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 "Today, I don't need you two to help out, you will only need to watch me take down the Stargaze Palace, exposing this preposterous pretense. They must know that they are far from being an Upper Ranking Empire!" Zuo Tianci let out a willful laugh and shot his lightning like gaze at all the people of the Stargaze, "Zhuo Buqun, between the Nine Palace and the Stargaze, today, the moon will wane!"

Qin Wushuang nodded with a faint smile. After having exercised utmost forbearance, he made up his mind today. Regardless of the background of this Zuo Tianci, he would kill this person today to prevent all future troubles if he could get a chance!

At this point, naturally, Qin Wushuang would no longer consider hiding his strength. The life and death battle would be with Zuo Tianci on this day.

If he could overcome this trial, the Stargaze would have a limitless future! Thus, being a Stargaze disciple, he was bound by duty as he knew that it would be the most crucial and the most vital battle since ever he had stepped onto the path of martial arts.

He only heard Zhuo Buqun say: "Zuo Tianci, a thing should not be attempted more than three times. The first time, the Nine Palace Faction sent almost all its forces and suffered almost total annihilation. Yet, you did not learn. The second time, you invited an elite warrior from the Xuan Yuan Mound and was also forced to retreat in an embarrassing manner. Still, you did not realize the situation. This is the third time, if the Stargaze allows you to retreat peacefully, how would we still have the face to remain in the east? For today's fight, the Stargaze Palace can only put this matter to an end. Everyone, please witness this! Whether the Stargaze is swept away by Zuo Tianci or the Stargaze uses the Nine Palace as a stepping stone to propel us into the future will all depend on this battle!"

 "Yes, everything depends on this battle!"

 "Nine Palace Faction are irreconcilable enemies, fight to death!"

Qin Wushuang stepped forward and said in a clear voice: "Zuo Tianci, there many innocent and non martial artist civilians in the imperial capital. We will only hurt the innocents by fighting here. Both of us are not unfamiliar with the Red Cloud Mountain, would you dare to fight to the death over there?"

Previously, the Purple Flame Electric Beast had played hide and seek with Zuo Tianci for many days at the Red Cloud Mountain. In the end, he had regrouped with Qin Wushuang at this mountain.

And Zuo Tianci had escaped from that Red Cloud Mountain. Naturally, Qin Wushuang had his intentions when he mentioned the Red Cloud Mountain. He was mocking him for escaping and would use it to strike a blow to his confidence.

Zuo Tianci laughed coldly: "Why pick the Red Cloud Mountain, wouldn't anywhere just do? I think the imperial capital is good. It would be those lowly civilians' great honor to die under the battle of elite warriors."

As soon as he had said these words, the expressions of everyone at the scene changed. This Zuo Tianci spoke with a carefree tone as if he was talking about a minor matter. It seemed that, to Zuo Tianci, the lives of ordinary people was as worthless as the weeds and not worth mentioning.

Qin Wushuang's expression changed dramatically: "Zuo Tianci, it would be unforgivable if you violate the taboo by massacring civilians. Unless you wish for the Red Dragon and the Great Luo Empire to disappear from the map, otherwise, you should never speak such mad words. This is not a display of your courage and power, but showing just how stupid and abnormal you are !"

Zuo Tianci laughed and said boldly: "This is just fishing for compliments! Alright, let's go to the Red Cloud Mountain. Will the Stargaze send all your forces, or will it be one-on-one?"

 "It's unnecessary to care too much when dealing with enemies. Of course we will use all we've got!" Qin Wushuang knew that in such situation, it would be inappropriate for a Palace Master to speak. Instead, it would not make them lose their face when spoken for by him, a young elite warrior.

Zuo Tianci said coldly: "Ok, then it will have saved me a lot of trouble. It would be best for all of you to come together!"

After he had finished speaking, he cupped his hands in a salute to the Head Divinity Chief of the Nine Raven Temple and Zhou Dong: "Would you two like to come to watch the show?"

 "Head Zuo, it's better to squash the enemy rather than keeping them alive. Why would you go through the trouble of playing the lone warrior and hero?" Zhou Dong gave a long sigh.

Zuo Tianci laughed mockingly: "Stop with the nonsense, the winner will take all. I never expected you guys to use your power to suppress the Stargaze Palace together anyways. You guys should also recognize your situation and don't ever try to be peace mediators. Today, I will not buy from anyone!"

After he had finished speaking, he focussed his gaze and dashed to the sky like a jet of air. He turned into the shape of a giant bird and started to fly forward. In a few moments, he had disappeared.

Only the echoes of his voice lingered: "I will wait for you at the Red Cloud Mountain!"

Zhuo Buqun raised his voice and said: "Fourth and Fifth, you guys will stay here to receive any guests and control the situation. Second, Third, and Wushuang, come with me to the Red Cloud Mountain!"

All the people mentioned by Zhuo Buqun said: "Yes."

Zhuo Buqun said to the Head Divinity Chief and Zhou Dong while cupping his hands in a salute: "You two, today the Stargaze can no longer tolerate Zuo Tianci's continuous provocations. If you are interested, you can come and watch. If not, you can stay here. The Stargaze will not force anyone."

The Head Divinity Chief still remained calm and collected: "Sanctuary Master Zhou, are you interested?"

Zhou Dong thought for a moment and said: "I am afraid that today's battle will mark the uprising of an Upper Ranking Empire. I would like to watch."

 "Alright, I will accompany you." The Head Divinity Chief showed that he was not too interested.

Qin Wushuang smiled lightly and quickly made his way out of the city gate. Since they were destined to fight with Zuo Tianci, then he would not hold back.

The Red Cloud Mountain was only a few hundred miles away. Of course, it would not take them much time with their foot speed.

When Qin Wushuang left the imperial capital, he called out to the Purple Flame Electric Beast. Yet, Bao Bao was not in a hurry to change his shape. He said: "Bao Bao, you will be kept as a surprise for later. For sure, that Zuo Tianci has no fear because he has entered the Void Martial Stage. It will depend on you on how you wish to give him this surprise!"

Bao Bao was extremely excited as he scratched his ear and said: "Boss Wushuang, if he has also just entered the Void Martial Stage, then I can beat him for sure."

The Purple Flame Electric Beast cried out strangely: "Me and Bao Bao will feign our attacks and boss, you will use the Graceful Spiritual Bow to greet him! We must not give this Zuo Tianci even a moment to breathe!"

The power of the Void Martial Stage was extraordinary and one could not afford to lower their guard.

At the foot of the Red Cloud Mountain, Zuo Tianci stood above them and watched the approaching people of the Stargaze Palace. One, two, three, four… A total of four people from the Stargaze Palace had come!

While he was watching, suddenly, a giant figure jumped out from the sky. It was that Purple Flame Electric Beast. When the Purple Electric Beast fought, he would never greet anyone. He opened his mouth and a mouthful of genuine fire soared at Zuo Tianci.

Zuo Tianci laughed coldly: "It's you, you bastard! You played me back then, and today I will send you off to the hereafter!"

As he spoke, he raised his palm to draw in and expel the air in the sky. Instantly, many hand sigil attacks started to smash towards the Purple Flame Electric beast.

The Purple Flame Electric beast twisted his body and dashed to the sky. Again, he opened his mouth as he spat out one giant mouthful of genuine fire. Then, he made another row, forming three rows of genuine fire!

The three rows of genuine fire circled in the sky and engulfed Zuo Tianci's surrounding. He shouted coldly: "Insignificant skill!"

In a flash, a bloody red colored long blade as thin as a cicada's wing appeared in his hand. As soon as he turned this blade, immediately, savage lights rippled out to penetrate the whole area.

As soon as this golden light appeared, it shattered the three rows of fire. With a booming sound, it bounced the fire back to the mountain forest and ignited a raging blaze on half of the mountain.

At this moment, Qin Wushuang pulled his arms and drew the Graceful Spiritual Bow to its limit. He shouted: "Taste my arrow!"


Carrying that green jade arrow, the Graceful Spiritual Bow shot a breathtaking green light that possessed a tremendous and imposing presence, as if it was going to shatter the entire sky!


In fact, the power of this one arrow made Qin Wushuang shocked. Through the one or two months of training in isolation, he was also focusing on consolidating his own strength. Additionally, he had also kept trying to get better at using the Graceful Spiritual Bow by forming a deeper communication and understanding with it.

Now, as if he'd reached a mutual understanding, the Graceful Spiritual Bow had tripled in power!

The power of this arrow was no less than an elite warrior at the Perfect Stage wielding the bow. In fact, it may have surpassed the level of the Perfect Stage!

 "Wushuang, nice shot!" Zhuo Buqun and Tan Zhongchi also felt stirred and enchanted when they saw the power of this arrow. Even Zhuo Buqun did not display such power when he had previously wielded the Graceful Spiritual Bow!

Hearing the sound of the arrow piercing the sky and watching this imposing missile flying at him, even Zuo Tianci felt a numbness in his scalp: "Strange! Why does this Qin Wushuang, at such a young age, seem to show more power than Zhuo Buqun when using this bow? What kind of bow is this?"

Harboring many questions in his mind, Zuo Tianci twisted his figure in the sky and disappeared without a trace from his original spot. He had merged with the sky and hidden his figure. This was also an aspect of how a Void Martial warrior was stronger than a Spiritual Martial warrior and one of their unique traits. By using this method, they would never miss their target when dealing with a person at the Spiritual Martial Force!

Qin Wushuang shouted: "Everyone stay alert, be careful of this guy's sneak attack!"

Although he had issued the reminder, he was in fact, reminding Bao Bao who was hiding in the dark to initiate his attack when the chance came!

While Zuo Tianci flew quickly at Zhuo Buqun after having hidden his figure, suddenly, a sense of alarm emerged in his heart. A terrifying thought flashed across his mind: "Where is that golden monkey?"

Just as he was wondering, suddenly, he felt an unprecedented feeling of crisis. Despite feeling distraught, Zuo Tianci did not panic and dashed to the sky.

Almost at the same time, Bao Bao broke through the earth and jumped out. He bit his teeth and looked to the sky.

He was one moment too late, just this one small instant and Zuo Tianci had reacted! Otherwise when Bao Bao jumped up from the ground, he would just need to open his mouth and bite Zuo Tianci to death! Even if he could not bite him to death, he could make sure he lost half of his skin!

Zuo Tianci's figure dashed to the sky. Qin Wushuang stood firm and shot another arrow to the sky.

With the speed of a meteor, the imposing presence of a dragon and tiger, the arrow flew with a powerful force toward Zuo Tianci's body in the air.

This arrow had also seized the right timing and would just attack Zuo Tianci's weakness.

Both Zhuo Buqun and Tan Zhongchi saw the opening and threw their weapons at Zuo Tianci, their weapons turned into beams of light containing their full force.

Inwardly, Zuo Tianci cursed. Despite being careful, he still got caught quickly. The Purple Flame Electric Beast jumped back and held Qin Wushuang's first arrow in his mouth!

This was another of their strategy. Regardless of any moment, they must ensure Qin Wushuang would have enough arrows! It was to keep up the pressure and intimidation!

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