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The miraculous effects of this Purple Cloud Spiritual Fruit left Qin Wushuang in awe. He felt that this magical natural treasure could not be described by words.

When Bao Bao saw the Silver Monkey King also looking at Qin Wushuang with a pair of devoted eyes, inwardly, he also wished that Qin Wushuang would accept the Purple Cloud Spiritual Fruit as he urged him: "Boss Wushuang. You are the greatest benefactor of the Monkey Clan. I will make the decision for you, just take this Purple Cloud Spiritual Fruit!"

The Silver Monkey King also said sincerely: "Young Master Qin, please don't hold back."

Seeing their utterly sincere intentions, Qin Wushuang could not decline as he gave a long sigh: "I am deeply ashamed to accept this grand gift."

The Silver Monkey King laughed: "Young Master Qin, only someone with your temperament could bear our grand gift. Among the humans, most them are greedy people. Someone as humble as you is rare. Bao Bao, come, give this to him."

Bao Bao laughed mischievously: "All rightly!"

He took that jade glass bottle and delivered it to Qin Wushuang: "Boss, if you don't take it, then it means that you are looking down on the entire Monkey Clan."

The other monkey Elders also nodded: "Yes, take it. If you have not helped us with your kind efforts, the Monkey Clan would not still be standing here in one piece, not to mention our treasures."

Qin Wushuang said: "Then I will shamelessly take it."

He accepted the jade glass bottle. However, since this jade glass bottle was not transparent, Qin Wushuang could not see the contents inside and he had no idea what the Purple Cloud Spiritual Fruit looked like.

The Silver Monkey King laughed: "Young Master Qin, since we've already picked this spiritual fruit, you can consume it at any time. It would be best if you consume it now."

Thus, Qin Wushuang popped off the cork from the jade bottle. As soon as the cork was removed, a stream of dense purple clouds rushed out from the jade bottle. Instantly, the entire space was filled with this floating purple air and appeared extremely auspicious.

 "Boss, hurry and take it, don't let the spiritual power from the divine treasure go to waste." Bao Bao urged him.

Qin Wushuang nodded and injected a wave of genuine Qi into the mouth of the bottle. Like a large whale absorbing water, it instantly changed into a wave of purple light and was sucked inside Qin Wushuang's mouth as he had absorbed it.

When this purple air went inside his mouth, he felt as if he had eaten a roll of soft food that instantly melted in his mouth. Next, it slid into his heart and lungs. Instantly, Qin Wushuang felt carefree and relaxed as his entire body seemed to have been supported by a form of marvellous power, giving him the sensation of floating, and nearly to the point where he felt he could almost fly.

Inside his head, his mind was covered by a wave of clouds and mist that made him feel as if he was already flying among the clouds.

Qin Wushuang let this thought run wild and only after a while, he drew back his consciousness and slowly suppressed that wandering purple mist. Then, he guided this wave of miraculous power to his Dantian.

When he opened his eyes, the surrounding still remained the same. Only, every elite monkey warrior was watching him with a strange look as if they were looking at something weird.

"Boss, how do you feel?" Bao Bao was the first one to ask.

"I felt like I was floating and on the top of the clouds." Qin Wushuang answered honestly.

The Silver Monkey King laughed: "Of course that's how you would feel after consuming this Purple Cloud Spiritual Fruit. Once you've grown the Yin Yang Purple Cloud Wings, it would not be a problem to soar through the sky. It is rumored that the Yin Yang Purple Cloud Wings is the final appearance. To evolve to this stage, there is a long way to go. I heard that there are a few stages in between. Each time you evolve the wings, the color of the wings would change. Until it changes into purple, that is the final look!"

Suddenly, Bao Bao thought about a problem: "Boss, if you grew a pair of wings on your back, wouldn't that be scary? Ha ha ha."

However, the Silver Monkey King was the first to laugh: "Bao Bao, you are worrying over nothing. For such divine treasure, it will all depend on the user when controlling it. He can reveal or pull it back whenever he wants. How could it get exposed?"

Bao Bao clicked his tongue: "So miraculous."

Hearing how magical it sounded from the Silver Monkey King, Qin Wushuang also looked forward to it: "Your Majesty, I wonder when will the Wings grow?"

The Silver Monkey King said: "When you enter the Void Martial Stage, during the Actual Hollow Refinement Stage, the divine treasure inside your body will develop. You will also need time to practice using these wings."

Qin Wushuang said seriously: "I understand, thank you for your advice."

The Silver Monkey King laughed: "Today I asked you here because of this matter. Qin Wushuang, I would like to wish you all the best on entering the Void Martial Stage as soon as possible. When you make it to the Refinement Stage, you will become a true young elite warrior!"

Bao Bao laughed: "King, Boss Wushuang is already a true young elite warrior!"

The Silver Monkey King nodded: "Yes, with his age, to have reached his current strength plus his equipment, he can be regarded as somewhat outstanding even in the Xuan Yuan Mound. However, to be able to truly become competitive in the Xuan Yuan Mound, you would need to work even harder!"

Qin Wushuang could not help but ask: "Your Majesty, in the Xuan Yuan Mound, what is the criteria for measuring the strength of the young generation?"

The Silver Monkey King only answered after a moment of thinking: "In the Xuan Yuan Mound, for the non-mainstream sects, the young generation of disciples are only at the Middle or Advanced Stage. Such small sects or distant powerhouses are innumerable. For example, it can be a mall town, a village, or a tribe. The powerhouses at this level could not enter the mainstream of the Xuan Yuan Mound, but they possess the greatest numbers.

Qin Wushuang listened attentively. Up to this point, he did not have a systematized understanding of the exact strength of the Forbidden Spiritual Zones.

Since the Silver Monkey King was wise and knowledgeable and knew a lot about the Xuan Yuan Mound, he would be a rather good teacher.

"Besides these non-mainstream powerhouses, there are the third-rate powerhouses. Some of the more exceptional disciples of these third-rate powerhouses are at the Perfect Stage. Some are even at the Refined Void Martial Stage!" The Silver Monkey King said with a smile, "There are not too many third-rate powerhouses, but there are at least two or three hundred."

When Bao Bao heard these words, he could not help but feel somewhat depressed: "This way, I am only ranked among the exceptional disciples of a third-rate powerhouse?"

The Silver Monkey King laughed: "Bao Bao, that's not how you compare. Don't be hasty and finish listening to me. After the third-rate powerhouses, there are those second-rate ones. There are approximately forty or fifty such powerhouses in the Xuan Yuan Mound. Usually, their exceptional disciples are at the Refined Void Stage. The ones with more talent would be at the Transformation Void Martial Stage. A small portion may have even reached the Ravine Stage! Of course, only a few young disciples of the second rate sect could enter the Ravine Martial Stage. If there are some, they must be famous among the Xuan Yuan younger generation!"

 "After the second-rate powerhouses, the top ones are the first rated powerhouses. In the Xuan Yuan Mound, there are no more than ten first-rate powerhouses. Most of them occupy the Heavenly Emperor Mountain. At the very least, their exceptional disciples are at the Transformation Void Martial Stage. To the first rate powerhouses, they are competing on which sects have the most numerous of disciples at the Ravine Void Martial Stage! At most, there would be twenty to thirty, and at the very least they would have ten!"

However, Bao Bao was suspicious: 'How come there are so few young disciples at the Ravine Martial Stage? Could it because of the bloodline?"

 "The bloodline legacy is one thing, the most important part is occupying the Heavenly Emperor Mountain. The Heavenly Emperor Mountain is the core ruling area of the Xuan Yuan Mound and has the richest Qi of the entire place. It would the easiest way to nurture talents. Among the first-rate powerhouses, even a few young disciples have entered the Perfect Void Martial Stage!"

Upon hearing this point, Bao Bao was astonished: "It seems that compared to those demonic people at the Xuan Yuan Mound, we still need to work harder."

The Silver Monkey King laughed: "Of course. Bao Bao, there is always another mountain taller than the previous one. Never feel that because of your strong potential, you would be qualified to feel arrogant!"

Qin Wushuang silently mused on the words from the Silver Monkey King. Coupled with the teaching from Senior Yun Xue Chen from earlier, he had reached a new understanding of the situation in the Xuan Yuan Mound.

This way, the Qin Clan was also a first-rate powerhouse since they resided at the Heavenly Emperor Mountain. Perhaps, the Qin Clan had been persistent in not giving up because of this first-rate status. To give up their place at the Heavenly Emperor Mountain, it would mean to give up their future.

Suddenly, Bao Bao asked: "King, what rate does that Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect belong to?"

"The Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect counts as second-rate. However, among the second-rate powerhouses, they are in the top tier. I heard that among the four great Daoist Reverends, two of them have already broken through to the Void Martial Stage and have merged with the Great Dao both physically and mentally. They have entered that Exquisite Mystical Stage and are one step away from the Divine Dao."

 "The Exquisite Mystical Stage?" It was the first time when Qin Wushuang heard this word.

 "Yes, the Exquisite Mystical stage." The Silver Monkey King said seriously, "To be precise, this Exquisite Mystical Stage is not a practical stage. However, it is a realm unavoidable by all practitioners who pursue the supreme Divine Dao."

 "Supreme Divine Dao?" Bao Bao could not help but ask, "This way, if I am to pursue the Divine Dao, I must also enter this Exquisite Mystical Stage?"

 "That's absolutely necessary." The Silver Monkey King gave a long sigh, "The Exquisite Mystical Stage should be the final barrier between the human and Divine Dao. After breaking through this realm, you can wield the supreme Divine Dao and manifest your divine soul. Even if your body is destroyed, your divine soul can still escape from the three worlds and avoid the cycle of reincarnation. As long as you find a new body, you can still instigate new life!"

Qin Wushuang could not stop listening as he gave a long sigh: "No wonder it's the supreme Divine Dao, indeed, it's mystical."

Bao Bao laughed; "Does that mean, after entering the Divine Dao, we can live eternally?"

 "Ha ha, maybe not. Theoretically, you will not be destroyed at the Divine Dao level. In fact, all Divine Dao elite warriors can use Divine Soul attacks. Once your divine soul has been shattered and scatters away, you will also disappear. The Divine Dao is only the realm where one break through the mortal laws and stand above it. However, being at the Divine Dao stage will not enable you to create the laws."

The Silver Monkey King said with a solemn expression: "Only the existence that can create laws are qualified to challenge that eternal realm!"

When he said here, the Silver Monkey King's tone was also filled with expectation.

Rising above the laws would only give one more special authority over mortals, after all, they were not the creators of the laws!

When Qin Wushuang heard up to this point, he was moved. Hearing the words from the Silver Monkey King, could it be that there is an even higher realm above the Divine Dao?

The Silver Monkey King noticed Qin Wushuang's doubts as he nodded with a smile: "Young Master Qin, as you have guessed, there is an even higher realm of existence above the Divine Dao. However, what is this realm? I cannot answer it. I believe that no one could give a precise answer across the entire Tian Xuan Land!"

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