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Chapter 385: Seeking Help from the Qin Clan in the Xuan Yuan Mo

There was only one purpose for the Stargaze Palace to gather all their disciples. Before the arrival of October 10th, they had to prepare and arrange all defensive measures to prevent any kind of accident.

Earlier that radiant golden light emitted by Bao Bao from the Virtuous Cloud Mountain Summit had left the higher-ups of the Stargaze Palace feeling somewhat confused. However, Qin Wushuang did not talk about how Bao Bao had advanced into the Void Martial Stage. Instead, he only mentioned how the duel between Bao Bao and the Purple Flame Electric Beast had garnered extreme momentum.

 "Wushuang, October 10th is almost here. During this time, the guests that comes to the imperial capital will be from everywhere. Like the old rules, all of the young disciples must head to the capital to maintain order. You will pay attention from the side to prevent a crafty villain from infiltrating us an carrying out some terrorist attack." Zhuo Buqun, the Head Palace Master instructed.

Qin Wushuang nodded in assent: "I've also thought to do it. Last time, the eastern alliance was, after all, a matter concerning the eastern territory. Even if the foreign powerhouses wished to interfere, they would not act without justification. This time, it would be different. We don't know what those Upper Ranking Empires have in mind."

 "Wushuang, how do you think the Upper Ranking Empires will react?" Tan Zhongchi asked with a laugh. However, his tone seemed to carry a few probing intentions.

Qin Wushuang thought for a moment and said: "Teacher, I think our priority is to prevent a retaliation from the Nine Palace Faction. At the moment, the Nine Raven Temple and the Emperor Buddha Palace will not go against the Stargaze publicly. It's because the strength of the Stargaze Palace will not affect them. The thriving of the eastern territories will not threaten their foundations."

Both Zhuo Buqun and Tan Zhongchi nodded with a smile as they motioned Qin Wushuang to continue.

Qin Wushuang continued to speak: "That guy from the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect had deliberately left behind those words since he clearly meant that something is going to happen. I am worried that the Heavenly Luo sect will use some special methods to help Zuo Tianci breakthrough to the Void Martial Stage. This way. Zuo Tianci will return. If Zuo Tianci can suppress the Stargaze Palace, the Nine Raven and the Emperor Buddha Palace

will definitely not come to our aid. If we can suppress the Nine Palace again, I believe those two powerhouses will support us."

 "They are grass by the wall that moves with the wind!" Tan Zhongchi laughed.

 "Teacher is right, they are the grass by the wall. There is no need for them to voice their opinion in a hurry. They will wait for the results to make their stance known. Thus, they would not offend anyone."

Zhuo Buqun felt deeply gratified: "Wushuang, your analysis is excellent. In these past few days, the Palace Masters were also thinking about these problems. Our thoughts are almost the same as yours. Thus, in the end, it's still the winner that becomes the king!"

Qin Wushuang nodded seriously: "Exactly. Palace Masters, I will head to the imperial capital and regroup with other Senior Brothers."

 "Go, Wushuang, perhaps this is the most crucial battle in the history of the Stargaze Palace. Perhaps, this battle can be a war without gunpowder and violence, or perhaps it will be a battle in which blood will freely flow! Regardless, if we don't move with the momentum we have now, we will not have such a good chance in the future." Zhuo Buqun gave a deep sigh.

"Yes, Wushuang, no time to lose. Regardless of success or failure, we can only use this chance to struggle for it. If we succeed, the Great Luo will rise up to become an Upper Ranking Empire, the Stargaze will become a first rate powerhouse in the human countries. In the future, we will take the eastern situation into our hands and begin a great development!"

Tan Zhongchi patted Qin Wushuang's shoulder and encouraged: "Wushuang, up to today, your position in the Stargaze has already surpassed the other youngsters. All of the Palace Masters already see you as our equal. Thus, in the future, you can no longer conduct business with the mindset of a young disciple."

The other Palace Masters all nodded in agreement with Tan Zhongchi's words.

In fact, Qin Wushuang was also aware of it. Ever since he had used the Graceful Spiritual Bow during Zhao Heng's invasion, it had greatly increased his position in the Stargaze Palace.

And by defeating the Nine Palace Faction, he had consolidated his supreme position in the Stargaze Palace even more. Without a doubt, he had far surpassed the abilities of a young disciple.

With his current position, not to

to mention his fellow disciples, except Zhuo Buqun and Tan Zhongchi, the other higher-ups were lesser than he.

Fortunately, Qin Wushuang always kept a low profile and had never considered himself a person who had rendered great service. He still kept a humble attitude and greeted people with his identity as a young disciple.

Because of this, it had allowed Qin Wushuang to conquer all of the Stargaze's higher-ups. All of them thought that despite Qin Wushuang's young age, he could play a decisive role with ease. Indeed, he was someone that could do great things. Thus, inwardly, the five Palace Masters already accepted the fact that Qin Wushuang stood on equal footing with them.

Now with Tan Zhongchi openly announcing this matter, the other Palace Masters did not oppose it at all. Currently, they could not consider any internal rivalries.

Qin Wushuang's strength and contribution was apparent. They could not reject this fact, despite going against their conscience. Not to mention that the Stargaze's higher-ups could never go against their conscience.

After Qin Wushuang saluted them, then he headed towards the imperial capital.

When Zhuo Buqun, the Head Palace Master, saw Qin Wushuang had left, he sighed: "Indeed, Wushuang is the assistant general of the Stargaze Palace. Ever since he had entered the sect, the Stargaze has been rising steadily."

Tan Zhongchi laughed: "Head Palace Master, please don't try to praise him too much or you'll put him at a disadvantage. With Wushuang's luck, I am only worried that he lacks some adversity. To him, the level of the human countries seems to not have any effect on him."

 "Second, that's not true. Your disciple has gone through countless difficulties since his rise from the Humble Class. How could you say he lacks polishing? I see that Wushuang is the most refreshing example of coming from an unpolished gem. The jade without chiseling will never become a useful object. This Qin Wushuang has only become one with great accomplishment after such polishing." Tian Zhixing, the Fifth Palace Master sighed.

 "Fifth, for sure those polishes are there. However, it only allowed him to reach this level. My expectation for Wushuang is far greater than simply becoming the strongest hero in the human countries. With his luck and fortune, it would be too unfortunate if he could not go to the Forbidden Spiritual Zones to accomplish some great things."

As Tan Zhongchi sighed, inwardly, he had his own ideas.

 "Second, it


 "Second, it seems you are thinking far ahead." Zhong Wuyin, the Third Palace Master, laughed.

Tan Zhongchi said: "If one doesn't have long term considerations, he can hardly avoid troubles now and then. Everyone, I've been thinking about how that Zuo Tianci was acting with such savagery, and why did that Nine Palace dare to act with such arrogance? It's not just because they are the rich and most powerful sect of the Upper Ranking Empire, but because they had the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect supporting them. They have a powerful backer, and we don't. If the Stargaze Palace has an even more powerful sect than the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect supporting us, then how would the Nine Palace Faction dare to offend us, despite being ten times more powerful?"

The other Palace Masters all nodded silently after they heard his words. They had to admit that Tan Zhongchi's words made sense.

Zhuo Buqun had completely understood his meaning as he nodded: "Second is right. I was thinking during these days. If the Stargaze could also foster some connection with a power in the Forbidden Spiritual Zones, at least, we will be able to protect our peace in the human countries."

 "Head Palace Master, you mean?" Leng Qiuchi, the Fourth Palace Master, asked.

Both Zhuo Buqun and Tan Zhong exchanged a smile with a nod. Zhuo Buqun nodded: "That's right, our intentions are clear. Since the Stargaze Palace has Qin Wushuang, this genius unknown to the world, we can try and search for good karma for him in the Forbidden Spiritual Zones."

 "This…" Leng Qiuchi drew a breath of cold air as his tone showed some hesitation and doubt.

"Head Palace Master, I don't think it's appropriate. If we let Wushuang seek help from the Forbidden Spiritual Zones, it would be the same as having one less exceptional disciple for us. This way, we will not have any advantage in the younger generation." Tian Zhixing spoke with a somewhat definite tone.

 "Yes, currently everyone knows that Qin Wushuang is the biggest star among our younger generation. Although Wushuang has always kept a low profile, there are a lot of rumors in the outside world. Once we let Qin Wushuang seek shelter with those major powerhouses in the Forbidden Spiritual Zones, his name and reputation as a Stargaze disciple will become history…" Zhong Wuying was somewhat anxious.

One could also understand their thoughts. Currently, Qin Wushuang was the shining was the shining star of the Stargaze Palace. Without him, the Stargaze would lose a famous icon.

Zhuo Buqun only smiled lightly and looked at Tan Zhongchi while rubbed his whiskers.

However, Tan Zhongchi said: "Wushuang is a person that values friendship the most. He will never betray the Stargaze Palace while he is alive. If that is not the case, why would he risk his life to make so many major contributions to the Stargaze Palace?"

 "Despite it, I am afraid that if he goes to those major powerhouses in the Forbidden Spiritual Zones, those sects will erase all traces of even his footsteps if he wants to recognize the Stargaze Palace."

Tan Zhongchi shook his head: "For sure, with Wushuang's personality, he will not forget where he came from. As long as he remembers the Stargaze Palace, how could other people erase this fact?"

 "Head Palace Master, Second, it seems you guys are confident. Perhaps you guys already have some direction?"

Zhuo Buqun nodded with a smile: "There is a direction. I heard that there is a Qin clan in the Xuan Yuan Mound and is extremely powerful. Compared to the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect, they are much more powerful! Wushuang's surname is Qin, it's possible that he is connected to them. Thus, I've already made some connections. When the time comes, I will recommend him to the Xuan Yuan Mound's Qin clan!"

"Stronger than the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect?"

 "If that's the case, it would be the most favorable thing if we can foment a connection."

Tan Zhongchi laughed: "This thing is still a work in progress. To make it happen, I am afraid it will take three to five years. For now, let's focus on how to ensure the Great Luo's promotion to the Upper Ranking Empire!"

All the Palace Masters nodded.

Ever since Qin Wushuang had arrived at the imperial capital, he had made a few connections with his fellow disciples and locked onto some suspicious targets. However, through his investigation, they were marked as non-threatening.

On this day, suddenly, Qin Wushuang received reports from a fellow disciple while he was walking down the street. The report said that outside the eastern city gate, Wei Yi, the head Senior Brother, was dealing with a group of troublesome guests and needed aid urgently.

As soon as Qin Wushuang received the report, he did not dare to tarry and rushed towards the eastern gate.

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