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The Eight Great Warriors of the Red Maple Human Clan enjoyed the ultimate position in the clan. They were the Suzerain of the eight territories in the Red Maple Human Clan.

On the surface, these eight territories shared an equal position. In truth, the highest ruler of the Red Maple Human Clan was the Grand Suzerain, Ye Wentong.

Regardless of individual strength, strategic mind, judgement, individual charm, and many other aspects, the remaining seven Suzerains were far inferior to Ye Wentong.

Ye Wentong had strength almost on par with the Silver Monkey King. He was also an elite warrior half a step in the Void Martial Stage. He was the kind that would advance into the Void Martial Stage with one final step.

However, although he was only a step away from the Void Martial Stage, there was still a tremendous difference whether he had taken this step. If he did, he would reach the Void Martial Stage and his power would increase tremendously. If he did not take that step, despite being stronger than the other Suzerains, he was only slightly stronger within the Perfect Stage and did not have an overwhelming advantage.

Ye Wentong was a sharp-witted person. He felt somewhat suspicious when he saw that trusted aide of the Head Barbarian Tribal Chief had walked in abruptly. Seeing him whispering besides his ears and speaking in a hushed tones, they appeared even more suspicious.

However, despite his suspicions, he still remained calm on the surface. He wanted to see the next reaction of the Barbarian Tribe.

The Head Tribal Chief of the Barbarian Tribe stood up and said: "Suzerain Ye, my clan's headquarters have been attacked. They even burned our holy temple of worship!"

As soon as the Head Tribal Chief said these words, the other four Tribal Chiefs stood up and looked at him in disbelief.

The Head Tribal Chief said furiously: "The Elder that stayed to defend came to delivery the news himself, this is not a joke!"

"Who did it?"

 "Yes, who is being this fearless!"

Those Tribal Chiefs of the Barbarian Tribe called out furiously. To them, it was an enormous nightmare to hear that their holy temple of worship had been burned. To the Barbarian Tribe, the temple was the fountainhead of their religion, the most supreme holy ground. How could they suppress the anger when they heard such news? Each of them cursed and gnashed their teeth in anger.

 "Head Tribal Chief, who did it?"

 "Yes, who did it! The Barbarian Tribe is not some weakling, we must find them and tear them into eight pieces!"

The Head Tribal Chief said: "With the Holy Temple burned down, we cannot stay here any longer, we must go back! Suzerain Ye, this time, the plan to attack the Monkey King Mountain will have to be put on hold."

However, Ye Wentong said: "Head Tribal Chief, that person must have extraordinary ability since he was able to break into your home, which is located within a few hundred miles of swamp. Do you have any information regarding the enemies?"

The Head Tribal Chief fumed in anger and said with gritted teeth: "Regardless of who he is, the Barbarian Tribe will make him pay!"

 "Of course, the question now is. This enemy would not have revealed himself without cause. It's crucial to know who had done it." Ye Wentong was much smarter and flexible in thinking these things than these Barbarian Tribal Chiefs.

That Head Tribal Chief said to his trusted aide after some thought: "Call in that Elder who delivered the news."

That trusted aide walked out and in a moment, he brought in that Elder.

 "Second Elder, tell us, who was the person that attacked the Barbarian Tribe!"

That Second Elder explained what happened that day in detail. He also described the unique traits of Qin Wushuang and the Purple Flame Electric Beast.

The expression on Ye Wentong's face changed: "Second Elder, are you saying that young human knew that us two clans were planning to attack the Monkey King Mountain?"

 "Yes, he not only knew, he also said that the Tribal Chiefs had been defeated. He said that the Red Maple Human colluded with the Monkey King Mountain since the beginning and was waiting for the Barbarians to fall into the traps."

Ye Wentong laughed coldly: "This is a vicious scheme designed to drive wedges in our partnership. Tribal Chiefs, I am afraid that our mission has been exposed. Do you have any ideas who might this enemy be?"

The face of the Head Tribal Chief appeared ashen: "A man and a beast truly turned the entire Barbarian Tribe upside down? Who is this person?"

Suddenly, the Second Tribal Chief said: "Second Elder, did you say that person has a powerful bow?"

 "Yes, when he pulled out the bow, he shot a dozen or so arrows at once with terrifying power. The lights only flashed and it would arrive before us. Even a few of our own Elders got killed by that bow."

That Second Tribal Chief exchanged a glance with the other two Tribal Chiefs while a trace of fear appeared in their eyes. Apparently, they remembered their first invasion of the Monkey King Mountain. And they remembered that human who had interfered in their business.

 "Head Tribal Chief, most likely, that young man is the same person who had helped the Monkey Clan and the Monkey King Mountain last time!" The Second Tribal Chief said with a long sigh.

 "It's him?" The Head Tribal Chief was astonished, "This way, does it mean that the Gold Monkey King has returned? That guy shares an unusual relationship with the Gold Monkey King!"

 "I am afraid that's the case." The Second Tribal Chief and the other two Tribal Chiefs nodded.

Ye Wentong asked: "Gold Monkey King? Who exactly is that young man, did you guys not do any investigation?"

The Head Tribal Chief said with a bitter tone: "Who said we didn't investigate? That person is from the human countries, he is twenty years old and is called Qin Wushuang! He is a disciple to the Great Luo Empire's Stargaze Palace in the human countries. With almost only his power alone, he destroyed the Nine Palace Faction!"

 "Qin Wushuang, could it be that Qin Wushuang who had killed Zuo Tianci a while ago?" Immediately, Ye Wentong's tone had become nervous.

The news about how Qin Wushuang had broken into the Nine Palace Faction and executing Zuo Tianci angrily had already spread across the entire human countries. At the same time, the news had also entered the Dispersed Praying Mountain through different channels. It had even reached the ears of all major powerhouses in the Xuan Yuan Mound.

The name of Qin Wushuang was like a slowly rising star and caused people to cast sidelong glances. After all, even at the Xuan Yuan Mound, it was rare for a twenty-year old to achieve such accomplishments.

 "That's him!" A severe light flickered across the eyes of the Head Tribal Chiefs, "Qin Wushuang, what grudge do you hold against my Barbarian Tribe? Destroying the roots of my Barbarian Tribe is simply going too far! Everyone, let's go back to take a look immediately. That kid will not have gone far. Regardless of how strong he may be, he must die for burning down our holy temple!"

All other four Tribal Chiefs answered in unison.

However, Ye Wentong roared: "Hold a second! Let me ask the Second Elder one more question. Those who cause a ruckus at the Barbarian Tribe, was it only Qin Wushuang with one spiritual beast?"

"Yes." The Second Elder answered carefully.

 "Was that spiritual beast the Gold Monkey King?" Ye Wentong asked.

 "It was not the Gold Monkey King. That beast had a malevolent and vicious appearance, along with a giant body. He is not a monkey, more like a big lion. Also, he can breathe fire!"

The Head Tribal Chief mumbled to himself: "Yes, yes! It's Qin Wushuang without a question. According to the information, he has two spiritual beasts next to him. One of them is that stupid monkey of the Monkey King Clan, the other one is this bastard that can spit fire. Since this bastard burned down my holy temple, when I catch them, I will skin him and rip out his tendons!"

 "Head Tribal Chief, have you ever thought about where that Gold Monkey King had gone?" Ye Wentong asked cautiously.

 "I don't care where that stupid monkey has gone, we are going back now. He better not let us see him. Otherwise, it would either be their death, or ours!" Flustered and exasperated, the Head Tribal Chief kept cursing and was about to head out.

"Head Tribal Chief, if you go now, you will fall right into their trap!" Ye Wentong said immediately.

 "How could I fall right into their trap?" The Head Tribal Chief said angrily.

 "They attacked the holy temple of worship to lure you back. Think about it, if they are going to ambush you along the way and with you rushing back in a hurry, wouldn't you all fall right into their trap? He's using this strategy to intentionally anger you so he can catch you unaware, think, how would you deal with it?"

 "Since they already knew about our attack plan, for sure they would have set up a sophisticated trap. I think that now, they must be lying in ambush along the way and waiting for you guys to rush back. Since that Qin Wushuang has the protection of that spiritual bow, it's even more suitable for him to launch sneak attacks. His attack would kill the target in one go."

Although Ye Wentong was using frightening words to scare people, his words had somewhat made sense. It caused those Tribal Chiefs of the Barbarian Tribe to hesitate. Yes, by rushing back now, it would be easy to fall into their trap.

 "Suzerain Ye, what do you think we should do?" The Head Tribal Chief said with an anxious tone, "The leader of the clan can't not do anything when our headquarters are being attacked, right?"

A ruthless light flashed across Ye Wentong's eyes as he said: "Head Tribal Chief, if I am the enemy, I will for sure ambush you along the halfway point. Why should we follow his strategy? We should bear it patiently and take the Monkey King Mountain in one swoop. Once we have taken the Monkey King Mountain, the entire Dispersed Praying Mountain would be in our clans' hands. At that time, to catch them within the Dispersed Praying Montain, wouldn't it be like stretching a hand to grab a turtle in the jar?"

 "If we cannot take out the Monkey King Mountain in the shortest time as possible, they would acquire information. Wouldn't it become more troublesome for us when they coordinate outside and inside offensives?" The Head Tribal Chiefs also had his own thoughts.

 "Thus, we must act swiftly, ruthlessly and make them collapse at the first attempt." Ye Wentong spoke with a solemn tone.

The other Tribal Chiefs were all against it as they spoke up: "Head Tribal Chief, it's extremely crucial for us to go back immediately to protect our headquarters. There is no rush to attack the Monkey King Mountain now. If those guys have started ruthlessly killing everyone at the Barbarian Tribe and destroys our entire clan, we would be forfeiting our entire foundation by staying."

The Head Tribal Chief also felt that they should value the future of the Barbarian Tribe before everything else. He shook his head: "Suzerain Ye, your suggestion makes sense. But I am afraid we cannot agree to it."

Ye Wentong gave a long sigh: "I was afraid that the Head Tribal Chief would not listen to my words and you would get ambushed on your return journey!"

The Head Tribal Chief said arrogantly: "As long as we act cautiously, they are free to ambush us. It would also save us the time of finding them!"

Before Ye Wentong could urge them again to stay, the Head Tribal Chief had already gave out his orders: "Everyone, organize yourself. We are retreating back to the clan headquarter this instant. Send scouts to lookout for the enemy!"

After giving his instructions, the five Tribal Chiefs did not stop and started heading outside while nodding to the eight Suzerain of the Red Maple Human Clan.

Seeing the Barbarian Tribe swiftly departing, Ye Wentong could not help but let out a long sigh: "The Barbarian Tribe will not listen to my advice, they will definitely suffer greatly."

Suddenly, Zhang Qingtong, the Second Suzerain said suddenly: "Suzerain Ye, only one man and a beast attacked the Barbarian Tribe. Do you think that Gold Monkey King has gone to our clan to cause a ruckus?"

These words immediately woke Ye Wentong from his thoughts. The expression of Ye Wentong changed drastically: "Second Suzerain's words have woken me up! I am afraid the enemy did split into two teams to launch a surprise attack on our headquarters!"

 "Pass along the instructions, we are going back to the clan!" When it concerned the profits of the Red Maple Human Clan, Ye Wentong had completely forgotten about how he had been advising the Barbarian Tribe to stay just a moment ago. Instead, he moved to retreat first.

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