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Yun Xue Chen said: "It's not your fault, since you were born in the human countries, it's reasonable that you wouldn't know anything about the Heavenly Emperor Mountain. In fact, even most people in the Xuan Yuan Mound are unaware of the internal dispute within the Heavenly Royal Mountain. Let's put it this way, in the Xuan Yuan Mound, the Heavenly Emperor Mountain is like the royal family in your human countries. Politically, they hold the leadership status. There are eight gates in the Heavenly Emperor Mountain in which eight powerhouses reside. These eight powerhouses do not remain unchanged. Whoever becomes dominant and wins power will become one of them. Among the eight powerhouses, the strongest party is the Master of the Heavenly Emperor Mountain. They are the ones that truly governs the order in the Xuan Yuan Mound! Thus, they are different than the royal houses in your human countries. The Heavenly Emperor Mountain is similar to the royal houses of your countries, but not equivalent to. It is because the powerhouses of the mountain are extremely powerful and absolutely in the top-tier. If they are not a top-tier powerhouse, they would not be qualified to live at the Heavenly Emperor Mountain. Not to mention competing for the position of Master of the Mountain!"

Qin Wushuang had understood half of it as he said: "Since one is the Master of the Heavenly Emperor Mountain and able to govern the Xuan Yuan Mound, then are they the ruler of the Xuan Yuan Mound?"

Yun Xue Chen laughed and shook his head: "You must never speak such words at the Xuan Yuan Mound. Why is the Xuan Yuan Mound called by its name?"

"Why?" Qin Wushuang could not help but asked.

 "It's simple, the Xuan Yuan Mound is called by this name because the existence of the Xuan Yuan Clan! The Xuan Yuan Clan are the true rulers of the Xuan Yuan Mound. Only, the Xuan Yuan clan are descendants to the Immemorial Deity Clan. They have the bloodline of the Immemorial Deity Clan, yet they would not get involved in conflicts under normal circumstances. They would only live in seclusion to practice martial arts as they are pursuing that Supreme Deity Dao. However, even though they do not participate in conflicts or do not feel the commitment to get involved, it does not mean that they do not exist. It only proves that their position is supreme. Once the secluded Xuan Yuan appears, it would mean that either the Tian Xuan Land is in chaos, or a crisis has happened to the Xuan Yuan Mound. Besides these two circumstances, the Xuan Yuan Clan would not usually come out."

Yun Xue Chen's words had made Qin Wushuang awaken from a dream.

The Xuan Yuan Clan.

It was not the first time Qin Wushuang had heard this name. However, he only understood the true meaning behind these words at this moment. He had learned the origin of the name of the Xuan Yuan Mound!

 "This way, for those powerhouses at the Heavenly Emperor Mountain, even the Master of the Mountain are only servants to the Xuan Yuan Clan. They are only carrying out the governing role for them." Qin Wushuang gave a long sigh.

Yun Xue Chen nodded casually: "That's the meaning. However, just this Servant position, since the beginning history of the Tian Xuan Land, how many powerhouses have fought for it and could not get it? How many powerhouses went crazy for it, and how many had disappeared because of it?"

"This is the greed…" Qin Wushuang gave a light sigh, "Even the Servant is below one person and stepping above ten thousand people."

Yun Xue Chen laughed: "One person below, and ten thousand people above, that's the meaning."

 "The Qin Clan has occupied the Heavenly Emperor Mountain for three thousand years. During their most prosperous time, they had led the Heavenly Emperor Eight Gates and sat in the Master position. Only, fortunes rise and fall. In the recent thousand years, river run away by the day at the Heavenly Emperor Mountain. The situation was not going well for them. Currently, it's uncertain whether they can keep the position as one of the Eight Gates in the Heavenly Emperor Mountain. The competition within this Heavenly Emperor Mountain is extremely brutal. Only eight powerhouses are allowed to reside there. Not one more, and not one less."

Qin Wushuang had understood to some extent after hearing the explanation from Yun Xue Chen. The Qin Clan was facing a difficult situation as they just wanted to keep a seat at the Heavenly Emperor Mountain.

Only, with their power diminishing, of course they must be anxious in wanting to keep the position. It was the same with the dire straits his Eastwood Qin had been in when he'd reincarnated into this world. People would even go after their Humble Seat.

"It seems that in this Tian Xuan Land, regardless of the Forbidden Spiritual Zones, the human countries or anywhere else, the method of conflicts are similar. People always go after position, territories, and benefits." Inwardly, as Qin Wushuang thought of it this way, he completely understood Qin Clan's crisis. After all, he had experienced it first hand and was most familiar with this feeling.

Since they held a position at one of the Eight Gate in the Heavenly Emperor Mountain, regardless of how much they had declined, they would still feel unwilling to give up. It was like his father and the Eastwood Qin Clan. Regardless of how much Qin Lianshan was at the at the brink, he still would not give up the Humble Seat while facing the threat from the Xu family.

Seeing Qin Wushuang remaining silent, Yun Xue Chen laughed casually and at ease. He stood up and said to Qin Wushuang: "I have talked about all the things I can speak of. It will be up to you to make the decision. The Qin Clan is in a difficult situation at the Heavenly Emperor Mountain, and with your strength, it would not influence the general situation whether you go or not. Are you still going to go?"

Qin Wushuang was rather straightforward as he nodded: "I will go!"

Then, he said slowly: "Since I am an offspring of the Qin Clan, I must go regardless of everything else. Even if I cannot influence the general situation, I should contribute my power to not leave ancestor Qin Yu's remaining wish in vain. From my Qin Yu ancestor's noble character and unquestionable integrity, for sure, the Qin Clan was valuable to him and deserved his contribution and hard work. Just this point alone, I cannot decline."

A trace of surprise flashed across Yun Xue Chen's eyes as he laughed: "So alike, your tone and your mannerisms resemble Qin Yu. Ha ha. Then go look. However, I also have a piece of advice, would you like to hear it?"

 "Please enlighten me."

 "Act within your limits!" Yun Xue Chen said these four words cautiously, "If the situation is not tenable, it's impossible to change it with one's strength alone. Save yourself, conceal your strength, and bide your time to make a comeback. If you were to rush into a life and death struggle, it's not a something a wise man would do."

Qin Wushuang accepted his words wholeheartedly: "Thank you for your advice, I will definitely remember it in my heart."

Yun Xue Chen laughed: "Goodbye, young man, your name is Qin Wushuang, right? Ha ha ha, hopefully we can meet again after today."

Qin Wushuang opened his mouth and just as he was about to urge him to stay, Yun Xue Chen's body slowly faded into the void. With the ripples flashing vividly, his entire body seemed to have dissipated into mist as it merged with the winds. Next, as the sparkling and translucent rays of light flashed, not a single trace of his body was seen again.

Feeling at loss, Qin Wushuang said: "Thank you, senior!"

From the sky, Yun Xue Chen's voice echoed: "Remember my advice, act according to your limits."

Qin Wushuang nodded with hesitation. He stood on the slope and looked at the sky. He only saw that high in the sky, countless clouds travelled back and forth. Each one seemed to be what Senior Yun Xue Chen had turned into.

Instantly, a wave of disappointment emerged in his mind. Although he had only briefly spoken with Yun Xue Chen, Qin Wushuang had received endless benefits as if they had been old friends for hundreds of years.

 "Yun Xue Chen…" Qin Wushuang mumbled to himself, "I wonder which powerhouse Senior Yun Xue Chen belongs to, and I wonder what shocking stage his own strength has reached?"

There was a trace of curiosity inside Qin Wushuang's mind. While he was dwelling on the thought, a call came from the other side of the slope: "Boss, who are you talking to?"

A gold figure appeared on the slope on the opposite side. It was Bao Bao. When Bao Bao had returned to his home, the Monkey King Mountain, he had restored himself to his original appearance as a fluffy little golden monkey.

 "Bao Bao, how is Lone's solitary training?" Qin Wushuang went up with a smile.

 "Ha, who knows the result without ten days or half a month. However, for this solitary training, most likely Lone will break through the restraint of the Perfect Stage!" Bao Bao smiled. Then, he said suddenly, "Boss, I need to tell you some good news, the old Silver Monkey King has also broken through!"

 "He broke through?" Inwardly, Qin Wushuang was shocked. The Silver Monkey King had broken through and the Purple Flame Electric Beast was welcoming it soon. Now, only he, Qin Wushuang, was still walking on the path of the Perfect Stage.

Although he had reached eighty to ninety percent maturity at this stage, he was still one step away from breaking into the Void Martial Stage. However, to take this step, he would need to accumulate Qi continuously. Most importantly, he needed the right timing.

 "Boss, I think I heard you talking just now." Bao Bao looked around and did not see anyone. He could not help but feel somewhat curious.

Qin Wushuang gave a friendly lie: "I was talking to myself during practicing." Then, he changed the topic, "Bao Bao, I created two spear moves. For one of the moves, I have comprehended it and only lack the proficiency. Would you like to take a look?"

Bao Bao laughed: "Sure! Boss, come at me! I am not scared of you when you are not using the Graceful Spiritual Bow."

Qin Wushuang shook the Overlord Breaking Formation Spear with a light chant. He straightened his arm and stabbed the spear forward normally. Suddenly, like an escaping rabbit, his body moved forward as he shot forward abruptly.

The head of the spear seemed to have been bestowed with life as its aura increased tremendously. A ray of light flickered like electric sparks or a hissing viper .

 "Feel my spear!" Qin Wushuang gave a low shout and sent the spear move forward, "This is the first move, Awakening Move!"

The so-called awakening was to awaken his own intention. The goal was to awaken the potential inside the body and gather all of it into this exceptional spear move.

This spear move did not have a fixed pattern and only relied on the guidance from one's intention. Regarding the power and the creative concept of this spear move, it would come from one's own intention and their own temperament.

As soon as the temperament had formed, the potential of the entire body would get stimulated. Regardless of which moves one were to unleash the power of this spear, it could be piercing, poking, slashing, splitting, or chopping…

All different moves would get received and transmitted wholeheartedly. Once the thought was formed, the spear move would continuously emerge like the rapid growing spring bamboo. Although it was only one move, in fact, the moves were endless.

Initially, Bao Bao thought that although Qin Wushuang had exceptional spear moves, his Perfect Stage level would not threaten him, as he himself was at the Void Martial Stage.

However, the power from Qin Wushuang's spear move had seemed to receive some kind of boost as it aroused all the potential of his body. Thus, it had helped to form this astonishing spear move, which caused Bao Bao to raise his eyebrow and feel extremely impressed. He did not dare to neglect as he waved the giant stick in his hand from left and right to block Qin Wushuang's moves.

"Watch my second move—Congregated Nucleus Move!" Qin Wushuang changed his spear attack and turned the power attribute directly into natural elemental attributes. He initiated a wave of cold genuine spiritual Qi from his hand to insert it into the spear and to emerge from the spearhead.


With a crispy sound, a cold wave of torrential current had congealed on the spearhead. Urged by the flow of light, it had formed into a separate spearhead shape and pierced at Bao Bao.

This spectral spearhead revealed extreme coldness. Before it had arrived before him, it had covered the surrounding vegetation with a layer of hoar frost.

Bao Bao was surprised: "Boss, what is this skill?"

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