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The information brought by the Barbarian Clan had instantly and drastically changed the situation. Although the Barbarian Tribe had retreated expeditiously, the Red Maple Human Clan did not lag behind and retreated at a speed no less faster than the Barbarian Tribe's.

Qin Wushuang, who was observing from a faraway dark corner, was overjoyed when he saw their movements. He knew that these two big clans was retreating.

Everything was going according to his calculations.

Qin Wushuang said in a low voice: "Lone, did you see that. The Barbarian Tribe and the Red Maple Human Clan is already retreating."

The Purple Flame Electric Beast laughed mischievously: "That's great, Boss, everything is within your calculations."

The Red Maple Human Clan has already assembled in anticipation of their orders. Ye Wentong said: "Everyone, as time draws near, something unexpected has happened. The headquarters of the Barbarian Tribe have been attacked, I am worried that the enemy had split into two groups to create a ruckus at our own headquarters. This time, we will push back the attack on the Monkey King Mountain for now. We will head back home to assist our kin."

When he said here, Ye Wentong stopped for a moment and glanced toward the other Suzerains at the scene. He ordered: "Zhang Qingtong, Second Suzerain, Cheng Bo; Third Suzerain; and Gong Sunli, Fourth Suzerain. You three will lead our troops in the vanguard. You must be careful along the way to prevent sneak attack from the enemies. The remaining forces will be right behind. The two teams will stay within one hundred miles to look after each other as head and tail. Regardless of which team gets attacked, we can help each other."

It was no mystery how Ye Wentong was considered the number one in the Red Maple Human Clan. He had gone through multiple considerations for this arrangement.

He made a hypothesis that if the enemy had truly gone to wreck the headquarters of their clan, they must have considered about luring their main force back and setting up ambushes along the way.

If they encountered an ambush, it would be easy to become disorganized if all the troops were gathered in one place. On the contrary, if the troops were split into two groups and kept at a reasonable distance apart, regardless of which team got attacked, the other group could rush to rescue.

With such consideration and arrangement, it would increased the safety of rushing back to help the Red Maple Human Clan.

As Qin Wushuang watched the arrangement of the Red Maple Human Clan from afar, he was also somewhat impressed. He knew that in that clan, there must be some elite warriors that had seen through his strategy. Clearly, they also had their own counter-strategy.

Of course, Qin Wushuang had changed his plan on the fly and had turned it into a trap within a trap. Even if the other party made such arrangements, with him and the Purple Flame Electric Beast following behind, they were a hidden blade the enemy would be unexpecting.

Even if the Red Maple Human Clan could come to each other's rescue after suffering a surprise attack from Bao Bao, Qin Wushuang and the Purple Flame Electric Beast could attack from behind and catch them unawares.

After their arrangement, under the leadership of the three Suzerains, the first team of the Red Maple Human Clan started to head back. After waiting for about an hour, the main force of the clan also started to head out.

 "Boss, the Barbarian Tribe is gone, the Red Maple Human Clan is also gone. Now, should we start going?" The Purple Flame Electric Beast said in a low voice.

Qin Wushuang shook his head: "No rush, let's wait another hour. Let them go first. Are you scared that with your footwork, you cannot catch up to them?"

The Purple Flame Electric Beast said proudly: "An hour? Even if I let them go half a day earlier, I can still make it."

 "That's great. Then, we will wait a bit more. For now, let's not expose ourselves and hold our ground."

 "Why? The Purple Flame Electric Beast was confused, "They are all gone, could we be scared of some tricks?"

Qin Wushuang said lightly: "Since ancient times, there can never be too much deception in war. It's always good to be careful."

A man and a beast stayed concealed in the darkness and waited for more than an hour. Just when the Purple Flame Electric Beast could not stay still any longer and was about to jump out, Qin Wushuang stopped him: "Hold on."

Suddenly, using his spiritual perception, the Purple Flame Electric Beast also sensed a few figures had jumped out from the darkness and wandered around a few times.

In fact, these people were elite warriors of the Red Maple Human Clan. They did not follow the main force and had concealed themselves in the surrounding area. Apparently, they had received special instructions from Ye Wentong to stay concealed here. They had stayed to see what other reactions would occur after their retreat.

 "Senior Brother Kai, an hour has passed. There are no signs of any movements. Let's go back to report to the Grand Suzerain.'

That person being called Senior Brother Kai had a pair of eyes like an eagle. He glanced around a few times and nodded: "The Grand Suzerain has always been cautious. He ordered us to stay and observe here for a while in case of some kind of scheme by the enemy or whether all this was some trick to scare us."

 "Yes, the Grand Suzerain is considerate of the big picture."

 "Ok, it's best that nothing has happened. Let's hurry and catch up to the main force." That Senior Brother Kai waved his hand and left swiftly with his brothers.

The Purple Flame Electric Beast had clearly seen this what had happened in the darkness. He could not help but curse lightly: "Darn it, indeed, this Red Maple Human Clan is mistrustful and cunning."

However, Qin Wushuang did not think too much about it. In his viewpoint, this was only a basic maneuver. If the Red Maple Human Clan had just retreated without leaving behind a single scout, it would show they were too weak.

 "Boss, should we go out?" After that lesson a moment ago, the Purple Flame Electric Beast had clearly learned and did not act with arrogance and impulsiveness again.

Now, he had learned the intelligence of the humans was incomparable to his own. The more he thought, the more impressed he was of Qin Wushuang.

Qin Wushuang stayed silent. Suddenly, the Purple Flame Electric Beast cowered down his body again as he cursed in a low voice: "Darn it, another group!"

Indeed, from the other side of the Monkey King Mountain, another group of strong warriors dashed down. They dropped down into that area where the enemy had set up camp.

Watching from afar, Qin Wushuang was overjoyed inwardly. The people that had come this time were not from the Red Maple Human Clan, but those Elders of the Monkey Clan. They were observing carefully under the leadership of the Silver Monkey King.

The Silver Monkey King was furious, yet his face showed a solemn expression.

After looking around for a while, those Monkey Elders started to gather and to report what they had seen.

"Your Majesty Silver Monkey King, they have all retreated!"

"These barbarians, how dare they come and leave as they want?"

 "Darn it, there must be some schemes at work here!"

Those Monkey Elders gave their own views and each of them tweaked their ears and scratched their cheeks. Apparently, they were also anxious and worried about the change in the situation. When the Monkey Clan had heard that the Barbarian Tribe was colluding with the Red Maple Human Clan and planning to attack the Monkey King Mountain, anger had erupted from all of them and they were prepared to do battle.

This time, all the Elders and elite warriors of the clan were present. They had been prepared to fight to the death with the Barbarian Tribe and the Red Maple Human Clan.

Unexpectedly, on the verge of the battle, those two aggressive clans had retreated.

Even the wise and knowledgeable Silver Monkey King was confused by this situation. After a moment of silence, the Silver Monkey King said: "This retreat seems suspicious. I am afraid there must be some other scheme at work."

 "Silver Monkey King, up to this point, they had only been waiting to attack the Monkey King Mountain. What other schemes could they have conjured up? Attacking the Monkey King Mountain is the most obvious thing. They didn't have to retreat now and advance later."

Inside the Monkey Clan, there were also some wise people. Clearly, they could also not understand these events.

"Your Majesty, do you think they have received news that Bao Bao is coming back?" One of the Monkey Elder thought about Bao Bao immediately.

As soon as he spoke these words, it created a resonating thought among them. All the other Elders started to nod and said: "Yes, why didn't we think about that? Could it be that Bao Bao is coming back?"

The Silver Monkey King said in a low voice: "Even if Bao Bao is back, Bao Bao alone would not have scared them to this extent. This time, they must have already considered this factor. They must have also made arrangements for dealing with Bao Bao. The Red Maple Human Clan has always made strategies first and acted second. They would not have come to attack the Monkey King Mountain without making any preparations."

 "If it's not because of Bao Bao, what else could there be?"

 "Could there be some elite warrior of the Xuan Yuan Mound issuing orders to have them retreat?"

 "Who? Miss Mu Rong? Although she has visited us a few times and have known us for a while, the Mu Rong Clan has also interacted with the Barbarian Tribe and the Red Maple Human Clan. It's impossible that they would treat us specially."

These Monkey Clan higher-ups all gave their own opinions one after another.

While they were talking, suddenly, the Silver Monkey King felt a green light flash before him. Still remaining unhurried despite the disorganized situation, his body flashed and caught something in the air as he extended his hand. He fixed his gaze and saw it was a green arrow

When the Silver Monkey King saw this object, his unpredictable expression brightened up like sunlight in March. He laughed: "An old friend has come to visit us."

Yet, those Elders of the Monkey Clan did not recognize this arrow.

The Silver Monkey King held the arrow in his hand: "Young Master Qin, come out."

Qin Wushuang leapt out and said with a smile, like a breath of fresh air: "Your Majesty Silver Monkey King, it is fortunate that it was you that led the team down the mountain."

When the Silver Monkey King saw Qin Wushuang and that Purple Flame Electric Beast next to him, his smile instantly froze when he did not see Bao Bao. He asked with surprise: "Young Master Qin, where is Bao Bao?"

Qin Wushuang said with a smile: "Silver Monkey King, let's talk elsewhere."

The Silver Monkey King understood and led the team towards a remote corner at the foot of the Monkey King Mountain. When he arrived at a safe place, the Silver Monkey King ordered a few Elders to patrol the area and then, he started to talk with Qin Wushuang.

 "Young Master Qin, don't keep me in suspense. Where is Bao Bao?" To the Monkey King, Bao Bao, the Gold Monkey King was the clan's greatest treasure. Even if he were to abandon the mountain, they must protect Bao Bao, who had the ancient bloodline of the spiritual monkey. As long as Bao Bao existed, there would be hope for the Monkey Clan!"

"Silver Monkey King, there is a reason behind the retreat of the Barbarian Tribe and the Red Maple Human Clan. It was not because of anything else, but because their headquarters have been attacked. I watched them setting up a formation at the foot of the Monkey King Mountain. If we had charged in forcefully, regardless of me or Bao Bao, I am afraid we cannot breakthrough the formation by the Red Maple Human Clan. Thus, Bao Bao and I split into two groups. I went to set the Barbarian Tribe's Holy Temple on fire, he went to create some ruckus at the Red Maple Human Clan. As soon as the news arrived here, they were forced to retreat!"

The Silver Monkey King could not help but laugh: "Great strategy, Young Master Qin!"

 "Silver Monkey King, up to this point, the strategy is only half finished. Although they have retreated, we did not inflict a fatal blow to the enemies. According to the arrangement, Bao Bao would ambush them at the halfway point along their way back to the Red Maple Human Clan. And we would ambush the Barbarian Tribe on their return journey."

 "Bao Bao is ambushing the main force of the Red Maple Human Clan? Wouldn't that be too dangerous?" The Silver Monkey King had become anxious again.

Bao Bao's well-being meant everything to the Monkey Clan!

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