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Qin Lianshan's eyes lit up: "Wushuang, are you sure?"

Qin Wushuang said: "Definitely!" After he had finished speaking, he circled around the area and suddenly, he said: "Father, you should leave the room, I am worried that Spiritual Qi might erupt out from the mechanism. We should be careful and expect the worst."

Qin Lianshan said stubbornly: "Wushuang, I am not leaving this ancestral house."

"Father, I am worried…" Qin Wushuang was afraid that sealed mechanism would bounce back the Spiritual Qi and injure his father by accident. After all, since the activation of this mechanism required one to be at the Perfect Stage, it would not be ordinary. It would not be easy to deal with it if the restrained Spiritual Qi were to shoot out.

However, Qin Lianshan's tone was firm: "Wushuang, don't worry. If you understand how invaluable this ancestral instruction is to me, then you should understand how I've longed to witness the miracle. For the rise of the Qin family, I would not even frown the slightest even if I die in the next moment. Not to mention I am in the ancestral house, how could the mechanism set up by our ancestors hurt us?"

Feeling speechless, Qin Wushuang understood his father's feelings and what he was thinking at this moment. For his whole life, his father had been working for the family. His greatest ambition was to carry the family forward and complete the remaining wish left by the ancestors. Now, with the opportunity to activate the most secret ancestral mechanisms, it was totally understandable that he wanted to remain at the scene to witness this moment!

 "Father, in that case, you should put on this armour." Qin Wushuang took off that Void Martial Stage armour and helped his father put it on.

With this Void Martial Stage armour as protection, he would be free of worries even if he were to face an attack from the Perfect Stage.

Qin Lianshan said: "What about you, since you've given this to me?"

Qin Wushuang laughed: "Since the ancestral instructions require one to be at the Perfect Stage, my strength alone is enough. There shouldn't be any problems without any protection. Otherwise, the ancestral instructions is lying to us. How could our ancestors cheat their offspring?"

Qin Lianshan also laughed: "That's right."

Qin Wushuang held the giant spear and initiated the spiritual Qi from his entire body. Instantly, a layer of slightly cold light attached itself to the tip of the spear. Like a blue and white flame, it covered the tip of the spear.

Qin Wushuang twisted the long spear around the surface. And hearing a few crisp, yet ancient gurgling sounds, the surrounding floor of that spear rack pull back and revealed a hole. This hole continued to get bigger and in the end, it stopped when it was the size of a small well.

From that hole, waves of smoky mist emerged in spirals. The curling mist shroud the entire ancestral house in the fog.

Qin Wushuang and his father looked at each other. Despite the joy in their eyes, they were more than doubtful. This well sized hole, is this where the secrets of the Qin family lay?

Finally, the mist slowly dissipated. Qin Wushuang approached the opening to take a closer look. This opening was cast in iron which appeared a dozen metres thick. With such thickness, most likely any normal elite warriors of the human countries would not be able to destroy it. They could only open this entrance through solving this mechanism.

 "Father, I will go down to take a look." Qin Wushuang jumped into that well-sized entrance.

Qin Lianshan looked down, yet he could not see anything clearly as the residue smoke obstructed his sight. As he was examining the hole, Qin Wushuang's voice emerged from below: "Father, I am at the bottom. There is a secret chamber, and it's not very large. There are a few letters, I will retrieve it and come up."

Hearing his son's words, Qin Lianshan controlled his curiosity and did not jump down.

A short moment later, Qin Wushuang leaped up from that hole. As soon as he appeared, that entrance closed itself and the ground returned to how it was before. And one would not be able to see any trace of the hole.

 "Wushuang, how did it go?" Qin Lianshan was excited and agitated.

Qin Wushuang said: "Father, there were only three objects down there. A jade plate, a letter sealed by some special skill, and a map scroll."

 "Letter, jade plate? Map scroll?" Qin Lianshan was overjoyed as he mumbled to himself, "With the map scroll, it seems to corroborate with what was mentioned in the secret ancestral instructions."

The ancestral instructions said that inside the mechanism, there hides the proof and map that would show you the direction to the Qin headquarters. And it would also reveal the reason why the Qin ancestors had settled in this place.

Apparently, these three objects had matched the details of the ancestral instructions. In the Tian Xuan Land, the jade plate was usually a proof of identity and a form of verification.

Naturally, the map scroll was about how to reach the headquarters.

As for that letter, it should describe why the Qin ancestors had come to the human countries.

"Father, please take a look." Qin Wushuang handed over the three objects. That jade plate appeared ancient and old and did not exhibit any exceptional characteristics. It was only carved with the word "Qin" with the sealed script.

After looking at it for a moment, Qin Lianshan handed back that jade plate: "Wushuang, you should keep this jade plate. Remember, you are the one that activated this mechanism, not me."

Qin Wushuang could only accept the plate after hearing his father's serious tone. Then, after another glance, Qin Lianshan handed over that letter: "Wushuang, this letter had also undergone specialized care. Since you've acquired it, you should open it."

Qin Wushuang removed the special methods from the letter and opened the little seal outside the letter. He knew that the sealed restrictions were to preserve the letter and prevent it from rotting away over the one thousand years. Secondly, it was to prevent others from prying into the secrets in case someone else had acquired it.

When Qin Wushuang took out the letter, indeed, there were three or four thousand words written inside. As Qin Wushuang read it from beginning to end, he gradually became more shocked.

"Wushuang, what's going on?" Although Qin Lianshan had not yet read the letter, from his son's change in expression, he knew that the contents of this letter were extraordinary.

 "Father, take a look." Qin Wushuang handed the letter to his father.

Qin Lianshan took it and read through it carefully. Then, he read it again. After reading it three times, he raised his head and complicated feelings filled his eyes.

 "Wushuang, so the headquarters of the Qin clan is located in the Heavenly Emperor Mountain of the Xuan Yuan Mound!" From Qin Lianshan's tone, there was a sense of pride.

The bloodline of the Qin family had originated from the Xuan Yuan Mound, the Forbidden Spiritual Zones! To Qin Lianshan who had always valued family honor greatly, this fact had made him feeling extremely proud and honored.

 "The letter also said that if a Qin offspring could enter the Upper Sky Perfect Stage, they could head towards the headquarters. For sure, they would be welcomed with courtesy and enjoy the same treatment of a Core disciple of the Qin clan. Wushuang, you've met the requirement for this point!"

However, Qin Wushuang was not as optimistic as his father. He knew that the outstanding strength of the Forbidden Spiritual Taboo Zones was incomparable to the human countries.

For example, people like Luo Yun and Zuo Tianci, they were still small characters even though they had entered the Void Martial Stage.

This reality revealed that even if a Perfect Stage did go to the headquarters, they would not enjoy such a high treatment as outlined in the letter. With the strength of the Qin headquarters, would they pay attention to a mere Perfect Stage from the human countries? Qin Wushuang found it unbelievable no matter how much he thought about it.

Naturally, the letter also mentioned the thousand year crisis faced by the Qin clan vaguely. However, it only mentioned a few words without much elaboration.

Qin Wushuang was not most shocked by this. Instead, the letter had mentioned the reason of the Qin ancestors had come to the human countries had been due to the Seven Deadly Formation Arrays!

Although the Qin ancestors did not mention the exact name of the "Seven Deadly Formation Arrays, it mentioned that they had come to the human countries in search for a mystical formation. The entire Tian Xuan Land had been spreading this piece of news that the person who acquired the formation would receive a formidable fortuitous opportunity and climb to the peak of the Tian Xuan Land. It was even possible for them to break through the restraints of the Tian Xuan Land.

Even though he did not mention the name of the formation, the letter had described the special traits of that formation as one circle after another. Only when a person had found the last circle could they truly control the entire formation.

All the explanation had pointed to the Seven Deadly Formation Arrays!

Inwardly, Qin Wushuang was filled with emotions. From this ancient letter, he had realized even more clearly that Seven Deadly Formation Arrays should be extremely miraculous. Even the powerhouses of the Forbidden Spiritual Zones desired to acquire and control this formation. There would only be one possibility behind this explanation, the owner of this formation was extremely powerful. The merest mention of the formation had caused countless sects to become crazed over it.

One did not know where the Qin ancestors had acquired this top secret information. Indeed, this information was top secret. He had known that the approximate location of the first circle of the formation was located around the Bai Yue Country.

Only, it was uncertain how the Qin ancestors had determined that.

 "Ha ha, perhaps, this is what the heavens desire. My ancestors had come from the Forbidden Spiritual Zones to the secular world and resided here for hundreds of years. And they did not discover the origin of this Seven Deadly Formation Arrays. However, I have encountered it twice. Perhaps, this formation was destined to cross my path."

As Qin Wushuang was lost in thought, Qin Lianshan opened the map scroll and started to analyze the exact location of the Heavenly Emperor Mountain and the entrance routes.

 "Wushuang, you still need to go to the Qin headquarters." Qin Lianshan spoke to him as he looked through the scroll.

 "Father, it's not that difficult to journey to the Qin headquarters. I am only thinking that to the entire Qin clan, our branch is so small. Currently, after a dozen generations apart, our family can be considered part of the absolute fringes of the Qin clan. It's uncertain whether the main bloodline of the Qin clan would accept us. If we received the cold shoulder, it would not be good."

 "How could going to headquarters be courting a rebuff?" Qin Lianshan's feeling towards the family was completely different than Qin Wushuang, who had travelled to this world, "Since the Qin ancestors came here and left behind these inheritances, they left a way back for the later generations! With these proofs, you must go to the Qin headquarters!"

Qin Wushuang nodded: "I promise you that I will go to the Qin headquarters. I will see how things are going there."

In the end, Qin Wushuang did not hold much of an attachment toward the Qin ancestors. When he came to this world, he only had his father and sister beside him. To them, he held deep affections. He meant no disrespect to the Qin ancestors. However, if one were to look to the previous generation, his affection towards the roots of the clan was not as deep as his father's.

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