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After Qin Wushuang had shot out one arrow, he raised the Graceful Spiritual Bow and nocked the other two arrows on the bow at the same time. It would help him maintain the pressure.

However, Zuo Tianci did not have any free hands in the air. He could only straighten his body and dash forward. He planned to use the advantage of being in the space to evade. As long as he could make some space, he could summon forth that sealed Void Martial Stage spiritual beast. With an elite warrior at the Void Martial Stage plus a Void Martial spiritual beast, this combination could help him achieve victory in one go.

Borrowing the power from the air current, Zuo Tianci's body began gliding at a high speed to the left side and was ready to drop. The Purple Flame Electric Beast gave a loud roar and his entire body wrapped itself into a ball of red light and smashed forward. This speed was like a flying cannonball that shot in the direction of Zuo Tianci.

This was the Purple Flame Electric Beast's trump card. He had used it when he fought with Luo Yun. Naturally, Zuo Tianci was not unfamiliar with it.

However, seeing it was one matter. And defending it was another.

When this cannonball-like attack soared over, a wave of red clouds dyed the entire sky as if the entire sky was burning.

Before the attack had reached him, Zuo Tianci felt a boiling heat smother him from head to toe. If he became affected by this raging heat, most likely he would turn into a pile of dirty water despite having a strong body.

He forced his body to twist to the side in an attempt to dodge.

He shifted around in the air three or four times. As he kept dropping lower to the ground, his threatening presence had fallen to its lowest point. At this point, Zhuo Buqun and Tan Zhongchi's blade had come again.

If he was on the ground, the attack from two Perfect Stage would not pose too great a threat to him. However, since he was in the sky, with the wolf ahead of him and the tiger behind him, he had fallen into an embarrassing state. Thus, it was one disaster on top of another when he faced these two attacks. He waved the weapon in his hand and slashed out a sharp blade attack.

It clashed with those two meteors like lights and swept away those two attacks.

Qin Wushuang narrowed his eyes into a line. Inwardly, he thought, a chance has come!

He let loose one of his fingers and one of the two arrows shoot out from the bow with deadly precision toward Zuo Tianci.

Zuo Tianci was feeling furious as if his lungs could explode. From beginning to end, he had no chance to take a breath and had been caught in a formation attack. And apparently, the enemies' moves had undergone strict practice. Each move had been calculated to the tiniest detail where one could say all his moves had been predicted.

This left him unable to perform half of his skills. He felt extremely uncomfortable with his movements being restricted.

Qin Wushuang's arrow was also flying at Zuo Tianci's rib, the place that was the toughest to defend. At this moment, his only choice was to keep dodging to the side.

However, to him, the situation would just keep becoming more unfavorable to him if he kept dodging!

He would not be able to turn the tide if he just remained passive. However, if he did not evade and despite being at the Void Martial Stage, he would only be destroyed with the arrival of this powerful spiritual arrow!

 "Stargaze Palace, if I don't destroy you guys, I vow to never be human again!" Inwardly, Zuo Tianci made this vow and clenched his teeth. His body dashed forward and just evaded this fatal arrow.

Just as Zuo Tianci's feet was about to touch the ground, suddenly, he felt the earth beneath his feet become loose. Before he could stabilize himself, the place he was going to stand on sunk as a giant pothole appeared. Fortunately, with Zuo Tianci's formidable skills, he urged his qi and forced his body to flip up into the sky. As a result, he did not get caught by this collapsing earth.


With a booming sound, the sunken ground had erupted as if an explosion had just occurred. Like splashing rain made of muddy earth, all the earth that was launched into the sky came showering down onto Zuo Tianci. Each clump of these muds seemed to possess tremendous power as it attacked Zuo Tianci's exposed points.

Furious and enraged, Zuo Tianci let out a howl to the sky. The depressing state of this battle was on par with when he had invaded the Stargaze Palace and when the Nine Palace could not even catch a glimpse of the enemy's shadow. Yet, they still encountered countless defeat.

And this time, despite knowing the identity of the enemy, he had been forced to receive the beating passively from beginning to end. They did not even given him any moment to breathe. Each wave of attack exhibited experienced coordination. Indeed, the interlinked attacks had been seamless.

Zuo Tianci knew that he must endure one of the attack in order to create some space for himself. Otherwise, if this continued, he would wind up vomiting blood even if he did not get hit by the enemy's attack.

When he thought here, the lights from his body emerged as he initiated all his spiritual energy. He waved the bloody red blade and swept away all the earth.

With a loud roar, Bao Bao jetted out from underground. This time, he appeared as a golden monkey carrying a giant stick. Attacking from below, he stabbed at Zuo Tianci.

Zuo Tianci gave a loud shout: "Good timing!"

His body fell headlong with his legs pointed upwards as he waved his hands and the blade light merged into his body becoming one with him. Instantly, he slashed at that big stick.

Bao Bao twitched his mouth into a smile and withdrew the big stick horizontally to sweep at Zuo Tianci's waist. The air current brought by the stick had almost formed a whirlpool that went rolling at Zuo Tianci.

For the second time, the Purple Flame Electric Beast picked up Qin Wushuang's arrow. By borrowing Qin Wushuang's power, he gathered the power to tighten into a ball. With a boom, he smashed toward Zuo Tianci.

Now, with all three arrows in his hand, Qin Wushuang had blocked off all of Zuo Tianci's path of retreat.

In his eyes, it was filled with determination and without a trace of hesitation or doubt. This time, he only had one goal—to kill Zuo Tianci!

Zhou Dong and the Head Divinity Chief who were watching on the other side of the Red Cloud Mountain all felt a complicated feeling as they watched the devastating battle.

Apparently, the Head Divinity Chief had a better grasp of the situation. Thus, the shock and complication he felt inwardly as he watched this scene was greater than Zhou Dong.

 "Head Divinity Chief, this Qin Wushuang of the Stargaze Palace is really only twenty years old?" Zhou Dong spoke with an unaccepting tone that carried all kinds of different feelings. It was the complex feeling of watching another parent's child being better than his own.

The Head Divinity Chief nodded: "For sure, I have investigated this kid many times. His background and his experience all proves that he is only twenty years old."

 "A twenty year old youth that could participate in a battle at this level. I can only say that in the history of the human countries, it's rare."

 "What is called rare?" The Head Divinity Chief said with a smile, "It's never been heard of. The Tian Xuan Land has never lacked geniuses. Although the human countries exist at the bottom, we've always had a history of geniuses. However, I don't think that historically, a twenty year old with such strength has ever appeared before! Sanctuary Master Zhou, up until today, do you know why I never openly spoke against the Great Luo Empire?"

 "Because of this Qin Wushuang?" Zhou Dong spoke with a cold and thoughtful tone.

 "That's right!" The Head Divinity Chief said, "Even if this Qin Wushuang stops advancing, at this point, with his two spiritual beasts, plus his own strength and weapons, it's enough to sweep across the human countries! Even if the Nine Palace Faction can suppress the Stargaze, what about it? As long as this Qin Wushuang does not die, it will not be the end. Think about it, if the three Upper Ranking Empires suppressed the Stargaze Palace, and Qin Wushuang escaped into exile, with his methods and maturity, do you think we will have anymore peaceful days in the future?"

Zhou Dong pursed his lips and did not answer. Inwardly, he had understood.

 "I also heard the name of Qin Wushuang. It seems he came from a Subordinate Country below the Great Luo Empire. During a conflict between his country and the others, the people of the other countries killed his Martial Saint. This Qin Wushuang then slaughtered his way from the border to their imperial capital, killing all their elite warriors and only stopping until he had caught the culprit!"

Although in Zhou Dong's eyes, this matter was insignificant. However, just this courage and determination, this exhibition of one's entire force and decisiveness, plus with Qin Wushuang's current strength was enough to present a deadly intimidation.

Hearing the words of Zhou Dong, the Head Divinity Chief also nodded seriously: "So you have also heard this rumor. Then you should know that the Upper Sky Martial Saint had only recognized his talent, supported, and protected him. That feeling is much less than how Qin Wushuang feels to the Stargaze, and much less than the teacher and disciple relationship between him and Tan Zhongchi! If it were a fish, then everything at the Stargaze are Qin Wushuang's back scales. The Nine Raven Temple has no intention of touching it. And it's not necessary to touch it. For sure, the rise of a powerful sect will have its cause if it's going to rise. The Nine Palace only made that stupid choice because they didn't know the story. If you were Zuo Tianci and had a chance to choose again, for sure he will not be the first bird to draw this fish's ire. Nonetheless, he will not drag the entire Nine Palace into the eternal abyss because of some profits in the eastern territory!"

Indeed as the Head Divinity Chief had said, if Zuo Tianci had a chance to choose again, he would not become enemies with the Stargaze Palace.

"Head Divinity Chief, the arrow and bow in Qin Wushuang's hand is so powerful, what is it?"

"With my eyes, I cannot recognize such divine weapon. The Head Divinity Chief gave a long sigh, "It's not a good thing for a Spiritual Martial artist to hold such powerful weapon. Any ordinary person would not be able to draw forth the power of this weapon. They would only be devoured. However, this Qin Wushuang, despite having such a powerful weapon, he still attracted the two spiritual beasts as his friends. And by looking at his appearance, he still exhibits the appearance of a lucky star on its ascent. Thus, I can predict that this Qin Wushuang will have a bright and endless future! Perhaps, he is the one that will save the human countries!"

 "Save the human countries?" Zhou Dong's eyebrows furrowed into a line.

 "Sanctuary Master Zhou… Once a crisis appears in the Tian Xuan Land, the first that suffers would be the human countries. If you know the history a little, you should know that tens and thousand years ago, that calamity in the human countries…"

"Head Divinity Chief, you mean…" A terrified light shone from Zhou Dong's eyes. As one of the strongest leaders in the human countries, it was obvious how frightening this thing could be, that even Zhou Dong feared it!

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