders of the Da Xi family had acquiesced before him. He laughed recklessly and nodded arrogantly: "Good, I did not waste my time to come here since I have received these words from the elders. Haha, my journey has not been in vain."

As he said, he shook his sleeves and started to walk out leisurely.

"Stop right there!"

Initially, the atmosphere of the main hall was solemn, but this sharp sound of "Stop right there," had shattered the gloomy mood.

From the beginning, Xi Men Qian had been in control of the situation and the reactions of everyone, or so he thought.

However, this light voice seemed abnormal among this scene. Like a bead that had fallen onto a jade plate, this sound had instantly broken this gloomy mood.

"Young Master, you do have such freedom to come and leave as you please. However, it seemed you had talked too much to have forgotten that the person involved is right in front of you."

Qin Wushuang spoke with a passive voice that was neither rushed nor slow, but calm. To Qin Wushuang, it seemed the high and mighty Feudal Lord family was nothing to him.

Xi Men Qian stopped his footsteps but did not turn around. He shrugged his shoulder and mocked: "Such a little Humble Class, is it important for it to exist or not?"

"Important of course, it is crucial!"

As soon as the voice shouted out, everyone was stunned. People were aware that Qin Wushuang had not spoken nor did it come from anyone in the main hall.

Even Qin Wushuang who was about to voice his opinion lightly frowned as he looked over to the door in astonishment.

Everyone's eyes were drawn toward the place outside the hall, the voice had clearly come from over there. Everyone wanted to see if this person had grown three heads and six arms since he had dared to talk back to someone from a Feudal Lord family?

There were two people. Qin Wushuang even knew one of them. In fact, he was that grizzly beard examiner that had invited the Qin family to a feast at the Windy Pool Restaurant.

This time, he was not the main character. It was that middle-aged man beside him who had a square face. His eyes revealed a haughty righteousness. When he lifted his sharp eyebrows, he gave people a feeling of superiority and force.

It was apparent that this man with the sword-like eyebrows was the one that had spoken earlier.

Initially, Xi Men Qian's face was full of disdain. But when he noticed the plum blossom symbol on their chests, his face immediately changed color. Inwardly, he felt a sense of crisis, and four words flashed across his mind "Zhen Wu Holy Place!"

No matter how arrogant Xi Men Qian was. Even if he grew eyes on top of his forehead, he must lower his head before the representatives of the Zhen Wu Holy Place.

"Haha, Mr. Representatives, you two must be the ones in charge of the Family Class Evaluation in River County?" As Xi Men Qian stalled his footsteps, he called out to them.

The man with the sword-like eyebrows fixed his eyes on the scene with a serious expression. Then, he nodded lightly: "Young Master Xi Men, right? I heard from outside the door that you were just now boasting about how there are more than eight hundred ways for a Venerable family to make a Humble family disappear. I am afraid that I am ignorant, could you please enlighten me, just what they are?"

Everyone could hear the unfriendly way the representative was talking the son of a Feudal Lord family. Behind this representative's unhappy words, there was a trace of anger. Thus, he would not show any face to the Xi Men Feudal Lords.

Xi Men Qian had become even more embarrassed. He had spoken boastfully because back in the hall he had held the highest social status among the crowd. Nobody had dared to object to his words.

In fact, in Bai Yue Country, although the Emperor had bestowed the aristocratic seats to the families, their noble statuses were guarded and enforced by the Zhen Wu Holy Place. Any other powerhouses, even the Four Royal families were not qualified to touch any other family's noble seats.

There was only one way to take away another's aristocratic seat and that was to challenge and defeat that noble family in the "Family Class Evaluation!"

Besides this method, only the Emperor and the Zhen Wu Holy Place had the authority to take away another's aristocratic seat!

Xi Men Qian's conceited comments a moment ago had clearly crossed a line. When the representatives of Zhen Wu Holy Place had heard these words, they obviously found them inappropriate.

The color on Xi Men Qian's face turned green, then pale. His words had been thrown back in his face by the representatives. He had been humiliated on the spot. Inwardly, he was extremely annoyed.

A trace of mocking flashed across Qin Wushuang's face. This arrogant Xi Men Qian had berated the Da Xi family with his remarks and was then immediately humiliated by people of the Zhen Wu Holy Place. Surely, this was karma! What an entertaining sight!

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