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Under the lead of that elder, Qin Wushuang arrived outside the Nine Raven Abyss. When one looked across the entire Nine Raven Abyss, an abyss and ocean could be seen. In the distance, the clear blue water joined with the skyline. The merging of the sky and the sea was extremely breathtaking.

As Qin Wushuang stood on the shore to survey the scene from the elevated position, watching this boundless Nine Raven Abyss, he could not help but comment: "I have long heard that the location of the Nine Raven Temple was extremely mystical and beautiful. Indeed, it's well-deserved reputation after seeing it myself today."

That elder did not speak modestly as he laughed: "The Nine Raven Temple has always kept a low-profile. However, this Nine Raven Abyss is a great place. Regardless of the Emperor Buddha Palace, or the Nine Palace Faction, they have always been extremely jealous of this location. Young Master Wushuang, please follow me."

That elder waved his hand and suddenly, a crack opened on the water. The water retreated to two sides and a watery road appeared.

For every few metres, there appeared a pillar floating on top of the water. It seemed to be built from the underground water or seemed to float among the water.

That elder flicked his sleeves and went ahead and step on the path. He travelled quickly to the front. Without hesitation, Qin Wushuang also followed him. When he stepped on that pillar, he felt as if he was stepping on extremely soft cotton. Each time he stepped on another, that pillar would sink down to some extent. Apparently, its carrying capacity was not very great.

Fortunately, Qin Wushuang's body was as light as a swallow. Even if there wasn't any pillar to step on, at his level, he could also advance forward even if he were to borrow the surface tension of the water.

Like a swallow making a turn on the water, he continued leaping across the pillar. In a moment, he had travelled a few dozen miles. After travelling another while, suddenly, he saw a protrusion with a color as brown as a coral reef. That elder jumped onto that reef at a rapid speed.

"Young Master Wushuang, this way."

Qin Wushuang smiled lightly. He did not show off his body movement skills and only dropped lightly on top of that surface with a casual jump. As soon as he landed on his feet, the protrusion sank down slightly. Qin Wushuang was slightly surprised as he looked down to observe this reef. If this was truly a reef, it shouldn't sink down when he stepped on it.

That elder laughed when he saw Qin Wushuang's expression: "Young Master Wushuang, this is not a reef, but a spiritual turtle on duty. Today, it is his turn to be on duty around this area and to take us to the next stop. Young Master, there are no roads to the headquarters of the Nine Raven Temple. We must go through many checkpoints and roads to arrive there. Those pillars you just saw, in fact, appear in random order. If you came here a second time, those pillars would not be there in that area."

Now Qin Wushuang understood why the Nine Raven Temple enjoyed such exceptional advantages. The terrain and environment of their home was extraordinary. Regardless of the Nine Palace Faction, or the Stargaze Palace, compared to this Nine Raven Abyss, their mountain gate had seemed poor. Others could easily battle their way before their gate.

However, the Nine Raven Temple was completely different. With such terrain to depend on, most likely the outsiders would not be able to find the path if they wanted to invade them. Much less launch an attack.

Not to mention, the Nine Raven Temple was quite close to the Dispersed Praying Mountain and excelled in training spiritual beasts. Thus, almost all the spiritual beasts in this Nine Raven Abyss was controlled by the Nine Raven Temple.

 "Elder, your Nine Raven Temple indeed, deserves their reputation. No wonder in these many years, the sect has consistently ranked top among the three Upper Ranking Empires. And it seems that the Nine Raven Temple could be the number one sect in the human countries. Just this Nine Raven Abyss alone is incomparable to any other sects."

Qin Wushuang effused praise from the bottom of his heart. He looked around and everywhere, there appeared a light blue water zone. Inwardly, he thought that if enemies were to invade, they would only see boundless body of water while standing in the centre. Not to mention an invasion, they would get crushed mentally.

That on-duty spiritual turtle travelled rapidly through the water. It was completely different than the stereotypical slow speed of an ordinary turtle. After swimming for about thirty minutes, that spiritual turtle stopped.

After looking around for a moment, that elder nodded: "Ok, it's time to change stations. Young Master Wushuang, please forgive us for the long journey."

Qin Wushuang laughed: "I don't have anything else to do, so I can enjoy the scenery of the Nine Raven Abyss."

Qin Wushuang was in a good mood. While the on-duty spiritual turtle stopped for the moment, suddenly, a small boat arrived from the water area ahead. In fact, no one was controlling the boat and yet, it had rushed forward by itself. It seemed that something was controlling the boat for it to travel so fast.

When Qin Wushuang saw this scene, at first, he was surprised. However, after a moment of observation, he let it go. Although this boat seemed to be unmanned, it had only borrowed the water current to flow forward. Instead, some life form must be holding on to the boat from below. Thus, he did not find it strange.

 "Young Master Wushuang, although no one is controlling this boat, it can travel as fast as one flies. Do you know why?" That elder seemed to want to test Qin Wushuang.

Qin Wushuang laughed lightly: "On the surface, this water appears calm, yet the hidden current brought the flat boat forth. And beneath the water, some spiritual beast is holding it and dragging it along the way to create this strange scene, right?"

That elder laughed: "Everyone says that Young Master Wushuang has exceptional talent, it seems to be true. After a short observation, you discovered the wonder of this matter. Indeed, you are extraordinary."

Qin Wushuang only smiled and did not speak. He continued to gaze around at the scenery with a calm and collected expression.

Along the way, he could not remember how many stations they had changed. Until the arrival of dusk, when the golden sun had dropped in the west and almost was now on the same level as the water level, that elder said: "At the end of this station is a major island where the temple is located. Young Master Wushuang, I am deeply sorry about today's long trip."

Qin Wushuang laughed: "Don't mention it."

With the sun set and slowly, as the nightfall arrived, he saw an island ahead of him as they started moving closer. The island had the size of a city that stood towering ahead. Around the island, a layer of faint blue lights contained the island. The later the night became, the darker and the more clearer the lights had become.

With the island in sight, a giant boat travelled from the water area ahead. On this boat, the Head Divinity Chief of the Nine Raven Temple was standing on the prow of the boat. He laughed: "Is that Young Master Wushuang that has come?"

That elder immediately said: "Head Divinity Chief, it is young Master Wushuang that had come."

 "Ha ha ha…" Instantly, the dried laughter of the Head Divinity Chief was carried across the boundless water area and travelled clearly to their ears, "Indeed Young Master Wushuang is someone that keeps his promise, he has come after we invited him. Your presence brings light to my humble Nine Raven Temple home."

In less than a moment, they met with the giant boat. Qin Wushuang jumped on the boat. Behind the Head Divinity Chief, all the remaining four Divinity Chiefs were arranged.

The Head Divinity Chief was being extremely courteous as if he was receiving an old friend. Smiles filled his withered face as he started to introduce Qin Wushuang to the others.

Qin Wushuang had seen the Second Divinity Chief at the Great Luo Empire. However, it was his first time seeing the other three Divinity Chiefs. All of them did not forget their manners and spoke politely.

The Head Divinity Chief said: "Knowing that Young Master Wushuang is visiting, I've already prepared a dinner feast. As soon as we arrive, we can start the feast."

When they set foot on the island, Qin Wushuang was welcomed into an exquisite inn. As the Head Divinity Chief had mentioned, everything about the feast had been prepared and only awaited the arrival of Qin Wushuang.

Besides the five Divinity Chiefs, a few other higher-ups of the Nine Raven Temple was also in participation. After a few rounds of drinks, the Head Divinity Chief spoke: "Young Master Wushuang, when you first came to the Nine Raven Temple, you used the name of Qin Wu, right."

Qin Wushuang nodded: "I was in an urgent hurry back then and it was not appropriate for me to use my true name. If there are times when I went overboard, please be magnanimous and forgive me."

The Head Divinity Chief waved his hand and said straightforwardly: "That's inevitable and right, how could it be overboard?"

Seeing the Head Divinity Chief reacting with reason, Qin Wushuang said with a smile: "Thank you for your understanding, Head Divinity Chief."

 "The world is unpredictable. Compared to last time when you came here to today, you must have a completely different set of emotions, right?" The Head Divinity Chief sighed.

 "At that time, a giant stone lay heavy upon my heart and I could not help but feel rushed. Now, thinking back, I had acted rather recklessly."

 "Ha Ha, a young person should have such dashing force. If you didn't, how could you arrive at your current state? This time, the rising Stargaze Palace is unstoppable. Initially, the Nine Palace Faction had sent me a few letters asking the Nine Raven Temple to join forces with them, to suppress the Stargaze Palace. Thinking back, the Nine Palace had become ephemeral, whereas the Stargaze was rising like the starry sky. This is the core of the situation. Whether you grasp it or not, there was a huge difference."

When the Head Divinity Chief talked about this series of matter, his tone was also plain, without a trace pride or disappointment. It was as if he was narrating a simple matter that was unrelated to him.

For a time, Qin Wushuang could not understand what the Head Divinity Chief meant as he only responded casually: "The Nine Palace was acting tyrannically and imperiously, they did not have the reserve and the self-restraint needed by a major sect. In fact, it was their own fault for falling to their state. Regardless of the rise of the Stargaze Palace or the rise of other powerhouses, I am afraid the results would be the same. The Nine Palace only knew how to advance, and did not know how to retreat. In the end, they could not remain in this world."

Qin Wushuang's carefree words made each of the Nine Raven higher-ups, including the Head Divinity Chief, reveal a solemn expression. As each of them exchanged glances, they could see the shock in each other's eyes.

This young man was only about twenty years old, yet he could speak such deep words and displayed a clear grasp of the political outlook. Regardless of his knowledge or wisdom, it seemed it should not be something a twenty-year-old should have.

After a silent moment, the Head Divinity Chief gave a long sigh and said to the other Nine Raven higher-ups: "Everyone, it's not injustice for the Nine Palace Faction to be defeated by Young Master Wushuang, right?"

A few of the Divinity Chief of the Nine Raven Temple had been unpersuaded by Qin Wushuang's rise. Before this feast, they were doubtful. After hearing Qin Wushuang's words, a lot of doubts were resolved in their hearts. Only, they could not accept the reality at the moment.

Suddenly, that Fourth Divinity Chief said: "Young Master Wushuang, I heard that your sect would like to ask for a specialized secret technique from the Nine Raven Temple. Amongst all the sects of the Tian Xuan Land, there is a rule, never tell outsiders your techniques. If the secret technique of the Nine Raven Temple is taught to the Stargaze Palace without a cause, I wonder how you would repay us?"

As soon as he spoke these words, Qin Wushuang gently put down the chopsticks in his hands. He knew that this feast would not be an ordinary one, it would also serve as a test.

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