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Finally, October 10th arrived as promised.

Representatives from hundreds of human countries had come to participate in the crowning ceremony of the Great Luo Empire.

To put it bluntly, the ceremony to become an Upper Ranking Empire was self-arranged. It was because in the human countries, the Upper Ranking Empire was the highest existence.

Representatives from different countries sat in the arranged seats according to their identity and positions. Firstly, the Emperor of the Great Luo Empire issued a speech. Naturally, it was all political words.

After the Emperor had made the speech, it would be the Stargaze singing the main melody. Although the ascension to the Upper Ranking Empire used the name of the Royal family, everyone knew that the strength of a country depended on the supporting powerhouse of the country.

Naturally and without doubt, the supporting powerhouse of the Great Luo was the Stargaze Palace.

With a carefree expression, Zhuo Buqun looked into the distance. Before his eyes, all the grandmasters and elite martial artists from the human countries had gathered here to witness the historical moment.

 "Thank you all, friends who have come from afar. The Great Luo Empire has always been friendly with others. Regardless of establishing diplomatic relations with neighboring countries, or building close relationship with individuals, we've always valued friendship. In recent years, the eastern territory has been constantly challenged and thus the eastern countries have decided to form an alliance and has elected the Stargaze to lead it. Of course, the Stargaze will not neglect the responsibility of peace in the east. Today, we've invited you, my friends, to be witnesses. The Great Luo Empire will from, now on, declare ourselves an Upper Ranking Empire to protect the peace of the eastern territory.'

Zhuo Buqun's crisp and clear voice travelled clearly into each person's ears even far away.

 "Everyone knows that in the history of the human countries, we've always valued the strong. The same goes for Upper Ranking Empires. Since the Great Luo Empire has been elected as the leader of the eastern alliance, the Stargaze is confident that our strength has reached the basic requirement required to become an Upper Ranking Empire."

Zhuo Buqun's tone was neither overbearing nor servile. He knew that this was their crowning ceremony and not a situation to keep a low profile. At times like this, it was necessary to keep a high-profile, or else how would they persuade the others?

 "Earlier, we also asked for advice from the Nine Raven and the Sky Travel Upper Ranking Empire for this crowning ceremony. We have received clear answers from these two empires. Thus, reasonably, the Great Luo has done our part. These two great Empires all did us great honor; the Head Divinity Chief, and Head Sanctuary Master of the two sects has come to witness the ceremony. The Great Luo is feeling extremely honored."

All eyes started to look in the direction of the Nine Raven Temple and the Emperor Buddha Palace. In fact, they were also curious as to why the Nine Raven Temple and the Emperor Buddha were being so compliant? Could it be that they truly did not object?

 "Please let these two elite warriors come to the stage, and meet with everyone." Zhuo Buqun rubbed his palms lightly and offered a sincere invitation.

Hearing the public invitation from Zhuo Buqun, that Head Divinity Chief and that Head Palace Master could not refuse him. Both stood up with a smile and walked towards the stage.

These two were both elite warriors that held immense fame in the human countries. As soon as they walked out, their aura was completely different from others. The presence of these two subconsciously persuaded and charmed all the people on the scene. This was an elite warrior, the absolute elite warrior!

Zhuo Buqun cupped his hands in a salute: "It's my great honor that I could invite the two of you to come onto the stage."

However, the Head Divinity Chief said with a smile: "Head Palace Master Zhuo, in the future, we will all be at the same level. There is no need to show such formality. Sanctuary Master Zhou, what do you think?"

The surname of the Head Sanctuary Master was Zhou, and his name was Zhou Dong. He had also watched that battle outside the city's eastern gate and witnessed Qin Wushuang's fierce and outstanding methods. Only, he was less talented at judging people than the Head Divinity Chief. He did not change his strategy based on Qin Wushuang. Thus, he only wanted to see how the Head Divinity Chief would act. Then, he would act according to the situation.

Hearing the question of the Head Divinity Chief, he said with a beaming smile: "As a grandmaster, the Head Divinity Chief speaks straight to the point. Since you've said it this way, how can it be wrong? Ha ha."

The Head Divinity Chief looked at Zhou Dong with a profound gaze and said with a smile: "Sanctuary Master Zhou, after not seeing you for many years, you are still a funny guy."

 "Head Chief is still showing such elegance, congratulations."

These two continued exchanging words of formality and courtesy. However, Zhuo Buqun laughed: "Since you both are the heads of the strongest sects in the human countries, naturally, your imposing presence has far surpassed the ordinary people. This is not worth mentioning. Today, it's the Stargaze's greatest honor and the Great Luo's fortune to invite you two elite warrior, the people worthy of good moral and virtue."

The Head Divinity Chief laughed at ease: "Head Zhuo, you are too formal. I observed that the Great Luo is showing extraordinary meteorological rise. And since the Stargaze Palace's strength has greatly improved, of course you deserve to become an Upper Ranking Empire. The Nine Raven Empire has never been involved with the east. However, if the eastern territory could have a better situation because of the Great Luo, it would be a great matter. The Nine Raven Empire will not interfere."

The Head Divinity Chief intended to fulfill the wish of the Stargaze and to establish good karma. Thus, he spoke with encouraging words. Even Zhou Dong did not expect such words.

Initially, Zhou Dong thought that for sure, the Nine Raven Temple would carry out the same strategy as the Emperor Buddha Palace. They would wait for the reaction of the Nine Palace Faction. In the beginning, they would remain neutral and decide on a strategy after the conflict between the Nine Palace and the Stargaze had been resolved.

However, from the performance of the Head Divinity Chief, it seemed he never intended to act like the grass by the wall. Instead, he displayed a clear attitude of support toward the Stargaze Palace!

"Why is that?" A huge question mark appeared in Zhou Dong's head. He never expected that the Nine Raven Temple would voice such decisive opinion!

There must be a cause behind the change in attitude. Zhou Dong was a smart guy. When he saw the Head Divinity Chief acting like this, he already had an idea and decided to let the boat sail with the current: "As the Head Divinity Chief himself has said, it would not be a bad thing if the eastern situation could improve with the rising Great Luo Empire. Indeed, as Head Palace Master Zhuo said, there are many elite warriors…"

His words did not sound like he was against it, and did not sound as if he was supporting them. Instead, he left some space for interpretation and discussion within his words.

Inwardly, many people had somewhat understood when they heard these words. They knew that the attitude of the Emperor Buddha Palace was not as optimistic as the Nine Raven Temple.

However, they were not in a rush. The attitude of the Nine Raven Temple was already an unexpected surprise. The vague stance from the Emperor Buddha Palace had been within their expectations.

Zhuo Buqun laughed: "This time, if the Great Luo could not change the eastern situation by becoming an Upper Ranking Empire, how could we face those in the alliance that elected us? For sure, the Great Luo will use all its power to create a better and brighter future for the eastern territories."

Before the sound of his voice had faded, a thunderous applause emerged from beneath the stage. Naturally, these were applause from the eastern countries. Firstly, they did it to cheer for the head of the alliance. Secondly, it was a type of formality to show their stance.

In the midst of the applause, suddenly, a strange, cold, and bitter laughter emerged from the sky. This laughter sound extremely eerie as if it had been carried here by the winds of hell. The people who heard it could not help but feel their blood run cold.

Qin Wushuang could not help but touch the Graceful Spiritual Bow. He had sensed in the first moment with his strong perception that the presence behind the laughter was Zuo Tianci.

The person he had expected to come had finally arrived.

This sound of cold laughter did not carry any power behind it. However, such vivid laughter had forced the cessation of all applause.

Zhuo Buqun and Tan Zhongchi looked at one another. Inwardly, they knew that what was suppose to come had finally arrived.

Indeed, from the vast open space, a black shadow suddenly dropped from the sky like a fast moving dark cloud.

Dropping without a sound, it turned into a figure. In a blink, Zuo Tianci's figure appeared before everyone. He stood in the middle of the ground and crossed his hands to look at everyone on the stage with a cold smile.

 "Zhuo Buqun, I told you I would be back." Zuo Tianci spoke with a resonant sounding as if he was unleashing the anger from the two previous losses.

Zhuo Buqun said lightly: "Zuo Tianci, nothing happens more than three times. This is the third time you are invading the Great Luo Empire. In the first two instances, I let you leave freely. This time, if you still desire to cause trouble before all these friends, you must know that the Stargaze Palace will have nothing to lose."

 "Stop with the nonsense." Zuo Tianci did not intend to argue, "I did not come here today to banter about your righteousness. As you said, there are many elite warriors across the Tian Xuan Land. How do you define such elite and capable warriors? That is strength! The Great Luo wants to become an Upper Ranking Empire. That's great, show me your strength! If you've got the power, I will not interfere today and only stay to drink a toast to you!"

However, Tan Zhongchi laughed coldly: "I'm sorry, even if it's a toast, the Great Luo Empire does not intend to invite our enemies for a drink. The Nine Palace has come to invade the Great Luo three times now. You came here with ill-intentions, just say what you want!"

Zuo Tianci laughed coldly and glanced at the Head Divinity Chief and Zhou Dong. He asked leisurely: "You two, did you receive my letters?"

The Head Divinity Chief only smiled and did not speak. However, Zhou Dong said: "Of course."

 "It's rare how the two of you held your composure. For hundred of years, another Upper Ranking Empire has not appeared in the human countries. Now with one appearing, you two will not even test them and just simply agree to it? I don't know whether it's because you guys possess such great composure, or because the long years of peace have grinded your will away that you feel it's better to have less business to deal with?"

Zuo Tianci did not disguise the mocking in his voice.

The Head Divinity Chief did not even blink his eyes and still wore that profound smile on the corner of his mouth. Naturally, he would not bother to explain anything to Zuo Tianci. It was not necessary to argue with him since he would just say whatever he wanted.

Instead, Zhou Dong felt slight troubled after hearing Zuo Tianci's words. However, he did not reveal anything when he saw the Head Divinity Chief still remained calm.

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