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The Head Divinity Chief did not answer his question. Suddenly, he opened his mouth and disbelief filled his eyes as he watched the battle scene before him. Zhou Dong knew there was a change in the battle when he saw his expression. In a hurry, he turned his gaze back on the battle.

At this moment, the battle had reached an extremely tense moment.

After Bao Bao had transformed, as if he had become a maniac, he continuously swung the giant stick in an attempt to smash Zuo Tianci. The power of each attack caused the sky and air to tremble. When Zuo Tianci was swept up in the power of this giant stick, he discovered that he even had trouble breathing. Thus, he immediately withdrew.

In shock, he discovered that in less than few months, the strength of this golden monkey had also increased tremendously and it had entered the Void Martial Stage!

Despite being in the same Void Martial Stage, apparently, Bao Bao's level was much higher than Zuo Tianci's. After he had entered the Void Martial Stage, the ancient spiritual monkey blood line inside Bao Bao had awakened again. The potential he had unleashed in the battle exhibited great power. Zuo Tianci had not expected this.

Bao Bao waved his giant stick and continued smashing one attack after another. Zuo Tianci attempted to withdraw a few times but failed each time.

He could only wave the Bloody Red combat blade with one hand continuously and use the other hand to grab that sealed talisman. He threw it into the air and was about to use his spiritual Qi to unleash this sealed talisman, to call forth that sealed Void Martial Stage spiritual beast.

As long as he could summon forth this Void Martial spiritual beast, he would be free of worries!

Qin Wushuang monitored each of Zuo Tianci's actions. The instant he saw him throwing out the sealed talisman, he launched the Graceful Spiritual Bow again.


The green jade arrow shot forward smoothly as it turned into a long beam of light in the sky.

Zuo Tianci glared and urged a wave of power from his palm. He was about to activate this sealed talisman.

Before he knew it, in the space of one's breath, that green jade arrow had caught up and arrived before him! Zuo Tianci only felt the impending murderous intent approaching as his heart sank.

Immediately, he wanted to retrieve that sealed talisman. He knew that in order to activate this talisman, he needed a second. It was not something he could finish in the space of a breath.

And this attack that was rapidly approaching him from behind flew at a lightning fast speed. Indeed, it was Qin Wushuang's sneak attack. This way, he had no choice but to withdraw this sealed talisman and seek another opportunity to use it.

Unexpectedly, that green jade arrow had arrived as he was thinking about it. Just when Zuo Tianci was about to grab that sealed talisman back, suddenly, a gust of sharp wind came from the side.


This wind forcefully blew the sealed talisman away from his grasp.

Almost at the same time, the green jade arrow had arrived at his back. Enraged, Zuo Tianci spun his body rapidly and turned into a shadow just to evade this arrow.

However, although he had evaded this arrow behind him, he had left a wide opening for Bao Bao. Thus, jumping from an elevated ground, Bao Bao raised the staff and smashed it down.

With nowhere to dodge, Zuo Tianci could only move the Bloody Red combat blade to block the attack.


As soon as the two shocking powers clashed with each other, Zuo Tianci only felt his blood heaving up and down in his chest. His body had sunk almost a metre deep!

As an honorable elite warrior at the Void Martial Stage, he had been forced into the ground by a spiritual beast! It was evident that the force from this stick had surpassed one's imagination.

As that sealed talisman floated in the sky carried by the wind, with a lightning fast speed, the Purple Flame Electric Beast dashed forward and caught it. He delivered it to Qin Wushuang.

 "Boss, this is a sealed talisman! This Zuo Tianci has a sealed spiritual beast at the Void Martial Stage! This is the same one used by that guy from the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect!"

Qin Wushuang took it with a cold expression. He drew a breath of cold air and said: "So the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect is willing to pay the price. Only, this Zuo Tianci is a weak and inept person!"

"Weak and inept person?" The Purple Flame Electric Beast was somewhat confused, "What is that?"

Qin Wushuang shook his head with a smile: "Lone, this is a great merit. By seizing Zuo Tianci's sealed spiritual beast, he is now left without his claws. Without this trump card, it would be up to us how we kill him!"

The Purple Flame Electric Beast's blood boiled as he prepared for battle: "Boss, Bao Bao is already keeping him occupied, I will distract him again. You should use the Graceful Spiritual Bow to shoot him down with continuous arrows!"

Qin Wushuang nodded coldly: "Alright!"

The Purple Flame Electric Beast laughed proudly and again, he rolled his body into a ball of light. He jumped before Qin Wushuang and roared: "Boss, how about using your Graceful Spiritual Bow to send me off?"

Yet, this bold suggestion made Qin Wushuang hesitate somewhat. He worried that the Purple Flame Electric Beast's body would not be able to withstand the power of the bow.

 "Boss, don't worry. I will use a portion of my power too. You only need use a portion of the Graceful Spiritual Bow's power to push me off."

After a moment of thinking, Qin Wushuang nodded: "Ok!"

Instantly, he pulled back the green jade arrow. The Purple Flame Electric Beast's body remained in the air while his back feet was placed on the bowstring. This way, he seemed to like he was sprinting.

Following his position, Qin Wushuang braced his feet and frew the string into a full moon shape.

 "One, two, three…Go!"

This human and beast shared a mutual understanding. As Qin Wushuang let go of the bow string, the Purple Flame Electric Beast also dashed forward. With his own power combined with the power from the Graceful Spiritual Bow, the speed of the Purple Flame Electric Beast accelerated sharply. He turned into a bloody red light and slashed across the sky.

Instantly, one saw a red light flying through the sky and arriving before Zuo Tianci. At the moment, he was busy defending against Bao Bao's attacks. When he saw the Purple Flame Electric Beast soaring over, he shouted angrily: "Bastard, do you really think I would not dare to cut you?"

He flicked his sleeve and before he could launch an attack, he instantly felt a strong pressure pressing down on him.

 "Oh no!"

Just as Zuo Tianci felt the difference of this presence from before, the Purple Flame Electric Beast was already three metres behind him. In such panicked situation, Zuo Tianci immediately urged his body forward and gathered all the power on his back. Then, he gathered the Spiritual Qi and planned to take it on.

It was not because Zuo Tianci wanted to take it, but because he had no choice. If he chose to dash forward again, Bao Bao's stick power would not be less than this incoming attack behind him. It would just be more hectic than before. With the wolf ahead and tiger behind him, he could only choose a lighter attack to take on.


With the appearance of resplendent light, the body of the Purple Flame Electric Beast collided with the Spiritual Qi on Zuo Tianci's back. As if it had smashed against a spring, he bounced back.

The Purple Flame Electric Beast dropped to the ground with a flip. He took a dozen steps back slowly and the muscles in his entire body could not help but tremble. Apparently, this collision had also done much harm to his own body. It had caused the Purple Flame Electric Beast, who had a rough body, suffer a heavy loss.

Only, after this exchange, Zuo Tianci was not in a better situation. His throat felt fishy and he almost vomited out a mouthful of blood. The blood in his entire body roiled violently as if his muscles and bones were about to break. His entire back was in extreme pain all at the same time.

The most lethal thing was this collision had injured his dantian directly. It had numbed his sea of Spiritual Qi and made him suffer quite a lot of injuries.

Seeing the opening, Bao Bao wielded the giant stick even more swiftly. He cried out strangely and as if he had become mad, he swung the stick at Zuo Tianci's vital points.

Inwardly, Zuo Tianci was in deep despair. He knew that he no longer had any chances of winning today's battle. At the moment, only escape and preservation of his life was on his mind.

From afar, Qin Wushuang clearly noticed of all Zuo Tianci's moves. He knew that Zuo Tianci had taken on the attack by force, and with his body rocking back and forth, he was not as nimble as before.

He nocked the green jade arrow again. He focused all his concentration on this Graceful Spiritual Bow.

Instantly, it seemed that between heaven and earth, there existed only this Graceful Spiritual Bow and that moving target!


He must kill this person!

Right now, Qin Wushuang only had this one thought. Any other movements around him did not registered in his mind.

Currently, Zhuo Buqun and Tan Zhongchi had also stopped moving. Instead, they had each taken a corner and sealed off Zuo Tianci's path of retreat.

Vividly, these two along with the Purple Flame Electric Beast had formed a triangular area around the target for Qin Wushuang. They had locked Zuo Tianci in this space to allow Bao Bao to trample on him.

Boom, boom, boom!

Each time when Zuo Tianci took Bao Bao's stick attack, his entire dantian would shake. Despite the two being in the Void Martial Stage, the spiritual power unleashed by Bao Bao would make him suffer, even if he was not injured. Not to mention with his injuries, he had been suppressed by Bao Bao's spiritual pressure. Although he could protect himself barely, he had no more strength to spare on other things.

Again, Qin Wushuang narrowed his eyes into a line. He activated the Graceful Spiritual Bow again and launched it from a full moon position!

This time, he launched two arrows at the same time as if two dragons were fighting over a pearl.

As the green light pierced through the sky, it seemed to dye it a green, clear, and limpid color. The skyline had also been decorated into a giant jadeite.

In the midst of the green light, it possessed endless murderous intention and overflowing rage.

After taking three stick attacks, just as Zuo Tianci was about to escape, he felt two murderous intents piercing at him from behind. As if an envoy from hell had arrived, it appeared gloomy, frightening, and without a single trace of human warmth.

Suddenly, Zuo Tianci's pupils enlarged endlessly. At the same time, he turned his body to disappear and attempted to escape to the sky. Only, the arrow attacks had locked onto its targets, how could it allow him to escape?

Whoosh, whoosh!

The consecutive arrows drilled into Zuo Tianci's hollow figure with a crisp and clear sound.

Pop! Pop!

As the green light vanished in an instant, the arrows were revealed to have penetrated all the way through to the front of Zuo Tianci's chest.


Instantly, Zuo Tianci's figure stopped moving among the shadows. The two streams of blood gushed out and his body also dropped down morosely. His expression showed unprecedented despair as he looked at those two bowl-sized injuries. Besides feeling terrified inwardly, he also felt somewhat ludicrous.

He had never expected that today, he would die here at this Red Cloud Mountain! However, the reality was too shameful and did not leave him any room for imagination.

These two arrows had penetrated through his naked body and injured his dantian. Unless a god descended from the heavens, he would have no chance of being saved!

With a laugh, Bao Bao swung the giant stick and smashed down at his head.


Instantly, Zuo Tianci's face was smashed into the ground and his head ripped off his neck. His face was completely buried into the earth by this stick!

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