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Qin Wushuang's strategy caused Bao Bao and the Purple Flame Electric Beast to feel their blood start to boil as both voiced their approval. Qin Wushuang said: "Let's not drag it out, we'll start immediately. Bao Bao, remember, this strategy should not lead to an all-out battle, but a surprise attack. You must constantly remain on the move, changing your position. You must never allow them to find their footing."

Bao Bao laughed: "Don't worry, Boss. Previously, when we were dealing with the Nine Palace Faction, didn't we also target each of their strongholds and defeat them? I will not be stupid enough to confront them head on and let them set up their formations."

The team divided into two as Bao Bao headed to his destination and Qin Wushuang along the Purple Flame Electric Beast headed towards the other direction. They promised that both parties would regroup near the Monkey King Mountain in half a month.

Bao Bao traveled quickly towards the headquarters of the Red Maple Human Clan, while Qin Wushuang and the Purple Flame Electric Beast headed towards the home of the Deep Abyss Barbarian Tribe by following Bao Bao's accurate directions.

Currently, regardless of the Red Maple Human Clan or the Deep Abyss Barbarian Tribe, their headquarters were rather empty. The elite warriors of each clan had already left for the Monkey King Mountain in preparation of taking down the mountain in one breath.

In less than two days of traveling, Qin Wushuang and the Purple Flame Electric Beast arrived outside the underground deep abyss. The underground abyss was located at a low-lying terrain. From all directions, endless swamp surrounded it and provided the Barbarian Tribe a layer of natural defense.

For this swamp, as long as you did take even one misstep, it would be possible for you disappear into the mud forever. The engulfing power of this quagmire was at least ten times stronger than an ordinary quagmire. Even if you were an elite warrior of the martial art world, if you were careless enough to step in, unless someone next to you could help you immediately, you would also get swallowed.

This quagmire extended for a few hundred miles. It appeared barren and uninhabited. Only the short shrubbery could cover one's movements to some extent.

If one were to come to this swamp in the daylight, unless they could become invisible or grow wings, they would be unable to pass through it safely without getting discovered. Otherwise, it would only be possible to travel during the night as to avoid being discovered.

After discussing for a moment outside the swamp, Qin Wushuang and the Purple Flame Electric Beast still decided to enter during night time. To elite warriors at their level, the few hundred miles of swamp was not too difficult to traverse. They would only need to spend a bit of extra spiritual energy and could cross this swamp area like walking on a flat land.

 "Boss, what kind of demonic place does this Barbarian clan live in? Why are they living in this swamp?" The Purple Flame Electric Beast had a bellyful of complaints.

 "They don't live in the swamp, they live in the underground deep abyss. Only, the entrance and exit of that deep abyss is surrounded by this swamp."

 "Boss, when we go in, do we just set it on fire? No tearing people up?" The Purple Flame Electric Beast rubbed his paws. He felt that killing people and committing arson was one process with two segments. It would only be exciting if these two things were to happen at the same time. Just setting the place ablaze, and not killing people was not stimulating enough.

However, Qin Wushuang said: "It will depend on the timing. If the fire goes smoothly, we will not kill people unless necessary. If the Barbarian Tribe keeps pestering us, we shouldn't let them keep hitting us, right? When it's necessary to kill, there will be no hesitation."

The Purple Flame Electric Beast laughed and did not speak a word.

When nightfall arrived, both Qin Wushuang and the Purple Flame Electric Beast jumped out. Qin Wushuang said: "Be careful, let's go!"

Although this swamp appeared uneven, overall, it was rather smooth. Thus, it did not give them many places to hide. This way, it more or less affected their movements and caused them to move slower when crossing it.

It took them until the second half of the night when finally, they had reached the deeper part of the swamp. A man and a beast concealed themselves behind a thick bush. Qin Wushuang said in a whisper: "Do you see those piles of stones to the east and west? That is the entrance to the Barbarian Tribe. When we move, it will be impossible for us to evade all eyes and ears. Thus, I will be in charge of drawing their attention, and you will set the fire. You can do that, right?"

The Purple Flame Electric Beast said in a happy tone: "Boss, setting things on fire is my natural job, how could I not be able to do it?"

Qin Wushuang laughed: "Then I will lure all the guards away and you will go in to set the place on fire. Remember, don't burn the wrong place. You have to burn their holy temple of worship and burn all of their instruments used for worship, if you can."

The Purple Flame Electric Beast laughed willfully: "Got you!"

Qin Wushuang also did not have a good impression of the Barbarian Tribe. Previously, when he had gone to the Monkey King Mountain for the Spiritual Infant Fruits, he had been encircled by the three Barbarian Chiefs. Those three guys had been persistent and unreasonable. Now, since the Barbarian Tribe planned to declare war on the Monkey Clan, as a friend to the Monkey Clan, he would pursue justice without a second thought.

In this world, it was impossible to live peacefully with everyone. The Barbarian Tribe, as an example, were destined to be enemies. Thus, there was no need to be courteous or hold back.

With a light whistle, Qin Wushuang extended his arms and vaulted into the sky like the wind. Along the way, he kept making a light shrill noise that spread towards the surrounding of the Barbarian Tribe.

This light shrill had immediately caught the attention of the hidden sentries of the Barbarian Tribe. They responded with their own whistles to signal the alarm.

While Qin Wushuang kept whistling, he kept calling out: "Listen well, Barbarians, your five great Tribal Chiefs have been annihilated completely during their expedition to the Monkey King Mountain. If you know the situation, come out and surrender. We will take this underground abyss!"

His words exploded like a heavy cannonball across the Barbarian Tribe. Many of them could understand human language. All of them were shocked as they scrambled out from the deep abyss in an attempt to see the situation for themselves.

Qin Wushuang knew that the underground abyss Barbarian Tribe had a large population. This swamp area was only the main base of the Barbarian Tribe. And the other branches of the tribe was spread across many places in the Dispersed Praying Mountain.

However, this time, as long as they took down the headquarters of the Barbarian Clan. Those Tribal Chieftains would be forced to rush back to defend!

"Who's there?"

 "It's bullshit, our Barbarian Tribal Chiefs are that strong, how could all of them get killed? This person must be a spy."

 "Yes, everyone, let's catch the spy!"

 "Yes, for sure he is not up to something good coming into our deep abyss, catch him!"

Qin Wushuang laughed and unleashed all of his aura from his entire body. He purposefully continued to bait the Barbarians by letting out his aura and stirring the area around the surrounding hundred miles.

In a moment, one after another, those remaining elite warriors of the Barbarian Clan started to chase after Qin Wushuang. Apparently, they could sense that this one was a superior warrior, based on his aura!

Instantly, a dozen figures followed behind Qin Wushuang. And the ones that went after him were all the Barbarian Elders that had stayed behind. Each of the elder's strength was at the Advanced Stage.

Only, the current Qin Wushuang would not put these elders in his eyes. He kept circling across this swamp area and suddenly, Qin Wushuang stopped in an open area and stood there with his spear.

With a jeer, he turned around abruptly and looked at these Barbarian Elders that had caught up. A teasing smile hung on the corner of his mouth.

Inwardly, those Barbarian Chiefs had all become somewhat alarmed when they saw despite being alone, Qin Wushuang still remained calm. One of the Elders with an eye-patch used his one eye to size Qin Wushuang up and asked coldly: "Who are you, do you know what this place is?"

Qin Wushuang laughed: "I am Zhang San, disciple of the Red Maple Human Clan. It's my pleasure to meet with you all, Elders!"

 "Red Maple Human Clan?" Those Barbarian Tribal Chiefs looked at each other in confusion.

 "Impossible! No one among the youths of the Red Maple Human Clan has such skill. You are from the Xuan Yuan Mound!"

 "Us in the Barbarian Tribe has never interacted with the sect of the Xuan Yuan Mound. What exactly do you want, coming here uninvited?"

Qin Wushuang smacked his tongue: "I am from the Red Maple Human Clan, I am afraid that you guys don't know, right? The Red Maple Human Clan had already made a promise with the Monkey King Mountain to deal with the Barbarian Tribe altogether. In order to lure your elite warriors away, they pretended to form an alliance. Then, they would break through your clan all at once! At this moment, I am sure that your five great Tribal Chiefs are being attacked without a moment of rest. I have come with orders from the higher-ups to make an announcement to your deep abyss Barbarian Clan. Those who surrender, we will not kill. Those who resist, we will kill without mercy."

His words had been spoken with seriousness and caused those Barbarian Elders to look at each other with dismay. For a time, they were unclear whether he was telling the truth or not. One of the Elders shouted: "This kid is talking bullshit. Regardless of truth or lies, for sure he did not come here with good intentions. Let's just kill him, and make plans after!"

All of these Elders regained their thoughts as they heard these words. Indeed, the Barbarian Tribe stayed true to their name as all of them took out their weapons and encircled Qin Wushuang.

As soon as the circle closed in on him, Qin Wushuang immediately felt that the speed of these dozens of Elders had increased tremendously. They kept circling around him nonstop.

Qin Wushuang stuck out his ancestral spear and locked onto that Elder who had hooted. Since this guy dared to hoot, then he would use him to create instill terror in the rest!

With a layer of cold light covering his face, he shook the long spear and suddenly, his body charged to the sky like a sinuous ray of light. The momentum from this dashing force appeared like the rising sun surging out before daybreak!

"Eighth, watch out!"

Almost at the same time, Qin Wushuang's shocking spear move had already arrived before him.

Subconsciously, that Barbarian Elder raised the iron fork to defend against the attack. He wanted to block Qin Wushuang's fierce attack.

Qin Wushuang shook the tip of the spearhead. And as if the body of the spear had increased by another length, it stabbed forward abruptly. At the same time, a ray of violent light shot out from the head of the spear.


Qin Wushuang gave a loud shout and urged all his power forward with his arm. The body of the spear touched the tip of the iron fork. The momentum of the spear pressed down on that iron fork and forced it to bend halfway in, like the inside of a bow.

The entire body of that Elder was dripping sweat. Just this little exchange of moves had made him feel as if a mountain was dropping down on him. His two arms felt as if it was suppressed by ten thousand pounds of force. It was almost on the verge of losing its function due to the extreme numbness. Both of his feet kept sliding back towards the swamp area as he was retreated using the momentum.

Beneath his feet, there were two deep trails as if a cow had plowed through the mud.

With a cold jeer, Qin Wushuang waved his arms and raised the spear to the sky. Next, he shouted loudly and increased the power again. Suddenly, as if he was using a stick, he smashed it down.

 "Go down!"

Letting out a harsh shout, Qin Wushuang smashed down his spear. Suddenly, the firm and upright arms of that Elder curved. His entire body had been smashed down by a giant hammer with his body being the iron nail.

With his feet collapsing underneath him, instantly, a gigantic absorption power emerged from the quagmire as he sunk down to his waist in the mud! He was terror-stricken, as a person from the Barbarian Tribe, this elder clearly knew better than anyone the devouring power of this quagmire. Even for him, it would be a death sentence if the quagmire were to reach up to his chest!

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