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The faces of the two beautiful sisters of the Yun family instantly lost their color as they watched Ye Feng spew out a mouthful of blood. They were shocked because although Ye Feng was only twenty-one years old, he had already reached Stage Three of the Genuine Force.

Among the younger generation, he was one of the elites.

Today in River County, he had unexpectedly suffered a significant loss to an offspring of the Humble Class.

Fortunately, there weren't many people around. Plus, since Ye Feng and Qin Wushuang had only exchanged a single attack, it wasn't a public spectacle like what had happened with Zhang Yao and Zhang Xian.

"We should stop right now, as for everything that has happened. You Missies would not object, would you? Da Xi Ming appeared to be asking for their opinions, but the truth was, he had already made his decision.

Yun Qingyu stuttered: "Young Master Da Xi…"

Although Ye Feng had suffered a lot, he knew how to act according to the situation. He understood that his reputation would be damaged if other people learned about today. Since Da Xi Ming had spoken, he was content with this decision.

He wiped off the blood from the corner of his mouth and nodded: "No wonder all heroes come from youngsters. Today, I've come to understand that there are mountains over the hills and way more talented people out there. I will admit defeat and stop. However, there is a saying that the water would flow even if the mountains don't. I will repay what had happened today in the future. Please understand, Da Xi."

Da Xi Ming said lightly: "You guys are our guests. Since you have traveled a great distance to River County, I only care if you guys cause trouble in River County. As for what happens outside of River County, how could I interfere with your business?"

Inwardly, he preferred the brother and sister of the Qin family. However, he spoke with no emotion to show fairness. He also knew that the Ye family was a Venerable family that lived in Southcloud City. Their strength was most likely not any inferior to his Venerable Da Xi family. He would not have the power to interfere even if he wanted to force the issue.

However, Da Xi Ming had sharp eyes and had noticed that Qin Wushuang had not even used his full strength when he'd thrown out that palm at Ye Feng. He had clearly held back.

Ye Feng was four or five years older than Qin Wushuang. Since he could not beat Qin Wushuang today, it had proven that regardless of strength or potential, he was weaker than Qin Wushuang. What kind of qualifications would he have to seek revenge? Da Xi Ming, of course, did not bother to expose him.

However, this Ye Feng had the courage to let it go when he'd lost. This quality showed that he was one of the elite.

Yun Qingyan, who had caused the incident, changed her usual bold, vigorous, crafty and rude behavior. Her eyes became evasive as if she had turned into a kid that had made a mistake.

Qin Wushuang cupped his hands at Da Xi Ming: "Big Brother Da Xi, your invitation has truly tired me out. I came to visit this jewelry shop for their famous brand, yet they ignored me as if we were some lowly aristocrats because they thought we were poor. These people were even stranger. As soon as they met me, they were seemingly infected with rabies. I sincerely regret not checking the astrology today before going out."

"Rabies? What is that?" Da Xi Ming was stunned when he heard this unknown word.

Qin Wushuang laughed drily: "That…is a weird sickness. Fretful, brutal, craziness are the symptoms and one would bite whoever they saw."

Ye Feng clearly knew these were not kind words as his face slowly turned into the color of a pig's liver. However, as the loser, he did not dare to speak. Thus, he forced himself to choke back the curses in his throat, causing him to cough continuously as a result.

Yun Qingyan hid in a corner and eyed Qin Wushuang with suspicion. She could not understand how Qin Wushuang, who could barely survive in the Martial Arts Academy, had suddenly turned into a different person. He'd even beat Big Brother Ye Feng, who was at Stage Three of the Genuine Force to the point of spitting blood!

What's more, the strong Venerable Da Xi family, the number one household in River County, had also sent out an invitation to the Humble Qin family!

No matter how you looked at it, it sounded ridiculous when a Venerable Class aristocrat invited a little Humble Class family to the banquet.

Since it had turned out like this, Qin Wushuang no longer had any interest in purchasing jewelry. He flicked his sleeves and smiled at Da Xi Ming: "It seems that today was not a good day to go out. I will return to the inn. Big Brother Da Xi, I hope to see you again."

When Qin Xiu saw her little brother swiftly leaving, she glanced at Da Xi Ming and smiled apologetically. Then, she quickly hurried after her brother.

Da Xi Ming was five or six years older than Ye Feng. He obviously did not share many common interests with them as he said lightly: "Ye Feng, I will, of course, ask the observers to keep their mouths shut. As long as your group does not speak about today, I promise that the details of this battle will not be exposed."

Ye Feng's handsome face turned red as he said: "Thank you for your considerations, Big Brother Da Xi. I am going to return to Southcloud City and practice hard on my family martial arts techniques. Please send my apologies to your sister. When I return, I will send her a generous gift to make up for this."

Da Xi Ming gently answered with an "Ok." However, his mind was occupied with another matter as he said half-heartedly: "Why not leave after the banquet?"

"Thank you for your hospitality, Big Brother Da Xi. Please pass on my sincere apologies to your sister."

Ye Feng was a very proud person. How could he continue to stay after having lost this fight? Could he let a bunch of his peers ridicule him when they learned about this battle?

Ye Feng, Ling Tian, and Yun Qingyu had all studied at an advanced martial arts academy in Redwood Royal City. They were classmates with Da Xi Ming's sister, Da Xi Yue. Thus, they had come to River County as a group to celebrate Da Xi Yue's birthday party.

This Ye Feng was a playboy and liked Da Xi Yue. However, he could not help but stay close with Yun Qingyu during his typical days. He clearly enjoyed playing around with girls' feelings.

This time, when he'd met Qin Wushuang, Ye Feng had initially intended to use Qin Wushuang to show off his skills and had aimed to win over Yun Qingyu. However, he had unexpectedly kicked a hard iron board.

Da Xi Ming could not help but laugh when he watched as this group of people left in a huff. If each and every offspring of the Venerable Ye family behaved like Ye Feng, then he would not need to worry about the Ye family.

When he entered the Forever Flourishing Jewelry shop, the group of sales clerk scrambled to answer his orders. All of them promised to keep their mouths shut on what had happened today.

Da Xi Ming flicked his sleeves and left. He was keeping the events of the fight confidential not because of he cared about Ye Feng's reputation, but because he did not want to push Qin Wushuang into the heart of the struggle before the battle of the Wealthy Class seats. After all, they were only a few days away from the fight, and Da Xi Ming did not want any accidents to occur.

Naturally, it was a simple matter for the Venerable Da Xi family to seal off the news.

The owner of the Forever Flourishing jewelry shop immediately rushed over when he'd heard the news. When he'd learned of what had happened, he could not help but become furious.He instantly swore: "You guys don't want to keep your jobs, right? How many times have I told you, don't judge people with your snobbish theory. What person would walk into our shop if they did not have some money and wealth?"

"You…"He pointed at that sales clerk who had served Qin Wushuang, "Come with me and kneel before him until he forgives you."

"If he won't forgive you, then you should kneel to your death."

As someone that had worked hard to achieve his position, the owner obviously had his ruthless methods. The instant when he'd heard that Da Xi Ming had spoken for the Humble Qin family, he, as a sensitive man, immediately felt that something was different. Thus, he entered the inner hall and picked out a high-quality piece of jewelry and brought that sales clerk to apologize at the inn where the Qin family stayed.

Qin Wushuang had not expected such a complete turnaround of the situation. Since there was a saying of how you would not hit people with a smiling face, when he saw the Forever Flourishing jewelry owner's respectful face, he lightly said: "There is no need to kneel or kowtow. I only wanted to buy a piece of jewelry. Since you've come over, you've helped me save some time from having to visit again. Leave the goods, I will pay the full price."

"I am afraid that won't do. Since Young Master had received such bad treatment at my store, we all feel very guilty. I will only dare to charge the manufacturer's price for this piece. You only need to pay me sixty kilos of gold."

Among the Humble Classes in River County, the Humble Qin family was ranked number one for their significant amount of assets. The amount had even surpassed some of the Prominent Classes. Sixty kilos of gold was, of course, an insignificant amount to them.

After he had received the payment, that boss left satisfied after he'd apologized a few more times. That sale clerk was currently heavily regretting her actions. On the one hand, she was glad that Qin Wushuang did not pursue the matter of his mistakes. On the other, she was mad at herself for her previous vicious attitude. Why hadn't she treated him nicer?

Look at how easily he had handed over that amount of money. He did not even blink when he'd paid the sixty kilos of gold. Now, not only had she offended a child of the aristocrats, but she had also missed a huge sale. She would have gotten the one percent commission, if not for what she had done!

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