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The grandmother viewed her body with little regard after having spent so many years unable to find a cure. However, Da Xi Heng was the famous filial son. Right now, he could not help but feel inspired and surprised when he saw that Qin Wushuang, a little martial arts student at a similar age to his youngest son, had managed to grasp the entire situation so accurately.

After a moment of thinking, the desire to help his mother overcame his pride. He whispered: "Little Brother Qin seems to know a lot about medicine. Could you please tell me, is it possible to cure my mother's sickness?"

After a short pause, Qin Wushuang gave a sigh and said: "Her blood vessels have already shrunk since she has accumulated way too much damage. It's impossible to restore her strength, but it would not be hard to restore her health to help her to live a longer life. If she receives a proper treatment and good nutrition, it would be possible to regain about fifty percent of her power."

The elderly lady had been sick for many years ever since she had overstepped the limits of her body when practicing martial arts. She had almost lost her life in the initial backlash and she only seemed healthy at the moment because Da Xi Heng had transferred some of his Genuine Qi into her. She usually appeared withered up and looked as if she would leave the world at any moment.

As a dutiful son, Da Xi Heng obviously did not want to see his mother suffer. He had invited many famous doctors. In the end, none of them could do anything.

However, Qin Wushuang's eloquent words made it sound as if he were a master of medicine himself. Da Xi Heng would be lying if he denied that Qin Wushuang's words had not moved him.

"It doesn't matter if she can regain her power or not. If my mother could be healthy again, you will be considered a great savior to the Venerable Da Xi family and I will do everything I can to return this favor."

When Qin Wushuang heard these words, he only smiled lightly and glanced back at the crowd. He sighed: "To anyone in River County, Patriarch Da Xi's words would make them feel excited. However, from my perspective, Patriarch Da Xi's words shows that you are not so different from the other people here."

"Oh?" Da Xi Heng thought he had misheard Qin Wushuang. This little martial arts student had dared to tell him that he was wrong?

"All doctors have parental hearts. Those who could cure your mother's sickness most likely would not care for your favor. I only tell you the truth about your mom's illness because of Big Brother Da Xi Ming. As for the favors, they are the least of my concern. Maybe from your perspective, a favor from the Venerable Da Xi family would be enough to make us Humble Class be grateful. Ha ha, that is not the case."

As a grandmaster, Qin Wushuang had his pride. Since he was willing to lend a hand, he would not turn this matter into a deal. If it were someone he disliked, even if they had kneeled before him to ask for his help, he most likely would not lend a hand. The elderly lady had indeed left him with a good impression. It was the sole reason for why he was willing to help!

Da Xi Heng was stunned, he could not help but smile. He once again changed his view on this teenage martial arts student. He had not expected that the son of the Qin family had such an extraordinary side. Since he was the Patriarch of a Venerable family, he had his own creed as he immediately said: "It seems that I have misspoke. After the banquet, could you visit us for a moment, how about it?"

"Certainly," Qin Wushuang answered as he looked at his sister, Qin Xiu.

Da Xi Heng inwardly gave a long sigh and did not say anything. The situation between Da Xi Ming and Qin Xiu, he would be more than happy to help them be together if the arranged marriage from the Xi Men Feudal Lords did not exist.


Just as he was lost in his thoughts, a voice arrived from outside the door: "Honored Guests from the Xi Men Feudal Lords have arrived. Please welcome them!"

Xi Men Feudal Lords?

Everyone immediately fell silent. The crowd in the hall looked at each other and did not dare to make a sound, it was as if the four words, "Xi Men Feudal Lords," was like a spell that could instantly turn people into stones.

Even Da Xi Heng was stunned into silence. He quickly regained his senses and said: "Ming'Er, Yang'Er, come with me to greet these VIP guests!"

When the two brothers had heard that guests from Xi Men family had come, they did not dare to delay and immediately followed their father.

Qin Wushuang involuntarily stepped in front of Qin Xiu and said: "Sister, stand behind me."

He who comes is surely ill-intentioned since kind people would not have come unannounced. Since the Xi Men people had arrived at this critical moment, they had most likely come in regards to Da Xi Ming's marriage.

After a moment, Xi Men Qian, who was dressed in embroidered robe and a jaded belt walked in surrounded by the Da Xi family men.

This Xi Men Qian was no more than thirty years old. He had an awe-inspiring countenance and a pair of sharp and penetrating eyes. Upon walking in, he glanced around at the crowd casually. With this once glance, he sent shivers running down the spines of everyone at the scene.

This aura, it was the aura of a mighty warrior!

Offsprings of the Feudal Lords rarely appeared in public. However, once they appeared, they would astonish everyone when they entered. Of course, Xi Men Qian had to show off his status as a Feudal Lord since he had come to this tiny River County.

He had undoubtedly achieved the effect he desired when he released his aura. Hundreds of people at the scene, each and every one of them wore a respectful expression on their faces. It did not matter if it were pleasing, flattering or humble, it all made him feel good.

However, when he noticed Qin Wushuang, his expression instantly froze.

Qin Wushuang smiled casually back at him and appeared to be at ease. He seemed to have not put Xi Men Qian's actions on his mind and had ignored it like a passing breeze.

Xi Men Qian was not a kind person. If this person came from the Royal family, then they could show off their presence before him.

But this one? Xi Men Qian glanced at Qin Wushuang's clothing. Unless he was wrong, then that youth was definitely dressed in the unique Humble Class clothing.

This fact made him extremely annoyed and put him in a bad mood.

Inwardly, he thought the Venerable Da Xi family had abandoned their sense of pride. Being upper-class aristocrats, people of the Humble Class had dared to appear at their family banquet. If the news of this matter spread, it would surely become the biggest joke in the aristocratic circle.

"Patriarch Da Xi, here is our little gift. It's not much, kindly accept it."

That short and vigorous guy behind Xi Men Qian casually handed over a gift while narrowing his eyes.

Da Xi Heng did not dare to hesitate and accepted the gift with respect. To the Xi Men Feudal Lords, there was no need for them to bring excellent gifts. To them, anything would be okay.

After all, Feudal Lords were one level higher than the Venerable Classes. Their strength was on an entirely different level. It would be considered an honor for them deign to visit you. Regardless of the value of the gifts, the Da Xi family was not qualified to be picky.

The ferocious looking Xi Men manservant glanced at Qin Wushuang's face and immediately understood Xi Men Qian's mind. This Humble Class kid was disrespecting his master, he would surely suffer for this.

"Young Master Xi Men, please take a seat." Da Xi Heng had witnessed everything but pretended he hadn't as he invited them with a smile

Xi Men Qian did not show courtesy and sat down on the main seat casually.

Among the people present, there were many Wealthy and Prominent Classes. There were only few Venerable Class people, and they were all Da Xi Yue's classmates who had come from outside the county.

However, there was only one Feudal Lord Class person present.

Nobody dared to object when Xi Men Qian sat on that seat. On the contrary, many people were whispering. They were thinking of how to get close to this young master. If they could suck up to this giant Xi Men character and have them become their patron, it would be an unexpected gift.

Those Xu brothers had already met with Xi Men Qian in their residence. They were currently enjoying that exceptional advantage and came over to ingratiate themselves. Xu Zhou whispered into Xi Men Qian's ear, while he glanced over at Qin Wushuang with an unfriendly look.

Xi Men Qian's eyes also flickered over, as a lingering and pondering smile appeared on his face. However, this time, he ignored Qin Wushuang and sized up Qin Xiu unscrupulously.

Qin Xiu became timid from being stared at with this impolite look. She took two steps backward from Qin Wushuang's back.

"Little Brother Da Xi Ming," Xi Men Qian suddenly smiled and waved his hand at Da Xi Ming, "Long time no see, you are still very handsome. Come, sit here, let's chat."

In Da Xi Ming's younger years, the incident where Xi Men Qian had defeated him in one move had almost become a heart demon. He was very cautious toward Xi Men Qian. He had already understood everything when he noticed Xi Men Qian sizing up Qin Xiu and then him.

Da Xi Ming walked over and said with a tone that was neither obsequious nor supercilious: "How could I dare to be a brother to you, an offspring from the Xi Men Feudal Lords?"

Xi Men Qian laughed: "No matter, no matter! You have a marriage with my little sister. As a matter of fact, you are my future brother-in-law. There is no need for you to feel shackled by the difference in our identities. "

Xi Men Qian had dropped a not so subtle hint, Da Xi Heng became inwardly solemn. Xi Men Qian, without a doubt, already knew about the relationship between Da Xi Ming and Qin Xiu.

Xi Men Qian was very bold. He suddenly changed his tone: "Recently, there was a rumor going around saying you've become close with a girl from the Humble Class, is that true?"

He did not speak with a stern tone, but it was laden with gloominess as if the words were brewing a storm. Those sensitive people could already feel the coming of a storm!

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