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After ten days, before the mountain gate of the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect, Zuo Tianci was preparing to leave the sect and begin his return journey. Currently, after going through the special baptism of the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect, he had already passed through that one difficult stage between the Perfect Stage and the Void Martial Stage. Now, he had officially entered the Void Martial Stage.

Additionally, he had also acquired a sealed Void Martial Stage spiritual beast like the one used by Luo Yun. The spiritual beast was directly sealed into the beast talisman and could be called out to combat via a secret technique. It's power was no small matter.

 "Uncle, you should go back. I will make my own way to the human countries. This time, I will not disappoint you and will not bring shame to the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect."

Luo Yang raised his grizzled eyebrows and said coldly: "Hopefully this time you will not have to eat your words. If you lose again this time, you don't need to come back here and don't ever call me Uncle again."

Zuo Tianci said confidently: "Uncle, nothing will go wrong this time!"

 "Just go, reorganize the sect and nurture more young disciples. If you can send one or two exceptional talents to the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect, that will be your greatest accomplishment."

Zuo Tianci said confidently: "Rest assured, Uncle, I will use all my power."

 "Go." Luo Yang waved his hand and was about to head back in. Suddenly, two figures appeared from the side. These two were both youths and one of them was Luo Yun. The other one appeared even younger, who had a complexion as clear as jade and the eyebrows as handsome as bright stars. Indeed, he was extremely striking.

In the human countries, Luo Yun had acted arrogant and proud. However, before this young man, he was submissive and just wished to establish a close relationship with this young man.

 "Zuo Tianci, hold on." Luo Yun shouted in a low voice.

When Luo Yang saw Luo Yun, he did not even twitch his eyebrow. This Luo Yun was his cousin's son and an unexceptional figure in the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect.

Thus, Luo Yang did not put on a joyful expression when he saw him. Yet, Luo Yang's expression changed drastically as soon as he saw the young man behind Luo Yun.

 "Young Master Luo Ting?" Inwardly, Luo Yang drew a breath of cold air.

Luo Ting!

He was a figure that could rank in the top three among the youngsters in the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect. Despite his young age, he completely outranked the other young disciples.

Without exaggeration, this Luo Ting would most likely become the next leader in the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect. It was even possible for him to become the next generation's Daoist Priest!

"Elder Luo Yang." Luo Ting walked up slowly and called out to Luo Yang. Although he held a high position in the sect, he still belonged to the younger generation. Thus, he would not dare to act out of bounds and showed good manners.

 "Young Master Luo Ting, which direction did the wind blow that brings you to my humble home." Luo Yang laughed.

Luo Yun immediately said: "Brother in-law, Young Master Luo Ting came to ask about something."

Luo Yang nodded: "What would you like to ask about, Young Master Luo Ting?"

Luo Yun immediately said: "Young Master Luo Ting would like to ask about a person from Zuo Tianci. Although I already told him about this person, to add credibility, Young Master Luo Ting also wants Zuo Tianci himself to confirm. We don't want to make a mistake. "

Zuo Tianci immediately said in a hurry as he knew this Luo Ting was a major figure in the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect: "Please do."

Luo Ting nodded lightly: "I heard from Luo Yun that when he was doing business in the human countries, he was stopped by a mysterious girl. Is that true?"

Zuo Tianci nodded without stopping: "That's right. That girl was extremely powerful and spoke frankly with assurance. She seemed arrogant."

Luo Ting frowned slightly and Luo Yang shouted when he saw that: "Tianci, just answer the question as you are told, don't make comments at random."

Inwardly, Zuo Tianci was surprised as he nodded: "Yes!"

Luo Ting said: "That girl is young and a maid is following her, right?"

 "Yes, that girl was dressed in yellow clothing and was extremely beautiful. Indeed, a maid was accompanying her. That maid seemed to be even younger and appeared to be fourteen or fifteen years old."

Showing an abstruse look, Luo Ting slowly took out a scroll. He shook it and revealed a hand drawing. On the drawing, there appeared the face of a girl. This girl exhibited an outstanding look with a charming body that appeared to be the same girl he saw at the Stargaze Palace.

It was as if that girl had just walked out from this drawing.

 "That's her!" Zuo Tianci immediately said.

Finally, Luo Yun let out a long sigh and said: "Young Master Luo Ting, I will not have remembered incorrectly. Now, Zuo Tianci has also verified that the girl we saw is the one from the drawing."

Instantly, Luo Ting's expression had become much more solemn. Suddenly, he laughed as he finished listening to Luo Yun's nonstop talk: "Luo Yun, this time, I am thankful to you. I will not forget about this. In the future, whoever from the younger generation bullies you, just tell them my name."

Luo Yun was overjoyed: "Thank you, Young Master Luo Ting."

Luo Ting waved his hand: "Elder Luo Yang, please excuse me."

After he had finished speaking, he cupped his hands in a salute and left. To Zuo Tianci, a person from the human countries, he did not even show the slightest courtesy.

Zuo Tianci also felt aggrieved. After all, he had also questioned him. It was like a half-favor, why didn't he even greet him?

However, he immediately suppressed his dissatisfaction. He knew that since his uncle did not dare to neglect him, he must be a formidable existence in the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect.

 "Tianci, what are you still doing here?" Luo Yang shouted when he saw Zuo Tianci still standing in the same place.

Realizing the situation, Zuo Tianci turned around and left.

However, Luo Yun was curious: "Brother-in-law, could that girl from the drawing be the fiancée to Young Master Luo Ting, the Miss from the Mu Rong family?"

Luo Yang glared at him: "Don't ask anymore about things you are not supposed to know!"

Luo Yun left in silence and did not even dare to voice his complaint.

After half a month, at the Nine Raven Abyss and the door of the Nine Raven Temple, a special envoy came to ask to see the Head Divinities.

This special envoy was not an ordinary figure. He was the crown prince of the Nine Raven Empire.

After a moment, a Butler walked out and said: "Crown Prince, please come in."

The crown prince of the Nine Raven did not dare to tarry as he carefully headed inside. Currently, all five great Divinity Chiefs were sitting in the main palace of the temple.

 "It's my honor to meet all Divinity Heads."

 "Ha ha, Crown Prince, please stand up."

One of the Divinity Chief opened his mouth to speak: "Take a seat."

The crown prince sat down carefully and said: "Great Divinity Chief, the special envoy from the Great Luo Empire has arrived. He sends an invitation to ask the Nine Raven Royal family to send representative to participate in their self-declaration ceremony as an Upper Ranking Empire. For this matter, my king did not dare to make the decision and asked me to seek your advice."

 "Great Luo Empire…" The Head Divinity Chief was a thin and seemingly withered elderly man. He showed a miserable expression and dressed in ragged clothing. With one look, he seemed to be an ascetic monk, and not the number one leader that governed the giant Nine Raven Temple.

 "Second, Third, you guys went to the Great Luo Empire. Do you feel that Great Luo Empire possesses the qualifications to be an Upper Ranking empire?"

Dressed in a body of white robes, the Second Divinity Chief was a graceful middle-aged man. Hearing the question from the Head Divinity Chief, he immediately said: "Great Divinity, the two of us observed from the side. That Great Luo Empire is located to the east and seems to be prosperous. Regarding their ascension into the Upper Ranking status, it seems that they do not have enough of a foundation."

 "What about their military power?" The Head Divinity Chief asked straightforwardly.

 "Their power…" The Second Divinity Chief sighed lightly, "To be able to defeat the Nine Palace, the power of the Stargaze is not ordinary. I heard that they have four elite warriors at the Perfect Stage!"

 "And they also have a tyrannical and powerful bow." The Third Divinity Chief added.

The Head Divinity Chief let out a deep sigh: "This Stargaze Palace has kept their composure. That Zuo Tianci always had a big appetite and he suffer heavily this time. Through this defeat, the Nine Palace will not be able to restore their energy for a while. Only, this Zuo Tianci is not an ordinary person as he does have some connection in the Xuan Yuan Mound. Thus, this matter is not over. It's not necessary for the Nine Raven Temple to declare our stance. The Nine Palace will come out in time."

 "You mean, that Zuo Tianci will not give up?"

 "If he gave up, then he is not Zuo Tianci. For sure, Zuo Tianci will step up when the Stargaze Palace makes their announcement. We will remain neutral. If the Nine Palace wins, we will support them. If the Stargaze Palace wins, we will help the Great Luo to become an Upper Ranking Empire. The eastern situation will not influence the Nine Raven Temple much. There is no need for us to be the first to make a move."

The Head Divinity Chief was clear with his intentions. That crown prince continued nodding as he took in his words.

 "I think the Sky Travel Empire will also think the same thing as us. With the Nine Palace being the first bird, there is no need for us to be make unnecessary enemies." The Second Divinity Chief laughed casually.

The crown prince realized the light: "You mean that we will participate, since they have invited us. However, we don't need to declare our stance and everything will be handled by the Nine Palace and the Red Dragon Empire."

"That's right."

While they were talking, a Butler entered the room holding a letter: "Divinity Heads, here is the invitation from the Nine Palace Faction."

The Nine Palace Faction?

All five Divinity Chiefs revealed a surprised look. Then, that Head Divinity Chiefs laughed casually: "This is how Zuo Tianci is inciting trouble."

He opened the letter and indeed, it was a letter written by Zuo Tianci. He had invited them to head to the Great Luo Empire in the east. Inside the letter, he berated the Great Luo and said that he could not let a clown like Stargaze Palace achieve their ambitions as it would set a bad precedent.

To deal with such offending actions, the three Upper Ranking Empire should join forces and suppress them.

The Head Divinity Chief laughed: "Everyone, take a look. Zuo Tianci cannot sit still."

After passing the letter around, the Divinity Chiefs all laughed: "Head Divinity, I say, let's all go and watch the show. Firstly to see how this matter will end, and secondly, shall we see the strength of the Stargaze Palace?"

A light flashed across the eyes of the Head Divinity Chief as he nodded: "Ok, let's go and look!"

Almost at the same time, the Emperor Buddha Palace of the Sky Travel also received the letter from Zuo Tianci. The content of the letter was almost the same as the one he wrote to the Nine Raven, denouncing the actions of the Stargaze and calling for the three Upper Ranking Empires to join forces and suppress the Stargaze..

Of course, the Emperor Buddha Palace did not seem to have a good impression of the Nine Palace. Although they had received the letter from Zuo Tianci, they were doubtful about joining forces. Thus, they also decided to wait and act according to situation.

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