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The Purple Flame Electric Beast appeared extremely excited after the breakthrough. He could not stop jumping and dancing on top of the slope. This was a breakthrough a few thousand years in the making and the excitement the Purple Flame Electric Beast had suppressed for thousand of years.

Now, he had finally broken through the restraint of the Spiritual Martial Force and entered the Void Martial Stage!

When the purple light wrapped the Purple Flame Electric Beast, it seemed that it was turning him into a ball of purple flame.

Inside the purple light, the body of the Purple Flame Electric Beast was also undergoing rapid and violent changes. The shape inside this purple light also continuously underwent alterations and transformations.

From afar, Qin Wushuang and Bao Bao waited and watched.

 "Ha ha, Shape transformation, I wonder what kind of appearance Lone will take on." Bao Bao was rather satisfied about his own shape refinement. The human shape he had refined was a delicate and pretty young teenager that won love from everyone. Even Boss Wushuang's sister had complimented him.

Currently, he was curious what kind of appearance the Purple Flame Electric Beast would take on. Inwardly, he could not help feel a trace of competitiveness as he fixed his gaze on the ball of purple light.


Suddenly, that ball of purple light wrapped around the Purple Flame Electric Beast shot to the sky. Next, the purple lights on him slowly diminished. Like unravelling silk from a cocoon, the lights continuously disappeared. As the color gradually became lighter, the lights also became more blurry.

 "Roar!" The Purple Flame Electric Beast gave a loud roar and took large strides as he approached. He emitted a stream of laughter: "Boss, Bao Bao, come quickly, what do you think of my appearance?"

His forthright voice had travelled clearly through the entire valley. Qin Wushuang and Bao Bao immediately dashed over and saw a big youthful guy with a stout body like a tall tower.

 "Senior Lone, is that you?" Bao Bao was dumbstruck as he could not help but scratch his ears with mirth, "Look at this appearance, haha, Boss, this Lone, he's pretending to be young!"

Since this was the first time the Purple Flame Electric Beast had done this human shape transformation, he was also not too confident. He scratched his head and laughed embarrassedly: "Boss, is it truly unbearable to look at?"

For the Purple Flame Electric Beast's human transformation, he had a thick eyebrows and a square face that appeared to be righteous and serious. When he stared with his eyes, he created a much more awe-inspiring presence.

Only, the human appearance he had taken on would not look a day older than twenty five. Clearly, he appeared at a similar age to Qin Wushuang. Considering he was a spiritual beast from a few thousand years ago, it was why Bao Bao said that he was pretending to be young.

On the contrary, Qin Wushuang felt this appearance was good. At least, it seemed harmless and people would not think he was hostile toward them. At the moment, he smiled: "This is a good appearance. Don't listen to Bao Bao."

Hearing Qin Wushuang speaking these words, the Purple Flame Electric Beast was much more reassured as he laughed: "Since Boss said it's good, then it's good. Bao Bao, honestly, are you jealous of me being more handsome than you."

Bao Bao laughed: "You are just acting pretentious, your appearance is far from being handsome."

These two had always quarreled and Qin Wushuang did not find it strange.

"Lone, congratulations, finally you have entered the Void Martial Stage." Qin Wushuang was happy for him from the bottom of his heart.

The Purple Flame Electric Beast was also full of gratification: "Void Martial Stage… Ha ha, after entering the Void Martial Stage, the knot in my heart has been resolved."

 "It's resolved?" Qin Wushuang said with a smile, "You no longer hate the person who sealed you?"

In fact, the Purple Flame Electric Beast did not carry much hatred. Only, he was extremely proud and did not want to admit it. He knew that without that person's seal, most likely he would have already turned into a pile of white bones after several thousand years.

After all, only a few rare elite warriors not at the Divine Dao stage could live past three thousand years.

And since he could still breath the air after a few thousand years and was still alive, he thought that it was rather fortunate.

Earlier, he always felt a knot in his heart and could not accept the fact that he had been sealed from an emotional perspective. Now, once he had entered the Void Martial Stage, this knot had resolved naturally.

 "Lone, Bao Bao, our business at the Dispersed Praying Mountain is done. Now, I plan to head to the Xuan Yuan Mound and the Heavenly Emperor Mountain. This is my own decision. Whether you come along or not, I will not force you."

Lone was the first one to call out: "Boss, after my sealing, I was cursed. As soon as my seal was broken, I would become your contract beast. Of course, I will follow you. Although I hold a lot of grudge toward the person that sealed me, I do love and respect the person that saved me. And Boss, you are a good person. All your qualities and worldview aligns with my own. You've never treated me like a slave combat beast and did not order me without respect. I do not speak words of flattery, anyways, the day I got out, you became my boss. To live for you and to die for you, I will not even blink my eyes!"

After hearing Lone's words, Bao Bao's blood also surged as he said emotionally: "Yes, Boss, among all the humans I have seen, you are the most outstanding and the most interesting! I think that being with you guys, regardless of learning experience or spilling blood through battle, it's always fulfilling. Thus, I will also follow you. You cannot even drive me away even if you want to!"

Qin Wushuang was deeply moved as he watched these two companions of his.

 "Boss, you humans have always talked about living and dying with others. For these things, the Beast Clan would never do such things. However, I, Lone, will live and die with Boss!"

 "Me too, we will fight battles together, to shed blood, to live, and to die altogether!" Bao Bao roared with excitement, "I refuse to believe that the three us are weaker than those people born in the Forbidden Spiritual Zones! Could they truly be much more exceptional than us? Weren't they just born with a better background? Boss, us three must make our way in the Tian Xuan Land. We must spread our name through all corners of the Tian Xuan Land!"

"Bao Bao, although you are usually childish, but I completely agree with your words! Boss, what about the Forbidden Spiritual Zones? Who was born to be a Divine Dao elite warrior? The three of us will join force and charge toward that supreme Divine Dao! Not just the Xuan Yuan Mound, one day, us three will make the entire Tian Xuan Land tremble before us!"

One after another, these two guys grew increasingly more excited than the other one. Clearly, the breakthrough had helped the Purple Flame Electric Beast's confidence to inflate.

Qin Wushuang's hot blood was also stirred by them. In fact, Qin Wushuang never lacked confidence. He always felt that he would not be weaker than anyone!

Even if he was born in the human countries, the most insignificant place in the eyes of all powerhouses in the Forbidden Spiritual Zones, Qin Wushuang had never looked down on himself. He firmly believed that with time, he could also achieve success in the Forbidden Spiritual Zones.

Since he was able to rise rapidly in the human countries, he had the confidence to stand out in the Forbidden Spiritual Zones!

 "Ok, then us three will join forces and make our way through the Xuan Yuan Mound!" Qin Wushuang extended his right hand, and both Bao Bao, Lone also extended their hands out. They smiled at each other in mutual understanding as there was nothing that needed to be spoken aloud.

After they had made their pact, they walked down from the slope. Qin Wushuang said: "I plan to leave in five days! Bao Bao, since you are coming with me, you must tell the Silver Monkey King."

"Boss, don't worry, the Silver Monkey King will not stop me." Bao Bao was full of confidence.

After three days, Qin Wushuang went to call on Lin Dian once again. Indeed, this Lin Dian was efficient at completing tasks. In a few short days, he had selected seven people. Four of them were once his most trusted friends. The remaining three were elite warriors with foreign surnames from different territories.

Lin Dian gathered them and said with a laugh: "Everyone, I came to find you all together to ask you, would you be willing to create great things with me!"

"Senior Brother Lin, we are just worried we would have nowhere to go. If you are willing to take us and lead us, we are willing to have you as our leader!"

 "Yes, Senior Brother Lin, we will all listen to you!"

Lin Dian smiled lightly and waved his hand: "Don't be in a rush. Let me ask you, if I've already found a place to go, are you willing to follow me?"

"Of course! Senior Brother Lin, if it's a place you found, we are completely reassured. Since we cannot get what we wanted from the descendants of the Eight Great Bandits, there will always be another place for us to realize our ambition!"

 "Yes, Senior Brother Lin, tell us, where are we going."

Lin Dian said seriously: "I am going to dive into the ugly questions now. Are you all willing to come with me, no matter where we go, poor or rich? Are you all willing to help me create our own future?"

"Senior Brother Lin, stop asking, we are all willing!" All seven people, the gazes from all seven pair of eyes was firm and without a single trace of hesitation.

Obviously, they had faith in Lin Dian. Regardless of strength, or charisma, Lin Dian held the absolute reputation among these people.

After looking at them for a while and glancing at each of them, Lin Dian finally nodded: "Ok, I have found a place for us to entrust our lives. Follow me, I will take you to meet with a person."

Just when those seven people were feeling dumbstruck, a light laugh emerged from behind the slope: "No need to go, I am here."

Qin Wushuang had appeared out of nowhere with his two friends.

 "Qin Wushuang!" Those seven were all shocked.

Lin Dian laughed: "Brothers, you should not be unfamiliar with the name of Young Master Qin Wushuang, right?"

Regardless of before or after the recent battle, Qin Wushuang had left a deep impression on everyone. Naturally, they were all too familiar with his name.

 "Young Master Qin has tremendous strength and has taken a leading role in the human countries, we've already heard of his reputation a long time ago. This time, knowing one's reputation cannot compare to meeting them in person. Even Ye Wentong got killed by him, how could we be unfamiliar with him?"

Revealing a carefree smile, Qin Wushuang walked down: "Lin Dian, are these seven people reliable?"

 "Absolutely reliable!" Lin Dian said with a determined tone.

Qin Wushuang looked closely at them and gave a calm smile: "OK, with one look, I acknowledge your judgment."

Lin Dian pointed to Qin Wushuang: "Brothers, we are indebted to Young Master Qin for disregarding past grievances as he intends to recommend we join forces with the Great Luo Stargaze Palace and to build the Guardian Court. Us eight will become the first generation of Guardians. Our position are only below the five Stargaze Palace Masters! Are you guys willing to do it?"

Qin Wushuang only smiled and looked at these people. He was not in a hurry to recruit them. Rather, he wanted to see their reaction.

After a short moment of bewilderment, these seven people immediately understood something. All of them looked at each other and nodded: "Since Senior Brother Lin is willing to, it must mean that the Stargaze Palace has its outstanding aspects. Currently, we are all homeless freelance martial artists, why should we not be happy about it? We will all go!"

However, Lin Dian said: "For now, I don't know how the Stargaze Palace is like. However, this Young Master Qin has an astonishing temperament and is a man of high aspirations. If we work for him, our future will definitely be a bright one."

Bao Bao, who was next to Qin Wushuang said proudly: "Lin Dian, it's good that you have discerning eyes. For my boss, given some time, even the Forbidden Spiritual Zones will tremble at his name. All of you just wait and see!"

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