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Qin Wushuang felt incredibly bored as he walked around the spacious hall. However, it was not because of his earlier encounter with Yun Qingyan.

Instead, Qin Wushuang felt bored because each and every one of the aristocrats that surrounded him was showing off their superficial characters and false courtesy.

Those with higher status revealed their arrogance and those with lower status behaved like sycophants. All of them ridiculously compared themselves with each other and tried to demonstrate their superiority at every chance they could.

At this moment, Da Xi Ming entered the hall. When he saw that the Qin siblings were still here, the traces of worry on his face lessened. He walked over: "Wushuang."

Behind Da Xi Ming, another group of young people walked in escorting a young girl. She appeared to be one or two years younger than Qin Xiu and looked quite similar to the Da Xi brothers. Her presence seemed to exude courage. That girl was today's main character, Da Xi Yue.

"Wushuang, Missy Xiu, this is my little sister, Da Xi Yue. Little Sis, these two are the brother and sister of the Qin family."

Da Xi Yue nodded with enthusiasm and smiled: "Thank you for coming to celebrate my birthday. Please have a seat."

At the same time, she deliberately measured Qin Wushuang with her eyes and said: "I never thought you to be so young. Both Big Brother and Little Brother have highly praised you."

Unlike the other pretentious princesses, Da Xi Yue appeared much more like a tomboy. This kind of temperament was rare among girls.

"You are too kind, Missy Da Xi." Qin Wushuang casually replied.

The group of young people behind Da Xi Yue were all her classmates and friends from the Redwood Martial Arts Academy. Each of them was highborn, and the lowest among them came from the Wealthy Class. Some of them even came from Venerable families.

They were extremely surprised when they saw the Da Xi siblings being polite with a teenager from the Humble Class.

A few of the Wealthy class offspring were very envious. Despite doing everything they could for Da Xi Yue, she had never treated them this way. How could this little Humble Class kid receive such treatment?

"Haha, Missy Yue, are these two Humble Class offspring from River County?" One of the noble young men smiled mischievously as he swaggered over and interrupted their conversation with a mocking voice.

Da Xi Yue looked at Qin Wushuang apologetically and turned to speak: "Du Xiang, you should drink more and talk less."

That Du Xiang had initially only wanted to grab this opportunity to get closer to Da Xi Yue. He did not expect that he would, instead, be rebuked and as a result, he felt very depressed. He shot Qin Wushuang a dirty look and shut his mouth.

Da Xi Ming also felt a little annoyed. It seemed that young people these days had too much energy. Each and every one of them seemed to want to cause trouble.

Suddenly, he said: "Right, Little Sis. Two of your classmates, one named Ye Feng and the other, Ling Tian, have already left River County due to emergencies. They've asked me to inform you that they will make it up to you with a generous gift."

Da Xi Yue already knew about this incident, but she immediately understood her big brother's intention when he'd brought it up again. Her big brother was hinting at her to stop her classmates from causing trouble. They would only bring shame upon themselves. Ye Feng and Ling Tian were perfect examples of what would happen if they tried to bother Qin Wushuang.

As soon as they heard that Ye Feng had left, this group of Redwood Martial Arts Academy students immediately started discussing the news.

"Ye Feng went back? This guy is not very loyal."

"Right? Everyone came together, how could he leave in secret?"

"Could it be because of the Family Class that he needed to go back?"

"Impossible, the Venerable Ye family and the Wealthy Ling family have secured their territories. No one challenged them. Besides, those two families possess an unyielding force comprised of a lot of talented people. Why would they need these two young men to go back?"

"So they had no reason to leave on the eve of the party then!"

Da Xi Ming smiled: "As for the exact reasons, Missy Yun knows it best. If everyone wants to know, you can ask Missy Yun in private."

Yun Qingyan had stayed silent during this entire time. She muttered in response to everyone's gazes: "There was another reason for their actions. Everyone should ask them when you return to Redwood Martial Arts Academy."

Considering that Ye Feng was from a Venerable family, Yun Qingyan would obviously not dare to reveal the truth of how an upper-class aristocrat had been defeated in a humiliating fashion by a Humble Class offspring.

Qin Wushuang obviously did not care to boast about the events that had transpired. From the Yun sisters' perspectives, it was astonishing how he had beat Ye Feng. However, to Qin Wushuang, he couldn't even be bothered to remember it.

Just as he was about to walk away with a smile, Da Xi Ming suddenly whispered to Qin Xiu: "Little Xiu, I will bring you to meet my grandmother."

Qin Xiu raised her head in surprise. Da Xi Ming said meaningfully: "In the entire Venerable Da Xi family if there is someone that our father listens to, grandmother would be the only one."

Qin Wushuang inwardly laughed, but he did not expose them and smiled: "You guys go take care of your business. I will look around in this hall."

Qin Xiu looked at Qin Wushuang with a worried face. After she had received her little brother's affirmative looks, she felt a little more courageous and left with Da Xi Ming.

Du Xiang had been nursing a grudge in the meantime since Da Xi Yue had reprimanded him. He remembered how Da Xi Yue had treated that Humble Class offspring with courtesy, yet he, as a child from the Wealthy Class, had received an entirely different type of treatment. This huge difference in treatment left him quite infuriated.

He soon found out more about the "inside story," he knew that this son of the Qin family had only been invited to participate in this feast due to his sisters' relationship with Da Xi Ming. As a result, he felt even more aggrieved.

His eyes, which were filled with resentment, constantly flickered over to Qin Wushuang. However, Qin Wushuang did not even look at him. Finally, when he noticed Du Xiang, he only turned away from his gaze disinterestedly and ignored him.

Du Xiang immediately felt a stab of irritation. He was a proud son of the Wealthy Class! His mouth twitched as he walked up to Qin Wushuang with a face full of mocking and discontent. Du Xiang's expression quite clearly expressed his current thoughts on his face, it was almost seemed as if they were written on his face in big bold words.

"You, from the Humble Class, don't you feel weird standing here?"

"Hm?" Qin Wushuang sneered as he casually glanced at Du Xiang before looking away. He continued to observe the activities in the hall. After all, he did not even know this Du Xiang. There was obviously no need for him to show any courtesy, false or otherwise.

"Even if you don't feel embarrassed, I feel ashamed for the Venerable Da Xi family. The noble Da Xi family are holding a feast for upper-class aristocrats and Humble Class people somehow wormed their way in. Don't you know the guests here feel ashamed to be here with you?"

Filled with indignation, Du Xiang spared no effort to strut his superior status as a Wealthy Class offspring. He even wanted to stand on a stool and use the height advantage to teach Qin Wushuang a lesson.

"By the way, do I know you?" Qin Wushuang was stunned. He was not unfamiliar with these kind of people. During his short time at the party, he'd already met more than enough idiots like him among the aristocrats.

"You don't need to know who I am, you only need to know that I am stating the truth." Du Xiang stopped for a moment, then added smugly, "You are not qualified to know who I am."

Qin Wushuang did not even move his eyebrows and said lightly: "Yes, that is true. Regarding the problem of being ashamed of being near these people, you've said exactly what I wanted to express. Now, do you have any other business with me? If not, then can you stop disturbing my ears and eyes?"

"Oh, really?" Du Xiang replied with a mocking tone, "In this place, who doesn't have a higher social status than you? Do you think you are qualified to look down on anyone? And why would you be ashamed to be with us?"

"To me, arguing with an idiot would be a greater shame. Hopefully, you won't deepen my shame, or else, you will face severe consequences."

With that said, Qin Wushuang rolled his eyes and turned to walk away. If he wasn't at the Da Xi family banquet, Qin Wushuang would have already forcefully slapped this Du Xiang across the head. Why would he waste his time trying to argue with an idiot?

"You… Stop right there!" Du Xiang became indignant and spoke in a righteous tone, "You have two options. First, apologize to me immediately. Second, disappear from this banquet."

Qin Wushuang stopped and sighed mournfully: "I honestly thought there was a limit to how stupid a person can be, but I did not expect that even I wouldn't be able to see the limits of your stupidity. Alright, tell me what you want. If you are doing this because Missy Da Xi Yue reprimanded you earlier, then let me know, I will accept your challenge anytime."

"I…I am representing all of the aristocrats here to teach you a lesson, you arrogant Humble Class trash!" When Du Xiang noticed the surrounding aristocrats watching the scene unfolding with encouragement in their eyes and actions, he inwardly felt that he was justified in his actions. As he considered that he had the advantage of public opinions and social ethics, it made him feel even more heroic and passionate.

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